Vizsla’s Dry Nose: What Can I Do To Cure It?

Vizsla's Dry Nose: What Can I Do To Cure It?

It is not strange to say that the culture of keeping dogs as a companion has been increasing widely over the few decades. One of the most popular breeds in this category is the vizsla dog. They are famous for being sweet, gentle, and polite with their owners as well as strangers. But having a Vizsla comes with some drawbacks, and one of them is Vizsla’s dry nose.

Most of Vizsla’s owners complain about their dry noses. Moreover, the possible reasons for Vizsla’s dry nose may be due to a topical condition, an underlying illness, or a food allergy. However, it is essential to note that one can make Vizsla’s nose healthy and moist again with the proper care and attention.

However, we will be discussing all the reasons and the possible solutions to deal with Vizsla’s dry nose. So, let us discuss what does it mean when a vizsla’s nose is dry?

What Does It Mean When A Vizsla’s Nose Is Dry?

A dry nose is one of the most common and easily identifiable symptoms for a dog to have, but depending on why your Vizsla has, it will vary as to how serious it is.

Most people are not aware that Dogs have nasal passages that contain tissue similar to that of humans. Thus, some owners are unaware of Vizsla’s dry nose. The side of the Vizsla’s nose can be crusty and have scabs if they lick their nose excessively or suffer from an infection or sore in this area.

The dogs who have dry noses might be suffering from dehydration. Sometimes owners fail to provide enough water to their bet, and the dog might be lacking any water for a long time. Dogs with dry noses are also at risk for developing nose-related health problems, such as nasal passage inflammation and infections.

What Can I Do For My Vizsla’s Dry Nose?

Luckily, you can do plenty of things to help your Vizsla get their wet nose back to normal. You can use water, saline nasal drops, and humidifiers to help your Vizsla’s dry nose clear up in a day or two.

Is A Dry Nose On A Vizsla Bad?

No, this is not always bad. However, due to the anatomy of Vizsla’s nose, a dry nose is a common problem among them. These breeds usually suffer from this condition in the winter seasons. And after the season ends, the conditions automatically go away. But if you notice a dry nose of your Vizsla for a long time with some signs like wheezing, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, heavy breathing, and nasal discharge then, it might be a severe health issue.

Dry noses aren’t usually bad by themselves. However, if you notice the condition coupled with the above symptoms, it could signify an infection.

Why Is My Vizsla’s Nose So Dry And Rough?

Your Vizsla may have dry skin on their nose because they are in an environment with low humidity levels- this can happen when the air conditioner is running in the summer. The other reason is that your Vizsla’s nose may become dry if they are licking it because of a sore or infection.

Bad Environment

A dry nose may result due to a dog’s environment. For example, a dog will have a dry nose if Vizslas lives in an area with low humidity and spends a lot of time outside. Dog noses also become dry if their owners lick them due to a sore or infection.

Low Humidity

The environment is one possible cause of a dry nose. For example, if the air in an area is humid, the skin on a dog’s nose will stay moist; however, if it is dry, the skin will become dry and rough.

A dog will also have a dry nose if they live in an area with low humidity and spend a lot of time outside. Dog noses also become dry if their owners lick them due to a sore or infection.


This condition occurs due to excessive water loss from the body and can be fatal if left untreated. If your dog has a dry nose, it may also have other symptoms such as heavy breathing, sneezing, or nasal discharge.

A Sore Or Infection

Yes, a dry nose in Vizsla can mean that it is a sore or infection. Also, if the dog licks their nose excessively for no apparent reason (especially if this accompanies other symptoms, such as heavy breathing), it may have an infection.

Anatomy Of Vizsla’s Nose

The anatomy of Vizsla’s nose is a bit different from other breeds. Their nose is shorter and broader than the average dog breed. It makes it easy for dry air to enter their noses.

Does Vizsla’s Dry Nose Indicate Dehydration?

No, this does not always mean dehydration. But if your dog has been licking its nose excessively for no apparent reason, then dehydration can indeed be a possible cause.

One way to indicate dehydration in Vizsla is by looking at their skin and fur: as dehydration progresses, the coat can become dry and brittle.

During dehydration, your dog also has an increased need to urinate and produce less urine relative to how much water they drink.

A dog will have a dry nose if they live in an area with low humidity and spend a lot of time outside. Dog noses also become dry if their owners lick them due to a sore or infection.

Why Is The Side Of My Vizsla’s Nose Crusty?

Dogs with crust on their nose may have a dry nose because they are licking it. It is also possible that the nasal passages in your dog’s nostrils are too narrow and clogged. Thus, this can cause drying of the skin around them. In addition, when dogs lick their nose excessively, it may cause a bacterial infection, leading to crusting.

Can I Put Olive Oil On My Vizsla’s Nose?

No, because the oil itself can harm your dog’s nasal passages if they are too narrow and clogged. If you do use olive oil or coconut oil and other oils, put a small amount of it on the side of your Vizsla’s nose.

Can I Put Coconut Oil On My Vizsla’s Dry Nose?

Yes! You can apply coconut oil to your dog’s dry nose. It will help provide moisture for their skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to heal any sore or infection.

You should put coconut oil on your dog’s coat which can also help prevent a dry nose.

How To Prevent A Dry Nose On My Vizsla?

Prevention is better than cure.

Hence, I will list all the preventive measures that will help you with Vizsla Nose care.

Keep The Nose Area Moist

Keep the area around their nose moist by wiping it with a damp cloth or spraying water onto their face.

Moisturize Vizsla’s Coat

Provide more moisture for your dog’s coat by applying coconut oil to it.

High Humidity Area Is Must

Keep your dog in an area with high humidity, like a house or indoors during the winter months.

Don’t Leave Them Outside For Long.

Bring your Vizsla inside when they are outside for long periods and have been licking their nose excessively (especially if other symptoms such as heavy breathing is present). It will help them stay hydrated.

Meet A Vet

If your dog has a sore or infection around its nose, then make an appointment with the vet for treatment and prevention.


In a nutshell, it is not always a dry nose that means dehydration of Vizsla. However, if they are licking their nose excessively for no apparent reason (especially in conjunction with other symptoms like heavy breathing), it might be a sign of dehydration.

Vizsla’s nose might be dry due to several reasons. So, it is best to find out the root cause of this condition first. For this, you should take them to the vet immediately once you notice signs of dryness.

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