5 Reasons Why Do Vizslas Put Their Paw On You?

5 Reasons Why Do Vizslas Put Their Paw On You

Vizslas are famous for being friendly and affectionate. So why do Vizslas put their paw on you? Why is it that they always want to be close by your side? What does this mean in the context of the dog-human relationship?

Vizslas might put their paw on you in certain circumstances. Such as playing with him, asking for food, getting attention, feels stressed, and because he likes you.

Well, there’s a lot more than just loyalty going on when a Vizsla puts their paw on you!

Is It Normal For Vizsla To Put Their Paw On You?

Vizsla’s have an instinctual behavior of “putting the paw on you” when they want something. Therefore, putting their paws is a regular act unless you see the following signs in your pet:

  • Pacing back and forth in front of you
  • Standing on their hind legs
  • Raising one of their front paws
  • Placing the paw in a sweeping downward motion against you
  • Leaping up onto the couch or bed with their feet on your shoulders or chest
  • Scratching or biting at you in an attempt to get your attention
  • Often making demands for food, affection, and walks.

These behaviors may be signs that your dog feels stressed and has emotional issues. So, if this is the case, it’s time to seek help from a professional trainer.

Why Do Vizslas Put Their Paw On You?

Vizslas are highly intelligent and pack animals, meaning they need to feel close or connected to those around them to create a sense of safety in unfamiliar territory. Besides this, other reasons why your Vizsla puts a paw on you are:

Vizsla Might Be Asking For You To Play With Him

Being a playful and highly energetic dog, vizslas love nothing more than to spend as much time playing with their owners. So, they might just be asking for you to play with them by putting their paw on you.

Vizslas Put Paw In You Because They Want Food

Many people assume that when a dog puts their claws in someone, it always asks for food, but this is not always the case. Vizslas are very resourceful and intelligent dogs.

So, if your Vizsla puts one of his paws on you and starts licking it or sniffing the ground around him, he is probably not asking for food.

He’s Just Trying To Get Your Attention

When you reach out to pet them or hug them, vizslas might just be trying to get your attention and show you how great they are. Usually, pawing is an act to steal your attention by telling you what they need.

Don’t underestimate their intelligence. Vizslas are naturally going to put one paw on you and start licking your arm or leg as a way of showing that they want attention from you.

Vizslas Put Paw In You Because They Like You

Another possibility is that your vizslas likes you and wants to show how much he cares for you. And, just because they put their paw on you doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! They might be doing this as an act of submission or affection.

It’s a dog thing to put their paw on loved ones as an act of affection. So if your vizslas love you, it will be more than happy to place its paw on you to get closer and feel safe with you around them.

Your Vizsla Feels Stressed

It’s no surprise when you think about it – vizslas are very high-strung dogs, and they need lots of exercise, stimulation, mental challenges, as well as a lot of physical activity. So if your dog is feeling stressed, exhausted, or when your dog is alone for long periods, it might be trying to get your attention by pawing you.

What Is The Root Cause Of Vizslas Putting Their Paw On You?

Generally, the root cause of Vizsla putting their paw on you is because they’re trying to get your attention. However, it could also be that the Vizsla feels like he needs protection or wants some love from their owner, too.

Besides this, immature puppies and lack proper training are more likely to put their paws on you more often. It is something that you should not encourage because it can create unwanted behavior patterns in the future. Such as aggression and dominance over humans.

If your Vizsla often puts his paws on other people, especially strangers or men, this could be a sign of insecurity or fearfulness. They may feel like they need to protect you.

How To Encourage Your Vizsla To Put Their Paw On You?

Usually, owners find the pawing habit of their Vislzas cute and affectionate. And if you are one of those owners who like it when your Vizsla puts their paw on you. Then you might be looking for ways to increase your dog’s pawing.

So, here are some ways to encourage your dog to paw at you:

  • Take your Vizsla’s paw in your hands and pet him.
  • Give the dog a treat every time he paws at you.
  • Give the dog a little pleasure every time they paw at you, even if it is not right after he does it. It will show your Vizsla that this behavior has good consequences and make them want to do more to get more treats from you.
  • Break up their meal into smaller portions so that they have to paw at you more often.
  • Never make the dog feel like you are ignoring them when he paws at you. It will discourage him from doing it again to get your attention.
  • Incorporate a verbal cue and reward system with treats so that every time your Vizsla puts their paw on you, give them pleasure.
  • And finally, play with your Vizsla more often because this will make them want to keep coming back for more and thus increase their chances of pawing at you to get what they want from you.


Moreover, even though pawing you with their little paws might allure your heart, you must be aware of something, vizslas are not cats. Therefore, Vizsla’s pawing you with their paws is a signal for something. So, when your Vizsla puts the foot on you, try to figure out what he’s saying.

Along with this, try to keep the paws clean and trim their nails if you don’t want to deal with life-threatening consequences in the future.

We hope the article helps you get closer to your Vizsla. For any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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