How Many Times Can A Vizsla Get Pregnant?

How Many Times Can A Vizsla Get Pregnant?

According to the AKC, Vizslas are a popular dog breed, ranking at number 31 when it comes to popularity. While they make excellent family dogs and companions, there are a few things you should know about them before bringing one home. For example, there are many common misconceptions about how many times a vizsla dog can get pregnant and how long they stay pregnant.

Vizslas’ pregnancy depends on their age, their health, and other factors. However, Vizslas can be pregnant every time they mate if you are not using any birth control. The average pregnancy lasts around 60 days (just over two months).

These are just some of the details you may want to know about your Vizsla before bringing them home. Let’s learn more about these dogs and how many times they can get pregnant.

How Many Times Can A Vizsla Get Pregnant?

The first time a Vizsla can get pregnant is when they are sexually mature, usually at around four months old. However, that varies slightly from dog to dog. Some females will become sexually mature before their third month of age, and some males may not be ready until after five or six months of age.

A Vizsla typically has between 1 and 5 litters per year. Therefore, a female will have an average of 6 to 8 puppies, but it can be as many as 12.

The lifespan of Vizsla is typically 12-14 years. Hence, that means by the age of twelve. Therefore, a female Vizsla will likely have had anywhere from 12 to 36 litter.

How Long Do Vizslas Stay Pregnant?

Vizslas have a gestation period of about 63 days. But this can vary depending on the size of the Vizsla. Smaller ones will carry their pup for only about 60 days, while larger ones may need up to 66-70 days.

The Vizsla’s gestation time varies between 60 and 70 days, with puppies born on average in April or May. A spayed female cannot become pregnant again. In cases where females are still intact, they can be pregnant again after a gestation period of 59-70 days, with the average in April or May.

How Do I Know If My Vizsla Is Pregnant?

All signs that point to a Vizsla being pregnant are behavioral changes, and they often come before the dog’s physical appearance has changed. These behaviors include decreased activity, increased anxiety, and increased nesting behaviors. All of these are signs that the dog is carrying a litter, but some Vizslas will never show any outward physical signs until they are near their due date with puppies.

Decreased Activity

A pregnant Vizsla may have decreased activity as well. They won’t want to exercise or go for walks like they usually would. They may also be less interested in playtime and prefer to lounge around the house or yard instead of running around with their dog friends.

Changes In Appetite

Vizslas will experience an increase in appetite when they are pregnant. But this can vary depending on how close the litter is towards the due date. If it’s too close to their due date, the Vizsla may not want to eat much.

Unusual Behavior

Pregnant dogs will also have unusual behaviors like sudden mood swings or bursts of energy outbursts that are seemingly unrelated to what they’re doing at the moment. For example, they can be nervous and anxious when left alone but playful and energetic when their owner comes home.

Enlarged Or Discolored Nipples

Vizslas will also have enlarged or discolored nipples that may leak colostrum or first milk for the puppies to drink. The color of these nipples can vary from pinkish-white to brown and black when pregnant with darker-colored pups.

Weight Gain And Enlarged Abdomen

Due to the litter, Vizslas will also gain weight and have an enlarged abdomen. They may even start nesting behaviors like digging in corners of rooms or closets for any soft materials they can find. Unfortunately, most people attribute the term “nesting” to when it’s just a sign that the Vizsla is pregnant.

Nesting Behaviors

During pregnancy, Vizsla dogs tend to chew on or eat strange items like paper, socks, and clothing. Usually, this is nesting behavior.

Consult Your Vet

Pregnant Vizslas typically do not show physical signs until 30 days before they are due to deliver their puppies. So when it comes right down to it, there is no sure way for owners or veterinary staff members to determine whether or not a Vizsla is pregnant without performing an ultrasound exam.

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to determine how many Vizslas will be in a litter until they are born. The birthing process of a pregnant Vizsla can take anywhere from two hours to eight hours. Sometimes even longer when the owner needs assistance with delivery, such as during C-sections.

Do Vizsla Dogs Get Pregnant Every Time They Tie?

No, just because your Vizsla dog has mated does not mean she will get pregnant every time. However, they have an approximately 25% chance of getting pregnant each time they mate with a male dog. The pregnancy is typically 67 days in length from conception to delivery.

How Many Puppies Can A Vizsla Have In A Litter?

A Vizsla can have between one and eight puppies in a litter. The average size of the garbage is six to seven pups, though smaller litters are not uncommon either. It’s also possible for females with small frames to give birth to as many as 12 or more puppies in a single event!

How To Make Sure My Vizsla Doesn’t Get Pregnant?

There are various ways to prevent pregnancy in vizsla dogs.

Spaying Your Vizsla

The easiest way to prevent pregnancy is by spaying your Vizsla before her first heat cycle. It would help if you also kept an eye on the signs of a pregnant dog. Contact your vet if you suspect that she might be expecting pups. Of course, there are certain situations where it is not advisable to have this procedure, such as when a dog is in heat or has an infection.

It is also crucial that when a female Vizsla becomes pregnant, spaying cannot always guarantee sterilization and may make it difficult for the Vizsla to get pregnant.

Injectable Contraceptives

A vet may prescribe injectable contraceptives like progesterone for your Vizsla if spaying her seems problematic. You will need to give her the injection every month. Thus, this should stop any signs of pregnancy from happening, although it may not always work.

Birth Control Pills And Intra-Venous Injections

If you don’t want to have a vet or someone else give your dog the injection, you could try giving her birth control pills and intravenous injections of progesterone. However, you will need to be very careful with this option as it can be dangerous. So, the experts do not recommend it.

If your dog were to eat the pill, they might get an upset stomach that could make them vomit. If you choose this option, you will need to have a vet nearby. So they can provide emergency first aid for any problems that may arise from ingestion of the pills or injection. You will also need to ensure that your dog does not consume anything for the next 24 hours.

This option is more expensive than having a vet, or someone else gives you a progesterone injection. But it will still be cheaper than spaying and neutering.

The pills are for 21 days, and then it is time for another injection. If your dog does not have a heat cycle within this timeframe, you will need to wait until the next one starts again before continuing with birth control injections or taking Vizsla back on the pill.

Side-Effects Of Birth Control In Vizsla

Some dogs might experience side effects such as a loss of appetite, excessive thirst, and urination.

If your dog has any other health issues that might worsen by taking birth control pills, please contact your vet first to discuss this option further with them before proceeding.


In closing, your Vizsla is most likely to get pregnant the first time she mates. However, there are many precautions you can take to ensure that your Vizsla does not get pregnant. Spaying is one of the only 100% effective ways to assure your dog will not reproduce. Be sure to consult a veterinarian before making any decisions about spay or neuter procedures for your pet.

If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to drop the comment below.

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