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Why Is My Vizslas Hair So Short

A Vizslas hair will typically grow to about 12 inches long. So why is my Vizslas hair so short? Why does my dog have a funny haircut? Why did the groomer shave off all of her furs?

Vizslas hair might be short due to genetics, improper diet, mix-breeding, environmental stress, unhealthy treats, and health issues. Besides this, lack of exercise and the side effects of medication might also hinder your dog’s hair growth. 

In this article, we’ll explore some ideas for why your dog may be sporting a shorter coat and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Vizslas Hair So Short?

Vizslas have a double coat, which means that in those breeds with short hair. Generally, their outer skin is rougher to help them fight the cold, while their undercoat is softer and thicker for insulation.

Vizslas are hunting dogs that used to run all day long to retrieve food. They have a medium-length fur coat, but their guard hairs are shorter than other breeds. This shorter hair insulates the puppies from cold or wet conditions when hunting in various terrain types.

A Vizsla’s hair may be short for other reasons too, such as:

Vizslas Hair Might Be So Short Due To Mix Breeding

Mix-breeding is the most likely reason why your Vizsla’s hair might be short. There are many types of variants and mixes for dog breeds. So, it could have inherited a gene from its parents that makes its coat grow out quickly but then fall out again more rapidly. It may take some time before you notice this in your Vizsla, as it can take up to two years for a dog’s full coat to grow.

Extremities And Environmental Stress

A Vizsla is a very active and energetic breed of dog. Unfortunately, activity levels can be so high that they are susceptible to heatstroke when left outdoors for too long in the summer months.

Freezing weather can also result in shorter hair. In these cases, there might be patches of missing hair on your Vizsla’s face and legs as a result of the skin exposed for too long to extreme temperatures and cause dryness.

Dryness will typically lead to brittle hairs that break easily and which will grow back thinner and shorter. As a result, the hair of your Vizsla becomes thin.

Unhealthy Meal And Treats

Food habits may be the reason for the short hair of your Vizsla. Therefore, it is imperative to feed your dog a high-quality diet. Also, make sure that it has an adequate amount of protein to promote its hair growth.

Some foods can cause dogs to have shorter fur. If you suspect this is the case, it would be wise to change your dog’s diet for a couple of weeks to see if there is any difference or not.

Vizslas Hair Might Be So Short Due To The Lack Of Proper Care

The Vizsla coat is effortless to maintain with little grooming required. However, if you neglect your dog’s hair for too long and do not brush it regularly, the short hair will become even short due to matting. Inadequate care and grooming results in various skin disorders like :

  • Skin Fungus
  • Dandruff or Flaky Skin
  • Loss of Coat and Hair

If you are unsure why your dog is losing his hair, consult a veterinarian to determine if it might be due to an illness or disease.

Vizslas Hair Might Be So Short Because Of Health Issues

It is not unusual that the family dogs like Vizsla might suffer from various diseases and illnesses. These can impair the natural growth process of their hair. For instance, if they suffer from a condition that affects blood circulation and metabolism, it will not be possible to grow hair normally.

Likewise, if there is any disorder with the thyroid gland or other hormones in the control of hair production in dogs – such as cortisol or testosterone, they might also lack hair growth.

Side Effect Of Medication

You may also find Vizslas with short hair due to the side effects of medication. If your dog is on a specific type of antibiotic, this can cause their coat to become thin and brittle or even bald patches in places where there are frequent needle injections from shots. Many chemotherapy drugs do the same thing – they will cause hair loss in many cases since they kill the dividing cells in your body.

Vizslas Hair Might Be So Short Due To Genetics

Vizsla’s hair might be short because of genetics. Also, Vizslas are hunting dogs which means they need to have sleek coats to keep themselves warm while hunting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make their skin look long again for the summer months. The key is keeping them cool so they don’t overheat and their hair stays at its optimum height.

Further, if both parents had short hair, there is an increased chance that the puppies will also inherit shorter coats than if one parent has a long coat and the other has short hair.

How To Make Vizsla Hair Grow Longer And Healthier?

Vizsla is a short-haired breed. Thus, they do not require the amount of grooming that longer-haired species need to stay looking their best. However, many pet owners still want long hair for their dogs and wonder how to make Vizslas’ hair grow long faster?

Try these tips for ensuring that you have a happy and healthy pup as well as the most beautiful coat possible:

  • Brush daily with a soft bristle brush for the best results
  • Bathe your Vizsla at least once every two weeks.
  • Brush out mats and tangles when you notice them starting to form. Don’t wait until they have already developed or had time to get nasty.
  • Feed your Vizsla with quality food that has omega-rich ingredients and vitamins.
  • Trim your Vizsla’s hair more often. It will maintain a healthy look and prevent it from becoming too long or matted at the ends.
  • Take your Vizsla for walks in safe areas that are free of extreme temperatures. It will help them keep their coat in good shape.
  • If you notice any patches of missing hair, take your Vizsla to the vet as soon as possible.
  • Grooming Your Vizsla
  • One of the most important things you can do is make sure that you are brushing your dog thoroughly every day. It will remove tangles, dead hair, dirt, and debris from fur and remove excess oils on the skin.

Thus, it will help your dog’s coat stay healthy. And it also improves the chances of getting to grow long or even get thicker, especially if you are brushing daily.

How Much Do Vizslas Shed?

Vizsla shedding is very typical for this breed and differs from other dogs. As they have short hair, they are non-shedding types of dogs. They typically shed their undercoat twice a year, and this is entirely normal for the species.

Why Do Vizslas Shed?

The common reason for shedding in your dog is low-quality food that doesn’t provide them with all the nutrients they need, not just from fat or protein but also from vitamins, minerals. But also other trace elements such as calcium are necessary for healthy teeth, bones, hair, and skin.

Another reason for shedding might be the environment they live in and if it is a dry climate. Furthermore, Vizslas have two layers of skin coat. The outer layer of fur, which keeps them warm and dry in colder weather, will shed out to make way for a new hair coat. It’s also possible that your dog is experiencing some medical condition that is causing excessive shedding.

How Do You Stop Vizslas From Shedding?

Since shedding is such an essential topic regarding Vizsla’s hair, it’s good to be aware of some ways you can help stop your Vizsla from shedding. 

Bathing your dog at least once a month will help remove dirt and debris that could be causing your Vizsla’s hair to fall out. Thus, this will slow the process of shedding.

Regularly brushing is an excellent way to help remove some of the excess oils that can make your Vizsla’s hair fall out. It will also help keep their coat healthy and clean, which will slow down shedding as well.

In addition, a healthy and nutritious diet can help keep your Vizsla’s hair healthy and strong.


Vizsla is a very energetic and playful breed of dog, and their short hair will not be an issue. However, the coat shedding may require some attention with regular grooming to keep the pet looking its best.

Sitting down and adequately grooming your dogs will help keep their hair looking healthy and shiny. However, please take a look at the grooming routine suits for your dog, as well as their coat type.

Do we hope you have found this article helpful in answering Why Is My Vizsla’s Hair So Short? Do you have any stories or tips about how to make Vizslas hair grow long faster? Would you mind sharing them in the comments below?

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