How to Make Vizsla Hair Grow Longer?

How to Make Vizsla Hair Grow Longer?

A common question for Vizsla owners is “how to make Vizsla hair grow longer?” Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for how to make Vizsla hair grow longer, but there are a few tricks that can help. These tips will show you ways to make your dog’s long hair grow faster and even keep it healthy.

Generally, you can’t change how long your dog’s hair grows. However, you may have more luck making Vizsla’s hair grow faster. With the right combination of care and treatment, you should be able to make your Vizsla hair grow longer. A few things can help in this process: diet, exercise, grooming techniques, and supplements. Let’s go over each one individually.

“Can I make my vizsla’s hair grow back?” It is an excellent question because the answer might surprise you – yes, with some time and effort (and maybe some unique products), your pet dog may be able to regenerate the hair that they’ve lost.

So we know what can cause long-haired dogs like the Vizsla to lose their fur – but how do we make it grow back? Read on for tips!

Do Vizslas Have Long Hair?

Well, the answer is partially. It may decide to grow long or not, but you can make it look better by grooming it well.

Vizslas are a short-haired breed of dog, but they have a very dense coat. Its brown hairs grow thick and can be as long as you want.

But there is one problem – the hair doesn’t always grow back after being cut off by the groomer or even at home using scissors. So it may look like a tragic story for those who love their pup’s long hair.

How Long Is The Vizsla Hair?

The average length is about one to two inches. However, some can grow their hair up to three feet long! This doesn’t frequently happen, though. If you are wondering does Vizsla has fur: they do not. They will get a thick undercoat during the winter months, but it sheds out naturally.

How To Make Vizsla Hair Grow Long Faster?

Who doesn’t want to have a dog with soft fur and beautiful hair?

Some breeds have a nasty habit of growing their hair very quickly, but Vizslas is not one of these breeds. Their fur tends to be the same length most days and will get shaggy only when they shed.

Hence, here are some tips for you to help your vizsla hair to grow faster and longer:

Reduce Stress

You don’t want to add more weight to your dog’s head. The best way to reduce stress for your Vizsla is by limiting the number of activities they participate in.

Give Them A Bath

Keeping your Vizsla looking clean and fresh will also make their hair grow faster. In addition, grooming is an excellent way to bond with your dog, so bathing them can be an enjoyable experience for both of you!

Clean Their Ears

Ear infections can also lead to broken hair. If you notice that one of their ears seems sore, swollen or hot, take it as a warning sign that there may be an infection inside their ear canal. Cleaning their ears will help to prevent infections.

Give Them A Lot Of Fresh Air

This might seem counterintuitive since we know that dogs can’t sweat, but it helps prevent oily skin. Since this is the most common cause of hair loss, this will help to promote faster hair growth.

Trim Their Nails

You want to give your dog’s feet a chance to grow and breathe. However, the nails can get in-between their toes, and it can lead to discomfort, which may make their hair start to recede.

Give Them Supplements

If you’re concerned about certain nutrients in your dog’s diet, you may want to look into giving them supplements. For example, flaxseed oil is one of the best options for faster hair growth as it contains Omega-Linoleic Acid, which promotes healthy hair and skin.

Vitamins such as biotin can help your pup’s hair grow faster than ever before because they boost metabolism and increase blood circulation throughout the body.

Omega-fatty acids are also good for the skin and coat. In addition, they will make your dog’s hair shiny, smooth, silky, and soft to touch.

Brush Their Hair

Brushing their hair will help to remove any dirt and debris from the top of their coat. It will also keep Vizsla looking neat, which is always a good thing!

You should start brushing your pet regularly, especially if it has a thick coat, as Vizslas do. Brushing removes dead hairs and stimulates blood flow to the skin, which is very important for your pet’s overall health.

Use A Right Comb

It’s important to use the right comb for their hair type. For example, a wide-tooth comb is best for long or curly hair, and a thin-toothed comb is ideal for short, wiry coats.

Use A Good Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

Just because your dog has long hair doesn’t mean that you should use human shampoo on them. Always make sure to find the right type of shampoo for Vizsla’s coat, and look out for ingredients like coconut or olive oil which can help promote faster growth!

