Vizsla Summer Care: 13 Tips To Keep Vizsla Summer Safe

Vizsla Summer Care

The summer months are great for people who have a vizsla dog. It’s fun to go outside and play in the sun with your furry best friend, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful! There are many things that you need to do during the summer months to keep your Vizsla safe. So, let’s talk about Vizsla summer care. How to keep Vizsla safe during summer?

Vizsla summer care includes maintaining good hygiene, getting vaccinated for the correct diseases, using sunscreen when it’s sunny outside, keeping your dog under shade most of the time, playing with water to avoid overheating or dehydration, and protecting your Vizsla from chemicals.

These are just a few tips that you can use this summer to keep your Vizsla safe during these hot months. This blog post will discuss some of these tips. In addition, you’ll learn how to protect your Vizsla from sunburn, what happens if they get too hot, and more!

Vizsla Summer Care

People looking for a dog breed that would be perfect for the summer season should get Vizsla dogs. Vizslas do not typically require a lot of grooming, and they enjoy being outdoors.

How To Keep Vizsla Safe During Summer?

To keep your Vizsla safe during summer, you should always ensure that they have plenty of freshwater, shade, and light-weighted heavy cotton clothing to wear so they can avoid overheating.

You should also make sure that they have access to air conditioning or cool places so they can escape from the heat as well as sunburns. Finally, when you take your Vizsla in for a veterinarian’s visit, ask about the best way to protect their skin from UV rays and excessive heat exposure.

13 Tips For Keeping Your Vizsla Dog Safe During Summer

I will list out all the best and simplest tips and tricks to save your Vizsla during summer.

Here they are:

Maintain Good Hygiene

You have to maintain the excellent hygiene of Vizsla during summer because they could quickly get sunburns and heatstroke.


Vaccinate your vizslas with the necessary vaccinations to prevent them from getting diseases or illnesses that might be fatal during summers, such as parvovirus and other dog viruses.

Use Sunscreen

The best way to protect Vizsla’s skin is by using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. You can also buy a protective garment like a bandana to cover their head and neck areas.

Keep Vizsla Under The Shade Most Of The Time

It would help if you kept your vizslas under the shade most of the time since they don’t have fur on their skin, so it would be straightforward for them to get sunburns.

Let It Play With Water

If you allow vizslas to play with water during summer, it will cool down their body temperature and help maintain hydration levels in the best possible way.

Protect from Chemicals and Toxic Agents

You must protect your Vizsla from toxic agents and chemicals. Always keep a close eye on their interactions with other dogs or animals so that they do not have any incidents involving them ingesting anything harmful to their health.

Roll down the Car Windows

It would help if you rolled down your car windows when traveling to protect your Vizsla from heatstroke as well as wind chill while you’re driving.

Turn on the Air Conditioning

When you turn on your AC, it will cool down the whole car and protect Vizsla from heatstroke or sunburns, as well as wind chill during a long drive in hot weather.

Always Fill Its Dog Container with Plenty of Water

Make sure to fill their dog container with plenty of water during summer because they need to drink a lot more water than usual.

Say No To Exercise on Hot Days

Don’t walk your Vizsla on hot surfaces or places, and exercise them only when it’s cooler outside for their health. You should also avoid exercising on hot days. When you go out, make sure always to bring along their water bowl.

Don’t Walk with Your Vizsla in Hot Surfaces/Places.

You should never walk your vizslas on hot surfaces or places because they could quickly get sunburns and heatstroke if you do so, which will result in a lot of health problems too. So you have to protect them from the heat and sun.

Medical Prevention

It is necessary to seek your veterinarian for medical prevention before you go on a summer vacation with Vizslas so that they can give them shots against diseases or illnesses, such as parvovirus and other dog viruses.

Research Beforehand

It is necessary to research Vizslas before your summer vacation so that you can prepare everything for them in advance. To prevent any problem, you should also explore the most suitable breeds for your region.

What Happens If You Fail To Protect Vizsla During Summer?

If you fail to protect your Vizsla during summer, they might get sunburned and heatstroke, resulting in many health problems such as dehydration, kidney damage, and other issues.


If you fail to take care of Vizsla during summer, then they might get sunburned. In addition, the Vizsla’s skin is sensitive, and they are very susceptible to heatstroke because of their furless bodies, so it would be good to prepare lots of water bowls to keep them hydrated.


Heatstroke is a rare but life-threatening illness caused by much too high a body temperature. It can happen when you leave the dog in the heat for too long or if the dog had an injury that led to it getting heatstroke.

Heatstroke affects Vizslas because of their furless skin. If you take care of your Vizsla, you would be able to prevent it from happening so easily and quickly since it’s not hard to overheat.

Suppose your Vizsla experiences any signs of hyperthermia. In that case, you should immediately provide cold water and a relaxed environment for them as soon as possible because this way they will not get sick with other illnesses, including kidney damage and dehydration that could affect their health in a big way. Vizsla will die if you keep them in the extreme heat for long.

Kidney Damage

Damage in the kidneys is a severe issue if Vizslas doesn’t have enough water during summer. It will result in kidney failure, a painful condition that you need to address at the earliest possible moment for your Vizsla’s health to improve.


If Vizslas don’t get enough water, they will suffer from dehydration. But when they drink too much water or as simple as drinking lots of liquid during summertime, it would be easy for them to have kidney damage and other health problems.

Do Vizslas Get Sunburn?

Yes, they can get sunburned just like humans because their skin is susceptible to UV rays. Unfortunately, they are also prone to heatstroke, so you should never walk them on hot surfaces or places for their health’s sake.

What Is The Best Way To Protect My Vizsla From The Sun?

Vizslas can get sunburn and other heat-related illnesses.

If you’re planning on taking your Vizsla in for a vet visit during summer, ask about how you should protect them against UV rays and excessive heat exposure.

Keep an eye out for signs of overheating.

Vizslas are susceptible to heatstroke and several other illnesses if you fail to protect them from the sun’s rays during summer.

If your Vizsla starts behaving strangely or is sluggish, take their temperature immediately; they may have a fever caused by heat stress.


In conclusion, it is important to protect your Vizsla during summer by using sunscreen, keeping them under the shade most of the time, and letting it play with water.

It’s also crucial to maintain good hygiene, vaccinate your Vizsla for rabies, and have routine physical exams. Keep an eye out for your dog’s mood changes, and always fill their dog container with plenty of water.

If you see any abnormalities in your Vizsla, visit the vet as soon as possible.

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