Why Is My Vizslas Hair Curly/Wavy? (7 Reasons)

Why Is My Vizslas Hair Curly/Wavy?

Haircare is a big deal for many dog owners. Why? Because dogs have fur all over their bodies, it can be challenging to keep up with the shedding and tangles without some help. But when we see curly or wavy hair on our Vizslas, you might wonder why my Vizsla’s hair is curly/wavy? Don’t you? Moreover, it’s not just regular grooming is necessary. There could be something else going on.

There are several reasons why your Vizslas hair is curly or way. Such as genetics, diet, hormones, frightening experience in the past, quality of hair products, illness, and grooming. In some cases, it might also be due to the side effect of medications.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss why your Vizslas may have curly/wavy hair and what you should do about it if they do.

Is Vizslas Curly/Wavy Hair Normal?

Usually, Vizslas have thinner and shorter skin coats with shiny and soft hair. Thus, it gives them an irresistible and glowing look.

Moreover, Vizslas have a shorter hair coat, so usually, they are less likely to have curly or wavy hair. But still, there are some breeds of Vizslas with curly hairs. Thus, offspring born from such species might have wavy hairs.

But having said that, managing curly hair for sure is a tedious job since the curls can easily entangle, matting in your Vizslas’ curly hair.

What Kind Of Coat Do Vizslas Normally Have?

In general, Vizsla has a single skin coat that is dark brown to red. But as these dogs grow older, their fur changes and becomes lighter in color, and their hair seems to curl. Thus, people sometimes call them “wooly” dogs.

Besides this, the hairs of Vizsla are shorter and softer than those of other breeds. Although these dogs are less known to have wavy hairs, some of them do have wavy hair. Usually, as a Vizsla matures, his coat changes from dark brown to red and becomes lighter in color. The hair also seems to curl up on itself or be wavy due to the longer length of inches at the tips.

What Makes A Vizsla’s Whiskers Curl?

Some Vizsla is whiskers curl due to mixed breeding, environmental stress, and genetics. As these dogs have short and thinker coats, their hairs sometimes curls up and becomes whisker.

Typically, owners love Vizslas of every type and breed. But some people feel the whiskers curl as an issue and tend to cut them. However, it would be best if you never did that.

Vizsla’s whiskers are very important. They help to detect their surroundings, gauge distances and are so highly sensitive. They can even see changes in airflow and air movement. Furthermore, cutting these curls doesn’t necessarily solve health issues, so it’s unnecessary to cut them.

What Makes Vizslas Hair Curly/Wavy?

If the hair of your pet is naturally wavy, it is not an issue. But when straight hair starts curling around the neck or body of your pal, it may be indicative of a severe health problem. To avoid risk to their health, you should address this change immediately.

These are the top reasons why Vizslas have curly or wavy hair:

Frightening Event

If your dog recovers from a frightening experience in which that shook them, such as if you had to take them for an emergency vet visit because of illness or injury, their fur might be curly and unkempt.


Some dogs have an allergy to certain ingredients in their diet, which can cause them to lose hair and produce a different type of coat than the regular one.

Diet plays a vital role in maintaining your Vizslas health. So, an improper diet will affect your dog both physically and internally, causing different diseases and wavier, thinner, and dull skin coats.

Age Or Hormones

Puppies go through hormone changes at around six months old that may give them wavy fur as well. Older Vizslas with a receding hairline may also have a curly coat.

As your Vizsla gets older, it loses its essential oil and pigments. Thus, their hair grows curlier and whisker.

Incompetent Grooming

Untreated matting can cause Vizslas to grow wavy, curly hair on their necks and backs of legs. Although, these dogs are easy-going and shed a little less. But still, they need proper care and grooming for a beautiful look and qualitative lifespan.

When the owners fail to groom Vizslas competently, these dogs will suffer from various health issues that affect their skin coat and may them wavier.

Disease Or Illness

If your dog has an underlying health condition such as a thyroid problem, it may be why they’re producing new or different coat types. For example, their existing coat might become thin. In contrast, the undercoat becomes thicker, which causes the natural curls that are part of every Vizsla’s DNA to manifest more prominently than before. In addition, in some cases, medications for certain conditions like ADD and ADHD prevent them from growing straight hair again after treatment.

Use Of Medication

Some breeds of dogs have a genetic mutation that causes their coats to curl, such as the Poodle. However, you can create this type of coat artificially with certain kinds of medication. For example, if you are giving your dog pain medications for joint problems, you will notice that they now have a curlier coat than before.


The shape and quality of the individual’s hair follicles cause the natural wave in some breeds like Vizsla. For example, if one parent were more dominant with straight fur while the other had curly or wavy hair, the offspring will more likely exhibit that coat type.

How Can I Make Your Vizslas Hair Curly/Wavy?

If you love your Vizsla with a wavier or curly hair, there are several methods to create a curlier look for your dog, such as:

  • You can use water-based gels, which usually last all day long. Further, such curls are challenging to wash, nor does it flatten down when they go out in the rain.
  • A less permanent option is to use mousse. You can wash them out quickly, so they don’t last long, but it makes it easy for you to groom your dog during the day since there are no knots or tangles present when dry, only wavy hair strands that need a brushing now and then.
  • You can also put on a water-based leave-in conditioner before applying styling gel or serum to their coats. But, this will give you less control over how curly their fur becomes, so they have less intense waves in the skin.
  • Alternatively, you can apply an oil-based product such as coconut or olive oil while brushing your Vizsla’s hair with either metal wire bristles or rubber ones that will groom and pamper them. Thus, this is the best option to curl your dog’s hair without drying and damaging its fur.


In conclusion, Vizsla is a dog with wavy hair, but this doesn’t mean that your pup’s curls result from genetics. Many factors can cause your Vizslas fur to go curly or wavy- even something as simple as brushing their coat.

Have you tried any of these methods for making your Vizsla’s fur waves?

Don’t forget to share your experience with us. And in case of any queries related to your Vizsla’s curly/wavy hair, remember to mention them in the comments.

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