9 Reasons Why Do Vizslas Pant So Much?

9 Reasons Why Do Vizslas Pant So Much

Although Vizslas has short hair, their skin coat is dense. Besides this, they like to play and run a lot. So, Vizslas pant a lot. 

So, why do Vizslas pant so much? It could be because they are cheerful or because they have air trapped in their stomach from gulping down too much food at once. They may also be due to overheating, anxiety, or fear. Whatever the reason for their panting is, you must know how to react if your Vizsla starts to overheat and develop heatstroke symptoms!

If you need help with why do Vizslas pant so much? Then this blog post is perfect for you. We will cover nine reasons why Vizslas pant so much and what actions you should take when you start panting excessively.

 Why Do Vizslas Pant So Much?

The breed of dog, environment, age, diet, and exercise all contribute to how much they pant. So when you see your dog doing it, check it is a hot day? Is your dog getting enough exercise and water, or are they too warm in the house?

Some breeds like Vizslas might pant to cool themselves. It is because they have thick coats of fur that trap heat close to their skin when they’re outside on a sunny day. When this happens, some dogs will start panting.

Other breeds pant to show excitement or anxiety. For example, some puppies are so excited when they meet a new person that they start panting.

Reasons That Might Make Your Vizslas Pant

Like humans, every Vizsla behaves differently. So, many factors can contribute to why a Vizsla pants, but the most common reasons for panting in dogs are:

Vizslas Pant Due To Hot Weather

Vizslas are very adaptable to hot weather. You can find them in various climates worldwide, from Northern Europe, North America, and South Africa. They pant when it’s hot because their fur coats are insulation against heat loss by trapping air near their skin. So Vizslas’ air is panting out is not coming from their lungs.


Cats and dogs, including vizslas, can’t sweat due to their skin’s lack of sweat glands. They have to rely on other ways to regulate heat, such as panting or tongue-licking, which cools saliva before entering the mouth. Dogs also have their paw pads to cool themselves down by getting dirt and water on them, which they then shake off.

Vizslas Pant Due To Fear

Some dogs may pant when confronted with frightening events like loud noises. It’s a natural response to fear when unfamiliar people, animals, or objects surround them.

Out Of Habit

Vizslas are a high-energy breed and will pant when they are active for long periods. And this is because Vizslas need a lot of exercises. So, you can see them running, playing fetch, or catching balls in their mouths. It is why they pant so much; it’s just out of habit.

Vizslas Pant Due To Excitement

Dogs often start panting out of excitement, such as at the sight or sound of their owner coming home from work. Vizslas will puff a lot when they feel aroused when you play or pet with them. Its instinctual response has developed over centuries in humans and dogs alike, making them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Heart Disease

Panting can also be due to heart disease in dogs where the excess fluid doesn’t circulate to other parts of the body efficiently and therefore builds up in the lungs, which causes panting.

Intense Physical Activity

Although Vizslas love to play, they cannot handle intense physical activity. They might have a lot of fun with a game or two. But people breed Vizsla for running long distances. So, they will pant heavily in the process.

So, they may pant a lot when they walk for a long time in hot weather. In addition, they might puff when they are going up and down the stairs. It might be due to the constant use of all their muscles throughout the activity(going up and down).

Side Effect Of Medication

Vizslas pant a lot because of the side effects of medication. The most common type of dog that will get this is heart disease and other problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, or liver diseases. If your Vizsla is taking certain medications such as steroids, you might find they start to have increased panting.

Vizslas Pant Due To Allergies

Allergies are a possible reason why Vizsla’s are panting. There’s always the possibility that your dog is allergic to something in their environment, like pollen or dust mites. For example, an allergy to grass may cause them to pant a lot if they’ve been outside for long periods. If you suspect that might be the case, take them to a veterinarian and get allergy testing.

Should I Worry When My Vizslas Start To Pant?

Since panting is mostly an instinctive behavior of your Vizsla, you shouldn’t worry about it. But if your dog shows the following signs along with panting, then it might be a severe issue. So, the symptoms might be:

  • Drooling
  • Thining of skin coat
  • Panting even during winter
  • Increased in thirst and urination
  • Rapid or harsh breathing
  • Fatigue
  • They stop responding and refuse to play.

What To Do When Your Vizslas Pant?

Owing to the hyper-activeness and playful, panting is normal for Vizsla. But excess panting can be fatal because your dog might lose a lot of body fluid through it.

Hence, new Vizsla owners are more likely to panic when they notice their dog panting excessively. In such cases, here are some tips you can follow when your Vizsla pants:

  • Give your Vizsla a break. Reduce the intensity of physical activity and take shorter walks with them instead.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth and skin coat to remove the allergen if they are panting due to an allergic reaction.
  • Provide a fantastic place for your Vizsla to relax. You can also purchase an air conditioner or cooling mat for the same purpose.
  • Place frozen towels under your dog’s bedding, and give them ice cubes wrapped in cloth as well.
  • Give a proper bathe to your Vizsla. Bath will help remove the sweat from their fur and also make them feel more relaxed.
  • Offer home remedies like a spoonful of apple cider vinegar mixed with water to soothe panting symptoms.
  • Offer your Vizsal a lot of water to drink.
  • Also, keep a fan blowing over the hot spot area of your pet.
  • Give a gentle massage to the chest area.
  • Furthermore, monitor the panting and take immediate medical help if it continues for more than 24 hours.

How To Calm Down Your Vizslas?

Even though panting is normal and automatic, you cannot deny the fact that your Vizsal might sometimes show unusual behavior if he pants a lot.

So, the best way to calm your Vizsla in such circumstances are:

  • Exercising your Vizsla in the morning is a good idea. That way, it can burn off some of the extra calories and reduce panting at night.
  • Always keep your Vizsla water bowl full. And don’t forget to replace the water time and again.
  • Place your Vizsla’s bedding in a cool place.
  • Take your Vizsla for health checkups regularly.
  • Include more fluids in their diet.
  • Monitor their weight and ensure it’s not increasing too much.
  • Teach your Vizsla to cope with the situation by using positive reinforcement training techniques
  • Feeding them less food will help reduce panting because they will burn off some extra calories through work or exercise rather than just constantly breathing out air.
  • Always keep your Vizsla cool and calm.
  • In addition to that, don’t forget to offer them an appropriate diet with less salt content. It would be best if you also reduced your Vizsla’s intake of carbohydrates.


In conclusion, many reasons could make your vizsla pant. Some of these include hot weather, illness, fear, out of habit, and excitement. In addition, some medical conditions can cause dogs to start panting heavily, such as heart disease or intense physical activity. The side effect from medication is also one possible reason why a dog may suddenly begin to pant more often than before. If you notice any changes in your pet’s breathing patterns, it might be time to speak with their vet! We want you and your furry friend to live long lives together.

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