Why Do Vizslas Bring You Things?

Why Do Vizslas Bring You Things

Vizslas are famous for being the most intelligent breed of dog. Why? They bring you things! Why do vizslas bring you things, and what does it mean when they do that? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this post. You might have seen a vizsla bringing something back to their owner or dropping an object nearby.

So, why do Vizslas bring you things? If your Vizsla brings things to you, it might be excitement, get your attention, or please you. Besides this, dogs also invite you to play during boredom or show you what they found while playing. Or, sometimes your Vizsal does it just to show you that they love you.

We’re going to talk about why they bring items back, how they know where it belongs, and some other neat tricks too.

Is Bringing Things Normal Habit Of Vizsla?

Since Vizslas are hunters, they usually bring you things to show them they did their hunting job. It’s their way of telling you about a successful hunt or just as an invitation for playing with it. You can try giving your dog some toys to play with so he would not need to bring anything home when he feels bored. But usually, bring things home when they want to please you or if your Vizsla wants attention from you.

It can be a bit difficult knowing what to do with the items brought back by your dog because not all of them would taste good for humans. But putting it in their favourite toy’s basket is one way of letting them know that you’re happy with their work. You can also give it to your Vizsla’s favourite person for them to play with. If your dog is sad, probably the best thing to do would be just petting and comforting him and making sure he doesn’t have any tasks at hand.

Why Do Vizslas Bring You Things?

People often refer to Vizsla as the “Velcro dog,” meaning that they want to be around their humans all of the time. They will follow you from room to room and don’t like when you leave them alone for long periods. And it means this is a natural behaviour when your Vizsla wants attention or an invitation in playtime. They may also bring things home to show you what they retrieved, like a leaf or toy.

Usually, the most common reasons why Vizsla brings you things are:

Vizslas Bring You Things For Attention

Vizslas are highly affectionate animals who desire human attention all of the time. When humans ignore them for too long, it can be very frustrating and sometimes lead to sad feelings in your pet. And this is a natural behaviour that is hard to break but just letting your Vizsla know that you love them with a hug or something as simple as petting them will do the trick.

Vizslas Bring You Things Due To Excitement

Vizslas are very excitable dogs. They love to show their excitement by doing things like getting excited when they see you and running circles around you in joy. Usually, you will find your dog carrying different things to you because the breed gets so happy that they run off into other rooms to get something for their human as a sign of their love.

Vizslas Bring You Things Show You Its Things

Although this is not common, you might find your dog carrying something that they found outside to show off to you because Vizslas have an innate desire in them, which makes them want to please the person who takes care of them. You will usually see this characteristic during puppyhood but can last through adulthood if you fail to train properly.

Vizslas Bring You Things Because Vizsla Trust You Why

Vizsla loves and adores its owner, and they are happy that you want to contact them. Vizslas can be like a child, so it’s not surprising when the dog brings home some of their favourite things because they trust you and want to share their favourite things with you.

If Vizsla brings you some of their things, try out your best to create a good moment and make it special.

Vizslas Bring You Things To Invite You To Play

Vizslas love to play. If you are not playing with your Vizsla at a particular moment, they will find something else to do themselves until it is time for another go. Many Vizslas bring people things that the dog wants them to come and join in on the fun! Perhaps if someone is busy working and the Vizsla wants attention, they might find a toy nearby to bring their human so that you can spend time with them.

Vizslas Bring You Things When They Feel Bored

It is also possible that your Vizsla could feel bored or lonely at home after you leave. So they may go into other rooms looking for something fun to do until it is time for when you are coming back.

Typically, Vizslas love to be with their people, and when they feel bored or lonely at home, they might start bringing things from other rooms over into yours so that they can have company. It could include toys, clothes items like shoes and hats, or even food.

