Why Are Vizslas So Happy?

Why Are Vizslas So Happy

Vizslas are a happy breed of dog. Why are they so happy? Why do they always look like they’re smiling? Well, there’s no one answer to this question. There probably isn’t any single reason that all Vizslas are so smiley.

So, why are Vizslas happy. They might be happy when your play with them, give treats, share your food with them, praise or pet them, and when you give your dog enough time and attention.

Thus, you can read detailed information of all 7 reasons why Vizslas might be the happiest dogs with some ways to make your dog happier in this article. I hope you enjoy reading.

Why Are Vizslas So Happy?

Since Vizsla loves people and attention, they are loyal. They enjoy being with you no matter what the activity is, whether it’s playing fetch or just taking a walk in the park. People also bred Vizsla for hunting, so they also have a strong prey drive which means that if they see an animal, they will be happy and excited.

However, there are many reasons why your Vizsla is so happy. Such as:

  • Vizsla loves people. So, they are happy when they are around people.
  • Vizslas enjoy being with you no matter the activity, whether it’s playing fetch or just taking a walk in the park.
  • This breed has a strong prey drive which means that if they see an animal, they will be happy and excited.
  • Vizslas are excellent hunters. Thus, they enjoy hunting and retrieving prey.
  • They are fun-loving, and even small things like vehicles or people moving in the road, other pets, etc., can make them happy.

What Makes Vizsla Happy?

If you are the parent of Vizsla, you surely want to know how you can enlighten your pet’s mood. Don’t you? Vizslas enjoy being around people and other dogs, but what makes them truly happy is interacting with you. They love to please and will do anything for a little attention from their favorite person, making them one of the happiest breeds in the world.

Besides this, some other things that can make your Vizsla happy are:

Playing Games Can Make Vizslas Happy

Vizslas are intelligent and highly energetic dog breeds. So, different games can help in mental stimulation and make them happy. Running after a ball is one of the simplest games that can make Vizslas Happy. The thing to remember is, it’s not just about throwing and fetching games but also running around in an open field with your dog will make them happy too.

Vizslas Are Happy When You Give Them Toys And Treats. 

Vizsla loves to eat. And when it comes to treats, they enjoy it as much as we humans enjoy our junk food. Thus, treats and their favorite snacks can enlighten their mood.

Besides this, toys are their best friend. They are alone. And who doesn’t like to play with soft toys and chew the chew toys? Furthermore, the interactive toys are great at distracting your Vizsla.

Hence, Vizsla seems happier when you give him a toy or treat.

Receiving Praise Makes Vizslas Happy

One of the reasons is because they love getting praise. Yes, this seems weird for dogs to want, but these are some pretty smart animals we’re talking about here.

Vizslas need their praises too and will often do something to get it, whether that’s sitting at your feet every time you get up to go outside or following you around the house so that they can hear your voice.

This is important for these dogs because they’re not just any dog. Vizslas require a lot of mental stimulation just like humans do and need praise to stay happy.

Petting Vizsla With A Soothing Touch

Vizsla can sense your love and affection through your touch. Loving your Vizla with gentle touches, hugs, and cuddles in return makes him happy. When you hug them or scratch their ears, they know you care and love them very much.

It will make their day if they can get some attention from you. Thus, they will be happy to know that you love them as much they love you.

Getting Attention Will Make Vizslas Happy

Usually, getting attention from you or someone else they know well and love. Sometimes, your Vizsla will get excited when it sees another dog or a person. But, most often, owners are the favorite person of these dogs.

So, they always crave attention from owners. So, if you play, cuddle, or eat with them as an owner, Vizslas will be very happy to share those special moments with you.

Walking In The Park

It’s not uncommon that Vizslas love to be in the spotlight. So, when you take them to the park, they will attack everyone’s attention by their beauty and temperament. So, being around people will make them more special and happy.

Besides this, Vizslas will make many friends in the park since all types of animals and dogs of different breeds come in the park. So, they will enjoy a lot of bonding with different animals that will make them happy.

Besides this, Vizslas have relatively lesser health issues than other dog breeds. Thus, they are less likely to be ill or sick. As a result, the chances of them feeling depressed decrease.

Having Someone To Play With

The energy level and attention-seeking attribute of this dog resembles with kids. Thus, they can bond really while with kids. Furthermore, like children’s, they love and enjoy playing all day long.

So, if you have kids in your house, Vizslas will always get a companion to play with. Thus, they will always be happy and cheerful.

What Can I Do To Make My Vizsla Happy?

