6 Ways To Calm A Vizsla Puppy: The Most Effective Tips

6 Ways To Calm A Vizsla Puppy: The Most Effective Tips

There’s no denying that Vizslas are a high-energy breed and require more work than other dog breeds. Moreover, they’re also one of the most lovable breeds out there. But sometimes, your little ball of energy can get so hyper it becomes challenging to control them with just commands alone. This article will provide you with 6 tips for managing a Vizsla puppy as well as when they usually calm down and at what age they typically start calming down.”

Some of the ways to keep a Vizsla puppy calm are by

  • Exercise your Vizsla puppy twice a day.
  • Visit doggy playgroups or invite friends with dogs over.
  • Use puppy pens to calm Vizsla puppies down.
  • Give vizslas interactive puzzle toys from a young age.
  • Train your Vizsla puppy daily basic command training like ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’
  • Play with your Vizsla puppy often.

We will explore all these points in depth below. I hope you will find them helpful!

6 Ways To Calm A Vizsla Puppy:

A Vizsla is an energetic breed that loves to run and play all day long. This vibrant personality can be pretty exhausting, so it’s essential to find ways to calm them down when they get too hyper. Here are six of the most effective tips you can use:

Exercise Your Vizsla Puppy Twice A Day

The Vizslas are a high-energy breed that needs plenty of exercises. First, you should schedule two walks or play sessions in the backyard each day for your pup to avoid hyperactivity and keep them healthy. Then, when they feel too tired from running around, you can finish up some tricks training like sit-ups.

Visit Doggy Play Groups Or Invite Friends With Dogs Over

If you feel overwhelmed with your pup’s energy, why not take them to a dog park or invite friends who also have dogs? Meeting new furry friends can be fun for both puppies and their owners. Your Vizsla will enjoy running around with other breeds of the same age and size, while you can have a quiet chat with your friends.

Use Puppy Pens To Calm Vizsla Puppy Down

If another dog is causing too much excitement for your pup, it’s time to use the puppy pen! If visiting other dogs at the park isn’t an option (maybe because they are too big), you can use the puppy pen to give them some space. It will allow your Vizsla to relax and stretch out while they safely play with their toys or chew on a bully stick.

Give Vizsla Puppy Interactive Puzzle Toys From Young Age

If your pup is getting restless, try giving him an interactive puzzle toy that he can chew on. These toys usually comprise wood and corduroy. But you could also use an excellent old-fashioned rope. Interactive puzzle toys will keep your Vizsla busy while giving them something to chew, so they don’t go crazy from boredom.

Train Your Vizsla Daily Basic Command

Vizslas can be pretty stubborn at times, so training them is crucial. You can start by teaching your pup the basic commands such as sitting and waiting for their food dish. It will help calm them down when they feel frustrated from not getting the thing you denied them.

Play With Your Vizsla Puppy Often

Playing with a young Vizsla is vital for their development and happiness. Playing with your pup will help them calm down when they are too hyper and teach them necessary skills like how to play tug-of-war properly.

When Do Vizslas Calm Down?

Vizslas often chill out on the couch after a good run in the yard, but it’s important to remember that they may need a break. Vizslas can become hyperactive at any time.  So always look for signs like panting excessively and pacing up and down in front of their food dish.

Usually, Vizsla is not aggressive, but they can be very protective of their family and property. It’s essential to train them not to bark at strangers, as this could lead to a bite or other dire consequences for both you and your dog.

Some of the things you can do to calm your Vizsla puppy when they are aggressive are:

  • Softly brush the back of the head with a hand
  • Please give them a chew toy
  • Cuddle in the lap with gentle, soothing words and petting.
  • Pet them around the muzzle area
  • Put some lavender essential oil on their nose.

At What Age Will Vizsla Calm Down?

Calming down is a process that works gradually. It’s important to remember that your Vizsla will probably take time to grow out of their hyperactive stage and become more laid back as they age, but you can help them along the way with these tips.

Moreover, after attaining a certain age, Vizsla often becomes relaxed, calm, and mature. As your puppy grows, its energy level reduces after they grow old. So, when your puppy reaches the age of three years, it will become calmer.

However, if you want a calmer puppy at an early age, you can take your Vizsla to the doggy daycare. It will help them socialize and play with other dogs. It also teaches your dog how to be calm around other animals/dogs and humans, which is very important for a dog’s development.

Are Vizslas Always Hyper?

Although many owners refer to them as “the Velcro dog” or the couch potato of the sporting group, this breed still has a lot of energy and requires regular exercise to keep them healthy. Vizsla may be calm when you’re not home but will probably get into mischief while you are away.

The short answer is no. But it’s impossible to predict when your Vizsla will be hyperactive and how long they’ll stay that way. It can last anywhere from a couple of minutes or hours at a time. So it’s essential to keep your puppy busy and entertained with plenty of exercise, playtime, healthy treats, and chew toys.

This breed has energy levels just like any other dog. Vizslas are super energetic and active, but they do calm down with plenty of time. With these six tips, you’ll be able to keep your pup busy so that they don’t get too hyper when you can’t play with them.

What Do To When Vizsla Puppy Go Out-Of-Control?

If your Vizsla pup is getting uncontrollable, it’s time to call for help. But, first, you should contact a vet or dog trainer who can advise how best to handle the situation. They may have some tips on how to calm a hyper Vizsla and help you deal with the problem.

Remember, stay calm and don’t take out your frustration on the pup. It would be best if you were in control of yourself before dealing with an animal that is acting up for whatever reason. Vizslas can sense if you’re angry, and it will just make things worse.

Since Vizsla is a hyperactive breed, the owner should take care of their behavior when they get out of control or aggressive. Try to be calm in such situations because your dog can sense if you get angry about something. Of course, it’s hard not to when they’re misbehaving. But try to remain calm and don’t take out your frustration on the animal.

For example, if they are experiencing anxiety after you leave them alone, it is best to give them an interactive toy. It will help keep Vizslas’ mind occupied until you return home.


In closing, there are many ways to calm down a Vizsla puppy. To ensure they stay healthy and happy, you must play with your pup regularly and exercise them often throughout the day. It will help keep your dog calmer and more relaxed through its formative years.

Moreover, following the above tips will help you manage your Vizsla’s behavior and make sure they are as happy as possible. You can find more information here. Ask away any questions in the comments section below.

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