Why Vizslas Are Better In Pairs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Why Vizslas Are Better In Pairs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Vizslas are popular, active, athletic dogs that demand a lot of exercises. These dogs love to hunt all day with their owner and can get into mischief if they have too much time on their paws. Conclusion: there is no denying that having two Vizslas brings twice the fun but brings twice the problems. However, some people assume that Vizslas are better in Pairs.

Vizslas are better in pairs because it is a lot of work to handle one vizsla. But if you have two, it’s a little easier. A couple of dogs also makes training them more accessible because they can play with each other and burn energy together when they are young, making training them much more manageable. Honestly, Vizslas are happier when kept in pairs.

The disadvantage of having two vizslas is that they might get into a fight, which can cause injury to either one or both dogs. If you have children, fighting dogs might be a dangerous and challenging situation for you. It is because dogs are more likely to injure or hurt someone when they are aggressive.

This article will explore both sides of this issue and hopefully provide you with some guidance about whether or not your vizsla should have a companion!

Are Vizslas Better In Pairs?

Some people think that vizslas are better in pairs because they need a lot of mental stimulation. However, many other dog breeds have similar needs, so it’s not fair to say that vizsla owners should always have two dogs just because they’re hunting dogs.

Should You Get Two Vizslas?

Yes, if you are willing to put in the time and money for two vizsla dogs. There are many advantages if you have the time, energy, and money to take care of two Vizslas.

Do Vizslas Need Another Dog?

While some people believe they do, it’s not strictly necessary if your dog gets enough exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization.

The Advantages Of Having Vizslas Pairs

The main reason why many people want to have two vizslas is that they have high energy levels and need a lot of mental stimulation activities. However, some other breeds are equally energetic and intelligent, so this isn’t fair about vizsla owners.

Some reasons why it might be good for a vizsla to have a companion:

Pairs Of Vizslas Means Double The Fun

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons to get a second dog is for companionship. Dogs are social animals that need plenty of interaction with their owners as well as other dogs. Having a second dog will give your first one someone to play with and keep them company when you’re not home or busy doing something else.

Pairs Of Vizslas Have Familiar Faces

The bond between the two vizslas is often more robust than their human companions, which means they might have more success helping each other overcome difficult situations.

Pairs Of Vizslas Helps With Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Having a companion can help with exercise and mental stimulation. There are plenty of activities that you can do together with two vizslas to keep both of them happy. However, it’s not suitable for ownership purposes to think that all dogs need two other dogs from the same breed.

Provides More Attention

If your dog is getting a lot of attention from you, then it may be nice for them to have another vizsla as well. Sometimes this can provide more attention and care if one gets sick or injured while the other continues with life.

Helps With Boredom & Anxiety

Having a companion can also help with boredom and anxiety. For example, Vizsla owners who are at work or school all day may find it challenging to provide enough mental stimulation for their dogs when they return home from the office, so having another dog in the house could be good for them!

Vizslas Are More Of A Pack Animal In Pairs

Adding a companion to your vizsla could be a great idea if they have high energy or have anxiety problems.

Vizslas are more of a pack animal which means that they thrive on social contact. So, many people think they need another dog to accompany them on walks or playtime.

Training The Second Vizsla Could Be Easier

Some people believe that training a second vizsla will be easier because it’s not their first time around. Introducing the second dog should also be more accessible due to training past dogs, but there is no guarantee. Vizslas are pack animals, and they need attention from their owners.

Pairs Are Company For Each Other/ Less Lonely Vizslas

One of the most important things is to make sure that your vizsla has company. Now, if you are home all day or get home before your dog does, then it might not be necessary for you to get another vizsla. But, on the other hand, if you are at work all day and only come home after dinner, it might be a good idea to rethink adding a companion.

You Will Get Twice A Love From Vizslas Pairs

You will double love from two vizslas. It is a good thing for most dogs, but not necessarily all. Having affection every day will make it easier for a dog to appreciate its owner and another companion.

Vizslas Are Friendly, And Will Get Well With Each Other

Vizslas are friendly and will get well with each other. They’re also brilliant dogs, so training the second dog should also be more manageable. Having two vizslas can sometimes mean that they have twice as much love. Vizslas are quite friendly with kids too.

The Best Friend Factor

Undoubtedly, dogs are man’s best friends. They are loyal and will always be there for you. Two dogs are even better in this regard because they play together and get each other through hard times with companionship. A person who owns two vizslas will have them to rely on when friends cancel or when something terrible happens.

Pairs Of Vizslas Helps In Socialization

One of the main advantages of having two vizslas is that they can socialize with each other, which helps keep them healthy and happy like any other animal that needs company.

The Disadvantages Of Having Pairs Of Vizslas

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of having two vizsla dogs.

Pairs Of Vizslas Are Expensive To Care For

You might think that having two vizslas is better because they will keep each other company, but this isn’t necessarily true. Although it might be challenging to give them the attention each one needs when there are two, it’s also more expensive to care for them. It costs around $1,000 a year on average to feed and groom a vizsla. Other housing arrangements or vet care costs also affect this cost.

With two vizslas, you have to pay for double the space. They need a backyard of at least 1000 square feet, and up to 2000 sq ft is better. You also should expect to make payments on vet care and grooming visits more often because your dogs would be in them every week or so as opposed to once a year with one dog.

One of the more expensive costs is that of food. Because these dogs require so much to eat, you’ll be spending around $60 or more on a 20lb bag of dry dog food every month for each one. The fact that there will be two mouths to feed means double the cost in this area.

Pairs Of Vizslas Invites Double Trouble

Caring for two vizslas will be double the work. They need plenty of attention as well as medical care and grooming. So you need to constantly indulge them in various activities to keep both Vizslas busy all day.

Vizslas are more likely to fight, hurt each other, and escape when they have nothing to do. Thus, it is best to schedule their activities of day to utilize their excessive energies and to ensure they stay healthy.

The disadvantages of having two vizslas are similar to those of owning any other pet. They need food, space, and attention, which all cost money. The main disadvantage is how expensive it will be regarding the price tag on everything from food to vet care.

Walking Pairs Of Vizslas Is Not A Cup Of Tea For Everyone

When you walk two dogs at once, you will find them tangling up in each other. Since they can’t walk side-by-side as easily or quickly, so it is more challenging to keep them apart from each other on a leash.

One of the main reasons people entice one dog with another is for companionship, but this isn’t unique to vizsla dogs.

Fights And Noises

When Vizslas have a company, they like to play, but whenever they get the chance. But, even while playing, two Vizslas are noisier and rowdier, and you can hear them farther away.

Being an owner, you may be okay with it. But the neighbors might not enjoy the sounds of two vizsla dogs fighting or playing.

Should You Get Two Male Or Two Female Or One Of Each Vizsla?

There is no evidence to suggest that one would be better for you than the others. But if you are hell-bent on getting two vizslas, it is best to get a male and female.

As one male and one female vizsla, they are less likely to fight amongst themselves than if you were to get two males or females.

But remember to spay or neuter your dogs, so they are less likely to mate with the opposite sex.


It’s not uncommon to see a vizsla with another dog, which should come as no surprise. It seems like two vizslas are worth considering over one in most cases with all of these advantages. It comes down to your personal needs and finances.

Hopefully, this post will help you understand your dog better.

Good Luck!!!

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