Traveling With A Vizsla: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling With A Vizsla: The Ultimate Guide

The Vizsla dog breed is a Hungarian hunting dog that needs lots of care and love as much as possible. Usually, this pet is perfect for most families. Unfortunately, this breed is not suitable for people who are always busy and traveling a lot. One of the merits of this dog is Vizslas likes traveling and feels excited about it. However, you need to know how to travel with a Vizsla and make traveling easier for this pet first.

It isn’t easy to travel with a Vizsla. Usually, the dog can be very energetic and require more attention than other dog breeds. Yet, if you are considering taking your Vizsla on an airplane, it will be worth the hassle because they are such loyal companions once they get there.

In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about traveling with a Vizsla, including how much does a flight ticket cost with a vizsla? What documents and procedures do you need for flying with a vizsla? Things you will need while traveling with vizslas and more.

Can I Take A Vizsla On A Plane?

Yes, Vizslas are a medium-sized breed under the Federal Aviation Administration’s guidelines. And this allows for as many as two dogs per plane flight. They must be over 12 inches tall and fit on your lap or in an FAA-approved carrier that can go under your seat.

Tips For Traveling With A Vizsla Dog

Although Vizslas can be pretty raucous, there are several things you can do to make the trip easier for both of you. Some of the tips that will make your traveling experience with your Vizsla easier and more enjoyable include:


  • Bring food, water, toys, and a blanket or pillow for the dog to lay on.
  • Have your pup sit near you at all times. So, they are never alone in the aisle or under a seat.
  • Finally, keep them on their leash (unless instructed otherwise).


  • Check for carsickness before taking along any of your furry friends. In addition, you’ll want to get them familiar with riding in the car from an early age if they’re prone to motion sickness.
  • Encourage wet burps by giving them treats while driving and offer shallow sips of water every hour or two during long trips.
  • Put together a first aid kit with some Dramamine® and Benadryl® for emergencies.
  • Bring food and water, toys, a blanket or pillow to keep them comfortable on the ride, as well as an extra collar and leash just in case.
  • When driving with a Vizsla dog, it’s essential that they feel secure in a dog crate. If they’re not feeling safe, they may end up in injuries or an accident.


  • Train does not allow dogs if you keep them under control by voice command or tether/leash at all times.
  • Keep a muzzle on the dog at all times unless they’re in an enclosed area.

In the Air:

  • In case you’re flying with a pup in the cabin. Make sure to read up on what you require to pass in the airline you’ll be flying with. For example, Delta Airlines requires an approved carrier that you can store under the seat in front of you or your lap.
  • If you’re traveling with a Vizsla, they will be a medium-sized breed under FAA guidelines. So, this allows as many as two dogs per plane flight (provided that they are over 12 inches tall).
  • When you arrive at the airport, there are specific procedures for carrying your Vizsla dog. For example, Delta Airlines have an approved carrier designed to fit under the seat in front of you or on your lap.


When it’s time to take a break from exploring and sightseeing, make sure to bring your Vizsla along for the ride. They’ll be more than happy to play keep-away from you and watch out for any dangers in their environment (i.e., an open door).

In The Hotel:

  • When you’re in the hotel, make sure you’re familiar with the policy on pets. For example, some hotels allow dogs up to a specific size (usually under 20 pounds), while others have restrictions against any animals staying at their establishment.
  • Suppose your Vizsla is entirely new for a hotel. They may be nervous. Give them some time to explore and get familiar with the new environment before you come back from exploring.
  • Some hotels will have a “no pet” policy. It means that you’ll have to stay elsewhere if your dog is not welcome.

Tips For Traveling On A Vizsla Dog: How To Travel By Air With A Vizsla?

It is possible to fly with a dog inside the cabin, in cargo, or as an unaccompanied pet.

Traveling with a Vizsla can be fun and rewarding, but it also takes some planning beforehand to make sure that your dog is comfortable in its new environment — and safe at all times.

Be Aware Of Airport Regulations

Read up on the airport’s regulations for pets when you’re about to go through security so that there are no surprises. They’ll need a carrier, and it should be able to fit under your seat (or sit on your lap).

Get A Comfortable Carrier For Vizsla

Keep in mind that their carriers must fit under the seat in front of you or on your lap (Delta Airlines has restrictions that it must be sitting on your lap).

