Why Do Vizslas Bark A Lot?| Vizslas And Barking

Why Do Vizslas Bark A Lot?| Vizslas And Barking

Vizslas are a beautiful dog breed, with many people considering them the perfect family pet. They are loyal, affectionate dogs that will follow their owner’s every command without hesitation. But like any other type of dog, Vizslas also have their drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that Vizslas bark a lot.

So, why do Vizslas bark a lot? Like any other dog breed, Vizslas will also bark a lot sometimes. The reasons why Vizslas will bark a lot are to ask for attention, to alert their owners of a stranger’s presence or any unusual activity going on in the house, and if they feel too bored.

If you are thinking of owning a pet dog, you should read this blog post. We will provide information about Do Vizslas bark a lot? Why do they bark so much? What is the reason for their barking habit? And most importantly, how to stop or reduce the unwanted barking of your lovely pet, Vizsla?

Do Vizslas Bark A Lot?

Yes, Vizslas bark a lot. They will bark when they hear a noise in the house or find an animal outside or close to the property line.

Vizslas are vocal.  They can also bark if someone not familiar with their appearance comes over; this may cause them to act more defensive and territorial.

Are Vizslas Barkers?

Vizslas can be both barkers and non-barker dogs, depending on their personality traits. The more dominant a Vizsla is, the more likely that they will bark at home.

Are Vizslas Quiet?

Vizslas can be pretty noisy when outside because of their herding instinct to try to get close animals together or because they are trying to scare off predators. But inside, most Vizslas prefer quieter activities like playing with a toy or cuddling up to their owner.

Common Reasons Why Vizslas Bark

Your Vizsla is quite vocal already. But still, they are some hidden reasons why your Vizsla might be barking all of a sudden.

Warning You About Intruders

He was barking at intruders as a warning sign of territorialism and protecting the home from invaders.

Protecting Your Property

A vizsla’s bark might be to warn off animals that are trying to get into your property. The dog wants it to stay outside and not come any closer, as they may view them as intruders coming inside their territory.

They are barking when they hear something outside to alert family members in the house about it, especially if there is an unfamiliar noise.

Might Be Unfamiliar With The New Person/ Stranger Alert

They are barking when they hear a new person that they are not familiar with. It can be because they are a stranger, and Vizslas will bark to make them go away and alert family members inside the house about it.

You were barking when you told them to bark, such as to protect your property or during hunting.

Barking Just Because You Want Them To Stop

Some people might say that Vizslas like barking and therefore encourage their dogs to do so to make noise, but for the most part, Vizslas bark for a reason. For example, they might be trying to warn you about someone they are not familiar with or unfamiliar noise in the house.


Some dogs might bark a lot because they are anxious. They may be feeling nervous, scared, or threatened for some reason, and it is their way of expressing themselves to you so that you can make them feel better.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common causes for dogs to bark at home. They might be barking because they feel abandoned and are lonely when their owners leave them alone.


Some dogs might bark when they see their owners get ready to leave the house because they sense that food will be coming soon.

Hunger can be a driving force for dogs to bark. Some owners will even encourage their dog’s barking to let other hunters know that they are feeding.

Tip To Stop Or Reduce Unwanted Barking Of Vizsla

There are a few ways to keep your Vizsla from barking. Here they are:

Obedience Training

A common way is through obedience training. You can often do this with positive reinforcement to stop unwanted behavior and get the desired response instead. Another option is by walking them outside more during the day, and taking them for a walk before bed will help relax them.

The Dog Whistle Method

Sometimes your vizsla barks when people come over, or strangers are around the property line. So, you can train him with a dog whistle to stop barking. It would be best if you blew the whistle at the sound of someone they don’t know coming near the property line.

A Common Ground Between Dog And Owner

Another way to train your dog is by making sure you are on the same page as them and finding common ground between both of your opinions about what should be happening. You can do this by sitting down with them, looking at their eyes, and telling them that it’s time to stop.

Purchasing A Dog Whistle

Another option is purchasing a dog whistle that will deter your Vizsla from barking by blowing it when they start going crazy with their vocal cords. It can also be very effective, but you may need to try different frequencies until you find the right one for them.

Exercise your dog

If your Vizsla is barking because he has had too little exercise, you can try to get the dog outside more often for them to be able to exercise. However, you should also ensure that he is not barking just because they feel bored and want attention from home.

Keep Them Inside The House

Keep your dog inside the house if you want to reduce their barking. Whether it is because of something outside that they are reacting to or a voice telling them to bark, the dog will do what you ask them to do, so keep them inside when possible.

Keep Vizsla Away From High Traffic Areas

Keep your Vizsla away from high traffic areas if you want to stop its excessive barking. It means not letting them roam free in front of the house, walk around outside when people are coming and going, or barking excessively for attention.

Give Them Food When They Stop

If all else fails, you can try to give your Vizsla some food when they stop barking. Of course, you should not prove to keep your Vizsla barking due to hunger. But it may work as a last resort if the dog is just about starving and needs attention from home when you neglect them for long.

Don’t Leave Them Alone.

Don’t leave your Vizsla alone for long periods if you want to stop the barking.

Give Them Attention When They Want It

Make sure that when your Vizsla is whining or barking, they are getting attention from home. It’s not just because of boredom. You can do this by petting them, talking to them, or giving them food.

Physical Therapy

If you don’t feel like any of the changes are working, it might be a good idea to take your dog to physical therapy.


In conclusion, vizslas bark a lot because they are herding dogs. It means that part of the reason there is so much barking going on is that they might be trying to scare away predators. But inside, most Vizslas prefer quieter activities like playing with a toy or cuddling up to their owner.

If your Vizsla is barking too much, you can try to stop this by training them and using various methods.

Hopefully, your Vizsla will behave now! The tips above tell you how to stop a vizsla’s barking. But if they persist and you are unsure of what to do next, it might be worth talking with a professional.

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