Vizsla Sizes: Are Vizslas Large Dog Breed?

Vizsla Sizes

Vizsla is a handsome, intelligent breed of dog that originated in Hungary. Hungarian people have used these dogs for hunting since the 16th century. And owing to its ability to track games both on land or on the water, it has a high price. Vizslas are an energetic breed that needs plenty of exercises, including running, swimming, playing ball games, and long walks with their owners. You should not overfeed them as they can become obese, leading to other health problems such as joint disease or heart failure. So, what are the perfect sizes for Vizsla?

The sizes of Vizsla vary depending upon the environment, health status, breed type, diet, and exercise. The one with a healthy lifestyle grows into a medium-sized dog that can weigh around 30 -45 pounds and has a height of 23-27 inches. Moreover, based on the size and place, Vizsla is Hungarian, Smooth-haired, and Wirehaired types.

Vizsla sizes vary depending on gender and whether they show dogs or working dogs, but this article will help you learn more about Vizsla sizes to know what size would best suit your Vizsla friend.

Are Vizslas Large Breed?

Vizslas are a large breed. Vizsla dogs have 30 to 45 pounds and height between 23-27 inches, which is not that small for their size. However, Vizslas can grow up to 27 in height with an average of 37 to 43 lbs.

Further, due to mix-breeding and cross-breeding nowadays, some Vizslas can be as large as  80 pounds. Vizsla sizes are not dependent on their type, but various factors like genetics, diet, and environment can affect Vizsla size.

How Be Big Will My Vizsla?

The weight, height, and length will depend solely upon the dog’s genetic makeup as well as its parents’ heights and weights. Vizslas that are shorter in height tend to be heavier than taller Vizslas. Vizsla sizes can range from 20-80 pounds when fully grown, with the average weight is 50 lbs for an adult Vizsla is 23 inches tall and 26-27 inches long. Vizsla sizes will also depend on genetics, diet, and the environment.

So, if you want to know the size that your Vizsla can achieve, look for the following things:

  • The food you feed your Vizsla
  • Environment Vizslas lives in
  • Genetics Vizsla comes from parents
  • Amount of exercises Vizsla has
  • Type Vizsla belongs to (i.e., Vizslas come in three types: Hungarian vizslas, American and Continental)

Is The Size Of Vizsla Different According To Their Type?

The size of Vizslas is not dependent upon their type, but it depends largely on the dog’s genetic makeup and its parents’ heights and weights. There are three variations of Vizslas Vizslas, Hungarian Vizsla and Vizslas. Vizslas are a large breed with a weight of 30 to 45 pounds and a height between 23-27 inches that is not small for their size.

Generally, there are different types of Vizslas.

Smooth Haired Vizsla

Vizslas are medium to large size dogs, with males usually weighing between 45 and 65 pounds. They have a  height that ranges between 21 to 27 inches tall. Vizslas are a large breed, and they can live up to 14 years with the proper care and exercise.

Besides this, the skin coat of Vizslas can range from short and smooth to a long, thick, rough coat. Vizslas are usually brown or cream-colored with black spots on their muzzle, ears, cheeks, body, and tail tip and in the eye area of some Vizsla dogs. Their eyes are usually brown with a black dot around the pupil. And they have a long and low snout to allow them to get the scent in their noses as they hunt.

Hungarian Vizsla

Hungarian Vizslas are the largest Vizsla size with an average weight of 55 pounds and 23 inches. Usually, the male  Vizsla is larger than the female Vizsla, with males weighing 60 pounds while females weighing around 55 pounds.

Further, the skin coat of Hungarian Vizsla is long and straight and has varieties of colors like brown, black with brown spots, and yellow. Anyone can easily recognize these dogs because of their erect ears that point upward, flat-top head, and the noticeably long tail carried over their back or tucked in between their legs when they sit down.

Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehair Vizslas grow up to be an average of 40 pounds and have a coat made up of a mixture of long, coarse hair and a short undercoat. Vizsla wirehair dogs are usually brown with black or red patches on their face.

Usually, the males weighing on average 40 pounds, whereas females weighed an average of 25 pounds. And the height of the Vizsla wirehair is around 18 inches.

Lastly, Vizsla dogs with wirehair coats are usually less energetic and calmer than Vizsla with other coat types. It is because they do not need to go hunting like long-haired Vizslas.  So, they will not have tangled skin coats in the bushes while hunting prey animals.

What Are The Types Of Vizslas According To Their Size?

With the popularity of Vizslas, breeders are constantly breeding, mix-breeding, and cross-breeding this dog to get an improved variety. As a result of they created Vizslas of different sizes.

So, the different sizes of Vizsla are:

Vizsla Toy And Its Sizes

Vizslas of this type are small breeds because they weigh around 25 pounds, but this can change depending on the dog’s type. The dogs that are toy breeds range from 11-25 pounds and have a height of 16 inches or less, with males usually weighing more than females.

Vizsla Miniature

Vizslas that fall into this category can weigh anywhere between 27 and 35 pounds, approximately half to three-quarters of a large breed. In addition, the miniatures have a height of 17 inches, and males usually weigh more than the females in this category.

Vizsla Standard Sizes 

Vizslas that fall into this category range from 15 to 60 pounds, with an average weight being around 25-30 pounds. It is considerably smaller in size than the large breed of Vizsla. They also have a height of 17 inches, with males usually weighing more than females in the category.

Vizsla Giant Sizes

Vizslas that fall into this category weigh anywhere from 60-120 pounds and measure up to 28 inches tall at their shoulder blades, much larger than Vizslas. Thus, Vizsla giant is one of the larger breeds of this dog.

