8 Reasons Why Are Vizslas So Needy?

8 Reasons Why Are Vizslas So Needy

Why are Vizslas so needy? Why do they need your attention all the time? Is it ok If I ignore my Vizsla for a few minutes and do something else? Why does it seem like they’re always hungry or thirsty, begging for food or water from anyone who will give it to them, including strangers on the street? When you play fetching stick in part with them, they will run and retrieve one after another until your arm is sore. But, they never seem to feel tired at all. And this shows how much they love to play with you.

So, why are Vizslas so needy? Of course, once a dog feels attached to its owners, it isn’t unusual to become needy. But there is certainly some other cause that makes Vizsla needy. Such as health issues, lack of exercise, insufficient diet, negative reinforcement, and to get attention.

And this post will talk about why Vizslas are so needy and a few ways to stop it. Finally, I hope it will help you in parenting your dog.

 Why Are Vizslas So Needy?

If you are an owner of a Vizsla, you will probably notice that this breed is needy sometimes. But, do you know what might be the cause for their behavior?

If you don’t, here are some possible reasons why Vizsla’s are needy:

Health Issues Make Vizslas Needy

If your Vizslas are having some health issues, they will act needy all the time. If you want to know what might be their illness, ask a vet, and he’ll tell you how to help.

Instinctive Behavior

Vizsla’s have an instinct that makes them always need attention from their owner. In the wild, they are very social animals and need to be around other dogs all the time. This might make them act needy because of their instinctive behavior.

Vizslas Might Be Needy Due To History Of Abuse

If your Vizsla had a history of abuse in his past life, he’s going to have some trust issues with you as an owner. If he has trust issues, you’ll notice that he acts needy because of security.

Lack Of Exercise

When your Vizsla isn’t getting enough exercise, they will act needy to get some attention from their owner or because of boredom. There are many different ways you can provide them with more activity so try using different toys and games.

Insufficient Diet Makes Vizsla Needy

If your Vizslas aren’t fed enough, they will act needy because of hunger or irritability. So try feeding them more often to see if it helps with their neediness, but don’t overfeed them as that can cause other health problems.

Negative Reinforcement

When you reward your Vizsla for behaving well, but then punish him every time he acts needy. He will learn to act only when you reward them and not because they want attention from you. And this is negative reinforcement, which also explains their neediness behavior.

Separation Anxiety 

Vizslas love and adore their owners. Thus, they always seek opportunities to be around the owner. If you leave your dog alone for more than a longer period, they might be anxious, uncomfortable, and fearful.  As a result, these dogs appear to be needier when you reach home.

Vizslas Become Needy For Attention

Vizslas are fun-loving dogs who crave attention. Wherever they go, they always want to be in the spotlight. Therefore, they appear needy sometimes to gain the attention of people. Furthermore, when you fail to give proper time to your dog, it appears needy to ask for you to cuddle or play.

Are Vizslas Clingy?

Generally, Vizsla has immense affection and respect for its owners. So, they want to love, care for, and protect their owners. Hence, they are clingy sometimes. But, usually, clingy behavior is acceptable and normal when the dog is a puppy or when you leave your dog alone for a long time.

But if your Vizsla acts too clingy and you are sure that it’s not due to any psychological issues or diseases, then there could be few factors influencing the behavior. These include insufficient diet, negative reinforcement, lack of exercise, etc.

What To Do For Vizslas To Make Them Less Needy?

Although you love your Vizsla, still, too much of everything can be a problem. So, excessive neediness of your Vizsal might be irritating and disturbing.

Hence, it is essential to make your Vizsla less needy. Thus, the tips for this are:

  • Give you Vizsal adequate exercise to drain off its excessive energy.
  • Provide your Vizsla with a balanced diet.
  • Give it sufficient sleep hours.
  • Avoid giving in to its demands when you say NO to something you don’t want them to do or have and is not good for the pet’s health.
  • Teach your Vizslas how to be independent rather than dependent on just you.
  • Actively spend time with your Vizsla and show it affection in a way that is not too much for you to handle.
  • Take your Vizsla for health checkups regularly.

What To Understand If Vizslas Start To Act Needy?

Since various reasons make your Vizsla needy, its neediness also depicts many things. But, more often, the needy behavior of this dog indicates loneliness and love.

However, the things you must understand if your Vizsla starts to act needy are:

  • Your Vizsla might be afraid.
  • Your Vizsla may be feeling alone.
  • The other person might have done something that made your Vizslas scared of them.
  • Your dog might be hungry.
  • Your Vizsla might require a new toy.
  • Vizsla may be suffering from health issues.
  • Your Vizsla might need more space.
  • Your dog may be suspective of the new environment.

Do Vizslas Have A Favorite Person?

Vizsla is a loving dog that loves and cares for everyone. But it does hold a special place for its owner. Owners are always there. They will more likely get more attached to their owner.

Besides this, the owner will be the one that serves Vizsla its food, trains them, grooms them, and plays with them. So, Vizsla adores and loves the owner a lot.

Hence, there is an assumption that owners are Vizslas’ favorite people. But still, there is no evidence to this claim. So, it is suspicious.

Do Vizslas Depend On Their Owner For Everything?

Parenting a dog means taking full responsibility. So, it would help if you did everything from giving them baths, brushing their skin coat and teeth, feeding, training, and grooming them.

