Vizsla Dos And Don’ts: What To Know Before Getting Vizsla

Vizsla Dos And Don'ts: What To Know Before Getting Vizsla

Are you thinking about getting a Vizsla? If so, you must know the dos and don’ts of this Vizsla breed. This blog post will go over these dos and don’ts in detail and give you some information on punishing Vizsla if they misbehave. These are all things I wish to know before getting my Vizsla.

While talking about the dos and don’ts, the Vizsla breed is an intelligent breed with an enormous amount of energy. So Vizslas need lots of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They also require training at a young age to teach them not to be dominant or aggressive towards other animals.

Besides this, you should take care of your Vizsla’s diet, grooming, and health. Do not overfeed your dog, so it is essential to monitor their meals. Also, they need lots of grooming because they have hair that can get dirty if brushed too infrequently.

Moreover, Vizslas needs a lot of love and affection. Hence, it would help if you never left your dog alone in a room for too long. When your dog misbehaves, it is essential to know how to punish them humanely.

However, there are lots of dos and don’ts related to the Vizsla breed. So, keep reading!

Vizsla Dos And Don’ts

When you plan on caring for a Vizsla, you need to be well aware of its dos and don’ts. There are various ways of punishing your Vizsla. One punishment is to take away their favorite toy and put it in a place that is not accessible to them, such as out on the porch or behind an object. You can also remove their food, water, or access to you for a while (usually about 30 minutes).

Before getting a Vizsla, make sure you know what kind of dogs Vizsla’s parents are. If they have a lot of hunting in their heritage, they are common to chase other animals. Sometimes, your dog might even feel frustrated when you do not allow them near an animal that might be prey.

The Vizsla is a powerful, energetic dog with an intense prey drive and high intelligence; it’s essential to understand what this means before bringing one into your home. The following list of dos and don’ts will help you learn more about the breed-including some things you’ll need to consider before adopting a Vizsla of your own.

What Are The Dos With Vizsla?

Vizslas are one of the friendliest breeds out there. But it is crucial to teach your dog how to socialize with humans and animals at first. Thus, this dog needs training from a young age.

Besides this, Vizslas has a lot of energy. Hence, they require a lot of exercise. So if you’re not going to provide that, then this is not the dog for you.

Keep Them On Leash

Must keep your Vizslas on a leash when outside, even if after training them to come back from chasing other animals or prey. Vizsla is a hardheaded dog. So, they will not come right home as most dogs would do.

Know Their History

Know the Vizsla’s history before bringing them home. Vizslas account for chasing other animals and feeling frustrated when you keep them away from smaller animals. So it’s better to know this before bringing your dog into the family.

Keep Them Out Of The Kitchen When Cooking Or Eating

It means they should not be able to eat anything on the ground while you cook. Vizslas should also not have access to your counter space or any food while you prepare it. Moreover, it is best to lock or close the door leading into/out of the kitchen.

Must Train Your Vizsla To Be Familiar With Their Crate

It will help with potty training, separation anxiety, and safety in general when you’re not home or able to monitor them as closely. Crating for a few hours each day while you are away can also be beneficial. In this way, they will be less likely to chew on things or create a mess while you’re away.

Know That Vizslas Have A Short Attention Span

Usually, the dogs have a shorter attention span, and Vizslas do not exclude from this list. So, it’s important to remember that if you fail to give them constant stimulation, they will feel bored. As a result, they either find something else to do (sometimes destructive) or start exhibiting behaviors that you may not want them to.

Teach Your Vizsla Some Commands

Teaching commands will help if they are ever in trouble or lost, as well as when you need them to do something specific, like staying out of the kitchen while cooking/eating (sit and lie down) or come inside with you instead of running off to chase a squirrel.

Teach your dog to sit and lie down as well as stay for extended periods. These are handy commands. So, you can opt for them in various situations.

Keep Them Out Of The Bedroom When Sleeping

It includes letting Vizsla sleep on your bed or in your room. Vizslas are famous for jumping onto furniture and running around wildly (not good if you have expensive furniture). So they also need their own space where they can be away from people at nighttime to sleep.

Do Not Teach Your Young Vizsla Aggressive Behavior

It includes teaching them to bite when they feel harassed or bullied by another dog. Sometimes aggression,  could make the situation much worse instead of better and can lead to other behavior problems of Vizslas in the future (such as chasing prey).

Give Your Vizsla Enough Exercise

Exercise includes going for walks, playing in the yard with them, or throwing a ball to keep them active and happy. Vizslas need plenty of training on top of other forms of stimulation to not feel bored.

What Are Some Don’ts With Vizsla?

After you are familiar with the dos, let’s dig into the don’ts you need to consider if you want to keep a Vizsla. Vizslas do have several don’ts when it comes to care and behavior.

Some of the most important ones include:

Never Hit Your Vizsla With Anything (That has your hand)

Hitting your Vizsla can lead to aggression problems, fearfulness, or even biting.

