How Do Vizslas Play With Other Dogs?

How Do Vizslas Play With Other Dogs?

Vizslas are Hungarian hunting dogs bred to flush birds and small game into hunters’ nets. Therefore, they need lots of activity, especially interactive play involving chasing games with other dogs or humans. These active little pups do best in families where they can get plenty of exercise and attention from human family members and canine friends. But Vizslas do not always play nicely with other dogs. So, what can you do to encourage your Vizsla to play nice with other dogs?

To encourage your Vizsla to play nicely with other dogs, make sure they are getting enough exercise and attention from humans as well as canine friends. This way, they won’t feel like their best option is to challenge another dog for leadership of the pack. Instead, they will feel more secure knowing that they have a place in your group.

The key to this is playing games with your Vizsla. First, teach them the rules of how to interact. Also, make sure they know you are in charge of whether or not they can play together.

I will answer these questions and more in this article. In addition, I’ve included a list of dog toys you need for your new friend. So let us start now!

How Do Vizslas Play With Other Dogs?

Some Vizslas are very aggressive with other dogs, even those that they know. However, your dog can also be lovely off the leash while in a park or on the walk. You need to socialize with them at an early age. Besides this, you must also train them so they can learn impulse control if something scares them.

The first step is finding a reliable and safe place to take your Vizsla for them to socialize with other dogs. For example, you may want to find an off-leash area or take your dog into a doggy daycare so they can play with friends.

Some owners will also hire trainers specializing in obedience training and teach their pets how to get along with other dogs through house training.

Usually, this is a process that does not take place overnight. Prepare yourself for it to take some time before your Vizsla can play nicely with others. If these efforts don’t work or are too much for you, there are also dog parks where the owners have agreed on rules of behavior so that everyone can feel safe.

Should I Bring Home Another Dog For My Vizsla?

One way to help your dog learn to play nicely with other dogs is by bringing home another one. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will make your life much easier in the long run. You will have two dogs to play with, and you might be able to teach them how to play nicely together.

Moreover, it would be best to consider before bringing a second dog into your home whether or not your current dog will get along with others. Not all breeds like other dogs in their territory, and if this is the case for your pup, it may cause problems when another animal comes into the house.

To make sure that your Vizsla will get along with another dog, you need to consider their temperament and their socialization skills in the past. If you are already having trouble getting them to play nice with other dogs, bringing home a second one may not be a good idea. Instead, hire an obedience trainer who can help your Vizsla learn to play nicely with others.

What Games Will Vizsla Play With Other Dogs?

When it comes to playing games, you will find plenty of options for dogs who like other dogs as much as they do their human family members. Not only can these different types of toys and activities provide extra entertainment for your pup, but they can also help them learn how to get along with other animals in public areas.

Vizslas love playing games that involve tugging on a toy or ball. They will often also enjoy chasing each other around the yard. So bring some of your dog’s favorite toys outside and let them have a good time.

Toys I Need To Get For Vizslas To Play With Other Dogs

Vizslas are gentle dogs, and they will not hurt other dogs in the process of playing with one another. However, it is crucial to ensure that your dog has some soft toys or chew-friendly items on hand. You may also want to bring a few of their favorite toys outside with you, so they have something to do while they wait for the other dog’s turn.

When it comes to toys that encourage playtime or games between two dogs, there are a few options you should consider.

Best Toys For Two Dogs To Play Together

Our favorite toys for two dogs to play with are the Tug-A-Jug and a toy on a rope. Vizslas love tugging, so it is no surprise that they will enjoy playing tug of war.

They also like chewing on things, so they probably won’t want their chewable items taken away by another dog. The Tug-A-Jug allows them to play with their favorite toy, but it also provides an extra challenge because they have to hold onto the rope while another dog tugs on the jug itself.

Other games or activities that you can try include fetch or catch (where one of your dogs will run after a ball and return it to you), hide and seek (where you will try to find your dog in the yard or house), feeding them their favorite treat, playing with squeaky toys, etc.

