Why Are Vizslas Called Vizsla?

Why Are Vizslas Called Vizsla

Vizsla is from Hungary and has short hair. They were pointer breed of hunting dog, and it is one of the six breeds that got recognition in Hungary. Why are Vizslas called ‘Vizsla’? The name comes from the Hungarian word for “pointer.” So why people gave them this name? It could be because their origins come from pointing to game birds – much like how pointers on a map often show where the treasure might be present.

The name of Vizslas seems like it came every since Vizsla’s existence. Thus, the exact reasons why Vizslas ar Vizsla is anonymous till now. But there are some assumptions about the name. This name came from their place of origin, their hunting nature, or even because they hunted weasels. 

So, this article will give you every bit and piece of information about the name, history, food attributes, and flaws of Vizsla. So, keeping reading. I hope you will enjoy it.

History Of Vizsla

The breed’s history comes from Transylvania, where people breed them in a medium-sized white hunting dog called the “Transylvanian Hound.” Breeders crossed Transylvanian hound with German Short Haired Pointer and some other pointer breeds to get Vizsla.

People often use Vizslas for hunting because they had excellent speed and the ability to flush out a game pointed out or shot at by humans, as well as for their self-hunting skills. However, it wasn’t until after World War II that people really started noticing this beautiful dog breed.

In the late 1950s, people started using Vizslas for hunting as their popularity increased while owners showed them for competitions more often than ever before. However, it was not until 1964 that the breed became mostly recognized as show dogs and pets.

After gaining popularity, the breed got recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC) on January 11th, 1959, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) on January 19th of 1979, and the British Kennel Club in  1987. After that, breeders are continuously experimenting with Vizslas to provide them with desired qualities.

Why Are Vizslas ‘Vizsla’?

With their beautiful body structure and loving attributes, Vizslas are slowly getting more popular every day. But do you wonder why their name is Vizsla?

People call these dog breed Vizsla because this is their native land, where they are originally from. Vizsla actually means “Weasel” in the Hungarian language, and it was Weasle because these dogs hunted small animals like weasels, rabbits, and other rodents long ago.

Some assumptions why Vizslas are Vizsla might be:

  • The word Vizsla is from the Hungarian “vizslak,” meaning Pointer and Scenthound.
  • It is also possible that the name may have come about because of an association with a hunting dog called Váh, which translated to Vizsla in English.
  • The Hungarian word for a male dog is “toló,” and in Latin, it is “Vicarius.”
  • In Russia, there was a hunting dog called Viska, which translates as Vizsla.

Who Named Vizslas?

In this case, people who first brought them into Hungary seem to name them Vizsla. But the exact genius behind this name is anonymous.

The researcher often claims that Vizsla is from the Hungarian word “vizsla,” which means searching or finding. And since these dogs were excellent hunting dogs in the past, people use them to search and find food.

So, these dogs might this name by the native Hungarians who use them for collecting food.

Does The Name Of Vizslas Have Anything To Do With Its History?

Probably not, but it seems that the people who first called these dogs “Weasel” referred to their hunting habits and skills because they are excellent and skilled hunters like weasels. And if you ask me, this name suits them very well.

However,  it’s also possible that when humans hunt them for a longer time, they look like weasels to the hunters. So, since people hunted these dogs as weasels, people named them Vizsla.

What Are The Other Names Vizslas Except Vizsla?

Yes, other names refer to the dog breed as such: Hungarian weasel hound and short-haired pointer. Furthermore, Vizsla has a different name for when they are born with two different colors of fur. People also refer to them as Farkashazi Vizsla, which means “ferret hunter” in Hungarian.

Along with this, they are even popular as Hungarian Coonhounds and called Transylvanian Coonhounds.

Does The Place Vizslas Originate Have Influence In Their Name Vizsla?

It might be possible that the place of origin, Hungary influenced Vizsla’s name. In Hungarian, “vizsla” means weasel, which explains why they were first called Weasle and later Vizsla.

But still, the exact reason of how these dogs got their name is unknown.  All we know for sure is that this beautiful breed has a very charming and unique name. However, people who love them or breeds them use different names to call them apart from their original name.

What Is So Good About Vizsla?

Vizsla is a Hungarian breed of gun dog that are excellent hunters and sometimes as a family pet. The name “Vizsla” comes from the word “víz,” meaning “water.” In English, people know Vizsla as Hungarian Greyhound or simply as the Vizsla, but now they are famous as the Hungarian Vizsla.

There are many reasons why people love having a Vizsla in their family, but one that stands out is how even-tempered they can be. Besides this, some other attributes that make Vizsla so good are:

  • Vizslas also have an agreeable personality that makes them excellent pets both in the country or city.
  • Vizslas have an excellent smelling ability, and you can use them in social service to sniff out drugs, explosives, or missing people.
  • They are a brilliant breed that is easy to train for novice owners.
  • Their coat comes in three colors: fawn, black-and-tan, and red (born mostly black with a few white hairs on the head).
  • A Vizsla’s coat comes in three colors: fawn, black-and-tan, and red. So, people can get a variety of Vizslas and choose what they want.
  • They make excellent watchdogs that can sense trouble and sound the alarm for other members of their family.
  • Vizslas love and adore their owners and follow every order that you give to them.
  • A Vizsla will live 12-14 years on average, and their life expectancy is one of the longest among dog breeds.
  • They are a loyal breed that can’t bear the idea of being alone without an owner they love so much, sticking around with them. So, they can be great companions for kids and elders.

Why Should Not You Own A Vizsla?

Although, Vizslas are popular ad one of the best companion for a family. But still, they have some habits that are undesirable to many people. So, it makes you question whether you should or shouldn’t buy a Vizsla.

Moreover, some reasons why Vizslas aren’t good for you are:

  • Vizslas are territorial.
  • They require a lot of grooming and bathing.
  • They are expensive.
  • Vizslas will not be able to get along with cats and other types of dogs.
  • Vizslas are prone to separation anxiety.
  • They can’t live in smaller spaces like apartments.
  • They can be aggressive sometimes due to their hunting instinct.
  • Vizslas are prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and other mental disorders.
  • It is not safe to leave your kids with Vizsla without supervision. Thus, they need continuous supervision.
  • Vizslas prefer staying inside the house. So, they are more likely to get obese and ill.


If you’ve ever wondered why people named Vizslas Vizsla, we have the answer for you. The name is a Hungarian word that means swift deerhound, and people first used it to describe this breed in 1922 when Hungary became an independent nation again after World War I. However, it has nothing to do with its history or other dog names since people originally bred them as hunting dogs in Eastern Europe from 3000 BC until about 1000 AD.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Vizslas and the history of their name. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to share them below. 

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