Why Do Vizsla Dislike People When Out On Walks?

Why Do Vizsla Dislike People When Out On Walks

Vizslas are some of the most beautiful dogs around. They have a teddy bear-like face, and they come in three different colours: black, red, and golden. Why then do so many people say that Vizsla might dislike some people on walks? Does Vizsla always tuck its tails between its legs as soon as it sees someone coming from afar? Is it that not even the sound of footsteps seems to make them happy? What might be the reasons?

There are many reasons why Vizslas might dislike people when they are out of a walk. But the most common ones are body language, voice tone, mistreatment in the past, tiredness, negative intentions, or illness.

Read this post will answer to get answers to all these questions and more.

Does Vizsla Likes Everyone?

Vizslas are generally very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. When a person crosses the path of a Vizsla, they will typically sniff them before moving past them. Do you have an experience of accepting the friendly greeting from this beautiful canine creature? How does it feel?

The truth is that the only time Vizsla acts unfriendly towards humans is if they feel frightened or threatened by them before. And this typically occurs during periods of tense encounters, such as dog-walking, veterinary visits and more.

Vizslas growl, bark and act unfriendly when on walks because they are afraid of the people they encounter. Mostly this fear comes from when they pass a person who either came too close or was disturbing them in some other way.

It can take time for these dogs to warm up to new people, which is why it’s important to keep an eye out for signs that your Vizsla may not be feeling safe.

Is It Safe To Leave Kids Alone With Vizsla?

The answer is it depends on the type of vizsla. Some are more protective than others, and some are less likely to bite people in general, let alone children. A good place to start would be with your breed’s reputation for being a dog that does well around kids. From there, you can research any individual dogs behaviour before bringing them around.

Usually, Vizslas are calm and friendly most of the time. So, they are less likely to harm the kids. But sometimes, they will lose their consciousness and becomes competitive as well as aggressive while playing. Besides this, kids are as naught and rebellious as Vizsla.

Therefore, it is better not to keep the kids and Vizsla alone.

Why Do Vizsla Dislike People When Out On Walks?

Although these dogs have come a long way from their past, their hunting history is still prevalent. So, they naturally want to chase prey when out on walks.

Hence, they may seem less interested in people approaching them. Besides this, every dog has a different personality. And the dogs who are shy or aggressive are less likely to enjoy the attention they get during walks.

Apart from this, health issues, history of abuse, fatigue, etc., can also make your dog dislike other people.

Reasons Behind Vizsla Disliking People Out On Walks

When you are walking with your Vizsla, there might be times that they stop in their tracks or take a detour from the sidewalk to sniff around on someone’s front lawn.

Since there is a language barrier, Vizsla cannot say why they avoid people like us humans. Yet, certain assumptions might be the cause.

So, the reasons why your Vizsla might dislike people are :

Vizsla Might Dislike People On Walks Due To Their Unpleasant Smell

The body structure, attributes, and temperament of Vizsla differ from humans. So, these dogs don’t like some fragrances and perfumes that humans might find pleasant.

Besides this, owing to their impeccable smelling ability, they can detect a person’s scent before coming into their sight. And when they don’t like that scent, these dogs can show their dislike by barking and snarling at them.

Vizsla Might Dislike People Due To Their Tone Of Voice

The tone of voice plays a vital role while you are interacting with Vizsla. However, these dogs cannot understand the words. But still, they can predict that higher-pitched voices are more aggressive. And the deeper voices are gentle and calm. So, the dogs might have developed this behaviour of not liking people because they can detect their tone of voice.

Vizsla Might Dislike People On Walks Due To Their Body Language

Vizsla is an intelligent dog breed. And as they are living in an environment surrounded by humans, they can now understand the body language of the people that approach them. Sometimes, these dogs have an instinct that the person adjacent to them might be an intruder with negative intentions. Thus, when people come too close to them, they might be afraid and thus dislike the person.

Vizsla Might Dislike People On Walks  Due To History Of Abuse

When Vizsla feel mistreated, they will learn to hate people. For example, they might not like it when anyone touches or pets them without their consent. Usually, Vizslas that survived abuse and accidents in the past are emotionally unstable. Thus, they don’t trust people easily. Instead, they are more likely to feel all the adjacent objects around them as a threat.

As a result, Vizsla starts barking and growling aggressively at the person, often trying to bite them if they come closer.

Vizsla Might Dislike People On Walks Due To Health Issues

When Vizslas suffer from heart disease, cancer, arthritis, parasitic infection, hip dysplasia, etc., they might be dealing with immense pain. In this case, they search for comfort from their owners, who they can trust.