Do Not Let Them Eat Anything On The Ground While You Cook Or Eat

It includes food, garbage, or anything else you might not want your dog to have access to while cooking in the kitchen (or preparing food on the counter) and while eating, so make sure to keep them out of your kitchen when cooking/eating.

Don’t Put Your Vizsla In A Choke Chain.

It will end up hurting your Vizsla and can lead to aggressive behavior.

Don’t Put Your Vizsla In A Shock Collar.

Vizslas are usually hard on the neck. So, most owners use shock collars for this dog. However, instead of improving Vizslas’ behavior, these collars lead to dogs’ side effects like depression or anxiety.

Don’t Let Your Vizsla Off The Leash When You’re Near Other Dogs.

It would help if you did not keep Vizslas off leash when you are out. They will most likely chase them and end up in a fight, leading to injury.

Do Not Housebreak Your Young Vizsla In A Small Area With Little To No Access To Outside Space

It includes things like putting them in a small backyard or keeping them on the back porch all day while you’re at work, as they will not be able to let themselves go outside and may end up going inside. In addition, they need plenty of room to roam around to do their business when it becomes necessary.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Go Unsupervised

It includes things like letting them outside without a leash or not sticking with them at all times, as they can get into trouble in an instant, so it’s important to have supervision when possible.

Do Not Throw Your Vizsla Around Either

It includes picking up your Vizsla and throwing him around either by accident or on purpose, as this can lead to injury.

Don’t Let Your Vizsla Eat Too Much Food In One Sitting.

It includes things like throwing your dog’s food on the ground for them and letting them eat it all at once instead of more gradually or in a bowl where they can pace themselves with their meal.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Chase Another Dog

It includes letting them off the leash and having them chase another dog, as they can end up getting into a fight with the other animal.

Don’t Let Your Young Vizsla Chew On Any Household Items (That Includes Furniture)

Stop your Vizsla from chewing household items. It includes things like leather couches or anything that you cannot wash. On the one hand, chewing such things deteriorates the dental care of your pal. On the other hand, and along with this, your favorite curtains, carpets, furniture, and shoes will be useless.

Do Not Leave Them Out In The Yard And Alone All Day

Letting them out into the yard without supervision might be a nightmare. Vizslas are more likely to feel distracted by birds, vehicles, and humans moving around them. So, when you leave them alone in the backyard, they might run after their distraction and get into accidents.

Besides this, Vizsla is famous for digging into the ground to explore the soil when they have nothing to do. So, they might make your backyard messy.

Do Not Let Them Have Too Much Water In One Sitting

Water intoxication is possible if your dog drinks too much in a short amount of time and gives them an upset stomach.

Do Not Let Them Lick Your Face When They Have Dirty Mouths Or Scratched Eyes And Ears

It includes things like letting Vizslas lick your face after they are out in the sun all day. Remember to stop them and clean them after they play outside. Your Vizsla might carry a lot of bacterias with them while it was playing. And this can lead to illness in humans.

Do Not Reward Your Vizsla For Doing Something That You Don’t Want Them To Do

It includes giving in to your dog when they do something you don’t want and rewarding them for it, making the behavior continue or worsen.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Bite You When They Are Playing Rough

A dog’s mouth is just as dirty as ours when it comes to germs, so you don’t want them to bite you while they are playing. It includes things like letting them nip at your fingers or hands, as this is typical behavior when dogs play with each other and can lead to severe infections if done often enough.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Chew On You While They’re Playing Rough

It includes letting them chew on your clothes when they are playing with you, which can lead to tears in the fabric or other clothing items.

Do Not Let Your Young Vizsla Play With Other Dogs Unless You Know The Owners

It includes things like letting Vizsla play with other dogs at the dog park and not knowing who these animals are or where they’ve come from, as this can lead to injury.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Eat Food For Humans

Usually, this includes giving your pup a bowl of human food while eating their dog food, which can lead to an upset stomach or other illness.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Come Close To You When They Are In Heat

It includes things like letting your female Vizsla come close when she is in heat, as the male dogs will be able to smell her and start following her to mate.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Eat Rawhide (Can Lead To Swelling Of The Throat)

It includes things like giving your Vizsla a rawhide bone when they eat, which can lead to choking or an upset stomach if swallowed.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Jump On Furniture

It includes things like letting your vizsla jump on the couch or bed, which can lead to tearing and other problems.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Walk On The Walls And Ceilings (Can Lead To Falling)

Usually, this includes things like putting a piece of furniture in front of one wall, so they don’t run out and then allowing them to walk on it, which can lead to injury if they fall.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Play With Electrical Wires, Cords, And Other Objects That Can Shock Them

It includes things like letting your vizsla chew on something that could shock or hurt them when licking, as this is a problem for both humans and dogs.

