7 Reasons Why Does My Vizsla Smell?

Why Does My Vizsla Smell

Vizsla is a popular breed, and for a good reason. They are loving, loyal companions who make lovely family pets. But with all the love they give you, it’s no wonder that sometimes they will leave an odor on your furniture or carpet. So why does my Vizsla smell? Why do vizslas stink? Why is my dog stinky?

Vizsla might have a bad smell if they have skin problems, dental issues, ear infections, diseases, or stomach problems. A foul odor is also typical in old or highly active dogs following unhealthy diet routines.

This post will discuss how to prevent your Vizsla from smelling and what you can do if it starts to happen.

Do Vizslas Smell Bad?

Vizsla is an easy-going dog breed that is not too fussy about grooming. But, they still need proper brushing and regular grooming for a healthy skin coat. And lack of grooming can lead to skin problems like itching and biting, leading to an unpleasant smell.

Besides this, these dogs are more likely to run and play the whole day due to hunting instinct, making them sweaty and dirty. As a result of which Vizsal will produce a disgusting smell.

Why Does My Vizsla Smell?

Being a family dog, Vizsla usually prefers to be clean and smell-free. However, sometimes their dog parents will notice that the Vizsla smells terrible.

But why does Vizsla smell? Some other possible reasons that might make your Vizsla’s scent unpleasant are:

Vizsla Smell Bad In Skin Conditions

One of the most common causes for a vizsla to smell foul on their skin is an issue with a skin condition. It can be due to allergies, infections, or other conditions that have caused irritation and inflammation in some areas like underarms and genitalia. It can also be a result of parasites such as ticks or fleas. You can do many things to control these issues, so long as your Vet has correctly diagnosed the problem and given you some advice on how to best remedy it.

Dental Problems

When you think about it, any dog can have bad breath. Some dogs might be smelly because of some diseases such as periodontal disease or dental problems that cause a foul odor. The smell usually varies according to the area of infection in the mouth.

Since Vizsla loves chewing, dental problems are common as tooth decay, oral disease, mouth herpes, lesions in the gums, and other issues that affect the mouth and produce bad breath.

Diseases Cause Vizsla To Smell Bad

Vizslas might occasionally smell because of health hazards. For example, some diseases like canine atopic dermatitis, also known as allergic dermatitis, can constantly cause your Vizsla to smell. Besides this, these dogs are susceptible to parasitic infection, which can cause general body odor.

Another disease that might make your Vizsla smell is canine skin cancer. In these cases, the most common reason for a foul-smelling dog is an infection with pseudomonas bacteria. And then, there are some chronic diseases like kidney failure or diabetes mellitus to consider.

Unhealthy Diet

A Vizsla’s diet is often the cause of a smelly dog. Consumption of particular food in large quantities makes your pup smell terrible. In addition, some dogs may have more sensitive stomachs than others and react differently to food items like grains, red meat, citrus, and other preservatives.

Vizsla Might Smell Bad Due To Ear Infections

If your dog smells bad, it may be due to an ear infection. Infected wax has a foul smell trapped down in your Vizsla’s ear canal and onto the skin around their head. It becomes a vicious cycle because bacteria from outside sources will start feeding off this odor, producing another odor. The infection becomes worse, and the smell gets even more robust.

Vizslas are prone to ear infections because they have a flap of skin that covers their ear canal, which can trap wax in it when dirt or too much hair accumulates there. It makes them very susceptible to bacteria building up over time, which is what causes the smell.

Stomach Problems

The most common reason for a vizsla to start smelling bad is stomach problems. It could be something as simple as eating the wrong thing, such as garbage or feces, or indicate more severe health issues like pancreatitis, constipation, or a blockage.

Storage of gas in the stomach for a longer time can also lead to the smell of a vizsla starting to stink. In either case, you must clean your dog’s paws when he comes into contact with these substances and give him plenty of fresh water and food (or treats if necessary).

Vizsla Might Smell Bad Because Of Their Weight

Vizslas are a giant dog breed, and as they get older, their body produces more oils than other breeds. It can cause your Vizsla to smell bad because of the extra weight on their rear area. Furthermore, the accumulated fatty tissue accumulated in Vizsla’s abdomen can also lead to a foul odor.

