Collapsed Trachea In Vizsla: Signs, Causes And Treatment

Collapsed Trachea In Vizsla

Vizslas are a popular hunting breed that originated in Hungary. The Vizsla uses his nose to find the game and point it out with barks or sit quietly nearby. They have sensitive noses so that they can be easily distracted by the smells around them. But what about problems in Vizsla? Mainly, what about collapsed trachea in Vizsla? What are its signs? What causes collapsed trachea in Vizsla? Let’s find out.

Vizsla Collapsed Trachea is not common, but it can lead to other health problems for your dog if left untreated. Signs of collapsing trachea in Vizslas are Coughing And Wheezing; Persistent Barking; Excessive Or Trouble Breathing; Bruised Neck Skin; Foam Coming Out Of Their Mouth; Muffled Barking; Lethargy And Lack Of Interest In Playtime; Difficulty Swallowing; And A Sensitive, Painful Area At The Back Of Their Neck.

This article will talk about Vizsla Collapsed Trachea Causes of a collapsed trachea in vizslas What exactly is collapsed trachea in Vizsla How to treat collapsed trachea and prevent collapsing of the trachea in Vizsla.

What Exactly Is Collapsed Trachea In Vizsla?

Collapsing trachea in your Vizsla means something has gone wrong with the cartilage that helps keep the trachea open.

If not treated early enough, collapsing trachea in Vizsla is a severe condition and can lead to complications such as pneumonia, emphysema, or other respiratory issues.

Collapsing trachea is an emergency and should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible to diagnose the condition properly.

Collapsed trachea in Vizslas will come with symptoms that are more pronounced when they’re lying down. If the symptoms are worse when standing up or sitting, you need to see a veterinarian.

11 Signs Your Vizsla’s Trachea Is Collapsing

When your Vizsla trachea has collapsed, you must take action. If left untreated, the condition can worsen and lead to other health problems for your dog. If your Vizsla is exhibiting any of these signs, you must take them in for immediate veterinary attention, so this can be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Here are 11 signs of a collapsing trachea in Vizslas:

Coughing And Wheezing

Your Vizsla is wheezing and coughing a lot. A Vizslas cough has a “honking” sound, which the collapse may cause in their trachea.

Cough or wheezing that is louder when lying down could signify this problem compared to standing up. If Vizsla’s symptoms worsen when they go from sitting or laying down to being active, then your dog might have a collapsing trachea.

Persistent Barking

Persistent barking or panting that leads to exhaustion are two more symptoms of this problem.

Excessive Or Trouble Breathing

This excessive breathing can occur when the trachea collapses. Your Vizsla also may have a problem breathing in general. You might notice that the air is coming out through your nose instead of your mouth. It could mean that your dog has difficulty exhaling, which results from this collapsing trachea condition too.

Bruised Neck Skin And Painful Area At The Back Of Their Neck

The skin on your Vizsla’s neck may be fragile and easily bruised, which means their esophagus or other organs are being pushed against it. A noticeable sign of a collapsed trachea is a pain in the back of the neck.

Foam Coming Out Of Their Mouth

A light-colored foam at the mouth can also mean that there has been a collapse in the trachea. This symptom is rarely seen in Vizsla, but the condition could be so advanced that it has begun to bleed and irritate your dog’s mouth.

Dull Coat And Dry Skin

Your Vizsla may have a dull coat with dry skin. It can happen when they are not getting enough air due to their collapsing trachea.

Trouble Swallowing Food Drinking Water Or Anything Else

If your Vizsla can’t swallow, then it could be because of this condition. It will not allow them to eat or drink anything as well.

Your Vizsla may have trouble swallowing food and water because their throat will be partially blocked.

Reverse Sneezing

They may also have trouble breathing when they are active and panting excessively. But, again, this is because of the collapsing trachea, which blocks the airways, so your Vizsla can’t breathe properly.

They might have difficulty breathing and exercising because of their collapsed trachea. It is “reverse sneezing,” which can be pretty alarming for owners to see. Dogs reverse sneeze when they try to inhale but instead find that their throat has narrowed and they can’t breathe.

