At What Age Can Vizsla Get Pregnant? Pregnancy Guide

At What Age Can Vizsla Get Pregnant?

If you own a Vizsla, you know that these are one of the most beautiful dogs on earth. They have a loving personalities and get along well with children. However, if you consider getting a Vizsla puppy, there are some things to be aware of regarding pregnancy. So the first question is, at what age can Vizsla get pregnant?

Luckily for your new pup, they can start mating as early as six months of age. So, your Vizsla will get pregnant only after they are older than six months and attain sexual maturity. Moreover, smaller breeds of Vizsla are more likely to get pregnant a little early, while the giant breed takes a little longer.

Read this article to learn more about Vizslas’s different pregnancy stages and what signs might indicate if your dog is pregnant.

At What Age Can Vizsla Get Pregnant?

Vizslas can get pregnant when they are six months old. Usually, this is the earliest age that they can get pregnant.

A Vizsla can’t get pregnant before six months of age because they are still growing during this time.

Also, by the time she is six months old, her uterus has reached full maturity, and she can carry and deliver puppies. She can get pregnant till she is about ten years old.

It’s not usually a good idea to breed a dog before she reaches two years of age. But it can happen on rare occasions, especially with aggressive breeds like Vizslas.

Can My Vizsla Puppy Get Pregnant On Her First Heat?

Yes! Your vizsla puppy can get pregnant on her first heat. However, there is no requirement that a female dog must be on her first heat to mate. However, be wary of not 100% purebred males because they can also litter from mating with your Vizsla.

To have a litter, the female Vizsla must go into heat and breed by a male. This process is estrous or “heat” cycles. When it’s her first time going into heat, she will experience an ovulation period and may even show signs of discharge from her vulva if you are observant.

How Many Times Can A Vizsla Get Pregnant In Her Lifetime?

A female dog can get pregnant up to four times in her lifetime. The gestation period of these dogs is either 63-65 days or 65-67 days, and they usually only have one litter per pregnancy.

How to Tell If Your Vizsla Dog Is Pregnant?

It’s tough to tell when you first notice your Vizsla is pregnant because they don’t show any symptoms. Some dog owners might not even know their pet is expecting until she goes into labor and starts partaking in nesting behavior (e.g., digging through the trash for food). Your Vizsla puppy might start to bite due to mood swings too.

Signs may not show up until she is at least three months pregnant. So the only natural way to tell if your Vizsla is pregnant is to take her to the Vet for an examination and possible ultrasound.

Signs Of Pregnancy In Vizslas

Signs of pregnancy in vizslas include:

  • A noticeable bulge in the belly
  • More enormous nipples on the chest
  • And a lack of appetite.

How long does it take for a Vizsla dog to give birth?

Many things can affect the gestation period, such as the first-time mother. In general, the average gestation time is 63-65 days. However, if there is a complication with the pregnancy, then it may take longer.

You need to note that females who had a litter before are less likely to have a miscarriage during their next heat cycle than those who never delivered a litter.

In addition, it is a good idea to make an appointment to visit your veterinarian for prenatal checkups starting at about five weeks into your Vizsla’s pregnancy since some diseases and symptoms may not be detectable until that point.

How Many Puppies Can A Vizsla Have In A Litter?

Female dog breeds like the Vizsla can have anywhere from one to eight puppies in a litter but usually will only give birth to two or three at most. The number of babies born depends on the number of times Vizsla conceives.

Training Dogs To Get Pregnant 

You can train Vizslas, like many other dog breeds, for pregnancy. Pregnancy training is more about habituation than obedience. It’s about getting your Vizsla familiar with regular handling of the abdomen so that she doesn’t panic if someone touches her when she becomes pregnant. As a Vizsla owner, you should learn how to prepare your dog for childbirth through what could be a frightening and utterly unpredictable experience.

Pregnancy In A Dog Can Occur When:

The female is on heat and mates with male dogs or humans who have the same chromosome makeup. The second way to get pregnant is for artificial insemination.

In this process, the Vet injects semen into the vagina of the female. It is a ubiquitous procedure for dog breeders because they don’t have to worry about getting the females pregnant themselves.

Vizsla dogs do not need any special treatment during pregnancy unless there are complications, so if you notice anything unusual, then it’s best to take your Vizsla pup in for an examination by her veterinarian.

How To Prevent Pregnancy In Vizsla?

There are some things you can do to prevent your dog from getting pregnant—one way spaying your Vizsla. In the spaying process,  the Vet removes her reproductive organs through the survey.

After this, she won’t ever have the chance of becoming pregnant because there are no eggs or ovaries left. So another method is taking a birth control pill so that it prevents pregnancy in Vizsla.

Why Is It Necessary To Prevent Pregnancy In Vizsla?

It’s not the best idea to give a dog more than one litter of puppies in her lifetime. When your Vizsla produces many produce litters, it puts extra pressure on your pup’s body and cuts down on her lifespan.

Also, the longer she stays pregnant, the longer she has until another heat cycle. So, there is a much greater chance of pregnancy if you don’t get her spayed soon after giving birth.

It would be irresponsible to allow your dog to become pregnant again soon after the first. It can be harmful to the health of both the pup and its litters.

So, before thinking about breeding your Vizsla, be sure to consider the following:

  • First, you will have to take care of a pregnant dog for months.
  • Your dog will need vet visits and prenatal checkups throughout her pregnancy to ensure that she is healthy and everything is progressing as it should.
  • That means you’ll also have to provide the necessary food, water, and medical care to a pregnant dog – this can be costly.
  • You’ll need to find an appropriate place for your Vizsla pup’s new litter of puppies.
  • Your Vizsla will not have enough milk for all of them if she gives birth to more than one puppy at once. So, you need to ensure that the puppies and your dog both get proper care and nutrition.

As a Vizsla owner, you should learn how to prepare your dog for childbirth. I know this could be a terrifying and utterly unpredictable experience. But give it a try for the sake of your lovely Vizsla.


In conclusion, Vizsla pregnancy can be hard to predict. But if you’re ready for it and have been following the advice listed in this article, then there’s no reason not to welcome a new Vizsla pup into your family.

Moreover, if you plan to breed your Vizsla, then the age at which they can get pregnant is crucial for you. So don’t hurry up for puppies. Instead, let your dog grow physically, sexually, and mentally to carry their offspring.

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