Vizsla Separation Anxiety: Should You Leave Your Vizsla Alone?

Vizsla Separation Anxiety

Vizsla is a loving breed. But, unfortunately, these dogs feel too attached to their owners. So, they might suffer from separation anxiety when they aren’t around their owners. Moreover, having Vizsla with separation anxiety is too problematic. Vizslas are loyal dogs with a strong sense of connection and can be very anxious when separated from their owners.

Vizsla separation anxiety occurs when you leave Vizsla alone or in the care of someone other than their owner, leading to destructive behavior such as chewing furniture, chasing shadows, howling for hours on end, and destroying shoes.

This article will answer all questions about Vizsla Separation Anxiety so that you can learn what it means to have Vizsla Separation Anxiety and how you can help your dog overcome this condition.

Do Vizslas Have Separation Anxiety?

Vizslas love and adore their owners. So, they always want to be close to their owner wherever they go. Hence, they are more prone to separation anxiety when you leave them alone for long hours.

Vizslas often fear being alone, which is not the same as general dog loneliness when their owners return home after an absence or death. Vizslas can be anxious about going on walks, running errands by themselves, leaving their owner’s side for a walk, or going to a different location. Vizsla’s separation anxiety might also be due to Vizslas’ need for companionship and heightened sensitivity to anxiety-provoking situations.

Why Do Vizslas Have Separation Anxiety?

Vizslas are loyal, intelligent, and sensitive dogs. So, they can understand love, hate, loneliness, and ignorance. Besides this, after living with humans for a long time, these dogs have also learned that being alone isn’t good.

Further, there are several causes of separation anxiety in Vizsla like:

Leaving Vizsla Alone

I know might have a job for your living, but leaving your Vizsla alone for a long time can be torture for them. Vizslas are very social and love to have company around as much as possible. If you do leave your Vizsla alone, your Vizsla might be afraid and anxious. Vizslas are natural guarding dogs, and they might feel that you’re not coming back to them if you leave for a long time.

Thus, they will suffer from separation anxiety and starts to show symptoms of anxiety. Vizslas will bark, whine and howl when left alone for a long time. They might also start to destroy anything they can find in the house.

Vizsla Suffers From Separation Anxiety Due To Poor Breeding Practice 

Vizslas coming from an unhealthy breeding house where the breeders tortured, threatened, or even bit them are more likely to demonstrate Vizsla separation anxiety. AS these dogs are vulnerable, they don’t trust strangers easily,

Vizslas bred in the poor breeding house will suffer from psychological and emotional issues. So, they will assume every strange object as a threat, and they suffer from separation anxiety.

Vizsla Suffers From Separation Anxiety Due To Abuse And Mistreatment

Vizslas suffer from separation anxiety due to the abuse and mistreatment Vizsla owners often go through. Vizslas are very affectionate dogs, meaning they don’t like being alone for long periods of time. They also have a lot of energy levels and need large amounts of exercise daily. Vizslas are a brilliant breed of dog and need daily mental stimulation in their lives. Unfortunately, Vizsla owners often have to go through strenuous workdays, making it difficult for them to give Vizsla the attention they so desperately crave.

The result is Vizsla separation anxiety, where Vizslas become very disoriented, restless, and sometimes destructive when Vizsla owners leave Vizslas alone for longer periods of time.

Vizsla Suffers From Separation Anxiety Due To Exposure To New Environment

Vizslas are very sensitive to new environments. Separation anxiety is a natural reaction from Vizslas when they move to an unfamiliar environment because they don’t know how to deal with it yet. Vizslas do not trust strangers easily. Vizsla separation anxiety is a natural reaction from Vizslas, who don’t know how to deal with the new environment or when they feel like the owner has abandoned them.

Vizsla Suffers From Separation Anxiety Due To Lack Of Training

In Vizslas, separation anxiety is primarily due to a lack of training. Vizsla owners must teach their Vizslas that leaving them alone doesn’t mean that the owners are abandoning or ignoring them. It can take anywhere from two weeks to three months and a lot of effort to make Vizslas understand this.  Vizsla owners should start by leaving their Vizslas at home for short periods, gradually increasing the time they are away.

Vizslas need to teach them that seeing their owner leave the house doesn’t mean abandonment, and their owners will soon be back. You can deal with and solve Vizsla separation anxiety with the right training and patience.

Vizsla Suffers From Separation Anxiety Due To Diseases

Vizslas are susceptible to various health issues like hip dysplasia,  Von Willebrand’s disease, epilepsy, and separation anxiety. They suffer from separation anxiety because of one or more diseases that they are prone to have in their bloodline.  Vizslas have separation anxiety because of the disease they may be suffering from. Vizsla sufferers will need more care and attention during their recovery process and medication, which may take a longer time than normal. Therefore Vizslas separation anxiety is due to one or many diseases.

Vizsla Suffers From Separation Anxiety Due To Insufficient Diet

Vizslas are prone to separation anxiety due to their diet. You can leave them alone for up to eight hours without suffering from any adverse effects. However, Vizsla tends to develop separation anxiety when they are not fed the correct type and amount of food during puppyhood.

Vizslas should eat at least three times per day, and they should also eat dog food rich in vitamins.  But, Vizslas should not be fed people food, as Vizsla does not have the ability to process human food.

How Do I Stop Vizslas Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety occurs when you leave Vizsla alone instead of giving them constant companionship. Vizsla separation anxiety is a form of depression, and Vizslas suffering from it will show signs such as drooling, pacing, excessive barking, or crying. A Vizsla may also destroy furniture in their home while they are alone.