Always try to make sure the carrier is big enough for them, so they have some room to move.

Make sure that you are comfortable with the Vizsla being in a carrier for extended periods (some can’t handle it).

Bring All The Documents That Airport May Ask

You should also bring any medications, identification papers, and other documents needed for this trip.

Rabies Shot

Remember to have their rabies shot at least 30 days before you travel, or they won’t be able to fly with you.

If you have an older Vizsla, be sure that their shots are up to date before traveling in any way (airplane, car).

Make Sure Your Vizsla Has No Health Issues

Vizsla dogs must be at least eight weeks old without any health issues before they can fly in the cabin with you.

Make sure your dog is healthy and has no health issues before flying. It is because the plane policy does not allow sick pets.

Teach Your Vizsla To Stay Put

Make sure to teach your dog that they cannot stay there and that they’re not going against their pet policy, or else it will cost a lot more for them (and you) to stay there.

Be aware of any allergies that the hotel may have for your Vizsla, as some are allergic and will refuse service if they know you’re bringing in a dog.

Snacks And Medications For Your Vizsla

Bring snacks along with your pet’s food so that they don’t get hungry while exploring new surroundings.

Bring along their prescribed medications, just in case.

Clip Their Nails Beforehand

Clip the nails of your Vizsla. So, they do not scratch the seats or other passengers.

Toys For Your Vizsla

Bring a toy for when they need to let off some steam. However, don’t bring toys that might disturb your fellow passengers.

How Much Does A Flight Ticket Cost With A Vizsla?

The cost for a flight ticket with a pet is as per its weight and the type of carrier. It averages $150 to travel on planes, trains, or buses, as well as $75 to ship your dog through cargo carriers.

You need to pay a fee for your dog’s ticket, which can range from $125-$200 per flight. Webjet lists airlines that allow pets onboard and how much it costs to take them.

Vizsla dogs must be at least eight weeks old without any health issues before they can fly in the cabin with you.

What Documents And Procedures Do You Require For A Flight With A Vizsla?

For your dog’s safety and security, those with a vizsla need to bring along an approved carrier for their pet. The size of the container must be able to fit under the seat in front of you or on your lap (Delta Airlines has restrictions that it must be on your lap).

Do not forget to bring along any medications that they take, as well as a license if you’re in the states.

You also need a health certificate issued within one week of travel and up-to-date rabies vaccination tags on the collar.

On flights, you will need to bring the following documents:

  • A valid identification card,
  • Your Vizsla’s vaccination certificate, and
  • A collar or harness with current ID tags that includes your name and address.

Do I Need To Vaccinate My Vizsla When Traveling?

Yes, it would help if you had up-to-date vaccination tags on the collar when traveling with your dog or their rabies certificate.

What Includes In A Dog’s Identification Tag?

The tag should include an owner’s name and address, a rabies tag or certificate, and an emergency contact name.

Can I Take A Vizsla In My Car?

Yes, a Vizsla can take them in your car as long as they are feeling restrained. Also, make sure you do not leave them unattended. They must also have proper identification tags on their collar that includes the owner’s name and address along with an up-to-date rabies vaccination tag or a rabies certificate.

Can I Take A Vizsla On The Subway?

No, the subway does not allow you to take a dog with you. Subway is not pet-friendly, and most of the Vizslas have an “allergy alert” notice posted.

What Is The Required Age For Traveling With A Vizsla?

A dog must be at least eight weeks old to travel on its own with a carrier through airports and other transportation terminals. On all different modes of transport, puppies can start traveling from three months of age.

Supplies You Will Need While Traveling With Vizsla Dogs:

Some of the supplies that you will need while traveling with Vizslas are:

  • A clean, freshwater source for your Vizsla at all times.
  • Small amounts of food that your Vizsla can eat quickly and easily on the go.
  • Bags to collect dog poop and any other waste along the way, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of it later.
  • Wet wipes for the paws to clean off any dirt or debris and make it easier for your Vizsla to walk on surfaces.
  • A first aid kit with bandages, alcohol wipes, gauze pads in case of injury during your travel time.


In conclusion, there’s no one way to travel with a Vizsla. It all depends on what you are looking for and how much time you have. Whether it is going long distance or short, something out there will suit your needs.

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