Are Vizslas Aggressive With Other Dogs?

Vizslas are not aggressive by nature, and they will rarely get into a fight with other dogs. They might have some occasional disagreements when it comes to toys or food, but in general, you should be able to let your dog play outside without any problems. Just make sure that

Vizsla is gentle by nature, but some can be more dominant than others when playing games or meeting new people and dogs. If your dog is particularly aggressive, it might be a good idea to get them obedience training. So they can learn how to play nice with others.

Do Vizslas Do Well With Other Dogs?

Vizslas are generally gentle and get along with other dogs just fine. So you should have no trouble bringing another dog home. But prepare yourself to work on some training exercises so that they can learn how to play together nicely.

Vizslas are friendly with other dogs as long as you socialize them properly. They can get along with other dogs, but you should make sure to bring them both out for walks at the same time so that they can be around each other’s scents before getting another dog into your home.

Some of the reasons why Vizslas do well with other dogs are:

Vizslas are social dogs, which means they would rather play with another dog than be alone. Bringing home a second dog for your Vizsla to play with or interact with will help them stay happy and fulfilled throughout the day.

Vizslas can learn how to get along by following some simple obedience training exercises. However, it would be best to keep them on a leash when you take them for walks. It means they will not be able to run around and play together until you train them.

What Dog Breeds Get Along With Vizslas?

Vizslas are docile dogs, so the best breeds for them to play with should also be calm or laid-back types. Beagles, Basset Hounds, Corgis, and Bernese Mountain dogs are all good options.

These dogs all enjoy a good game of chase or fetch, so they’ll have great fun with your Vizsla.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are also good choices for dogs that get along well with Vizslas. These breeds love to play in the water just as much as Vizslas do. Be sure to introduce any new dog carefully and gradually, and keep an eye out for signs of aggression from either side.

If you doubt whether your Vizsla will do well in the neighborhood or not, it is better to socialize with them as early as possible. Your Vizsla will soon learn to be happy around all types of breeds.

Why Does My Vizsla Bark At Other Dogs?

Vizslas are very vocal dogs. So they’re not always the best at accepting other species without a lot of barking. If your Vizsla is having trouble with another dog, in particular, it could be as simple as that he’s not familiar with seeing them.

Vizslas are excellent watchdogs because they like barking at any stranger that comes into sight. So it is of superior quality for you to have in your backyard. But still, it can also be frustrating when the dog barks at every other animal in its territory.

When another pup comes into view during playtime or walks by on a walk with their human family members, they may feel threatened and start barking loudly. It could scare off any dogs that are in the area. Thus, it could prevent you from being able to play with your Vizsla.

How To Stop Them From Barking?

To avoid this type of situation, make sure the human family members do not encourage the barking behavior of  Vizslas when other dogs come into sight. Instead, try distracting them with a quick game or toy. In this way, they forget about their instincts to bark at other dogs.

SomeVizslas are constantly barking at other dogs when they see them outside. To avoid this, make sure to introduce your dog gradually over time. For example, it’s best not to let the two meet for the first time in an enclosed area. Instead, take them on a long walk together, so neither of them feels threatened.

You could also try feeding your Vizsla their favorite treat or playing with them when another dog is in sight. It will encourage your pup to focus on you and forget about the other dog. It’s a great way of teaching dogs how to ignore distractions.


In conclusion, Vizslas have a good nature and will enjoy playing with any other breed. If you’re introducing a new dog to your home, ensure that they’ll get along by choosing calm and laid-back breeds.

Make sure not to encourage barking in the early stages of meeting other dogs, as this could scare them off! However, it won’t be long before Vizslas plays happily with any canine companion with some patience and training exercises.

Also, make sure to introduce them gradually and always supervise their playtime together for safety reasons.

Hopefully, this blog post answers your questions about how Vizslas get along with other dogs. But, if to learn more, why not read our blog post on whether or not Vizslas are aggressive?

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