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Vizsla is a hunting dog that originated from Hungary. But as it lives in human surroundings now, it is more versatile and intelligent. This, which makes it the best dog breed for kids. Vizslas are family-friendly, so they can spend time with them all day long if there is enough space in the house. They are also very gentle and patient with children of any age and other pets in the household. So why Is Vizsla Best Dog For Kids? Why not find out by reading this article.

The answer to Why Vizsla is the best dog for kids is simple. These dogs have a friendly and loving temperament, their higher energy level resembles kids, they don’t shed much, they can easy to train and is obedient after a bit of training, and they like pleasing people. Thus, these dogs don’t harm the kids and are best for them. 

Is Vizsla Good Dog For Kids?

Yes, Vizslas are good dogs for kids. Why is that? It’s because of their low-key temperament and protective nature. They enjoy human contact, but they also have this instinct to guard their environment with a strong sense of territoriality. Thus, this means that if your children wander off or someone unfamiliar tries to approach them aggressively, then these dogs will be able to protect them effortlessly without any problems at all.

Vizsla is smart and can quickly learn what owners expect, so it is easy to train other breeds like German Shepherds, Akitas, or Dobermans.

12 Reasons Why Is Vizsla Best Dog For Kids?

Vizsla is one of the best dogs for kids. Why? Let us take a look at some of the reasons Vizslas are great pets:

  1. They have gentle personalities and love children, so your little ones will never feel like an outsider in their own home.
  2. They are not too big or too small, but medium-sized, so they fit in well with a family of all different sizes and ages.
  3. These dogs are very loyal and want nothing more than to please you. And this means that it does not matter who you are; they’ll follow along with anything.
  4. When appropriately trained, these pups can act as a watchdog without being aggressive. Besides this, they are highly protective of those around them.
  5. Vizslas are extremely intelligent, and this means that you can teach them to do anything with ease in lesser time.
  6. They’re very active, which is excellent for those who have kids with a lot of energy.
  7. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a lifetime companion is by adopting a pet. 
  8. Vizslas are high-energy dogs that usually stay close to home, creating a safe environment for your child.
  9. Vizslas are the most obedient and gentle dogs around, so they’re perfect for kids who need guidance but not constant supervision.
  10. These animals make excellent family pets because they love playing outside and enjoy relaxing indoors on lazy days, making them perfect companions for everyone who has an adventurous side and those who prefer staying at home.
  11. Vizslas are the best dogs for children because their hypoallergenic fur will never trigger any allergies. In addition, since they don’t shed too much, you won’t see strands of hair all over the floor and furniture.

Do Vizslas Make Good Family Dogs?

Vizslas can be great family pets because these breeds are gentle, intelligent, and easy to train. Vizslas are also very loyal dogs that will be great around children if they start socializing from a young age. Although this dog originated as a hunting dog in Hungary for waterfowl, it can become a fantastic family pet with some work.

Vizslas are a breed of dog that suits well with children and families. You need to take advantage of their obedience and ease in training. A Vizsla will happily provide hours of entertainment for visiting family while also being protective for the kids’ safety.

Vizslas are the perfect pet for active families with kids who like spending time outdoors. They make great therapy and search-and-rescue dogs, as they will keep up for hours without becoming exhausted or overexcited.

Things You Have To Be Careful With When It Comes To Vizsla And Kids’ Interactions

Dogs are naturally very protective and territorial creatures. Thus, you should never touch a dog without asking permission first, even if the person they live with allows it all of the time. Some dogs don’t mind their owners touching them or playing rough games, but others are sensitive and may not enjoy it.

However, some things that you need to be careful when kids and Vizslas interact are:

  • Teach kids never to approach a strange dog.
  • Don’t let the children touch the dogs without permission.
  • Children should not chase after or grab at a Vizsla in play because the dog may accidentally bite them due to their actions.
  • If you’re not around to supervise, make sure the Vizslas are either in a secure enclosure or on a leash at all times to prevent accidents and injuries from happening due to carelessness.

Will Vizsla Bite Or Harm Your Kids?

Vizsla dogs are generally a good match for kids and make excellent family pets. They are agile, trainable, intelligent, easygoing animals who have the same temperament to work with children just about as well as they did while hunting.

Nevertheless, they may prove unsafe for your kids under certain circumstances. These include instances where the Vizsla has gone mad over food or toys. However, even when this occurs in theory, it does not harm children as long as you train them well from an early age and avoid these situations.

Every dog has its way of greeting when they meet other breeds or animals, and it is hard to predict how your Vizslas will act the first time you bring them around a new dog. So always try to keep an eye on your breed in case there are any problems. Better still, don’t introduce them to kids until you are sure enough that they are harmless.

Activities That Might Bother Your Vizslas

Vizslas love their people and focus on what they do. So, the simplest things happening in the surrounding can distract these dogs. And this is not a bad thing. It just means that these dogs need more interactive toys to occupy themself from distracting and feeling bored. Activities that might bother your Vizslas:

  • Scary Activities like fireworks, thunderstorms
  • Objects outside of the window or even items inside a different room can distract Vizsla.
  • Animal Control Activities, such as barking at dogs or people on leashes outside their window
  • Noise from construction sites or other loud activities happening in the neighborhood
  • Sudden noises like an ambulance siren or a new alert sound when they are watching TV
  • Activities with many strangers, such as being at the mall or event where there is a crowd full of unfamiliar faces.


In conclusion, Vizslas are a great dog breed for kids. They have an excellent temperament and love to play with children. However, you don’t want your little one’s first pet experience to be traumatizing.

With the help of this article, you will learn what makes Vizsla dogs so good with kids. And how they interact together in various scenarios. Besides this, you will know whether or not it is safe to leave them alone around small children without supervision. We hope that by reading through our guide on Vizslas as the best dogs for kids, you’ll find out everything there is know about this beautiful animal.


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