Why Is My Vizsla Always Hungry?

Why Is My Vizsla Always Hungry

Many Vizslas inclines a little more on the chubby side, but it is natural for them to eat a lot of food. However, is your Vizsla always hungry? Of course, you might find it challenging to figure out why there could be an underlying issue that needs addressing. Do Vizslas typically eat more than other breeds? Do they need special diets or supplements? What should I feed my Vizsla? 

If your Vizsla is always hungry, it might be due to various reasons. Some of them are pregnancy, stress, illness, calorie deficiency, aging, lack of attention, and lesion in the brain.

In this article, we will cover what makes these dogs so hungry with some solutions.

Do Vizslas Eat A Lot?

Do you find yourself wondering why your pup is always hungry, even though they just ate five hours ago and seem to be gaining weight instead of losing it? There are a few reasons that may have led them down this path. They could also be overeating, or there’s an underlying issue with their digestion.

Usually, some breeds are famous for eating more than others, like Vizslas. As these dogs are highly energetic, they need a lot of food to keep up. Besides this, being a family dog, they need to eat more food because they’re always out playing with their human family.

In addition to this, some diseases like diabetes can also cause them always to be hungry.

Why Is My Vizsla Always Hungry?

If your Vizsla is consuming more food than usual, this condition is polyphagia. Moreover, this condition can lead to fatal health consequences due to several factors like:

Lesion In Center Nervous System

The arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus contains neurons that stimulate appetite. These proteins or peptides in this part of the brain trigger energy expenditure and reduce need, as seen by its effects on animals. Therefore, a lesion can activate the tumps on your pet’s brain that makes them feel hungry.

Vizsla Might Be Hungry Due To Hypoglycemia

Sometimes, a Vizsla always seems to be hungry because of hypoglycemia. Why? The high-protein diet necessary for a dog’s growth can lead the body to produce excess insulin, which causes low blood sugar levels. And this, in turn, makes the dog feel hungrier than ever before.

Calorie-Deficient Diet Makes Vizsla Hungry

Since Vizsla are higher energetic pets, they have a higher metabolism. Besides this, these dog breeds like to play and run around the house to please their owners. As a result, your dog will burn more calories.

But when you provide your pal with a calorie-deficient diet, it cannot fulfill their nutritional requirement. So, it disturbs the calorie level in your Vizsla’s body. As a result, your dog will feel hungry and might crave food.

Environmental Stress

There are many reasons why a Vizsla might be hungry all the time, one of which is environmental stress. For example, when your pet feels stressed or excited, they drink water or eat food more. In addition, it is common for dogs who work as hunting dogs; these types of animals need to be calm for them to do their job.

Since eating and chewing can distract your Vizsla’s mind for few moments, your dog will have increased appetite and thirst during environmental extremities.

Vizsla Might Be Hungry Due To Aggression

A Vizsla is a hunting breed of dog originally bred to run down the game. His energy and need for mental stimulation may make him seem like an always hungry pup—the truth. However, most Vizslas eat less than other breeds because they are so active.

A Vizsla can be a bit more aggressive than other breeds. For example, he may feel that he competes for your affection or attention with food and would like to eat what you are eating.

Vizsla Might Be Hungry Due To Health Issues

Some diseases like Cushing’s disease or diabetes can make a Vizsla always hungry. These diseases may cause high blood sugar levels, and the dog will overeat to try to regulate their blood glucose. Besides this, medications like steroids or antipsychotics can also lead to increment Vizsla’s appetite.

Moreover, your Vizal’s fail to absorb the nutrition from their diet due to some health issues like pancreatitis, gastritis, or cancer can also lead them to want more food.

Vizsla Might Be Hungry Due To Aging

Vizslas are famous for being quite a bit larger than other breeds. As they age, it’s not uncommon to see their appetite grow even more.

As dogs get older, they can lose muscle mass and bone density, contributing to weight loss. They may also have an increased need for calories due to age-related changes in metabolism. Thus, older dogs will thrive for more food.

However, be aware that older dogs may be more susceptible to food-related allergies or intolerances in addition to an increase in hunger levels.

Pregnancy Makes Vizsla More Hungry

Many people wonder why their Vizsla is always so hungry and can eat a ton. The reason for this might be that your dog may need to go into labor soon. When dogs are pregnant, they often urge to eat more food than usual to provide enough nutrients for themselves and their puppies.

Lack Of Attention Makes Vizsla Hungry

Often, Vizslas are very hungry because they have not received enough attention from their owners. Just like humans, dogs need love and care to feel satisfied with life. If you’re the type of person who only spends time with your dog when it’s mealtime or a walk scheduled on the calendar, your Vizsla will likely be very hungry because he has not received enough love and affection.