How Big Do Hungarian Vizslas Grow?

Hungarian Vizslas originated from Hungary to help people in hunting. These Vizslas are usually a medium-sized breed of Vizsla. They grow between 24 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder, with males being taller than females on average. The weight range for Hungarian Vizsla is 55 – 75 pounds, which is one of the lighter Vizsla breeds in size but heavier Vizsla breeds in weight.

Hungarian Vizslas that live an active lifestyle will tend to be a little smaller in size than Vizslas that are more sedentary. Vizsla breeds with longer. Thin legs will also weigh less when compared to Vizslas with shorter limbs and broader builds.

How Big Does A Wirehaired Vizsla Get?

Wirehaired Vizsla is from  Austria and Hungary. Vizslas from these countries are the tallest of all Vizsla types, with a height at the shoulder ranging from 21 inches to 27 inches (53 cm-69 cm). Moreover, the maximum weight and height of wair-haired Vizsla are 27 inches (69 cm) and 75 pounds (34 kg).

As the name suggests, the wirehaired Vizsla comes with hair that is dense and wiry. Vizsla’s body is slender with a deep chest, and the head has an elongated shape. Their blue or gray eyes should have black lashes and eyebrows that contrast well with their coat color (wirehaired Vizslas usually have an orange or red coat). Vizslas are brilliant and sensitive animals that like to please their owners.

But they can be somewhat difficult for first-time owners due to their independent nature and outstanding hunting abilities.

Are All Vizsla Of Same Sizes?

No, all  Vizslas are not of the same size. Vizsla sizes vary depending on their type, and in the Vizsla world, there are three types viz. Hungarian Vizsla, Wirehaired Vizsla and Smooth-coated Vizslas. The largest among them is the first viz., which weighs 55 to 65 pounds. Vizslas that belong to the second type, viz. Wirehaired Vizsla can weigh between 30 and 45 pounds while those of the third type viz., Smooth-coated Vizslas will have a weight ranging from 20 to 35 pounds.

Besides this, genetics, lifestyle, diet, and the dog’s health status can also affect Vizsla size.

Which Type Of Vizsla Is Largest?

Vizsla is a medium-sized dog, and there are five main Vizsla sizes. The Vizsla can be classified as small (under 20 pounds), medium (20 to 40 lbs.), large (40 to 60 lbs.), or giant Vizslas over 60lbs.

Hungarian Vizslas are the largest type in the Vizsla breed, with males weighing 60lbs and females averaging around 55 pounds. Besides this, the height of the males and females are the same, around 22 inches. Therefore, these Vizslas have than the other Vizsla breeds that stand at a maximum of 22 inches when fully grown (usually around 18 months).

What Are The Factors That Influence The Size Of The Vizsla?

Vizslas bred for pheasant hunting should be larger and stronger than those meant to hunt rabbits or even family pets. The Vizsla breed is also classified as medium-sized dogs according to their weight ranges, though some can get tall with an impressive body mass. Vizslas tend to grow quickly, sometimes causing owners to confuse this breed with large-sized dog breeds.

However, there are a few factors that influence Vizsla sizes. Such as:


Vizslas are a mix of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Vizsla sizes can differ depending on how much each parent weighs, but an average Vizsla has mixed genes that will make them heavier than their parents if they have one or two purebred Vizslas as the other breed in their bloodline. Vizslas that are purebred Vizsla will be heavier than Vizslas with mixed blood.

Diet And  Vizsla  Sizes

Vizslas should eat a high-quality, healthy diet of protein and fat to maintain their size. If you feed your Vizsla poorly, they can become obese, affecting how heavy the dog’s weight is. Vizslas with a high-quality diet will be around 50 pounds. But the ones that are eating an unhealthy diet with too many calories and too few nutrients will be around 60 to 80 pounds as an adult. Moreover, some Vizslas will have a downfall in their size due to disease resulted from unhealthy food habits.


Vizsla sizes also depend on where the dog lives and whether people breed them for hunting or not. Usually, the dogs that live in colder climates will be more muscular. And their sizes can range from 20-80 pounds, but hunting or working Vizslas may have a smaller size. But, again, it is because these dogs utilize most of the calorie intake to perform their job. 

Exercise And  Vizsla  Sizes

Vizslas are beautiful dogs with great hunting abilities. They require regular exercise. Vizsla sizes will vary depending on the type or how much exercise they get. The dogs that are not in action are shorter and stockier. Exercise is the best way to keep them healthy, but it is also equally vital for them to maintain their average size by eating well.

Affect Of Diseases On Sizes Of Vizsla

Vizsla is more susceptible to several health issues like hypothyroidism and Vizsla eye disease. Diseases make Vizslas smaller in size as their muscles are weak or damaged joints due to instability in their bones. Furthermore, Vizslas, who were suffering from cancer, may lose weight and become much smaller.  Vizslas who have suffered from hypothyroidism may also lose weight, become smaller in size, and Vizsla eye disease can cause the Vizsla to suffer a loss of appetite.


Summing up, Vizslas are a large breed, and they can range in sizes from medium to extra-large. The dog’s height will vary depending on their type, with Hungarian vizsla being the tallest at 27 inches tall. You must know what size your pet will be when it matures so that you can purchase items appropriately for them or plan accordingly if you have stairs or other obstacles in your home. Some factors which influence the size of this specific breed include gender and genetic makeup. 

Do you want to know more about how big a Vizsla should get as it ages? If yes, then don’t hesitate to contact our team here! We’re happy to help answer any questions related specifically to this topic.

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