Vizsla Sleep: Everything You Need To Know About Vizsla’s Sleep

Vizsla Sleep

Vizsla is a hunting dog specifically created for the pursuit of game. Back in history, Hungarian people used these dogs for hunting everything from deer and boar to pheasant and quail. Vizslas are typical household pets, but they do require a lot of exercises. Vizslas are famous for their high intelligence, affectionate nature, and devotion to family members. They are always happy and energetic. But proper relaxation, Vizsla does need proper sleep.

Vizslas are quite lazy than other dogs. So, your Vizsla can sleep for twelve hours, and it also needs frequent naps during the day. But the sleeping time depends a lot on these dogs’ diet, physical activity, health, and training. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a comfortable sleeping area for these dogs to relax and rejuvenate properly.

The main purpose is to provide you with all the information about Vizsla sleep that owners need before deciding what bedding type will work best for their pet.

How Many Hours A Day Does A Vizsla Sleep?

Vizslas usually sleep about twelve hours per day, but this may vary depending on age, diet, and exercise levels. Vizslas don’t require too much time outside of their regular napping periods for good restful sleep. It is because breeders breed them to live with humans. So, they do not snore or pace while sleeping, which is common with other breeds such as pugs or Chihuahuas, which can be disruptive when sharing an owner’s space in small quarters like apartments. The average Vizsla spends around 12% of its daytime energy just resting, meaning that it has more than enough stamina to last through long nights. Vizslas need many exercises and mental stimulation throughout the day, which means they will be too restless at night if they sit around all day.

Where Should A Vizsla Sleep?

Vizsla does not require much room, and they are quiet when napping, so smaller crates work well for them to sleep. Besides this, some other places where Vizsla can sleep are:

Vizsla’s Bed

Vizslas should sleep in a bed or crate. The raised off beds are the best Vizsla’s high from the ground and comfort the joints. So they don’t slip and slide around when the dogs move during their sleep cycles, like on an air mattress. This is also important because Vizslas often lie down with one of their front paws on the ground.

The bed should be large enough for Vizsla to lay down comfortably without any of their body hanging off one side or another, but not so big that Vizsla can’t find a place to sleep in the middle of it. For instance, Vizslas should have no trouble fitting in a queen-sized mattress, but they might not be able to sleep comfortably on the king-size one.

Vizsla Can Also Sleep In Kennel

Vizslas are very tolerant to different kinds of surfaces. This is why they can sleep in a kennel, on top of the covers, or even outside. It would help you decide where Vizsla will be sleeping based on your personal preference and what you think Vizsla prefers. Vizslas like to have their space, so it’s best not to force them into one spot permanently if there are other options available for them. Vizsla’s can sleep anywhere they want, but they usually sleep in a kennel or on top of the covers to relax and feel safe.

Vizsla Can Sleep In Floor

Vizslas are very intelligent, and so Vizsla can sleep on the floor. They spend most of their time at home sleeping on the couch, but they also like to lay out under the stars or snuggle with you while watching TV Vizsla likes to be close to people because it makes them feel safe. Vizslas are usually very shy when it comes to new people, and they like their own space. So Vizsla likes to sleep close by so that the Vizsla can keep an eye on you but still have its independence.

Besides this, sleeping on the floor during summer helps Vizsla to stay cool. Vizsla can sleep on the floor, and it is not a big deal. This dog usually likes to keep things simple.

Vizsla Can Sleep In Couch Or Sofa

Vizslas can sleep in couches or sofas, but owners don’t choose to do this. It is because they are very active dogs. Vizslas need many exercises and mental stimulation during the day. And this means they will be too restless at night if they sit around all day. You may even find them jumping from sofa to couch for no apparent reason.

If you think your Vizsla might like sleeping on the furniture as opposed to their crate or bed, then try letting him up there just one time when he doesn’t have anything else interesting going on. But make sure that his bed is close by. Then, if he does want out after only five minutes of resting, he’ll know where to go to. Vizslas are a working breed, so they need plenty of activity during the day.

What Are The Disadvantages When Your Vizsla Sleeps In Your Bed?

Sharing a bed with Vizsla is not the best idea. Vizsla shed on your bed, and Vizslas drool. But, your dog feels closer to you if it sleeps with you or even near to you.

Vizslas like being close to where you sleep so that they can protect them at all times from any predator noises outside or inside of the house. But it isn’t a good idea for you to do so because of the following reasons:

Vizslas Can Make Your Bed Dirty

Although Vizslas are intelligent, they aren’t knowledgeable to clean themselves before bedtime. Besides this, Vizslas loves playing, running, and jumping in puddles. So, when they return home, they will be dirty.

And if your dog has a habit of sleeping in the bed with you, it will directly climb in the bed to take a rest without cleaning up.

Hairs In Your Bed

Though Vizsla sheds less than other dogs, they still shed. So, you will find hair strands of your dog all over the bed and pillow. And the hair shedding increase to an outrageous amount during shedding seasons.

Moreover, if any of your members are allergic to dogs, this will be a big problem. For example, your family member might have an allergic reaction to the dog hair in your bed, and it can lead to asthma or even worse respiratory problems.

Also, if you share your bed with someone else, there is a chance of getting diseases like coughs by sleeping together on the same bed.

Parasites In The Bed

Vizslas are highly energetic. So, they like going out, playing, socializing, and running. Further, the dense fur of these dogs also has a higher possibility of capturing infectious agents like dust, dirt, bacteria, and viruses. And they will take these parasites with them in the bed.

