Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?: How To Cure A Clingy Vizsla

Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

After you bring a pet, they usually feel attached to their owners. So, cuddling is not an unusual thing if you own a dog. However, when we look at Vizslas, they do not seem like the ones that would cuddle. But like any other pet, they also prefer being close to their owner and cuddling.

Vizslas like to cuddle with their owner or their favorite person. It is because they feel close to the person when these dogs stay close to them. But sometimes, being too clingy can become a huge problem. Despite their intelligence, Vizslas cannot distinguish between love and clinginess. As a result, too sticky dogs will often suffer from separation anxiety and destruct the house.

There are many benefits of daily cuddle sessions with your dog. These sessions help to improve the relationship between owner and pet. They also build up the emotional health of Vizslas as well. We will discuss all of these topics in this article!

 Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

Vizsla puppies are happy when you cuddle them. Moreover, they will often curl up in a ball as you pet them. Usually, this is because they enjoy being close to their owners or other people. But if you leave them on their own for too long, they may feel bored and lonely without the companionship of humans.

Do Vizslas Like To Snuggle?

Vizsla puppies love to snuggle with their owners. It is a way to show that they are content and happy while also making themselves feel safe and secure. They will often cuddle up against you to get warm or be close by your side when they feel threatened.

Why Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

Vizsla puppies love to cuddle for several reasons, and they may not always know what the reason is, but it will still make them happy.  They enjoy cuddling because they like to sleep in a warm bed, feel safe and secure from the world around them, or be close to you.

Vizsla Needs Cuddle Scientifically

There are scientific proves that cuddling provides a plethora of benefits for peAs a result, they as well. It can help lower your anxiety and depression levels, as well as help you get better sleep. A new study has shown that Vizslas need regular cuddles with their owners for companionship, and it is not something anyone should worry about. They may not always want to cuddle or snuggle, but they need them, which will make their lives better in many ways.

Lower The Chance Of Stroke In You

Vizsla puppies enjoy the feeling of cuddling because it releases endorphins into their system. As a result, they will feel a sense of contentment and security, which also helps lower your blood pressure and anxiety levels and reduce the chance that you may have a stroke in the future.

Helps With The Anxiety In Vizsla

Cuddles help with anxiety in Vizslas, especially if they are feeling anxious for any reason, like new surroundings, the presence of other dogs or strangers. The closeness and security that you provide will help them feel safe again. It also helps release oxytocin that reduces cortisol levels (stress hormones).

Build Your Relationship With Vizsla Immensely

Furthermore, cuddling with your Vizsla will help build the relationship. They will feel closer to you and respond better while being intimate. They are also more apt to want to be near you when there’s a new dog or person around for them. It can even make it easier to take them for a walk or get them in the car.

Helps With Your Depression

Cuddling with your Vizsla will help you feel better, too. It releases oxytocin and serotonin, both mood-boosting chemicals that can counteract depression and make you happier.

Can Relieve Pain In Both

If the owner has any pain or injury, cuddling is a great way to relieve it. They will feel the relief of oxytocin and serotonin as well, so your Vizsla can help you with more than just emotional pain or anxiety.

Help Release Insulin In Vizsla

Insulin release is another thing that is beneficial for humans and dogs alike when they cuddle; this means that it can help with diabetes in both species. This closeness also helps release insulin–which is helpful if your Vizsla has diabetes or diabetes yourself; it can also help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Because Vizslas Are Cute, How Can You Not Cuddle Them?

Vizslas are very cute and cuddly, and there’s no reason not to snuggle with them as often as possible. They will enjoy it, you’ll feel better after doing so, and the benefits are excellent for both you and your Vizsla.

Cuddling with your Vizsla is a great way to make them happy and relieve any stress, anxiety, or pain you might be experiencing yourself. It can help lower the risk of heart disease in humans as well. It also provides emotional health benefits for both beings involved in the cuddle session.

What If Vizslas Don’t Like Cuddle?

If you have tried all of the above, but your dog still doesn’t like cuddle time, this dislike may stem from a traumatic event.

Make sure your dog is not getting any sensory overload from too many sounds or sights, then try to cuddle with them again in low-distraction areas, gradually increasing the number of people and other animals around you both.

If this doesn’t work for your Vizsla, there might be another underlying issue that needs addressing.

What To Do To Cuddle With Vizslas?

If your Vizsla does like cuddle time, there are many ways you can make the experience more enjoyable for them.

You should always maintain control of yourself when snuggling with your dog. It is important to remember that Vizslas do not understand our social boundaries and will likely get too rough if we don’t keep ourselves in check.

Some of the things that you should do to cuddle with Vizsla are:

Choose A Comfortable And Peaceful Environment

Try the following if Vizslas do not show interest in cuddling:

Play games with them that they love, and be sure to include treats as rewards.

Give them attention only when they want it, then constantly engage them with you. If a more extended time goes by without any interaction

Make Sure You Feed Your Vizsla Well

If your dog does not show interest in cuddles and you feed them beforehand, they may feel full or over-stimulated by the time you try to cuddle with them. As a result, it can sometimes make it more difficult for dogs to get into an enjoyable state of mind.

Give Them A New Bed If They Don’t Like Theirs.

If your Vizsla doesn’t like their bed, get them a new one to see if that will help entice them into enjoying cuddle time with you! When it comes to beds for dogs, there are many different types and styles available.

Give Them A Scratch Behind The Ears

You can also give your Vizsla a scratch behind the ears. It will usually relax the excitement and joy of every dog breed. In addition, scratching behind the ears is very comforting for dogs. They will feel safer and calm down when you do so.

Use Toys To Help Your Vizsla Enjoy Their Hugs

Remember, your dog will most likely be receptive to cuddles after a good play session or vigorous walk. It helps them release pent-up energy while getting the mental stimulation they need engaging with their owner.

Manage A Routine And Schedule

The more you can schedule a time during the day and week for cuddles, the better.

If your Vizsla likes to spend a lot of time outdoors or in their kennel while you are away from home, make sure they have plenty of chances to come inside so that they can enjoy some snuggle time with you!

If Your Vizsla Has Anxiety Issue, Try Thundershirt

You can also try a Thundershirt to help calm your dog. The patented design applies gentle, constant pressure on Vizslas’ abdomen and chest by tightening around the torso when they sense an anxiety-provoking trigger or are overly excited. When used correctly, it produces calming effects for most dogs in 90% of cases, with noticeable results within minutes.

Are Vizslas Clingy?

Vizslas are not as clingy or needy as other breeds, but they do like to be close by their human side.

If your Vizsla is acting in a clingy manner, it may have an underlying medical issue and should see the vet for a check-up.

Other Ways Your Vizslas Show Affection

Vizslas are not lapping dogs, but they enjoy the occasional head rub, petting session, or belly scratch.

Some other ways your Vizsla will show their affection is by jumping up and down in excitement when you return home from work.

When a new dog enters the house, it may also act out of character (barking, whining) when it wants to be the center of attention.


In conclusion, Vizslas are not as clingy or needy of attention as other breeds, but they enjoy being close by their human side.

If your Vizsla is acting in a clingy manner, it may have an underlying medical issue and should see the vet for a check-up.

Vizslas show affection through jumping when excited, head rubs, petting sessions, and belly scratches.

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