Should I Let My Vizsla Sleep In My Bed?

Should I Let My Vizsla Sleep In My Bed?

If you own a Vizsla, you are familiar with it because it is not uncommon for dogs to sleep in your bed. Sometimes it can be therapeutic, and sometimes it just feels natural. But should you allow your Vizsla into your bed?

There are many reasons why you might want to say yes, as well as some good reasons why you might want to say no. It is safe to let your Vizsla sleep in your bed because it is a comfortable place for your dog to sleep. It can also be a warming appliance, and it provides free therapy for you. Vizslas love sleeping in the bed because they feel safe when they are near their owner.

On the other hand, some owners do not prefer their dogs sleeping in the bed because it can be bad for their Vizsla’s health. Additionally, there is a possibility that your dog will never want to leave your bed once he starts sleeping there. And this might become annoying for some people. Therefore, it is essential to remember that not all Vizslas sleep in beds. It would help if you allowed them into your bed only when they are calm.

Let’s look at both sides of the argument in detail before deciding what is best for your dog and what would work best for you!

Should I Let My Vizsla Sleep In My Bed?

Yes and No.

Yes, because it can bring you comfort and warmth. Vizslas feel safe in your bed when they are sleeping with you. However, dogs also need to sleep for an extended period each day. So if they don’t feel like they have enough room or the proper place that is soothing to them, this may not be beneficial for their health.

No, because it may not be suitable for your dog’s health. Not all dogs are the same. Some might feel too confined in a small space with you. Or, they don’t like being close to other animals sleeping next to them (such as cats). You also have to remember that if someone else comes into your room without warning, you will have a dog jumping on them or barking at them. For these reasons, it is not suitable for your dog to sleep in the bed with you.

Why Should I Let My Vizsla Sleep In My Bed?

There are various ways to make your dog feel loved. Letting them sleep in your bed can be one of them. It is a way to show your dog some extra love and let them know you are there for them.

A tired pup is a happy pup, and it sometimes pays off greatly with even more affection tenfold. Depending on which climate Vizslas live in, you’ll also save the cost of paying for indoor pet beds or outdoor pet beds. If they get chilly enough without that type of bedding these days, then it’s likely they’ll end up taking over yours anyway!


There are various ways you can show your dog that you love them. One way is to let them sleep in your bed. You can show your dog some extra love and tell them that you’re there for them to help the dog feel loved. It also might save money, because if they get cold at night, they will sleep on top of your bed anyway!

Your dog is a family member. They need to have that comfort of being near you. It might be hard for your dog when they’re not next to you or sleeping with someone else at night time because they feel safe and loved.


If your dog sleeps in your bed, then it will be warm and cozy. Vizslas will have the extra warmth because you are there to provide it for them.

Dogs don’t need to be warm. But it does make them feel more comfortable and relaxed when they are next to someone who provides that warmth. Your dog might also sleep with you because of the heat from your body or snuggle up in bed if the room gets cold at night time.

Free Therapy For You

Many dogs love being close to their owners all the time. Sleeping with them means that they can get some free therapy from us, humans. We might not even notice that we provide them with treatment. But they will benefit from it.

Calming For Vizslas

Many people believe that sleeping in your bed is the best way to calm down a dog. Also, make them less anxious or stressed out. It can be true for Vizslas because they are generally high-energy dogs who enjoy playing and running around.

Vizslas Feel Safe

It is essential to have a safe place for your dog. Usually, this can be present in your bed when they sleep with you at night time. It will make them feel safer from whatever might happen during the day or while they are sleeping.

Why Shouldn’t You Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?

There are many reasons why it might not be the best idea to let your Vizsla sleep in your bed. One of those reasons is that some people don’t want their dogs sleeping with them because they have allergies or asthma.

Another reason might be that you can’t afford a pet right now. And this will make things worse for both of you.

The dog will bring not only warmth but also dirt and bacteria from outside, which is not suitable for both of you.

Some dogs might not be able to control their bladder when they sleep at night time. So they must have several spots in your house where they can go pee or poop without having an accident on the carpet. It is also best if your dog has a place in your home that is just theirs where they can be comfortable.

When Should I Let My Dog Sleep In My Bed?

There are many times when you should let your dog sleep in the bed with you. One time might be if they feel troubled and anxious during the day, then it can help calm them down by sleeping next to each other. Another time is if their allergies or asthma flare-up is terrible.

The best time to let your dog sleep in bed with you might be at night when they feel tired and want a place where they feel safe. You can also do this during the day if it’s nap time or just feeling tired out from playing all day long.

Where Should My Dog Sleep At Night Time?

It is essential to prepare your dog for where they should sleep at night time. Usually, you can do this by giving them a bed in their room or crate. However, letting the dog know that it’s just not okay for them to sleep with you will make everything more manageable when they want to sleep with you.

When your Vizsla knows they cannot sleep with you, they will go to their bed. They will look for other options to sleep when they feel tired and need a place where they feel safe.

It’s best if your dog sleeps in a separate bed that is not too close to you. This way, the only time they will sleep with you at night or nap time is when it’s okay for them and comfortable for both of you.

Some dogs might not like sleeping with their owners at night time. So it’s best if you still keep them close to you during the day for comfort. But let them sleep on top of their bed or get another place where they feel safe without getting too close.

What Should You Do If I Let My Vizsla To Sleep In My Bed?

If you end up deciding to let your dog sleep in your bed, there are some steps that you can take to ensure safety and peace:

Shorter Leash Is Better Leash

Keep them on a shorter leash. You may want to use another short leash or tether when Vizslas are sleeping with you. It will decrease their ability to wander off and get into trouble.

Put A Blanket Or Pillow For Them To Sleep On

Some dogs like being up high, so you can put a pillow or blanket for them to sleep on. However, make sure that the pillow or blanket is not too close to your bed. But, if they are barking in the room, it might be because they feel threatened by all of the space around them. So, it is best to keep your Vizsla’s bed close to yours.

Buy Some Cheap Blankets

If you have a concern with them scratching your furniture, then buy some inexpensive blankets. Doing so may help protect it from any claws that might be out of control especially, while they’re resting in their own space at night time.

Remove Harmful Objects From The Bedroom

Make sure that there are no poisonous objects or items nearby. If possible, put away anything on the floor for safety.

You should also consider what type of bedding you have because dogs can snag the fibers in your quilt, sheets, or mattress pad with their claws or teeth. If they chew on it, they may ingest any chemicals used to make the fabric.


Summing up, it’s important to remember that the bed is both a comfort and security spot for your dog. So, you should reserve it just for them. If you’re unsure what time or place they might want to sleep with you, talk about it together. However, sometimes it can help if they feel comfortable enough in their own safe space to get plenty of exercises.

Hopefully, this blog post will be helpful for you. For more of such information, please keep visiting our website.

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