Do Not Reinforce Aggressive Behavior

It’s important to remember that this breed will not do well with any of these things, and it is best to avoid them as much as possible.

Don’t Let Them Sleep In Bed With You (Unless You Allow Them)

It would help if you did not let your Vizsla sleep in your bed. They might jump onto furniture and run around wildly (not good if you have expensive furniture). As a result, these dogs are more likely to destroy your furniture and home decor.

Thus, they need their own space where they can be away from people at nighttime to sleep.

Never Give You Vizsla Alcohol

It includes things like letting them drink beer or any other alcoholic beverage, leading to severe repercussions.

Don’t Let Your Vizsla Bully Other Dogs.

The vizslas are a proud and aggressive breed. Thus, you should avoid doing anything that may encourage aggression in the dog. It includes things like allowing them to chase other dogs, leading to injury and dog fights.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Drink From The Toilet

It includes things like letting your pup drink from the toilet. Vizslas do not know whats do for them. So, they might drink from standing water in bowls or puddles contaminated with feces. But, allowing your dog to do so could lead to serious illness.

Do Not Let Your Vizsla Bark At You When They Are Playing

It includes things like letting Vizsla bark at you while they are playing, as this will teach your Vizsla to bite people when they play with other dogs and can lead to severe injury or aggression in the future.

With this, I hope you know well about the dos and don’ts to consider when you buy and keep a Vizsla. Although caring for this breed looks tedious, it is much easier than other dog breeds. So, I recommend trying this breed once.

Can I Leave Them Home Alone?

No, this is not a good idea as Vizslas can get into things and destroy them when you are away from home.

Vizsla dogs are prone to separation anxiety and may not do well without someone at home. They are also more likely to get into things when they feel bored or neglected.

Although Vizsla seems to behave decently for a few hours, leaving them alone for long periods is not good.

What Kinds Of Things Should I Be Aware Of?

If you have kids, then there are some crucial points that you should follow:

  • Keep them away from small children
  • Please don’t leave them alone with children without supervising
  • It would be best if you supervised them around other animals, too. For example, Vizslas might nip and will often chase small furry things that run away from them.

Can I Put A Leash On Them?

Yes, you can put a leash on your Vizsla. It is to make sure they stay safe when out in public and if you’re going for a walk around the block or at the dog park.

It’s also essential that your Vizsla gets their exercise every day. So it’s good to take them on walks with you.

Can I Bath My Vizsla?

Yes, it would be best if you bathed Vizsla. But, unfortunately, Vizslas have an “Eau de dog” odor once they get dirty. So, it’s best to clean them up, so that doesn’t happen too often.

If your animal smells terrible, other people may find the smell of their fur or body offensive. Thus, it is best to bathe your dog monthly or more often when needed.

Can I Put Them Under A Bed?

No, this is not a good idea because they’re likely to jump out from under the bed and hurt themselves.

The Vizsla breed also likes to get into trouble when they feel bored or neglected. Leaving them alone in the house for an extended period can be troublesome. They will often destroy things in your home if you are away for too long.

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting A Vizsla?

It’s important to remember that the vizslas will bark at anything. It may include people coming over on social calls or delivery drivers who come into your home every day.

It’s also essential to find a vet experienced with Vizslas. An experienced professional will give the best advice for your pet.

If you want to make sure that your dog doesn’t feel too bored, it’s good to keep them busy. For this, you can give Vizslas toys. Some sort of interactive toy is best. This type of toy will entertain your dog when they feel bored.

When you have a Vizsla, it’s also essential to keep them safe from other animals and people who might hurt or scare your dog.

That includes children or any person with an unknown medical condition that could affect the animal somehow.

They may be afraid of strangers coming into their homes, so it’s essential to be aware of that and keep your dog safe.

Vizslas are brilliant dogs, so it’s good to train them from a young age with the things they should do around the house when you’re not home.

It includes commands for “no,” like sit, stay or leave it, and commands for coming when called.

How Do You Punish A Vizsla?

Most breeders do not recommend punishing your dog. It is because punishment will have different effects on the dog and may lead to behavioral problems if you’re inconsistent with it or don’t understand what they did that was wrong.

If you have trouble training them, it might be worth hiring a professional for advice on working with your Vizsla.

You can take away their favorite toys when they make some mischief, and they’re likely to understand that it’s because of what they did.


In conclusion, Vizslas are very energetic dog that requires lots of attention.

They will do best in live-in situations with someone who is home most of the time and can provide plenty of daily exercises, mental stimulation, socialization, and training. It’s important to know what they need before getting one. So, prepare yourself well for the challenges of owning a Vizsla first.

Overall, these were the dos and don’ts of owning a Vizsla. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it as much as I wanted to write it. I hope this was a helpful blog post for anyone thinking about getting one of these dogs in their life, so they know what to expect when owning them.

Thank you for reading, everyone. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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