Further, seeing a familiar face approach them when they are vulnerable makes them defensive. Thus, Vizslas end up disliking people when they are ill.

Vizsla Might Dislike People On Walks When They Feel Tired

A Vizsla might dislike people on walks when they feel tired. If the owner doesn’t give their dog enough water and food before a walk, then it will tire out more quickly, making them feel like less of a good outing for themselves and others.

Besides this, tiredness makes Vizslas irritable and aggressive. As a result, they start to show unfamiliar behaviour like avoiding or disliking people.

Is Vizsla Friendly With Other Animals?

Vizsla is a breed of dog that can be aggressive towards other animals. And this may have something to do with the hunting instincts this dog has, which also means it will typically not interact well with smaller pets like cats or rabbits. They are friendly enough with dogs their own size, though, and they’re even great at playing fetch!

But Vizslas are more likely to play, communicate, and enjoy with another Vizsla than a human. And this is why they often seem to dislike people when out on walks. Vizslas have no interest in talking with humans. Instead, they enjoy the company of another Vizsla or animal.

Things Human Do That Vizsla Dislikes

Growing up with humans, Vizsla learned to adapt and adore humans to fit perfectly in the family. But still, there are some attributes of people that these dogs dislike. Such as:

  • Too much hugging
  • Walking on leash with hands too tight
  • Too much touching
  • Being too close to humans for long periods of time
  • Humans with a loud voice
  • Dressing them up
  • Forcing them
  • Leaving them alone for a longer time

When Vizsla Dislikes A Person, Why Do They Start Barking?

When Vizsla dislikes somebody, they will often start barking. Why does this happen? You may have noticed that when you walk by your neighbour’s window and the dog inside starts to bark loudly at you for no reason! When an unfamiliar person walks by their yard, it is natural for dogs to react in such a way because they are territorial. For the most part, Vizslas are very protective and wary of strangers in their surroundings because they have hunting traits.

However, if your dog is barking at you or somebody else regularly when they see them outside walking by, it could mean there’s a problem with either the person or the dog.

If Your Vizsla Likes A Person, Why Does It Bite Them?

When a dog bites somebody that they are not afraid of, they are often doing it out of playfulness and to get their attention as this type of animal likes to please and interact with people too much. However, there are some instances when your pet may want something from the human. For example, if a Vizsla is hungry and the person does not feed them as soon as they come home or other pets around who will not share their food with them, this dog may resort to biting somebody out of hunger.

People should not be afraid of Vizslas for this reason as they are adorable. However, when a dog bites somebody they do not like, the person is at risk and needs to know how to handle it so that the situation does not worsen.

How To Control Vizsla When It Tries To Attack The People It Dislikes?

The first step is to ensure that you are walking your Vizsla on a leash. You can do it by attaching the leash around their neck and putting it in front of them before they see any people or other objects they like, such as squirrels. If the dog does not notice anyone else but sees an animal he likes, then this will stop him in his tracks.

Train your dog enough. So, only a quick snap on the leash makes your Vizsla walk next to you. Instead of going after that squirrel or other thing they like more than people, pets do not need to want your love and attention. If the dog is walking ahead of you, then it means that there are too many distractions for the dog, and you need to keep them on a leash or in a carrier.

How To Make Vizsla Like People?

Vizsla is a wonderful dog with friendly nature. They are very gentle and loving, but they need proper socialization training since they are puppies. It would be best to expose them to as many different people, places, animals, and things as young so they will not be afraid of anything when older.

There is still hope if you fail to give socialization training during adolescence and now they are older. Here are some tips on how to make them like people:

  • Make sure the person who takes the dog out for a walk is aware of the issue.
  • Walk with other people so that your Vizsla can get familiar with the face and smell of people around you.
  • Take your Vizslas on long walks away from any distractions to increase your chances of success, or use an electronic collar if you cannot do this.
  • Slowly start introducing other people when they walk, gradually increasing the number of humans with each outing.
  • Engage in a lot of play with your Vizsla before the walk to increase their energy level and the likelihood that they will be more interested in walking instead of napping or playing.
  • Use many treats, toys, and rewards to encourage your Vizsla to follow you on the walk.


In conclusion, Vizsla is a rather independent breed of dog. They like being outside, and they don’t typically enjoy the company of strangers. If you are walking your Vizsla, it might be best to keep them on their leash or harness so that they can explore without feeling cornered by people who may not understand what makes this type of animal tick. You can also do some things to make sure your pet enjoys their outing with you.

I hope this article was helpful to you. For any suggestions and reviews, do contact us.

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