Why Are Vizslas So Expensive?

Why Are Vizslas So Expensive

Many people often ask, Why Are Vizslas So Expensive? The answer is simple: the cost to breed, raise and train a Vizsla is high. Why? Let’s take a look at the process of how this dog became so expensive. First off, you have to purchase two purebred dogs that can produce puppies. Then there are many costs associated with breeding, such as vet care, food, housing, and training for both the mother and father dogs. After paying all these expenses, it still takes 18 months before a puppy is ready to be sold.

Vizslas are high-maintenance dogs, so it is not a surprise that they are expensive. But still, there are few reasons why these dogs have a high price. Such as popularity, because they are difficult to breed, takes a lot of time to grow, they are easy to train and live with your for longer times. Besides this, the friendly attributes, excellent hunting skills, sporty nature, and beautiful body structure make Vizslas expensive.

So, this blog post will talk about why Vizslas are so expensive and where to get them at a lower price.

Why Are Vizslas So Expensive?

Owing to the outrageous popularity of Vizsla, these dogs are now one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Vizslas are now worth $2500 on average, and some dog lovers may even pay up to $6000 for a single pup.

Further, there are many reasons for the higher price of this breed. Their unique bloodline, higher demand, and the fact that Vizslas are now considered rare increase the price of this dog. Yet, there is also more than meets the eye for this particular breed of dog. From their easy-going nature, friendly attributes to beautiful body structure.

Who wouldn’t want a dog that is easy to train and knowledgeable enough to be your companion wherever you go? And with more popularity and demand, the price naturally increases.

What Makes Vizslas So Expensive?

The first and foremost thing that makes Vizsla popular is the demand. If they weren’t popular and high in demand, whatever be their breeding cost, they wouldn’t be popular.

Besides this, some other reasons that make Vizslas so expensive are:

Vizslas Are Expensive Because They Are Difficult To Breed

Vizslas are difficult to breed due to their long gestation period of 11 weeks. This is the longest among all dog breeds. As a result, a litter might only produce two or three puppies, which means it will take a lot more time for this breed to recover and keep growing. And because Vizsla dogs have longer lifespans, this also means that the breeder will need to wait longer to get back their investment.

Vizslas Are Expensive Because They Have Beautiful Body Structure

Vizslas have a beautiful appearance with a leaner body structure. They are one of the slimmer dogs in general, and they have a perfect shape that many people want to have for their pet dog. Besides this, you can find Vizslas in several colors and even in different coat lengths.

Thus, it meets the demand and preferences of many families. Hence, people will buy them at any price that makes Vizslas very expensive.

Vizslas are Sporting Dogs.

They are long-bodied and flat, with an easy-going demeanor. Vizslas have a strong prey drive which is why they make great hunting dogs. Vizslas are quick on their feet, and they can jump. This is why Vizslas should be kept leashed or in a gated area when not contained inside the house.

Being sporty, these dogs have higher energy levels. So, they need regular exercise, a healthy diet, and proper grooming while breeding. Thus, the cost of Vizslas is higher.

Longer Lifespan

Vizslas have a longer lifespan than other dogs. That means you will get more years with your dog from the $2000 purchase price it costs to buy one of these beautiful pooches. They can live up to 18-20 years old, which is not common for most breeds, but this long life expectancy does come at an added cost. You will need to pay additional amounts for food and vet visits and supplies such as leashes and toys.

Vizslas Are Expensive Due To High Maintenance Cost

Undoubtedly, beauty comes with a price. For example, the brown irresistible skin coat of Vizsal needs proper grooming to maintain its silky and soft texture. For this, you need different qualitative products that cost a lot.

Besides this, these dogs love to eat. So, the feeding costs of this dog are also comparatively high. Since the breeders include all these costs while buying Vizslas, these dogs will have a higher price tag.

Highly Intelligent

There is certainly no doubt in the intelligence of Vizsla. But to utilize their brain positively, these dogs need regular mental stimulation, interactive toys, and puzzle-type foods.

Along with this, you need to train and exercise your Vizsla to improve its hunting and smelling abilities. So, these dogs require a lot of mental and physical exercise. And this is the reason why Vizslas cost more than other dog breeds, as it requires much more time and effort for them not to become bored or destructive.


Vizslas are gentle and friendly dogs. They are such dog that has an easy-going attribute and likes to please people. Thus, you will always find this dog happy and cheerful. If in a good health state, you will never find this dog aggressive or dominant.

But breeders surely need to work a lot in maintaining their calm attribute. Some of them may tend to become aggressive or dominant if raised in a harsh and inappropriate environment. So, the cost of maintaining a proper surrounding for breeding comes along with the price and makes it higher.

Best Companion For Kids And Elders

The Vizsla is a dog who loves to be around humans. They are perfect for families with children and those of all ages or people living alone. Vizslas are very patient and gentle with children, which makes them great family dogs. They also have the stamina to keep up with kids when they run around or play games all day long. Older people who live alone sometimes feel lonely in their homes, but Vizslas will quickly cheer them up by being at their side for company.

