Vizsla:- A Perfect Companion For Me

The Vizsla, a short-haired Hungarian hunting dog of the pointer group, is noted for its elegance and excellent hunting abilities. Emphasis on type, size, and structure remains paramount in breed shows throughout Europe and America. The American Kennel Club (AKC) first recognized the Vizsla in 2004 as part of the Sporting Group.

General Appearance

An elegant, athletic dog with a flowing coat; balanced but powerful; strong without coarseness; symmetrical except for the head which appears slightly offset to one side when excited. Head – A long head tapering gradually from ears to the tip of the nose with little apparent difference between the length of skull and foreface; top line of skull level with the top line of back when excited. The Hungarian type is preferred in the show ring. Ears – Small, V-shaped with tips slightly rounded; set on at eye level and lying flat or with a slight upward tilt; may be cropped but not stemmed. Teeth – Scissors bite preferred but a level bites acceptable; canines never overly developed. Eyes (H/L) – Dark brown, almond-shaped, and lively in expression with an intelligent look. Nails – Strong and dark. Feet – Slightly compact; well-arched toes.

Problem Solving Ability

Excellent problem solver with a great memory for scents: often begins tracking immediately after quarry has gone to ground or into cover where it becomes invisible from above ground or within 30 minutes of passage through an area.

Appearance and Grooming

Short, flat coat; close in texture, short on head and ears but slightly longer on the body with feathering of hair on legs and underside of tail. Traditionally kept long, flowing extending below the hock or dewclaws but has been trimmed shorter to conform to AKC standard. Hair is never so long as to obscure eyes nor detract from the clean-cut appearance required for a show dog. The coat does not react to weather conditions becoming matted or tangled following contact with wet grass or leaves. It is therefore necessary that all coats be maintained in top condition by clipping every eight weeks during the warm months (May through October) and more often during very warm weather or when showing. Bark – Medium-pitched, clear, and musical.

Character and Temperament

A dog of medium size that is muscular and alert; self-confident yet willing to be a companion in the home or to accompany the hunter on field expeditions. This dog will generally show great affection for its owners but may also exhibit independence toward strangers although novices sometimes tend to over appreciate this trait, especially when they have not had an opportunity to fully control their dogs. When properly introduced the Vizsla’s natural desire should be to please his owner thus making obedience training relatively easy. Vizslas are sensitive watchdogs exhibiting no more than normal curiosity about strangers passing by their property though intruders would be better served by running rather than attempting to argue with a Vizsla. This is a hunting dog and will chase anything moving within its range. However, Vizslas are easily trained to leave stationary animals alone as well as being very capable of controlling their natural prey drive in the presence of small pets.

Vizsla Dogs are perfect for me because they are a perfect size. They do not have a reputation for being hyper and require a lot of exercises. Vizsla dogs also like to be included in family activities. They are very intelligent and easy to train.

Read through my article and know yourself if Vizsla is the perfect companion for you too.

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