Thus, if you sleep with your Vizsla, you are more likely to suffer from parasitic infections.

Disturbance In Sleep

Keeping your Vizsla by your side during sleep can create disturbances in their own sleep. This means that they will wake up to make sure you are safe and then might not be able to drift off into a deep sleep again for several hours. Besides this, these dogs will growl and howl as you sleep when they are uncomfortable, which can be disruptive to your and their own rest.

In addition, Vizslas need a little more space while sleeping than you might be willing to give them. What this means is that they need a little more room than your bed can provide. So, they drift a lot disturbing your sleep, and you don’t get as much deep sleep.

What Are The Things To Consider While You Choose Place For Your Vizsla To Sleep?

Sleeping is crucial for the mental health of your Vizsla. And the dogs that can’t get enough sleep are more likely to be aggressive, territorial, and depressed. So, there are few points to consider while you choose a bed or sleeping area for your pet. Such as:

  • The bed or crate, or kennel must have enough space for your Vizsla.
  • The bed should be warm and comfortable.
  • There shouldn’t be any drafts that might keep your Vizsla awake or make it uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • Keep the bed in an area that is quiet and without any noise.
  • Don’t forget to clean the bedding and the floor regularly.
  • If you Vizsla has trouble sleeping, keep soft toys, blankets, and pillows in the bed to make it comfortable.
  • The bed should be away from the windows and doors so that there are fewer chances of your Vizsla feeling exposed to drafts or cold air while sleeping.
  • It is also essential to vaccinate for ticks, fleas, worms, heartworms in the area where you want to place your dog’s bed because these parasites can cause many health problems to dogs, such as Lyme disease or ehrlichiosis, which are deadly diseases without medical treatment.

Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under The Covers?

If you have a Vizsla, you might know that sleeping under covers isn’t unusual for them. But do you know why does your dog does so?

If you don’t know, then here are some reasons why your Vizsla prefers sleeping under covers:

  • Vizslas are born hunters and natural predators. When they sleep, the instinct to hunt is still active in their minds, so being under covers helps them feel safe while sleeping.
  • They are susceptible to heat. So, they cover themselves to be warm and comfortable.
  • Vizslas prefer dense surroundings: by having something around them when they sleep (which you’re doing), Vizslas won’t be too afraid or anxious during the vulnerable time of day, such as nightfall.
  • They prefer being in dark places, and sleeping under the covers is a perfect way for them to do that.
  • Vizsla’s have a natural tendency of curling up into tight balls when they sleep. Sleeping with their head covered allows them to curl without obstructing it.

Do you want your Vizsla to stop sleeping under covers? Then, try giving them something soft (but not too deep) and warm, like blankets, pillows, or even an old towel/blankets to use as insulation from coldness while asleep.

Can Vizslas Sleep Outside? 

Vizslas typically sleep outside. Vizsla’s are natural hunters and need to hear the sounds of prey while they sleep. They also like sleeping in a bed or crate for security, so their outdoor sleeping area must also offer these features.

Further, most Vizslas spend most of their time outside sleeping in a dog bed or curled up near something with cover, under bushes, trees, or inside doghouses. They may also lay beside each other if they feel safe enough because the Vizslas need social contact and cannot get it from humans. The more often your pup is outside, he will want this option for better comfort. Keep in mind that Vizsla’s are natural hunters and need to hear the sounds of prey while they sleep.

Do Vizslas Sleep A Lot?

Vizslas are active dogs that need plenty of exercise and activities. However, Vizslas are also very social dogs, so they may not fit in the house with a dog that wants to sleep all day. Vizsla Sleep depends on how much activity your Vizsla gets during the day and what their temperament is like. A Vizsla who gets plenty of exercise will probably sleep less than 24 hours each night; however, if you have an active Vizsla, it might take some time before they wind down enough to relax at bedtime.

A Vizsla’s energy level can vary depending on age or whether they play with other animals outside, often with “doggie friends.” If your vizsla has no one else around, then this could affect his behavior as well. A single Vizsla is often more likely to stay in its territory and sleep when it’s nighttime. A Vizsla who spends the day roaming outside with other animals will be less tired at bedtime than one who stays inside all day without any company or exercise.

What Are The Things You Will Need For Vizsla To Sleep?

Just like humans, Vizslas also needs few things for undisturbed and sound sleep. So, the things you need for Vizslas to sleep are:

  • A bed of their own: Vizsla needs a comfortable bed to sleep in. Also, ensure that the bed has sufficient room for your dog.
  • Heated blanket: If you leave in a cold place, you might want to get your Vizsla a heated blanket to keep it warm and safe.
  • Some covers: Apart from blankets, you also need some covers for your Vizsla. Once you say goodbye to winter, you can’t use a heated blanket. But, your dog still needs to cover themselves and curl up under the covers for sound sleep. For this, few covers will be great.
  • Comfortable pillows and mattress: Vizslas bones are prone to dysplasia, disorders, and arthritis. Thus, buying a comfortable pillow and mattress is essential to feel relaxed and sleep well at night.
  • Soft toys: Often, Vizslas feel unsafe to sleep alone because they are vulnerable in sleep. So, you can keep soft toys in your dog’s bed that can accompany him. However, Vizsla will like you to sleep with them. But it isn’t a good idea.


Summing up, Vizslas sleeps a lot. They have long periods of time where they are inactive and then short bursts of activity to make up for it. What that means is Vizsla sleep will depend on the dog, their age, size, breed type, among other factors, to determine what works best for them individually.

If you want to know more about how to help your Vizsla sleep more, visit our website for more information.

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