Vizslas Bring You Things To Please You

Vizslas want to please their masters. They are usually very clever and have an instinct for what will make you happy, and they enjoy being helpful! For example, a Vizsla might bring something home that reminds them of the fun time they had with you, or it could be an item from your shopping list that needs further preparation at home. These dogs are so loyal to their owners that they will do anything for you.

What Are Things That Your Vizslas Might Bring Home?

If you have Vizsla, you will agree with me that these dogs time and often brings things up to you. Most of the time, the things that they bring are usually food, toys, or clothes. However, sometimes they can even dig out some disgusting things and bring them to you.

So, the things that your Vizsal might bring home are:

  • dirt, sticks, rocks, bugs
  • Bones
  • The fur of the animal they hunted
  • Dead animals and their poop.
  • objects with their scent on it (such as your underwear)
  • chocolate or other items that they want to share with you
  • half-eaten food
  • garbage and any other thing they find in the street.
  • other dogs’ or people’s poop
  • or other items that you tell them not to bring

What To Do With Things Vizslas Bring?

So, you find a shoe or another object that your vizsla brought home. What do you do? It’s pretty simple. You need to figure out where the item came from before deciding what to do with it.

Usually, the simple ways to manage the things your Vizsla brings are

  • Keep the items if they are of sentimental value to you and your Vizsla or just something that doesn’t really belong in your home.
  • For the broken items that need repairing, you should also make those decisions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Donates them if they don’t have any meaning for you anymore, but it could be helpful to someone else who needs it. It is a great way to give back by giving things away.
  • Get rid of them if you don’t want to have the items in your home for any reason.

How Do Vizslas Show Affection?

A dog’s way of showing affection is just instinctual. It’s a way of saying, “I love you”. Vizslas are affectionate dogs. Your Vizsla might show affection in various ways. It can be from an inviting tail wag to a kiss-like lick on the face or hand. Further, they can also express their love by inviting you to play with toys and games and sharing food and drink (which may lead to overindulgence).

Besides this, other ways in which your Vizsla shows affection to you are:

  • Sitting next to you, especially on the sofa or chair
  • Jumping up onto a lap when given permission and staying there as long as it is comfortable for both of you (not yapping incessantly)
  • Placing its paws on your leg while lying down near you. It may be an invitation to pet or stroke the Vizsla.
  • Tugging on your pant leg or shirt sleeve to get attention
  • Bouncing and jumping when you come home from work as if waiting for an enthusiastic welcome
  • Bringing something, it found back to show you.

Do Vizslas Have A Favorite Person?

Probably not. The Vizsla is a pack animal who prefers to hang out with you than be alone in the backyard. So it’s likely that they’ll spend their time running around, chasing squirrels or birds rather aimlessly than sitting next to one person on your lap all day. However, just because there isn’t necessarily a single favourite person doesn’t mean you won’t have someone who can make your day.

What Does Vizsla Do When They Are Sad?

Generally, Vizsla is a happy and cheerful dog. So, you will rarely see them being sad or upset. However, there are instances when Vizslas can feel down and out of sorts.

And the signs that Vizsla shows when it is sad are:

  • It will stay in a corner
  • They find it hard to interact with other people and animals
  • Vizsla will lose interest in food and games
  • It will not play with other Vizslas.
  • The tail might be down or tucked between their legs, which is a sign of sadness and shame.
  • Vizsla appears aggressive and frightened
  • They will not make eye contact with people
  • Vizsla might even try to hide when approached by a person or animal.

And if Vizslas does these things, you know that they are feeling sad and not well.

So, make an effort to see if there is anything wrong with them, such as a medical condition or injury that could cause them to be sad.


Vizslas are very loyal, loving, and affectionate dogs. They will do anything to please you. And if they bring things home for you, then they love you unconditionally. Moreover, if your Vizsla feels bored, then it will bring things home for you to use. That way they can play with them and have fun with their favourite person.

To conclude, if your dog brings a toy or something else that the owner may not like, don’t get mad at them! It’s just because they want to please you. Why not let them have the toy or whatever they brought home for you and play with them?

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