Bathing Tips For Vizsla: Going All Out Dog

Bathing Tips For Vizsla: Going All Out Dog

If you have a Vizsla, then bathing time is a mixed bag of emotions. You love to see your furry friend all clean and smelling fresh but don’t want to deal with the hassle. So I’m here to help you with some bathing tips for your Vizsla.

The tips for bathing Vizsla are simple but can make all of the difference in your dog’s comfort during bath time. The best way to start bathing your Vizsla is by brushing and washing them in a tub. Then, gently apply shampoo and conditioner. And finally, you must towel dry them off and let them air dry.

Besides this, your Vizsla also needs proper exercise, a designated bathing area, some treats, and even toys when you bathe them. It would be best if you always were careful not to wet their eyes and ears. Also, try to be as gentle as possible with your Vizsla.

In this blog post, we will discuss tips on how to bathe your Vizsla, bathing accessories, ways to exercise before washing them, letting them jump in a pool of water, and more.

Tips On How To Bath Your Vizsla: Bathing Tips For Vizsla

Bathing your Vizsla can be a whole new task, but it is crucial to keep your pup clean and to feel fresh.

Here are the tips and tricks for bathing your Vizsla properly:

Exercise Before Washing Vizsla

Before you wash your Vizsla, it is essential to exercise the dog. Exercise will help to utilize your dog’s enormous energy so that they will be calm. Moreover, this also helps them cool off, and they’ll enjoy their bath much more.

Let Vizsla Jump Into A Pool Of Water

An excellent way for vizslas who are hesitant with water is to let them jump into a pool of water before starting the bath. It will help calm their nerves, and they’ll be more cooperative with you!

Designate A Bathing Area For Vizsla

It’s essential to designate an area for your dog to get clean. Usually, this helps keep things organized. Also, it doesn’t make it seem like you are punishing your dog when you bathe them.

Create The Bath Ambiance

Put on some calming music and light a candle or two to create an overall soothing ambiance for your vizsla pup’s bath time. Moreover, this helps them feel less anxious about what’s going on around them, keeping things from becoming more chaotic.

Invite Your Dog’s Buddy

Another great tip is to invite your dog’s buddy into the bath with them. Usually, this helps keep them distracted and preoccupied while you wash them, which will make things go much more smoothly. Please make sure they’re a dog who likes water, though, or it can get messy!

Use Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water is best for bathing your Vizsla. Too hot of a temperature can burn them, and too cold will make it uncomfortable to be in the bath, so try not to go outside these temperatures!

Give The Vizsla Some Treats

Giving your dog treats may seem like an odd tip, but it is a great one. So, give your Vizsla some treats during bath time to help make the experience more enjoyable!

Have Patience And Go With Slower Pace While Bathing Vizsla

When bathing your dog, it’s important not to go too fast and try to avoid any tugging or pulling on their fur. It can lead to tangles and knots.

Make Sure To Keep The Vizsla’s Ears Dry

It’s essential to make sure that the vizslas’ ears are dry before going outside, or you risk getting water in them, which will cause an earache. Make sure you dry your Vizsla completely by gently rubbing them with a towel.

Protect Vizsla’s Eyes From Shampoo Or Soap

It’s essential to protect Vizsla’s eyes from soaps or shampoo. Otherwise, it can lead to eye infections and irritation. Make sure you use a washcloth or cotton ball to cover them during bath time.

Dry Them Up With A Towel

It’s important to dry your Vizsla’s fur up with a towel after they get out of the bath. Usually, this helps remove any excess soap or shampoo and prevents them from getting chilly! Also, be sure to pat their skin rather than rubbing it, which can lead to irritation.

Wipe The Dog Down With A Towel

It’s common to forget the dog’s backside during their bath, so it is essential to take a moment now and then to wipe them down with a towel. It helps remove any excess soap or shampoo as well!

Wrap Them Up In A Towel To Get Dry

Dogs naturally have an instinct to shake themselves dry, but that could lead to getting all the soap/shampoo on your floor and walls. It’s important to wrap them up in a towel or give them an old t-shirt so they can do this!

