Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under The Covers?

Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under The Covers

Vizsla is one of Hungary’s most popular dog breeds and ranks among the top 10 most popular breeds in the U.S. So why do Vizslas sleep under the covers?

Sleeping under the covers isn’t unusual for dogs. Thus, Vizslas sleep under the blankets due to instincts. Moreover, they might also do so because they want to feel safe, comfortable, and warm.

Besides this, they might be other questions in your mind like Is it comfortable for them to do so? Do you think they might suffocate inside the blanket? In this article, we will answer these questions and more!

Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under The Covers?

Vizslas are often curious and mischievous. They have a strong prey drive, which means they love to chase things that move. And this includes playing with their favorite toys or even chasing the family cat around the house. These traits might make you think of them as high-energy dogs, but in reality, Vizslas does just fine with a walk or two a day. Why, then, do they sleep under the covers?

However, here are some reasons why Vizslas sleep under the covers.

Human Warmth

Vizslas love being close with owners. So, sleeping under the covers is a way to feel warmer than they would on top of the comforter. They also enjoy curling up together with other household members in bed and staying warm while snuggled in each others’ fur.

Safety And Natural Instinct To Protect Oneself

Vizslas are natural hunters and have a strong prey drive. It means that they are more likely to chase anything that moves. And this includes other household pets who like to sleep on top of their covers at night. Vizsla owners may also notice their dog growling at something that catches their attention from time to time.


Vizslas are often happy with just a few walks or play sessions per day, but they enjoy having access to comfortable resting spots where they know humans will be close by and pay attention to them. 

So, why not let your Vizsla curl up in bed with you?

Is It Okay For My Dog To Sleep Under The Covers?

Some Vizsla owners may worry that their dog could suffocate themselves or get into trouble, such as under the weight of a weighted blanket. In addition, any dogs might feel stifled if they are under the covers for too long. However, Vizslas don’t typically find this as an issue because they love being in confined places.

But you must be aware of the time they are under the covers. And whether the surfaces are too big or too heavy for your Vizsla or not.

Can My Vizsla Sleep Under The Covers Due To Its Size?

Vizslas are larger dogs, so they may not be able to sleep comfortably under the covers if there’s a tight blanket or comforter on top of them. If this is an ongoing issue for your dog, consider a giant size blanket or comforter.

Can My Vizsla Suffocate When Sleeping Under The Covers?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. As long as your dog has plenty of room to move around and the cover is not too heavy or thick for it to breathe easily through its nose and mouth, then there should be nothing stopping your pup from enjoying itself all night while underneath the covers.

Can A Dog Suffocate Under A Weighted Blanket?

Vizsla is generally a medium-sized dog breed, and they can get under weighted blankets. Moreover, the nose is the most sensitive organ on a dog’s body, and if they can’t breathe, their nose may twitch. So, Vizslas are prone to respiratory issues, and they need room to place their head above the blanket.

Thus, owners need to monitor their dog’s breathing while they sleep.

Where Should A Vizsla Sleep?

If you’re trying to decide where your Vizsla can sleep, there are many options available that will work just as well for them as they would for any other dog breed.

Moreover, the bests sleeping options for a Vizsla are:

  • On top of the bed
  • Underneath the bed (but on a dog mattress or an elevated surface.) So, a family cat or Vizslas can still see out from under the covers.
  • In their personal space, like a crate or doggy den, where they’ll feel safe and comfortable
  • They can sleep anywhere they like to, as long as it’s not too close to your head.


In conclusion, Vizslas sleep under the covers because it’s comfortable, safe, and natural. As long as you have fit and healthy Vizsla, it is okay if they sleep under the covers. However, it would be best to be careful with weighted blankets as they can cause suffocation in some cases.

Is your dog a smaller breed of Vizsla? Or other small dogs that cannot comfortably stretch out on their bed, sleeping under the covers might not be an option for them. You may need to provide extra space by moving beds closer together or getting a larger-sized dog bed instead. 

Where does your Vizsla like to lay? Let us know!

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