Low Hanging Head To Maintain Oxygen Supply In Their Lungs

You might notice that your dog’s head hangs low to maintain a good supply of oxygen in their lungs.

Muffled Barking Or Unable To Bark At All

When your Vizsla has this condition, their bark will sound muffled, and they may not be able to make any noise. This is because the airway becomes constricted when it collapses. In addition, your Vizsla’s bark may sound muffled because of the collapsing trachea.

Lethargy And Lack Of Interest In Playtime

One more symptom is lethargy and lack of interest in their playtime with you or other dogs. A collapsed trachea causes it, which makes it difficult for your Vizsla to breathe.

Causes Of Collapsed Trachea In Vizsla

Collapsed trachea is a common condition in Vizsla, but many causes can result in this problem.

Wearing Down Of Cartilage

It usually occurs when the cartilage starts to wear down and prevents your dog’s vocal cords from opening correctly. 

Congested Or Inflamed Airway

A congested or inflamed airway could also cause collapsed trachea because it narrows down to a smaller size. In addition, infection or foreign objects in the throat may cause this condition too.

Viral Infection

One condition that can cause the cartilage to wear down is a viral infection. However, there are also cases where this problem is not caused by trauma, cancer, and other illnesses.

Foreign Objects In The Throat

An infection in your dog’s throat can also lead to their trachea collapsing because it narrows and blocks their airways. Also, foreign objects in your Vizsla’s throat, This is because to not such as a piece of bone or plastic may lead to this problem.


Some cases are caused by cancer because the cells start to grow and form tumor tissue that blocks their airways.

Trauma To The Throat Or Neck Area

There is trauma to the throat or neck area that can lead to the collapse of their trachea. In addition, your Vizsla had an accident and injured themselves in this region, such as getting hit by a car.

Problems With The Lymph Nodes Or Thyroid Gland

A problem with the lymph nodes or thyroid gland may also cause your Vizsla’s trachea to collapse.

How To Treat Collapsed Trachea In Vizsla?

Collapsed trachea is usually a chronic condition, and there are no medications to treat this problem.

The best way to help your Vizsla with the collapsed trachea is by feeding them canned food in small amounts, so they don’t have trouble swallowing it. You can also provide them smaller pieces of their regular kibble, which will help them to eat.

In addition, you can give your Vizsla a slimmer drink like water or thinned soup and make sure they have fresh air as often as possible.

You should also be aware that dogs will need more grooming because their fur gets matted when it’s wet with saliva from the throat.

A vet will prescribe a special diet for the Vizsla to follow. The diet will be healthy and bland so that the dog can eat it without any problems. The diet will also have low fat and protein levels.

Some vets may also recommend surgery for your dog if they are in severe pain or suffer from many provide other symptoms. There are different types of surgical procedures that your vet may suggest.

One is a windpipe transplant, which may not heal appropriately if not done by a specialist. There are also surgeries where the veterinary surgeon closes off one side of the airway so it can’t collapse again.

How To Prevent Collapsed Trachea In Vizsla?

You can prevent the problem of your Vizsla’s trachea collapsing by feeding them canned food in small amounts, so they don’t have trouble swallowing it. You should also be aware that dogs will need more grooming because their fur gets matted when it’s wet with saliva from the throat.

  • Feed your Vizsla canned food in small amounts so they can’t have trouble swallowing
  • Make sure your dog has fresh air as often as possible.
  • Check that there are no foreign objects in the throat.
  • Give your Vizsla a slimmer drink like water or thinned soup.
  • Consider some surgery for the collapsed trachea, depending on how severe it is. It can help to open up Vizsla’s airways by closing off one side not to collapse again.
  • You should also be aware that dogs will need more grooming because their fur gets matted when it’s wet with saliva from the throat.


In conclusion, Vizsla, with a collapsing trachea, may have a chronic condition. However, there are some things that you can do to help them, such as feeding canned food in small amounts, so they don’t have trouble swallowing it and making sure your dog has fresh air as often as possible.

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