Are Vizslas Chewers? Vizsla Chewing

Are Vizslas Chewers? Vizsla Chewing

Vizslas are medium-to-large-sized hunting dogs. They also have great intelligence, speed, sensitivity, and courage. Vizslas are a versatile working breed. People used them in the field to round up cattle by nipping at their heels or flanks. But do you know that Vizslas chewers?

Vizslas are chewers because they need to fill their stomachs with almost anything that might be edible. These dogs can become destructive when too much time progresses without new things happening in their lives.

It is not unusual for Vizslas to go for more than seven hours at a time without chewing. So, the owner should keep delivering some good chewing products (i.e., cardboard, leather). Labs also like to chew on wood posts and fences but don’t have the same inclination toward toys made from cloth or rope.

The following article will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about vizslas and their chewing habits, including why they are chewer, what you can do if your dog is destructive, and more.

Are Vizslas Chewers?

Vizslas are not chewers. They are destructive because they will destroy anything. It includes the things that have nothing to do with chewing. Vizslas will attack and tear apart any object insight if you leave them unattended for a few seconds. They chew things are couches, shoes, socks, books, sheets, or other objects on the floor.

It would help if you did not give Vizslas chew toys or treats. They will not use them or appreciate those things in the way that a dog who familiar with chewing. For example, if you give your Vizsla a rawhide chew toy, it may start tearing off pieces of the hide with its teeth and then eat the scraps.

In the past, Vizslas were mainly hunting dogs. It means they prefer running around outdoors all day long. They do this until they catch their prey or run out of the target, whichever comes first.

How To Get Vizslas To Stop Chewing?

If you want your Vizsla to stop chewing on things like couches or shoes, the best way would be to provide them with a large enough area. So, they can run around and get some exercise. In this way, you can utilize their pent-up energy before they use it in destroying objects not meant for them.

Physical Activity

One way to keep your Vizsla from chewing on things is by involving in physical activity. Dogs need to be able to use up their energy, which can happen through play or exercise. For example, have a dog toy that your Vizsla likes? Give it some vigorous shaking and see if the sound of the shake distracts him enough so that he can’t chew on your couch.

A great way to keep a Vizsla from chewing is by giving it toys, like bones or antlers. It will satisfy the dog’s need to chew without needing something else to chew. And it will also help with teeth health in the process.

Even if you give your Vizsla a toy for chewing, they may still destroy other things around the home. It is because Vizslas chew and tear apart everything that comes their way – even the things not meant for them.

Give Attention

Another way to help Vizslas stop chewing is by giving them attention. When you are not paying enough attention, your dog may start acting out in ways.  Your pet acts in that way to get a reaction from the owner. They do this by chewing on things or barking excessively.

Put Away Valuable Objects

One of the best habits for owners of Vizsla dogs to get into is putting away valuable or expensive objects. It prevents your dog from destroying anything while you are busy. So even if he chews through a couch leg, it won’t be as bad because they cannot do much damage.

Provide Nutritious Food

Your Vizsla needs nutritious food to chew on, and if they have it, then there is a better chance that the dog will not need to destroy other things.

Give Them Treats For Good Behavior

Some Vizslas will chew on things if they are feeling bored or lonely. If this is the case, an excellent way to help your dog stop chewing is by giving him treats for being obedient and doing something you ask of them.

Give Them Toys To Chew On

If there are not enough toys available for Vizslas to chew on, then give them something else. Moreover, a good toy for chewing would be an antler or bone. These are safe and healthy objects that can satisfy the need to chew without needing anything else.

Please do not give them chews/bones with meat as they may get sick from it.

Why Is My Vizsla Chewing All The Time?

It is a general question that owners ask about Vizslas. There are many reasons why your Vizsla maybe chew all the time. It is usual for Vizslas to chew on things that they should not. However, if you notice your dog chewing often and eating whatever he chewed on, then it might be because of hunger or boredom.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to this behavior is that these suggestions will not work instantly. You have to keep on trying until they do eventually stop their destructive behaviors from occurring.


A Vizsla may be chewing all the time due to hunger or thirst. If their stomach is empty, they will chew on anything in sight just for something to do until they find their next meal. They also need water to stay hydrated, and if they’re not getting enough water from their food, you might see them chewing on items to get moisture.