Vizslas are happy dogs. Here is a list of things that will make your Vizsla feel loved and cared for:

  • Regular walks every day to maintain their health and keep them exercised.
  • A healthy diet that includes all the nutrients they need for a happy and active life.
  • Sufficient space in the house to run around, play with toys or relax on their bed when they want to.
  • Regular grooming sessions so your Vizsla always feels comfortable and clean.
  • Enough mental stimulation throughout the day to keep their mind and body active.
  • Enough physical exercise so they can release pent-up energy or help them sleep better at night.
  • Attention, affection, and praise when needed to make your Vizsla feel special and loved.
  • Spending quality time together every day by playing games with them, going for walks in the park, or just cuddling on the couch together.
  • Play sessions with other people, children, or animals regularly to help cope with boredom;
  • A comfortable, spacious place for sleeping and relaxing.

What Can Make Vizsla Sad?

Vizslas are an energetic breed, so when they are feeling down, it is noticeable.

When Vizslas are sad, their ears will droop and lower on the head while also having a low tail carriage. They may look at you with more eye contact or stare off into the distance, making them seem like they have lost interest in everything.

Some reasons why Vizsla may feel sad are :

  • Lack of attention from their owner or family member.
  • When your dog feels you are bossing him and they aren’t the charge.
  • Lack of personal space and always surrounded by too many people.
  • Lack of understanding of what is happening or how to fix it, causing them stress.
  • A loss from a family member, whether that person was human or animal-related.
  • If you notice your Vizsla acting sad, then make sure they are getting the attention they need.
  • A lack of exercise can make Vizslas feel depressed or sad.
  • Unpleasant surprises
  • When you force your Vizsla to do something, it doesn’t like it.
  • Your dog feels ignored.

How To Calm Down Your Vizsla?

Although, Vizslas are usually a happy, friendly, and gentle dog breed. But sometimes, their aggression can be destructive or, worse life-threatening. So, it would help if you managed your dog to maintain its cool and remain ca;m.

Hence, some ways to calm down your Vizsla are to

  • Take them for a walk
  • Play with them
  • Give your Vizslas some people and dog interaction
  • Teach your Vizsla to sit before they eat their meal. This can reduce the chances of creating aggressive tendencies in this breed.
  • Use a leash when necessary to control your Vizsla.
  • Praise your Vizsla for his good behavior so that he repeats it in the future.

Why Is My Vizsla Reacting Differently Towards Family Member?

Vizslas are always energetic and delighted. But sometimes, they react differently towards family members than usual. For example, when guests visit,  You will notice that they don’t react to them like before; instead of running up to greet them with their tail wagging, they will sit and stare at them. Why is that?

There could be several reasons why your Vizsla is acting differently towards family members. Such as:

  • Lack of proper socialization when your Vizsla was a puppy.
  • Vizslas may be feeling threatened by that person for some reason, or they might feel like you are paying more attention to the other people and less to them.
  • Your Vizsla may be feeling jealous of your family member for receiving too much attention.
  • Perhaps there are other issues, such as dominant behavior or fearfulness.
  • Your Vizsla may have some medical condition or ailment.
  • It could also be that your dog feels overwhelmed by the situation and needs to take a break, so they tell you through their body language as best as possible.

Will Your Vizsla Be Happy When They Meet You After A Long Interval?

It is good to see that your dog has not forgotten about you and is excited to see you. It may try to jump or push its way out of the cage for them to get closer to you so it can lick your face. You may notice it is wagging its tail with excitement and might bark a few times as well.

Some dogs may have to wait for their owners at the door, and some will come running up to greet them with happy tails wagging in excitement. Of course, it all depends on how much you interact with your dog while they are waiting, but it is not uncommon for Vizslas to always be happy right away when they see you.

Since Vizsla can sense emotions, it loves and adores the people who care. So, if you can be in the friendliest of these dogs, they can know you through your smell. And thus, it gives you a contagious smile although you meet them after a long gap.

How Does Vizsla Greet You When They Are Happy?

Vizslas are loving, gentle dogs that enjoy being around their owners. They will greet you with a wagging tail as soon as they sense your presence when they are happy.

Besides this, some other signs that indicate your Vizsla are happy to greet you are:

Vizslas will lick you and may even jump on your lap

  • They will want to play with their favorite toy or dog ball.
  • Your Vizsla might try to get under the covers with you when they are happy, perhaps because it is an instinctual behavior that reminds them of being in a den.
  • Vizslas will often walk with their tail up to the air, which is a sign that they are in a good mood.
  • Your Vizsla might be willing to give you some kisses when they are happy.
  • If your dog’s ears stand straight up instead of hanging down like an unhappy dog, this is likely a sign that they are happy.
  • A wagging tail is another indication of happiness, and if your dog’s tail is swinging side to side or back and forth, it means they welcome you home with joy.
  • Your Vizsla might also come up to greet you by head butting you hello when they are happy.
  • The last sign that your Vizsla might be happy to greet you is they will lick their lips when they are happily greeting you.


Summing up, Vizslas are happy dogs because they love people and enjoy being around them. They can tell you when they’re happy to see you by their body language. So, make sure you greet your Vizsla with plenty of kisses or cuddles the next time they greet you.

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