10 Best Toys for Vizsla Puppies Review 2021

10 Best Toys for Vizsla Puppies Review 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard of Vizslas. They are a hunting dog that originates in Hungary and is an all-purpose gun dog. Today, Vizslas are best as family pets or those who want a sporting companion because of their good looks, athleticism, intelligence, and gentle disposition. As such, it’s important to make sure they have the best toys possible! What are the best toys for Vizsla puppies?

For Vizsla puppies, we need very small toys that are easy for them to carry and handle. As they grow up, you’ll want something larger as well as those that can stand up to their powerful jaws!

Older Vizslas will still have a strong desire to chew and play, but they do so less often. As such, you can provide them with toys that are more challenging as well as those that focus on their natural prey drive by having things like squeakers inside the toy or treats hidden away in it. This is a great way to keep them occupied and away from your shoes!

The first thing we need to consider is the size of the toy – not just in regards to the size of your Vizsla but also how big its mouth is.

In this article, I will give you some ideas on what toys to get that are safe for your Vizsla puppy as well as those they can play with when they become adults or those who tend to be heavy chewers.

What Are The Best Toys For Vizsla?

There are a lot of factors that go into the best toys for Vizsla puppies. These include their age and temperament and any health issues they may have or special needs due to living in an urban setting like apartment dwellers, will need something quieter than those who live on a farm with no close neighbors. For these reasons, there is not one perfect toy that will work for every Vizsla.

Why Do You Need Toys For Vizsla?

Your Vizsla might be easily bored, and they need to have something that adds stimulation.

A tired dog is a happy dog! Toys can tire your Vizsla out, so they get some energy out when they’re having an off day.

Dogs need to engage their instincts of hunting, chasing, herding, or exploring with toys. But, of course, they also like to chew and play tug with stuff too!

To prevent destructive chewing in the house or other frustrating behaviors like excessive licking or howl at things outside, provide your Vizsla with lots of fun options for playtime inside and outdoors. As always, make sure nothing you leave for him is toxic – we want this pup around longer than

What Toys To Get For Vizsla Puppies?

There are a variety of toys that can work for Vizsla puppies, as long as they don’t have any choking hazards or other safety issues.

Puppies can be delicate, and they need to be able to chew on these toys. However, you want them to stop gnawing at some point so that the toy will still last for a while and there is no risk of choking. The best types are tough rubber toys or Nylabones made from nylon with a hard bone inside, which puppies can gnaw away until it has worn down enough to be safe.

What Toys To Get For Older/Adult Vizsla Dogs?

Older and adult Vizslas need to have mental stimulation. So, in addition to the physical exercise of playing with a dog toy, they also should be given tasks like sitting by their owner’s feet during the tv-viewing time. You should provide them with a puzzle toy or something that requires them to use their nose to find the treat inside, like this Hide A Squirrel dog game.

What Toys To Get For Vizslas That Are Heavy Or Aggressive Chewers?

Vizslas are heavy chewers. They need to have tougher dog toys, like this Nylabone Durable Dog Chew Toy For Dogs designed for heavy-duty chewing and will last longer than a softer toy made with rubber or fabric.

What Size Dog Toys To Get For Vizslas?

The size of the dog toy you get should correspond to the size of your Vizsla. For example, a small dog toy will not be appropriate for that big ol’ adult with massive jaws and teeth.

While for the puppies, you don’t want to get anything so small it can be easily swallowed or choked on.

The size of the dog toy for Vizslas depends on their weight. For every ten pounds, you should get a toy about six inches in diameter or more extensive.

As Vizsla puppies are smaller than other breeds of dogs, you should be especially careful about getting a too-small toy for them to choke on.

How Do You Entertain A Vizsla Puppy?

The keyword here is “puppy” because that’s what you’re going to be entertaining. Vizslas are active and love to chew things, so it takes some time for them to get tired enough so that they can go outside to take care of business without needing an escort!

It helps if you play with your pup first by giving him a toy or two before taking him out in the yard but don’t forget about hiding treats around the house (or wherever) for them later on! One final option would be hide-and-seek, which is always loads of fun when done right.

Vizslas need mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep themselves from being destructive or bored. So when they are not sleeping–which your puppy will do more than any other breed–make sure they have the best toys possible!

One idea is to take their favorite toy and hide it somewhere in the house where there has been some mischief lately- like under the couch cushions or between a couple of books on a shelf. Then, they’ll spend hours trying to find it before giving up and looking for another treat instead (like jerky treats!).

10 Best Toys for Vizsla Puppies Review 2021

These are the best toys for Vizslas.

Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher

The Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher is an excellent toy for Vizsla puppies because it allows them to play with a ball without the risk of getting their paws dirty. It also gets them using their brains because they have to find the ball you throw, and then they get a new one, which keeps them entertained for hours.

A Tug-A-Jug

The Tug-a-Jug also lets you fill it with food or peanut butter, screw on the top, and then shake. It is explicitly designed for bite-size treats that are difficult to chew up since Vizslas have such powerful jaws.

