Vizsla Heat Cycle | When Will Your Vizsla Go Into Heat?

Vizsla Heat Cycle

If you’re the owner of a female Vizsla, then the chances are that she will go into a heat cycle at some point in her lifetime. Understanding how a Vizslas’ heat cycle works and what to expect when your dog is on the verge of going into heat can help make this timeless stressful for both you and your pup. To get an idea about how long it takes for a Vizsla’s first heat cycle to start, we have included all the necessary facts about what happens during each stage of their reproductive system’s natural cycle in this article. 

So, what is the Vizsla heat cycle? The heat cycle is a natural process that indicates the maturity of a female Vizsla’s reproductive system. A puppy will experience her first heat cycle anywhere between six to twelve months of age. And there are four stages that a female Vizsla goes through during their reproductive system’s natural cycle: proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus, twice every year. Finally, the heat cycle makes Vizsla ready for breeding.

What most people don’t know about this breed, however, is the fact that they have a heat cycle. This article will discuss what it means for your Vizsla when it goes into heat.

What Is Vizsla Heat Cycle?

Heat cycle is a process that occurs in most female mammals and is a crucial topic when it comes to Vizslas. Usually, this cycle occurs during the spring and summer months, around once every six to nine weeks.

The characterization of  Vizsla’s heats  “silent” or “proestrus” when they don’t show any external signs of being in heat. The first stage of this process starts with proestrus, where the female will have an elevated body temperature, reddened vulva, and a bloody discharge.

A dog’s heat cycle usually lasts for about six months without spaying. However, you can tell when your dog will enter into the next stage of her heat cycle by monitoring her vaginal discharge or vulvar swelling.

What Are The 4 Stages Of A Vizsla In Heat?

The typical heat cycle for a Vizsla is about three weeks in length, making it relatively short compared to other breeds.  Usually, the heat cycle in Vizsla has four stages:

Stage One: Proestrus.

The first stage of a Vizsla in heat lasts for about three weeks and will start with bloody vaginal discharge. What you’ll notice is that your dog’s vulva becomes swollen and reddened while the swelling turns lighter towards the end of this period. This is because, in addition to blood-tinged mucus discharge, the estrogen level will rise.

Stage Two: Estrus.

The second stage of the Vizsla heat cycle is the peak period when she will be receptive to mating. During this stage, the female dog’s body starts to produce progesterone. Progesterone prevents ovulation and prepares her uterus for pregnancy in case of fertilization. What you’ll notice is your dog’s vulva engorging and her clitoris becoming erect as estrogen levels in blood drop and the progesterone level starts to increase. Along with this, you will also notice a decrease in the vulvar discharge and softening of the vulva.

Stage Three: Diestrus. 

If the female dog were not pregnant during estrus, her hormones would cause ovulation, becoming fertile again in this stage. So the first sign is that your Vizsla’s vulva becomes swollen and turns bright red or dark pink (sometimes with a black tip). In addition, she may become restless and start licking the genital area.

Stage Five: Anestrus 

The female dog’s hormones will return to normal levels during this stage, which is “in heat.” As a result, the swollen vulva returns to its original size and color (which could be pinkish or flesh-colored), and the discharge also stops. Usually, your Vizsla’s body prepares it to be ready for the next pregnancy during this stage.

When Will, Your Vizsla, Go Into Heat?

Vizsla reaches sexual maturity after the heat cycle. Usually, Vizsla will experience its first heat as early as the age of 11-12 months.

Further, the most common when your Vizsla will get its heat is 11 months, which holds for most dogs of this breed. But there are also some instances where Vizslas entered their heat cycle as early as 8 months.

However, their environment and genes play a vital role in when your Vizsla gets her first heat cycle.

How Often Do Vizslas Go Into Heat?

Different females will go into heat for different amounts of time. However, on average, a Vizsla goes into heat every six months to one year. What is interesting about this breed is that they can come into heat before twelve months old. This means it needs spaying relatively early in its life so as not to continue giving birth and entering the heat cycle.

Normally, Vizslas enter into a heat cycle twice every month. This means that the Vizsla will be in heat for two weeks, then have a period out of heat (referred to as an “estrus”) before entering into heat again.

But the frequency of the heat cycle depends on the size of the Vizsla. Usually, smaller breeders will enter into heat more often than the larger ones. Thus, toy Vizslas can experience up to 3 heat cycles a year while giant Vizsla experiences only one.

What Are The First Signs Of A Vizsla Going Into Heat?

The first sign of a Vizsla going into heat is an increase in their sex drive. The female dog will start to have increased interest in males and may even become aggressive. Moreover, the signs of Vizslas in heat are:

  • Swollen vulva
  • Bloody discharge
  • Aggressive towards males
  • Vomiting
  • Change in food habits
  • Needy, clingy, and irritable
  • Watery or whitish discharge
  • Licking and pawing in genital areas.

Does Vizsla Bleed The Whole Time It Is In Heat?

Vizslas usually bleed for around three weeks, but it is impossible to predict exactly how long the bleeding will last because this varies according to various factors. It may take as little as two days or up to six months.

Moreover, Vizslas will bleed throughout the heat cycle. The first stage is the proestrus phase (which lasts for ten days) and is when bleeding typically begins to happen. Sometimes you will notice your Vizsla isn’t bleeding in these two cycles. It may just be that she’s in a false pregnancy, and this happens sometimes. A lot of Vizslas will show some signs of being pregnant before spaying. So it might take time before you notice any blood at all coming out of her vulva area.