Apply Some Dog Shampoo To Their Fur

It’s essential not just to bathe your vizslas but also to give them good shampooing. It will help eliminate any dirt or oils that have built up and leave their fur looking strong!

Apply Some Dog Conditioner To Their Fur

Applying some dog conditioner can be helpful for your Vizsla’s coat as well. It helps keep it soft, healthy, and strong.

Bathing Supplies You Need For Your Vizsla:

Bathing your Vizsla can be a pretty easy task if you have all the right supplies. Make sure to pick up most of the following to make it easier:

A Rubber Brush

Rubber brushes are great for removing dirt and dead fur from your Vizsla. They also help distribute the dog shampoo evenly through their coat, which will make them look shiny!

Shampoo And Conditioner

Make sure to pick up some quality dog shampoo and conditioner to help keep your dog’s coat clean and shiny. Use the shampoo first and then follow up with a conditioner to help protect Vizslas’ coat.

A Cotton Ball Or Washcloth

It’s essential to protect your dog’s eyes and ears during bath time, which is why it helps if you use a cotton ball/washcloth. Cover their eyes with this when applying shampoo, and be sure not to get any in their sensitive ear canal.

A Bowl Of Warm Water

Having a bowl of warm water on hand helps rinse the soap and shampoo off your dog’s fur after their bath. It also helps remove the removed dirt with the rubber brush or mitten. So you can use the bowls in each step of bathing if needed.

Dog Towel

It’s essential to have a large, soft towel for your Vizsla during bath time! Make sure it is big enough to comfortably lay on top of it and move around without falling off. It should also be soft, so they feel comfortable while drying themselves up afterward.

Dog Brush or Comb

Before bath time, it’s important to brush or comb out your Vizsla. Moreover, this will help remove any excess dirt and mats that could lead to tangles later on.

Water Bowls For Playtime After Bath Time

After bath time, it’s essential to ensure the dog has access to water bowls in case they get thirsty. You can also provide some treats or a special toy as an extra thank you for being such a good pup.

Bath Tub

If you don’t want to bathe your Vizsla outside, then it’s helpful if you have a bathtub. Ensure the water is not too cold or hot, and be careful when they get in/out of the tub. They can slip easily because of their wet paws.

Bath Mat

It’s essential to have a bath mat next to the tub, so your dog doesn’t slip when getting in/out. It also helps soak up some of the water after bathing.

Wet Floor Signs

After bath time, it’s essential to be aware of the wet floor signs. The dog will likely still shake himself dry, which could lead to some water slipping on the ground! It helps if you have a few towels or rugs down near them in case they do slip and fall.

Toy For Vizsla To Chew On

Your Vizsla will likely be a little bit hungry after their bath, so having a toy for them to chew on is helpful. Think about something that’s not edible or anything your dog could swallow whole! You can also give them some treats as well if you feel the need.

Dog Treats

After bath time, it’s essential to reward your dog for being such a good pup. You could give them some treats if they didn’t get any during their bath or even just some extra love and attention! They will appreciate the gesture.

How To Bathe Your Vizsla?

Most owners find bathing their Vizsla a problematic task. Here are some tips to help you prepare before bathing your Vizsla so that you can get through it with ease.

The first step is to brush your dog before bathing and then place him in the tub filled with warm water, not too hot or cold, just lukewarm. You can use shampoo but only according to the breed-specific requirement, as this might cause skin irritation.

Now you can dip your dog’s mitten or rubber brush in the bucket of water and begin applying shampoo on your dog. Do this step quickly, as with long waits and time. It might be challenging to hold your Vizsla still while you apply the soap all over its body.

Start from the head and move downwards towards the tail, slowly applying pressure while massaging the shampoo. Rinse all the soap thoroughly using warm water, and then towel dries your dog with a large, soft towel.

Your final step is to reward your pet by giving him a treat or toy he loves for being such a good pup during bath time.


Overall, it’s important to remember that bathing a vizsla is best when you do it with some patience, slow movements, and a calm ambiance. If your dog isn’t enjoying the experience, then it can be difficult for you too. So remember these tips and tricks when giving a bath next time.

Hopefully, this article helped you with the best tips for bathing your Vizsla. But, in case you want to know more about Vizsla’s care, keep visiting our websites.

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