Using conditioners daily also stimulates blood flow to the skin and helps with hair growth as well. It makes it great for sensitive skin and reduces irritation or itchiness from allergies or other issues. Additionally, it makes the hair smooth and silky, which you need to get that long-haired look.

Good Oil For Your Vizsla Hair

After you bathe your Vizsla, make sure to rub a suitable oil into their coat. They have sensitive skin, so it’s important not to use an oily product as this will cause them discomfort and lead to hair breakage. Some of the best options are grapeseed, almond, or avocado oils which contain Omega-Linoleic Acid.

Trim Their Hair

It’s important to trim their hair every few months. You don’t want it to get too out of control, leading to bald patches or painful mats that are difficult and time-consuming to remove!

When Does Vizsla Get Long Hair?

Vizslas are a short-haired breed, but they can grow long hair if you want them to. In some cases, the Vizsla will have a longer coat.

Vizsla’s hair gets longer when they are puppies. As they become adults, the Vizsla’s long hair will start to thin or fall out completely due to their short-haired genes.

Reasons For Hair Loss In Vizsla

To learn more about making Vizsla hair grow longer, we need to know what causes long-haired dogs like the Vizsla in question here to lose their fur in the first place. So let’s go over a few possible reasons!

Surgery Or Medications

If your dog has had surgery or is on certain medications, it might be losing its hair because of that. If this is the case, talk to your vet about what you can do. It’s important to try and keep your dog as comfortable and healthy as possible!

Skin Conditions

If your Vizsla has a skin condition like mange or ticks, then there are some things you can do to help them get better and keep their hair.


If your dog has been in a shelter or had some difficult life experiences, they might be losing the fur because of stress – even if the animal is otherwise healthy!

Other Reasons

However, there are other reasons for vizsla hair loss that can’t be helped; these include old age, allergies to flea bites or other allergens, general hair loss (which happens in humans too!), and more.

Does Vizsla Hair Grow Back?

The good news is that, yes, most of the time, their hair will grow back. It’s important to keep your dog healthy and comfortable while this happens!

The hair can be a sensitive part of vizsla characteristics. Hence, losing it can be stressful for you as well as your Vizsla.

But don’t worry! There are many things you can do to help your Vizsla’s hair grow back.

What Oil Is Good For Vizsla Hair?

Vizslas have a double coat, so you’ll want to invest in oil that will help maintain the health of their skin and fur while also adding shine to it! I recommend using coconut oil for any areas where hair is thinning or balding.

A few oils out there can help promote faster growth – coconut oil, almond, or grapeseed oils tend to work best. But, make sure you apply these to the skin and not just the fur!

You might also want to try adding some supplements like Omega-Linoleic Acid into their diet. These can help speed up hair growth, though it will take time before you start seeing results.

Supplies You Will Need To Make Your Vizsla Hair Grow Long Faster

So now that we know more about the hair of a Vizsla, it’s time to talk about how you can make your furry friend grow their hair out faster!

It would help if you had various supplies for your vizsla hair, and stocking up will be a reasonable risk to take.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Hairbrush
  • Nail clippers
  • Toys to play with that help Vizslas maintain their teeth and keep them from getting bored. It will also distract your dog so you can do something else without worrying about them chewing on the furniture!
  • Food grade oil. (You can use olive, coconut, or jojoba oils for this)
  • A good quality dog food that is rich in omega fats. Vizsla hair will grow faster if you feed them a diet that contains sufficient amounts of protein and vitamin E and B vitamins to promote hair growth.
  • An excellent oil-based shampoo (I recommend coconut, almond, or grapeseed)
  • Supplements that contain Omega-Linoleic Acid. Speak to your vet about what might be best for your dog!

Does Vizsla Shed?

In the warmer months, they generally don’t shed too much but will start to “blow” their coat which means a lot of shedding for about three weeks or so. In the wintertime, though, you can expect them to blow their coats twice as often, and it is prevalent for people to see their Vizsla covered in hair.


Now that you know more about making your Vizsla’s hair grow longer, it should be much easier! Remember – keep them healthy and comfortable while they go through the process of regrowing their fur, and your dog will soon have a beautiful mane again!

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