However, the discharge in the estrus and diestrus cycle is more watery than bloody. And as Vizslas reach the eat of anestrus, it stops bleeding.

Do Vizslas Act Differently When In Heat?

Although the heat cycle is a natural process, it has many complications. And there is a constant rise and fall of hormones in this stage. So, you will notice a lot of behavior changes in your Vizsla in this stage. However, the most common behavior differences in your dog during the heat cycle is:

  • Your calm and friendly Vizsla becomes aggressive and irritable.
  • It will start looking for a mating partner and tries to escape.
  • Your Vizsla might howl or whin to call the males.
  • It starts to lick the genital parts to soothe the pain and inflammation.
  • Vizsla will stop following your commands.
  • It tends to eat more.
  • Sometimes your Vizsla might be too affectionate and won’t leave.

How To Help Your Vizsla When In Heat?

Since a lot is going inside and out of Vizsla’s body in the heat cycle, so they are very vulnerable during this period. Therefore, your dog needs special attention and care during the heat.

So, some tips to help your Vizsla during heat are:

Keep Vizsla Hydrated During Heat

Vizsla should have access to plenty of freshwaters 24 hours a day to keep herself well-hydrated and avoid heatstroke or an even worse condition called hypovolemic shock.

You must provide your puppy with a constant supply of clean drinking water during this time because she will be spending more energy than usual while searching for male dogs. It’s also important that you offer two bowls. One filled with her normal food/water mixture. Another bowl filled only with pure cool tap water to choose which option she prefers at any given moment.

If it gets too hot outside, give your pup an ice cube or a cold water bath.

Give Your Vizsla A Healthy Diet During Heat

As your Vizsla is in heat, make sure to give it a healthy diet. What you feed them can impact the length of their cycle and how they are feeling during this time. If possible, provide them with foods that will help stop some of the symptoms like nausea or vomiting by adding ginger root extract or peppermint oil to their food.

In addition to giving your dog these supplements, be sure not to overfeed them, which could lead to bloating and discomfort due to gas build-up. Consult with your veterinarian about what would work best for your dog’s condition before trying anything else out there on the market just because it sounds appealing.

Make Your Vizsla Comfortable During Heat

It is important to make your Vizsla comfy during the heat. During heat, they will start panting like crazy, and their head might get hot. When this happens, find them an air-conditioned spot where there’s lots of cool water and have plenty of light on them so that they can stay as comfortable as possible. Also, make sure not to leave her alone because she may become too stressed out, leading to later complications in labor. Naturally, most people know when their dog goes into heat based on if she starts bleeding or being moody, but it doesn’t always happen that way, with some females having false heats wherein no blood comes out.

Exercise Is The Must For Vizsla In Heat

Provide your Vizsla with plenty of exercises during the day but never at night time. You need to make sure that your dog gets enough physical activity while in heat. Thus, the experts and breeders recommend taking her out for walks or playtime every day. What we do not recommend, though, is letting her go outside after sunset since she will be looking for male dogs once again. So if you want her to get some fresh air without getting into trouble, then I suggest going on loops around your yard instead of walking in public parks where other animals/dogs are roaming about, which might irritate her more she can’t find her target.

Take Your Visla For Checkup During Heat

Take her to the vet if you notice any unusual symptoms, and listen closely to advise your veterinarian on managing this particular situation. She must see a professional at least once for consultation during heat, so contact your nearest clinic as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for Vizsla’s visit with the doctor.

What To Expect When Your Vizsla Is In Heat?

Your Vizsla will be much more affectionate and territorial during her heat cycle. She may drool, pant, or act lethargic. When your female vizsla is in heat, she’ll have an extreme desire to mate. Thus, her vulva lips may become swollen and pinker in color (or she might lick them repeatedly). During this time, it would be best not to introduce other males into the house as they might fight dominance. It is normal if she displays an increased appetite, but it can be difficult to manage food intake, so make sure there are access points outside of regular mealtimes.

Well, it might be a little bit of an adjustment for you, especially if this is the first time around. It is because she will have all sorts of hormones running through her body. That can really change how she acts towards other people and animals. Females around this time should also avoid going near other males because it could lead to fights between them both. The vet suggests you keep her on a leash at all times during these periods as well since it’s easy for females to escape and run off once they’re feeling horny.

Should You Spay A Vizsla Before Her First Heat?

The way to make sure that your Vizsla won’t experience any heat cycle is by spaying her. Further, this will take care of all the bodily changes, and you’ll never have to worry about it again. Moreover, why you should spay your Vizsla before the first heat is:

  • You won’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with heat cycles, which can be very messy and time-consuming.
  • Your Vizsla will be happier not having to deal with the heat cycles, and this is a perfect time to get her spayed.
  • Spaying Vizsla before her first heat will prevent any unwanted pregnancies.
  • It will help your Vizsla avoid some health problems like breast cancer, uterine infections, and pyometra.
  • Your Vizsla will be less likely to be aggressive towards other dogs during her heat cycles.
  • You won’t have to put up with the pungent smell of your dog’s vaginal discharge that may get on furniture or clothing, not to mention bedding!

So, if you’re looking for a way to lessen the mess of having your Vizsla go through her heat cycles, then get her spayed before her first time.


In conclusion, you may be wondering what a Vizsla heat cycle is and whether or not your pup will go into heat. We’ve answered all of these questions for you in this blog post. Make sure to read about the different stages, signs that they are going into heat, how often they enter their cycle, and some helpful tips on helping them through it if necessary. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out with our contact form below, and we would love to answer those.

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