Why Does My Vizsla Smell Like Fish?

There is nothing wrong with your dog if you notice he smells like fish. That’s just his natural scent, and it has nothing to do with what he eats or drinks. He smells like fish because he has a higher concentration of omega-three fatty acids, which is why their luxurious coat.

Moreover, your Vizsla might smell like fish due to the following reasons:

  • Higher concentration of omega-three fatty acid in the skin coat
  • Vizsla’s skin has a higher sulfur level due to a diet that includes too much fish or vegetables
  • They have been near an animal that smells like fish, for example, another dog or a raccoon.
  • Their food has a fish scent.
  • Lack of proper bath and appropriately dried after you use Vizsla as an agility dog.

What To Do When My Vizsla Starts To Smell Bad?

Many people don’t realize that Vizslas have a powerful odor. What many people think of as a bad smell is the natural scent of a Vizsla. Well, they’re not all that pleasant to other humans. So it’s essential for you to know what your dog smells like and if something changes its scent.

Moreover, there are few things you can do when your Vizsla smells terrible. And they are:

  • Bathing your Vizsla
  • Changing their food
  • Brushing your Vizsla daily
  • Washing their bedding
  • Refreshing the air inside your home.
  • Considering a new shampoo with natural ingredients and a pleasant smell.
  • Try to consult with the Vet to know the cause of your Vizsla’s horrible smell and ways to mitigate it.

How Often Should You Bathe A Vizsla?

A general rule of thumb is that you should bathe your dog once a month or as needed if they get filthy from going outside to play with friends on dirtier grounds. In addition, some dogs might require more baths as they start to age and face certain medical conditions that can cause them to develop an unpleasant odor.

How To Prevent Vizsla From Smelling Bad?

Vizslas are some of the cleanest breeds out there regarding their grooming habits, but they tend to start smelling bad if an owner doesn’t take care of their dog correctly.

Thus, you can follow the following tips to prevent your Vizsla from smelling wrong such as:

  • Brush your dog’s teeth daily with a toothbrush or finger brush, feed them their food outside the house, so it doesn’t linger in their mouth, and use an enzymatic cleaner to remove odors from the pet’s fur.
  • Use a good quality, all-natural shampoo safe for your dog and their skin types, such as Awapuhi Rain or Alba Botanica Hawaiian Dog Shampoo. 
  • Don’t bathe your dog too often, as it will strip the natural oils from their skin. You should only do this if they have a terrible odor because of mud, dirt, and grime all over them. Otherwise, you can brush them to remove any loose fur that may attract bacteria.
  • Dry your Vizsla’s skin coat completely after bathing them. It will help avoid any bacterial growth, and it also helps the dog’s skin coat remain in better condition for more extended periods.
  • Take your Vizsla for regular health checkups with a vet and have their anal glands expressed if needed.

Should I Brush My Vizsla?

Yes, it would help if you brushed your Vizsla. Why? Since Vizsla has a long skin coat, you need to brush them daily. If you don’t have time to brush your dog, then it is worth investing in a high-quality pet hair vacuum cleaner for pets that will pick up any loose hairs that might otherwise end up as matted fur on the floor.

If you do brush your dog, there are some special considerations to keep in mind:

  • Vizslas have a double coat and shed twice a year very heavily. You will want to brush more often around these times.
  • When your dog has a wet skin coat, its hair tangles that cause matting and skin problems. When you bathe your dog, use a shampoo with conditioner so that the knots come out more accessible and there are fewer chances of skin problems.
  • Be careful not to brush too hard when bathing because this can irritate the pet’s skin causing itchy dry patches or sores.


Lastly, we want to remind you that if your dog has an unpleasant odor, it may be a symptom of a medical condition. Improper nutrition is also a common cause of bad breath or body odors. So, make sure your dog eats a healthy diet of high-quality food with no grain fillers.

However, it is up to you to groom and care for your Vizsla to give it a qualitative life. And though proper grooming is a tedious job, it will help your Vizsla stay clean and smell good. But don’t forget to use a dog shampoo made for dogs with skin sensitivities or allergies, like our natural oatmeal shampoo.

I hope this article was helpful and enjoyable.

For any suggestions and queries, the comment box is all yours.

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