Vizslas also have a very long life span. This means that they can provide companionship to their human family, children, and everyone in between for many years. Thus, people prefer to buy these dogs at any cost, and breeders increase the price.

Vizslas Are Expensive Because They Take Longer To Grow

When a Vizsla pup is born, they grow much slower than other dog breeds. And this isn’t because of the food or the environment but because of the structure of genes. It might be that since hunting was one of their original purposes, these dogs need time to develop and learn skills to survive a prey animal. It might also be that the long hair of Vizslas has something to do with it since they have longer and more undercoats than other breeds.

Whatever the reason, this means a lot more time for you to devote to your pup before he grows up. Thus, with the longer breeding time, the cost of the dog also increases.

Easy To Train

In this modern world where people are really busy. Everyone is in search of something that will give better results with lesser time and effort. And when it comes to dogs, Vizsla is one of those breeds that need only a few days of training to be perfect. The human-loving attitude of this breed and its patience is why it is among the most obedient breeds.

A Vizsla will easily learn how to obey commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “come.” They can also do tricks like shaking hands, jumping through hoops, placing their paws on a target in sequence, and balancing objects on their noses. Surely, their easy-going nature allures everyone that increases the demand, and consequently, Vizslas become expensive.

Are There Any Cheaper Vizslas Dogs?

The answer to this question is yes. The cheapest vizslas are present at animal shelters and rescues, both nationally and locally. Shelters in the United States have an average of $50 adoption fee, while local rescue groups charge anywhere from nothing up to $100 or more for a dog with special needs. Breeders do not sell their pups for $50. Vizslas of this price point are generally older dogs that people owned once or a dog with special needs such as being deaf, blind, and so on.

Does Every Type Of Vizslas Cost The Same?

The answer is no. The price of Vizslas can vary depending on the breeder, the type, and the age of the dog you are looking for. A lot of it comes down to supply and demand. If a particular breed becomes popular because people want them in their home or business, there will be more available dogs that meet the demand. This brings the price down a little because they are not in such high demand, and it is easier to find them. On the other hand, if there aren’t as many dogs meeting that demand for Vizslas, prices will go up.

Besides this, the nature of breeding also affects a lot in the price. Usually, purebred dogs will cost a lot more than mixed breeds. But having said that, you will also find some mixed Vizslas who will cost more than purebreds. Why? It could be because of their quality, or it’s just rare to find that particular mix, so opportunities for them are fewer and demand is higher.

Are Vizslas Hybrid Expensive Too?

Some people might think that Vizslas are Hybrid dogs and, therefore, they will cost more. The truth is, these beautiful family pets can come in many different sizes, including large ones. This means you could find a smaller Vizsla to have as your pet dog for less money than its larger counterparts would be.

Do Adult Vizslas And Vizsla Puppies Cost The Same?

The answer is that Vizslas are not cheap dogs, so the cost for a puppy and an adult will vary. Adult Vizslas already come with their own traits, whereas puppies may or may not be more expensive because of what you want in them. For example, if you’re looking to buy a pet Vizsla, they are cheaper than show Vizslas because their temperament and coat don’t need much care. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a hunting dog to take on the field without all of the high maintenance cost that comes with it, then an adult might be perfect for you.

Can Age Affect The Cost Of Vizsla Dogs?

Some dog breeds become more expensive with age. Other dogs will get cheaper, but not Vizslas. It’s because the Vizsla breed itself has so many qualities that make it a desirable family pet and hunting companion. And maintaining these qualities and training them to need money, time, and effort that increase the cost of adult dogs.

Moreover, the price of adult dogs will be higher because puppy prices don’t include the cost of vaccinations and vet visits. It is safer to get a new puppy because you know it will be healthy, fully vaccinated, and ready for adoption.

Where Can I Find Vizslas At Cheaper Price?

Some rescue organizations, shelters, and adoption centers offer cheaper or free puppies of different breeds. If you are not in a rush to find your new family member, try checking these places out.

You can also have a look at the Vizsla for sale section on websites such as Craigslist or Kijiji and see if there is anything that suits what you’re looking for. Websites like this usually feature private offers, so be sure to chat with the person before buying.

Petfinder also has ads for Vizslas and other breeds of dogs that are currently looking for new homes. So if you’re feeling motivated, this is a great place to find some animals in need of love at different prices.


Vizslas are expensive dogs to buy, but they come with a lot of perks. They’re one of the smartest breeds and will be your best friend for years to come if you invest in them as soon as possible. The high maintenance cost is also worth it because these dogs make great companions for kids and elders alike. If you can afford it, we recommend buying an adult vizsla over a puppy so that they have time to grow into their full coat size (which makes grooming easier). We hope this article helped answer some questions about why vizslas have such a premium price.

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