A Vizsla maybe chews all the time due to boredom in their environment. When a dog is not getting enough stimulation or exercise, they will find ways of entertaining themselves, like gnawing at things, leading to destructive behavior. To minimize this problem, you need to give your dog plenty of toys to chew on, give them more exercise, and try engaging in activities with your dog.

Provide your Vizsla with a toy that they can chew on and some exercise. It should help to stop the boredom-induced chewing behavior.


A Vizsla may be chewing all the time due to aggression problems. If you are not sure why your dog is gnawing on objects, they could have a medical problem. You need to address this problem with the Vet as soon as possible.

If you have an aggressive Vizsla, it might be because of stress or territorial aggression – this needs professional assistance, so contact a veterinarian or behavioral expert for help.


A Vizsla chews all the time due to teething. Teething can make your dog feel discomfort, and it is an instinct for them to chew on objects that will help alleviate this pain, such as their blanket or toy. They also want something in their mouth at all times because they have an overwhelming urge to chew.

Vizslas chew a lot when they are teething, which can last from three to six months. It is because their gums hurt, and chewing provides relief.

A Vizsla maybe chews all the time due to other unknown reasons, and there could also be more than one reason for this behavior. If you’re not sure why your dog is constantly chewing on things, then it’s best to take them in for a checkup with a veterinarian so they can properly diagnose any issues.

Can Chewing Of Vizsla Lead To Destruction?

No – some dogs will destroy things around the home, and Vizslas are not one of these dogs. However, if you have a dog that destroys things, then make sure to research why they might be doing it. If there is an underlying reason for destruction other than boredom or hunger, then you will need professional assistance to get your pup’s destructive behavior under control.

Vizslas are not chewers but destroyers and can cause severe damage to their environment. In most cases, the Vizsla feels bored or anxious when chewing on your new favorite couch cushion. However, if you have a destructive puppy in need of entertainment, they might enjoy toys that require them to use their mental skills like puzzle feeder toys, intelligent toys, and food puzzles.

How Long Do Vizslas Chew For?

Vizslas can chew for a long time – it is normal and good behavior; however, if they seem to be chewing on things even when there isn’t anything around, then you may want to consider checking out some dog toys. It will satisfy their need to chew while also providing them with mental stimulation.

Some dogs can give up chewing on things around the home when they get a toy that satisfies their need for something to chew on. It is one of the simplest ways to stop bad behavior. If your dog does not have an appropriate bone or antler, then you may want to invest in some teething toys for them. You can find them at any pet store, and they are usually inexpensive. So it won’t break the bank to buy a few.

Research shows that Vizslas are not destructive chewers. In many cases, they do what it is their nature to do – which is chewing. You will find a lot of information out there on how to stop your pup from chewing. But if you want them to stop altogether, then the answer may be more complicated than it seems.

Toys That You Can Your Vizsla To Chew

There are many toys that you can get for your Vizsla to chew on. These toys will usually satisfy their need to chew, and it also helps with boredom too! There are a few toy types:

Kong Toy

When it comes to chewing, the kong toy might be your best friend. The unique design of this chew toy makes it extra hard for dogs to get a grip on and start tearing at with their teeth – perfect if you want something that will last!

Bully Sticks

Some dog owners prefer to give their pets a rawhide to chew on, but some dogs may not like the taste of these. If your dog has been asking for something else, try bully sticks as an alternative!


For those concerned about giving their pet anything with a flavor that might attract them to chewing other things around the house, a nylabone might be the answer. These toys are made of durable nylon and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that your dog is sure to love.

Kong Wobbler

The kong wobbler combines two significant aspects – giving your pet some exercise while also keeping them occupied with their chew toy at the same time!

KONG Tugger Knots

The tugger knots toy is an excellent option for those who want to provide their pet with entertainment while giving them something to chew on. This toy comes in two shapes – rope and tangle, so choose the one that suits your dog best!


In conclusion, Vizslas are not natural chewers. Therefore, you need to teach them what is appropriate and inappropriate for chewing. If you give them one thing, they will expect it all the time, and if they don’t get it, they can become destructive or even aggressive about getting their way. It includes both Vizsla’s behavior as well as physical aggression such as growling and biting.

Thus, it’s so important to teach your Vizsla puppy what they can chew on. It would be best if you also taught them how long they could chew the toys. Also, give Vizslas other toys that you don’t mind if they destroy or try chewing up.

Hopefully, now we answered the question of whether Vizslas are chewers or not. For more information, please visit our website.

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