Although Vizslas are intelligent, still, they need assistance for their care. Hence, Vizsla will depend on the owner for everything. However, these dogs are easy-going and need less attention.  So, owning them might be as difficult as other dog breeds.

How Can Help Vizslas To Act Less Needy?

Most of the owners might find the needy and clingy behavior of their Vizslas adorable. But if your fail to manage this behavior, it can get sometimes lead to fatal consequences like your Vizsla might bite or hurt you, your family members, or even strangers, your dog will lose its happiness and suffers from depression, you must always be around your Vizsla to manage its behavior, and many more.

Thus, it is crucial to help Vizslas act less needy if you are a working person who leaves their house for long hours. So, some ways to manage the needy behavior of Vizslas are:

Give Your Vizsla A Balanced Diet To Make them Less Needy

Sometimes your Vizsla is needy in want of food because the diet you are giving them might not be sufficient for them. Therefore, you must give your dog all the nutrients it requires in every meal.

Besides this, sometimes your need extra food supplements with their feal. Therefore, you must take care of its nutritional demand according to its age to keep it happy, healthy, and active.

Take Vizslas For Socialization

A Vizsla confined to one place is more likely to be more attached with their owners. And when their owners aren’t by their side, they might feel every adjacent object is a threat. Thus, it would help to take them for socialization in social gatherings, parks, parties, etc.

Further, if you are always busy in the day, you can leave them in daycare. As a result, your Vizsla will learn to interact and socialize with other animals and humans more easily.

Schedule The Activities Of Vizslas To Make Them Less Needy

When you schedule all the daily activities, your Vizsla is less likely to feel bored or frustrated in the day. Always manage the activities, exercise, and training so that your dogs get enough mental stimulation. Thus, they will get less time to miss their owners and get needy.

In addition to this, a daily routine makes it easier to manage all the activities in a day. So, your Vizsla will be mentally and physically active.

Spend Enough Time With Vizslas

Although you have a job to do for your living, still, it is essential to give some time for your Vizsla now and then. You are cuddle, hug, pet, play, or even exercise with your dog so that they feel closer to you. Sometimes, your dog may also be needy because they fear that you will leave them.

Thus, if you give your pet enough love, care, and attention, they are less likely to be needy. However, remember that too much affection can also make them needy. Thus, balance the amount of attention you give your Vizsla, don’t encourage negative enforcement by showing extra care.

Keep Vizslas Active To Make Them Less Needy

Since Vizslas are hunting dogs, they always want to retrieve, run around, and search for prey or things. Thus, keeping your dog idle can make them needier. So, even if you fail to supervise your Vizsla all day, make sure it is active.

For this, you can use puzzles, interactive toys, or games. Keep them in your Vizslas crate box, and you will notice that your dog will get busy solving the riddles for hours.

Make Vizslas Safe

Often, Vizslas will be needy due to threat, fear, and anxiety. Thus, it would help if you managed a safe place for your dog. For this, keep soft and clean blankets in your dog’s crate. Also, use soft toys so that your Vizsla can play in their leisure time.

Further, be careful about the surrounding when your Vizsla is new to the house. Start by introducing ist crate and to other elements. Give your Vizsla enough time to get familiar with the house. In addition, always use a soothing and ensuring voice when you are around your Vizsla so that they can feel safe.

Train Vizslas To Manage Their Needy Behavior

If you train your Vizsla properly, it will obey your orders and follow every command. Moreover, training makes your Vizsla mentally and physically strong so that they feel safer. And the time spent with your dog during training strengthens your bond with them. Thus, your dog will be fearless and are comfortable spending some time alone in the house even without you.

Talk With The Vet

Some health issues can also make your Vizsla needy. Thus, you need to consult with the Vet to diagnose and treat such diseases as early as possible. A healthy Vizsla is more active, cheerful, and enthusiastic.

When your Vizsla is free from diseases or illness, it will enjoy it more even when it is alone. Besides this, a healthy dog is not so vulnerable to think of everyone as a threat. So, they can get along with others too. And this decreases the chances of your Vizsla being needy.

What Are The Training Methods To Manage The Needy Behavior Of Vizslas?

The best way to manage the behavior of your Vizsla is to train it. So, here are few training options to help your Vizsla act less needy.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training means a process to encourage the good habits of your Vizsla and neglect the bad habits. So, as you pay lesser attention to your dog’s flaws, it will never repeat such activity in the future.

Crate Training

Vizsla finds the carte safest place. So, you can keep your Vizsla in the crate to train it is to stop being needy. If your Vizsla is needy due to fear or discomfort, a crate will help them to calm down.

However, to make the training effect manage your Vizsla’s crate with comfortable, soft, and clean blankets. Also, don’t allow your dog to run around the house until your Vizsla stops being needy.

Command Training

Command training involves teaching your Vizsal various commands like sit, stop, stand, go, no, etc. After learning these commands, your dog will become obedient and discipline.

So, you can stop them using just a single command word. And this ultimately helps your Vizsla to act less needy.


Vizslas are often very needy as they tend to want a lot of attention and love. It can be because they survived abuse in the past, or even just that their owners don’t give it to them enough. Unfortunately, there is no scientific reasoning for why vizslas act this way, but there are some things you can do if your dog starts acting needy.

Try some of the tips I mentioned in this article and share your suggestions or reviews. Go for it. The comment box is all yours.

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