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball

I was delighted with the Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball. My Vizsla puppy will chase a ball for hours, and this is perfect for her because it’s not too slippery, and therefore she can’t catch it. It comes in different sizes, so I got one that fits her mouth skillfully, and she enjoys playing with it.

Kong Wubba Dog Toy

The Kong Wubba Dog Toy is a perfect option for Vizsla puppies. It comes in lots of different sizes, has some stuffing inside that makes it easier to pick up and throws them off track, plus they love the sound this toy makes when it bounces around on hard surfaces so you can make your own game out of it by hiding treats all over the house.

Nylabone Durable Dog Chew Toy For Dogs

This Nylabone Durable Dog Chew Toy For Dogs was also a highly rated dog toy among other pet owners. It contains safe material specially designed to withstand their chewing habits. As a result, they can’t chew it up and can’t swallow pieces of this toy either.

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Ball

The KONG Air Dog Squeakair Balls are another excellent option for Vizsla puppies because these balls also come in different sizes to meet their size needs and be safe. After all, the material is non-toxic rubber that doesn’t contain latex or phthalates. The small ones, like the one I bought my puppy, squeak, so she knows when she’s caught them!

iPettie Pet Hair Dryer

I chose the Dog Hair Drying Brush for my Vizsla pup because it’s for animals with short as well as long hair. It’s a soft brush that helps get rid of knots and tangles without the risk of pulling out their coat or hurting them in any way, which is perfect because Vizslas have such sensitive skin.

Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs, Large Size Cool Pad 

For those days when it’s too hot outside for your pup to play around, you can find some relief from this Cooling Mat by placing it inside their crate, so they don’t overheat during the daytime hours. You can also place ice packs on top of this mat if you want an extra cooling effect while keeping your pet cool all day long!

JW Pet Company iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball Dog Toy

I decided to purchase the JW Pet iSqueak toy for my Vizsla puppy because it was small enough not to pose a choking hazard but still big enough that she could play with it. Also, it comes in different colors, so I chose one that matched her coat color too!

The Original Interactive Throw & Toss Rope Toy For Dogs

The Original Interactive Throw & Toss Rope Toy For Dogs is also highly rated among other pet owners due to its durability. They contain non-toxic materials which are safe on their teeth or if they happen to get a hold of them when you weren’t looking. I can’t say the same for other dog toys, so it was worth spending a little extra money to invest in something that will last them as long as possible!

As you can see, there are many different toys for Vizsla puppies that appeal to their personality and needs. Find the one toy your pup is going to love playing with!

What Size Dog Toys To Get For Vizslas?

The size of the toy you buy should depend on your Vizsla’s chewing habits and how much they like to play with their toys! If there is any concern about choking hazards resulting from ingestion, Also, it then either choose smaller chewable items or supervises your pup when playing with potentially hazardous objects.

Vizslas come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Generally speaking, they range from 34-49 pounds when fully grown, so it’s best if the dog toy you’re buying also comes in these same size ranges. Anything smaller will be too easy for them to chew up, while it won’t provide enough challenge or stimulation during playtime.

What Happens If Your Vizsla Doesn’t Have Toys?

Some dogs don’t need any toys because they are just happy being around their owners or other family members all day long. But if you have a dog that doesn’t seem motivated by anything but food, then it’s important to give them some type of interactive toy- otherwise, they’ll find something else (like shoes) to occupy themselves with instead! And without toys, there may not be enough mental stimulation leading to boredom, destructive behavior such as chewing furniture and carpets/upholstery, or even worse–anxiety and separation-related behaviors like barking, howling, whining, and more.

What Types Of Toys Should You Avoid For Vizsla?

The big no-no is anything that has a squeaker inside because if your pup manages to get those out, there could be a choking hazard waiting just around the corner!

Plus, you don’t want any toys with stuffing as it will only take one bite for them to tear through it – so make sure all items without holes are out of reach from your pet. And I mean anything – don’t forget about those old shoes in the closet too! So make sure all items without holes are out of reach away from your pet.

Safety Considerations For Dog Toys

  1. Never give your dog a toy that has stuffing inside
  2. Stay away from any toys with squeakers inside because if they manage to get those out, there could be a choking hazard waiting just around the corner
  3. Make sure all items without holes are out of reach from your pet. And I mean anything – don’t forget about those old shoes in the closet too! So make sure all items without holes are out of reach away from your pet.
  4. Avoid toys that emit noise because they can lead to hearing loss over time if you’re not careful!
  5. Make sure you take advantage of any interactive toy that comes with remote control because it’ll keep your dog occupied for hours on end.
  6. Always make sure to check the product label if there are safety standards or certifications like “Animal Welfare Approved” and “Novelty Pet Product.”
  7. If buying new toys, always try them out first, so you know they’re durable enough before giving them to your pup!


In conclusion, dogs need toys to play with and keep their minds stimulated since they can quickly get bored otherwise. Toys are also important for dogs that don’t like being alone because they will help them avoid destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture or carpets/upholstery, separation-related behavior like barking, howling, whining, etc., along with anxiety.


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