How To Prevent Vizslas From Mating: Effective Ways

How To Prevent Vizslas From Mating

It’s every dog owner’s nightmare. You have a female Vizsla, and she starts “acting like” she is in heat, which means she is ready to mate with any male that comes near her. The problem is that you don’t want your Vizsla to get pregnant. Moreover, the most effective way to prevent pregnancy of Vizslas is to stop them from mating.

Some of the things that you can do to prevent Vizslas from mating are spaying or neutering, keeping male and female dogs separate, purchasing products that can help to keep the male Vizsla away from your female dog in heat, and adding citrus food to their diet.

Mating is a complicated topic to discuss. So, here we will be discussing the effective ways of stopping your Vizslas from mating and some benefits of not allowing your Vizsla to mate. So, let’s begin!

How Do I Stop My Vizsla Dogs From Mating?

There are various ways of stopping Vizslas from mating.

Spay And Neuter

One of the best ways is to spay and neuter your dogs. Another effective way involves keeping males and females apart, so they do not have an opportunity to mate with one another or eliminate all objects that stimulate a male dog’s sexual instincts.

One of the most important things that you can do to prevent your Vizslas from mating is spaying and neutering. It will help keep them safe and healthy, as well as prevent any unwanted litter. It also helps control aggressive tendencies in males or females. In addition, it eliminates sexual behavior such as humping the furniture, other household items, and plants.

Keep Male And Female Vizsla Separate

Use the right size crate or room with a divider to keep a male vizsla confined in one side while house-training him.

Put a large newspaper block between the crate and any furniture, other household items, and plants. Put a water bowl in Vizlsas’s side of the room with some dry kibble or treats to keep him busy while house-training. If he starts pushing hard on the divider as if trying to get through it, try putting a barrier (like a towel).

You can house train female Vizsla in her room if you confine her properly. Give female Vizslas an appropriate place outside of her territory where the dominant males cannot find her.

Try Adding Citrus To Her Diet

Feeding your fresh dog oranges, orange juice, or other citrus fruits can help deter the scent emitted when in heat.

Citrus fruits can also help produce a natural scent in the area, which will deter male Vizsla from coming close or trying to mate with your female Vizsla.

Buy Products To Deter Male Vizsla

Provide plenty of chew toys for vizslas to occupy themselves, including edible chew toys.

Ensure there are plenty of distractions for vizslas to keep them occupied, such as puzzles and interactive dog toys that encourage playtime with their owners.

Why Should I Stop My Vizslas From Mating?

There are various reasons why it is essential to stop your Vizsla from mating. I will list out a few of them with proper explanation.

Benefits Of Preventing Vizslas From Mating:


Mating can lead to unwanted behaviors such as aggression, mating with inanimate objects, and other Vizslas.

If you do not spay or neuter your Vizsla, it will continue to release hormones that may make them more aggressive.

Unwanted Pregnancy

Pregnancy can happen without any protection, even if the mating does not lead to a conception. There are many ways of preventing pregnancy in dogs, including spaying and neutering, which is sterilization.

Ongoing Health Problems For Female Vizslas

Female Vizsla who become pregnant twice or more may have a higher risk of developing specific health problems.

Other Factors To Consider:

Breeding Vizslas can be a stressful and time-consuming task that is not always successful on the first go. It also takes away from your dog’s focus on exercise, socialization with other dogs, playtime, grooming, etc.

What Age Should A Vizsla Stop Breeding?

Most breeders do not recommend breeding Vizslas when they are older than six years. This is because they are at a higher risk of developing health problems and can also have an accident during breeding.

How Do You Calm A Female Vizsla In Heat?

Female vizslas in heat can become quite restless, and it may lead to aggressive behavior. You must keep her away from male vizslas as she can attract him. You need to take your dog for a walk or other physical activity. But do not allow her to be in any contact with male vizslas.

You can keep her away from male Vizsla by hiding her in your home or crate. It will also calm down the female Vizsla, and she may be able to sleep through it.

How Long Does A Male Vizsla Remain Attract To Female In Heat?

It can take up to three weeks for a dog’s attraction towards the opposite sex to wear off after they have had contact with each other. However, the time varies based on age, environment, and health, among others.

Sometimes it may take up to six months for a male vizsla’s sexual interest in a female dog to restore after mating with another dog.

How Do I Breed Vizslas?

Breeding vizslas can be a pretty difficult task as the female must have a heat cycle that lasts for 17 days. A male vizsla cannot breed with her for three weeks after he has had contact with another dog during this period. The best way to do it is by keeping them separated and ensuring the female Vizsla’s heat cycle is 17 days long.

Some of the steps that help in breeding include:

  • Keeping the male and female vizslas in separate spaces but with access to each other.
  • Ensure that both of them are ovulating simultaneously by paying attention to their behaviors for three weeks. Then, ensure Vizsla begins her heat cycle after his entire breeding period, 21 days long. You can do this by keeping Vizslas apart.
  • Take the female Vizsla for a walk every day and ensure she has company off-leash at all times. It will help her exercise and calm her down while taking her out of your home or crate. Ensure you have taken precautions by letting someone know where you are going, what time to expect you back etc.
  • Take both the dogs for a walk every day. Make sure you bring them back to their separate spaces after completion and do not allow any contact between them.

When Is It Safe To Breed Vizsla?

It is vital that before mating, your Vizsla has had all of his vaccinations which include rabies vaccination, among others. It would help if you were sure that your Vizsla is at least two years old and has had a complete health checkup.

Male Vizslas can begin breeding as early as six months after their birth. But most breeders do not recommend doing so until they are older than one year of age. Females cannot breed until they have reached sexual maturity, between six and nine months after their birth.


Summing up, it is crucial to stop your Vizsla from mating to avoid health problems and unwanted pregnancies. The best way of going about it is by spaying or neutering them, which may also be time-consuming and stressful if you are not successful on the first go. When breeding vizslas, make sure the female has a clear 17-day long heat cycle, and you need to keep them separated.

We hope this blog post helped to clear all your doubts about how to prevent vizslas from mating.

Thank you for reading! For more information, please feel free to keep reading our other blog posts.

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