How Long Does A Vizsla Stay In Heat? Signs Of Heat

How Long Does A Vizsla Stay In Heat? Signs Of Heat

Once you bring a dog home, you need to know about its lifespan. Vizsla is a beautiful breed with a short lifespan of about 12-14 years. However, many owners are curious about their dogs’ heat cycle and how often does it occur? What do you need to know when your dog enters its first heat cycle? The following content will answer all these questions in detail.

The heat cycle in Vizsla lasts around three weeks, and the female dog experiences four stages. Usually, this cycle repeats every six months, and it is essential to know when your Vizsla enters these phases. Here are some signs that will let you identify whether your dog has entered puberty or is going through its first heat:

  • Swollen vulva
  • Discharge from the vulva
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Restlessness and mood changes.

How Long Does A Vizsla Stay In Heat?

The length of time a Vizsla stays in heat can depend on age and health. But, on average, about 3-4 weeks.

Your Vizsla might stay in heat for a shorter or longer length of time if it is older. For example, some Vizslas can keep in heat for up to six weeks.

It’s important not to breed your dog when she is in the middle of her cycle, as this could lead to health complications for both you and your dog!

When Will My Female Dod Ovulate? Signs Your Vizsla Is Going Into Heat.

Do you know the signs your Vizsla is going into heat? It might be coming on gradually by changing food preferences, water intake, and energy levels. Or it could come on suddenly if she’s been out of sight. Maybe she’s restless when you put her in a kennel or has a bit too much enthusiasm for male company.

Moody behavior, increased thirst/urination, and body-swelling are all the warning signs your Vizsla might be going into heat.

Signs your Vizsla is going into heat are:

  • Shows an interest in male dogs (aggressively)
  • Peeing a Lot
  • Bloody discharge from her vagina
  • Foul smell coming from her vulva area
  • She sometimes grunts loudly or pants quickly.*

The reason people call it “in season” is because they contract their uterus to stop uterine bleeding (usually haven’t bled since before mating with males) and stimulate hormone production that causes eggs to mature. The number of days it takes for them to go through one cycle varies depending on the breed.

How Often Do Vizslas Go Into Heat?

Vizslas go into heat for about 3-4 weeks (on average) each year, and this typically happens every six months – but the timing does vary quite substantially across dogs as well as the time of year. So to keep track, marking down dates when changes happen is very useful.

The frequency of your dog’s heat cycles depends on the breed. Some breeds are more likely to go through their first heat before 12 months, but other dogs might not have any visible signs until 18 or 24 months old.

How To Help Your Vizsla When In Heat?

If your Vizsla is experiencing the early stages of heat, it’s essential to understand that you need to help her.

You can do this by providing clean water regularly and ensuring she has lots of walks – chances are this will also impact mood swings.

Some tips to help your Vizsla when she is in heat are:

  • First, keep your dog cool through the day – air conditioning or fans are good options.
  • Make sure they have lots of water to keep their body temperature down throughout the day and night;
  • Provide them with plenty of physical exercises, playtime outside if possible (fun activities like playing fetch). It can help reduce any stress/anxiety that they might feel.

Different Stages Of Your Vizslas Heat Cycle

The heat cycle in Vizsla dogs lasts around three weeks, and the female dog experiences four stages. Usually, this cycle repeats every six months. Therefore, there are different stages of your Vizsla’s heat cycle.

Stage 1: Proestrus

There are a few stages that your female dog will go through when in heat. The first stage is proestrus, which lasts about one to three days. It is when your Vizsla will be noticeably restless and moody.

Stage 2: Estrus

The next stage, estrus, lasts about six days. During this time, the dog will come into heat- in other words. Then, Vizsla will release an egg from her ovary to fertilize with a male sperm cell (which can take up to one day).

Stage 3: Diestrus

The third stage is diestrus. This stage lasts for about ten days, and your Vizsla will be resting. If she’s pregnant, this period can last up to two months-but if not. Then the heat cycle should start again one month later.

What To Expect When Your Vizsla Is In Heat?

If your Vizsla is in heat, it’s crucial to prepare yourself. If you do not want to spay your dog and want her to mate, then make sure that you arrange for a suitable male before the onset of estrus.

Once this happens, there will likely be an increase in males who want to mate with her, and your Vizsla will start showing heat signs. It could be moody behavior, increased thirst/urination, or body-swelling.

If you do not want to breed your dog, it’s best to keep your Vizsla inside during heat. In this way, you will prevent mating and unwanted pregnancies (which can lead to difficult births and the need for expensive surgeries).

Some FAQs

How Often Do Vizsla Eat?

On average (for an adult dog), they should be eating around three times a day. But this can vary depending on the size, build, and breed of your pup. You’ll need to check with your vet whether you are feeding them too much or not enough.

How Much Exercise Does A Vizsla Need?

Vizslas are a very active breed and need regular exercise for an hour or two each day. They enjoy running around. So, it is best to keep your dog in open spaces where they can burn off some steam. If possible, try to walk them in the morning and again at night.

When Can You Spay Or Neuter Your Vizsla?

You can spay or neuter your Vizsla when they are around five to six months old. Ask your vet for more information (if you plan on keeping them as a pet).

What Is The Difference Between Male And Female Vizslas?

Male and female dogs are very similar in appearance, but there is one difference: male dogs have a thicker and longer tail, while the females are thinner and shorter.

When To Start Training Your Vizsla?

You can start training your Vizsla as soon as you adopt them, but it’s best to wait until they’re about four months old. When their minds are the most receptive, they will be more aware of what’s happening around them by this age!


In a nutshell, there are three stages to your Vizsla going into heat. Stage one is proestrus which lasts about one to three days. Stage two is estrus and lasts for six-day periods. And stage three is diestrus which could last up to ten days if pregnant or a whole month.

Hopefully, this article has explained to you in detail what happens during the heat cycle in your Vizsla. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact a veterinarian-or leave it down below.

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