So, remember to spend time with your dog every day so that they are well fed both emotionally and physically.

How Much Should I Feed My Vizsla?

Unlike most family dogs, Vizslas usually needs a lesser amount of food for daily intake. However, this doesn’t mean a little food that is less than the requirement of your Vizsla will satisfy them. On the contrary, it often takes Vizslas more time and effort to feel like they have eaten enough because their stomachs are small relative to their size.

The best way to determine how much you should feed your Vizsla is by assessing their body weight. The vet recommends the dogs spend about 20-30% of their daily energy on food and water, so if they weigh 50 pounds, then a healthy meal for them would be 25-38 ounces per day. However, it can depend on factors such as age, activity level, and if they’re pregnant or nursing.

How To Make Vizsla Eat Their Food?

It’s not always easy to get your dog to eat when it doesn’t seem hungry enough on its own. However, there are a few tricks that can work in getting them to consume the food, such as:

  • Add an egg or two to the food.
  • Let your dog smell it before they eat, and then say “Nom!” while giving a hand signal that says you want them to eat it.
  • Put some peanut butter on top of their meal can make for a tasty treat with enough fat content to give them the energy they need.
  • Add some warm water to their food can make it seem more appetizing.
  • Try these methods with your dog and see which one works best for your Vizla.

What Food Should You Give Your Vizsla To Make Them Full?

The answer to that question is really up to you and your own family’s needs. For example, I feed my Vizsla a mixture of wet, canned, and dry components to get all the nutrients he needs from his diet. However, if you have children or other pets in the home, finding food with higher protein content might be necessary to meet their needs.

The most important thing is to make sure Vizslas are eating an appropriate amount for the size of dog they are. I only feed my Vizsla about once or twice per day, and he has never been hungry enough that it worried me; however, some dogs might need three or more feedings per day.

Furthermore, the natural foods that make your Vizsla complete are:

  • Salmon and sardines
  • Shrimp and tunas
  • Seafood
  • Green peas and beans
  • Carrots and pumpkin
  • Apples, watermelons, and banana
  • Cooked sweet potatoes
  • Spinach and asparagus
  • Cooked chicken

How To Make Vizsla Eat Their Food?

If your Vizsla is not eating his food, there are some things you can do to make them eat it. And the practical and straightforward tips that you can follow to make your Vizla eat their food are :

Showing Them Attention

You have to give your Vizsla all the attention they need. Because this will make them feel loved, and that is what they crave more food.

Feed Him With A Treat, If He’s Hungry

When you are not around or have already eaten his food, you can try giving him a treat. Why? Because this will make your Vizsla happy, and he will be more likely to eat his food the next time you provide it to him.

Make His Food More Interesting

If he is not eating because of a lack of interest in the flavor or texture, there are ways that you could make his food more enjoyable. For example, add different flavors and textures to make him want to eat it the next time he sees or smells it.

Give Him A Pillow To Cuddle

Sometimes, your Vizsla does not feel like eating because of loneliness or boredom. So, it is essential that you give them attention from time to time, and playing with them is a great way to make them happy.

Try to soften your Vizla’s food.

One way to make your Vizsla eat their food is by cutting it into smaller pieces and shaping them differently. Thus, this will force him to chew more than one mouthful at a time, which can be easier for his jaws.

Try more water in your Vizla’s regular diet.

Since adding water softens your pal’s meal, the meal is easy to swallow and digest for those suffering from health issues.

Why Does My Vizsla Want Me To Eat His Food?

Being the perfect family dog, Vizslas always love and adore their owners. They also show this affection by constantly wanting to eat food from their owners.

Further, an act as simple as sharing your dinner can make your Vizsla feel loved and appreciated. So, sometimes they go to such great lengths to get our attention from their owners, they start begging at the table, jumping up on you, or even bringing over their dish to offer you their meal.

Since adult Vizslas are highly social animals, they want you to eat with them so that you enjoy the company of humans while eating and want to make you a part of the mealtime ritual.


Moreover, when your Vizsla is always hungry, there are several possibilities for why this could be happening. One option might be that they have not been eating enough food over their lifetime and need more to maintain an appropriate weight level for their age. Another possibility may be that they feel they are not getting enough attention from you, which is why they want more food.

Although most of the reasons solve this issue in this article, consulting with a veterinarian or canine nutritionist is the best way to determine what your Vizsla needs in their diet.

If you have any queries about the excessive eating habit of Vizla, the comment box is all yours.

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