However, there are few tips to prevent separation anxiety in Vizslas. And they are:

  • Make sure Vizslas have enough time to spend with other people and animals. It is important for Vizsla socialization, but it also provides them a way to burn off their energy to relax without doing damage in the house when left alone.
  • Try not to leave Vizslas outside by themselves too often. Vizslas are pack animals, and they need companionship.
  • Make sure Vizsla knows it is not a punishment to be alone but just part of life. Vizslas with separation anxiety may be fearful or anxious when their owners have to go out for a little while in the evening, so it’s best if you can train Vizslas to get familiar with this.
  • Vizslas with separation anxiety may also benefit from a product like Thundershirt, made for dogs nervous about thunderstorms or other loud noises. The snug fit of the shirt helps Vizsla feel more secure and less anxious in new situations.

Separation anxiety in Vizslas can be difficult to deal with, but these few tips could make it a little easier on Vizsla and their loved ones.

What Are The Impacts Of Separation Anxiety In Vizsla?

Separation anxiety in Vizslas affects not only their wellbeing but also the peace and serenity of your home. Vizsla separation anxiety is a form of attachment disorder that needs care and patience for treatment. This condition occurs when you leave Vizsla alone for an extended period of time, more than three hours at once.

Vizslas are social animals, and they need companionship to feel happy. Vizsla’s separation anxiety occurs when you leave the dog alone for an extended period of time.

Separation anxiety in Vizslas can have many impacts on their wellbeing; it can lead them to:

  • Chew or dig up furniture and carpets
  • Destroy doors, windows, and screens
  • Bark incessantly
  • Cry for hours on end
  • Exhaust themselves to the point of exhaustion or collapse from anxiety which can lead them into a coma.
  • Urinate in inappropriate places such as their bedding, furniture, etc., defecate in the house, or become hyperactive.
  • Behavioral issues such as scratching and excessive drooling.

Can You Leave Your Vizsla Alone?

Yes, you can leave Vizsla alone for a short period of time. For example, if you leave a Vizsla alone after an intensive exercise session utilizing all its energies, they will be less likely to show destructive behavior or anxiety. But be careful not to leave them in situations where they can escape or suffer from car accidents or animal attacks.

A Vizsla does need a company of some kind while at home regularly. They can become bored and destructive when left home alone. It would be best if you did not leave Vizsla outside for too long, especially in cold weather or without shelter. Vizslas are prone to overexertion and heatstroke when you over-exercise them before leaving them alone.

Can You Leave Vizsla Alone For 8 Hours?

First, Vizslas are a dog breed that is on the list of “High-energy breeds.” Vizsla owners might find it challenging to leave their Vizsla at home for more than one hour.

The reason behind this difficulty can be due to Vizsla’s separation anxiety. Vizslas have high levels of anxiety and need to be around their owners all the time. And this problem can cause Vizslas to exhibit destructive behavior when you leave them alone, such as constantly barking or chewing on furniture.

Besides this, Vizsla puppies need to eat much more than Vizslas. It is because Vizsla puppies grow quickly and require energy to do so. So, you cannot leave your Vizsla alone for eight hours in a row without any food or water.

Can You Treat Separation Anxiety In Vizsla?

You can treat your Vizsla’s separation anxiety through a variety of methods, including:

  • Doing obedience training
  • Puppy kindergarten or dog school to socialize Vizslas with other dogs and people, so they are less likely to become anxious when left alone.
  • Do not keep Vizslas on a leash all the time.
  • Keep Vizslas in an area that is easy to clean for when they have accidents caused by separation anxiety or other behavioral uses.
  • It would help if you left Vizsla with separation anxiety alone for a short period of time, such as one hour at a time. It will help Vizsla become accustomed to being home alone without feeling anxious that you have abandoned them.
  • Create an environment where Vizslas are comfortable and happy

How To Help Vizsla With Separation Anxiety?

If you are feeling stressed about Vizsla separation anxiety, it can be helpful to take a break. The Vizsla needs you as much as they need companionship. Take the Vizsla for walks where there are other people and dogs so that Vizslas develop canine social skills; this will help them when left alone by making their time unsupervised more enjoyable. Vizsla separation anxiety can be a severe condition. However, Vizslas are still capable of living happy lives with their owners and can bond closely with them when given time.

Some other tips to help your Vizsla when he is suffering from separation anxiety are:

  • Provide your Vizsla with a safe, comfortable place to retreat when you leave them alone.
  • Invest in an excellent quality timing device if you need to leave him for long periods of time, like during the day at work or school.
  • Play soothing music near the Vizslas crate while home alone and provide them with a favorite toy to keep them company.
  • Create an “I’ll See You Soon” sign and place it in a visible location, so your Vizsla feels reassured that you will return soon.
  • Provide plenty of exercise before leaving the Vizsla home alone; this helps tire out anxious Vizslas, giving them more peace when left home alone.
  • Warn your Vizsla that you are leaving before heading out the door, and make sure to do so in a cheerful voice.


In conclusion,  Vizslas are brilliant dogs with extraordinary personalities. It is why Vizsla separation anxiety can be so devastating to the Vizsla and their owner. You must know how your Vizsla behaves when left alone before deciding whether it’s time for them to go back into a kennel or stay in the house. Vizslas are high-energy dogs that crave their owner’s company, so they will likely want to be alone less often as they age and become more comfortable staying home by themselves.

However, I hope this article has given you some insight into Vizsla’s separation anxiety and what it can do to your Vizsla. For more information on Vizsla separation anxiety, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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