The Rise Of Vizsla: Popularity Of Vizslas And Price

The Rise Of Vizsla: Popularity Of Vizslas And Price

Vizslas are a breed of dog that has been steadily increasing in popularity, and for a good reason. They have a lot of great qualities and make great companions. However, there can be an increase in Vizslas’ price due to their popularity, making many people wonder if they should purchase one now or wait until the prices go down again. Do you think Vizslas are expensive because they are popular?

It is not unusual for the price of Vizslas to increase as they are gaining popularity. With the increase in demand, the breeders often raise their prices, which is a common tactic. Besides this, Vizslas are pure breeds that need a little time and effort to breed. So, they are often high in price.

This article will talk about the popularity of vizsla, why they became popular, why their popularity is increasing, popularity affecting the price of vizsla.

Are Vizslas Becoming More Popular And What About The Price? Is It Increasing Too?

Yes, vizslas are becoming more and more popular. In fact, there has been an increase from about 500 in 2000 to now over 30,000.

This dog breed is becoming the first choice for many people because of its sweet, gentle disposition, making it great for children and other animals. Furthermore, Vizslas are intelligent and easy to train. Thus, they are the best choice for beginners. 

Along with this, their personality,  beautiful body structure, and loyalty make them irresistible. So, these dogs lure the attention of everyone and gains popularity.

Furthermore, with the increase in popularity, more and more owners are gain interest in buying and caring of Vizslas. As a result, the breeders have set a high price for this breed.

Besides this, another reason for its high price is that Vizslas needs time, effort, and patience for proper growth. Unlike most dog breeds, Vizslas take longer to attain their ideal size, and if you fail to give them a perfect habitat. As a result, these dogs often stop growing.

In addition, Vizslas are pure breeds and are very rare. So, the price ultimately rises as they must be export from different places of worls.

Why is Vizslas’ Popularity Increasing? Is Vizslas Popularity The Reason For Their Raised Price?

The popularity of this breed has increased in a short period of time. Vizsla is growing popular because it does not bark, making them desirable for those who need dogs to help with their work or neighbors close by. It also gets along well with children and other pets.

Vizslas can do this job well because they have high endurance, speed, and stamina for such pursuits, are intelligent, and won’t distract easily.

They also excel at the pointing game for the hunter with their powerful sense of smell and their instinctive hunting skills that they developed over generations. The dog will stop on point until the hunter arrives to make a kill or takedown an animal they already found.

Moreover, the price of Vizslas is also going up because they are so popular now.

Popularity Affecting the Price

The popularity of vizslas affects the price, which means that there are many more people wanting to buy one.

This has caused prices to go up in recent years, and many breeders have stopped breeding them because they can’t make any profit off of their dogs anymore due to how expensive they are to maintain.

This is a problem because there will be fewer and fewer of these dogs because of a lack of breeding. And this could eventually lead to the breed becoming extinct if enough people start not breeding them.

What Makes Vizslas Stand Out In Comparison To Other Breeds?

There’s one thing in particular that makes these dogs stand out: their hunting skills.

This dog is not only intelligent enough to be a great hunter. They’re also very fast-moving with high endurance, so they can work for hours at a time without feeling too tired.

Hungarian people bred Vizslas for generations as they wanted the perfect companion to accompany them on the hunt.

This is why they have a hunting instinct. And people specifically bred them to work right alongside their owner without getting in the way or disrupting anything.

Are Vizslas Rare?

No, they’re not rare at all.

In fact, vizslas are among the most popular breeds in Hungary and have been for quite some time now. In addition to being a favorite amongst hunters, these dogs were originally companions, but their popularity increased since then due to how great of a hunter they are.

Since breeders need to export Vizslas from different places, transportation, safety, and breeding costs add up the price. As a result, one most common reason why Vizslas are so expensive is their rare nature.

Do Any Celebrities Own Vizsla? Celebrities That Own Vizsla

Yes, Many celebrities own a vizsla as their pet. Some celebrities that own a vizsla are Sophia Bush, Reese Witherspoon, and Cameron Diaz.

Some other celebrities own vizslas too! For example, Oprah Winfrey and Sylvester Stallone both own this type of dog, which is unusual because it’s not a breed that usually gets the attention of celebrities.

The Kardashian family, for example, had had a Vizsla since October 2013 when Kim shared her new pup on Instagram. This dog is now Saint West, and he’s in many different episodes of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians ever since then.

Justin Bieber also posted an Instagram photo with his vizsla he named Mally in 2014.

The dog was also on the cover of Bieber’s album Purpose and The Weeknd’s single “In The Night.”

Other celebs who have posted about their new Vizslas include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Chenoweth, P! nk.

Some celebrities that also own a vizsla are Hugh Jackman, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, and Torrey Mitchell.

Vizsla In Movies And Series

Vizslas are even popular in movies and TV shows.

You can find a vizsla in the movie “Marley and Me” as well as on “Walker Texas Ranger.”

Vizsla has also made a cameo in movies like “Logan” and “The Bourne Identity.”

For a more recent example, on the TV show “Designated Survivor,” Kiefer Sutherland’s character was with his vizsla.

It even appeared on the Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet.”

The TV series “The Pack” and “Adventure Time” also feature this dog.

In the animated movie “Ratatouille,” a vizsla where Remy has a pet of this breed.

Even though they’re not very popular where I live, there are still some people who have gone out of curiosity or just because they like them.

You can find out more about these dogs by going to your nearest Vizsla rescue organization or shelter.

Why Choose a Vizsla?

Despite the price increase associated with them, vizslas are still one of the best breeds to get if you’re looking for a dog that is smart, easy to train, and good with kids.

They can be excellent hunters because of their instinctive knowledge, amazing smelling ability, and outgoing nature.

This breed can combine both hunting skills and companionship, so you don’t need two different dogs to do two different jobs.

Police and military groups also use these dogs. Thus, it means that they’re not just good for hunting or being a guard-dog at home. But also in public places where there are lots of people around.

It’s important to point out that this breed excels as both a hunter and companion because it means they are easy to train, making them great for just about anyone.

Vizslas can also service dogs because of their intelligence and high endurance levels.

They aren’t afraid to put themselves out there on the hunt even when it’s hard work or dangerous – making this breed perfect for those who need a service dog.

People also use Vizslas as therapy dogs for people who have certain issues or disabilities because they will go to them and establish that relationship without being anxious about their conditions.


In conclusion, Vizslas are popular because of their hunting instinct and intelligence levels. They are high-energy dogs that need proper exercise. Despite this, they build a great bond with their owners and obey every command. So, Vizslas are a good choice for someone looking for an obedient, smart, and loyal dog.

Apart from being a great companion, Vizslas are excellent hunters. So you can take these dogs for hunting or let them play safely with your kids. The choice is yours! Thus, you can get the advantages and qualities of two different dogs in just one Vizsla. Isn’t it amazing??

Hopefully, after reading this article, you get to know more about the popularity of Vizslas and their price. Thanks for reading! Keep supporting.

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