Why Are Vizslas Bad Dogs?

Why Are Vizslas Bad Dogs

Vizslas are not bad dogs. They have a lot of energy. Why? They love to run and play all day. So when you’re looking for the perfect family dog, consider adopting a Vizsla. These energetic pups will keep up with your active lifestyle and provide lots of companionship along the way.

Why are Vizslas bad dogs? Vizslas are not bad dogs. But, they need an owner who understands their high energy level and gives them plenty of exercise time each day. Besides this, Vizslas are high maintenance, need proper grooming, are prone to various health issues, and get aggressive sometimes. So, they don’t fit every family.

Therefore, this article will discuss all Vizsla, its flaws, abilities, and some grooming tips. I hope you enjoy reading and find this article informative.

Why Are Vizslas Bad Dogs?

Vizslas are the best dogs for families with children. Vizslas are playful dogs. And they do not mind the noise of a family full of kids, as long you supervise them. They don’t bark too much either, which can be problematic in some neighborhoods with strict rules about animal noise levels.

But, people sometimes consider them as bad dogs. Generally, the reasons why Vizslas are bad dogs are:

Vizslas Bad Dogs Because They Are High Maintenance

Vizslas are not low-maintenance dogs. They need a lot of attention and care as they have high energy levels. And also, they want to be with their owners all the time.

Further, Vizslas require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. Of course, you need to take them for a walk every day, but it’s more than just that – they also need vigorous playtime for both physical and emotional health. If left alone too often or without the energy outlet they crave, their temperament can become restless and destructive.

Vizslas Bad Dogs Because They Are Hyperactivity

If you live in an apartment, it may not be the best idea since this breed needs vigorous daily exercise, or they will become destructively bored.

Vizslas are energetic dogs who enjoy running around all day long with other animals (or people), which is great if you have lots of space in your yard to run them off-leash during the daytime hours when they should not yet be indoors because they do tend to get into things like trash cans while playing outside as well as coming inside covered in mud from rolling around on the ground.

Vizslas Bad Dogs Because They Are Destructiveness

These dogs need a lot of attention and can be destructive when left alone for long periods of time, especially if they have to chew toys or puppies to play with. They may also become aggressive towards smaller dogs in the family who are not as energetic as them.

Vizslas tend to be a destructive breed. They will chew on whatever they can find, which means your shoes left out in the hallway are sure to meet their teeth if you’re not careful with them. They may also destroy furniture or other household items when left alone for too long.

Bored Vizslas Are Notorious Chewers 

Your friendly and gentle Vizsal turns into a notorious chewer due to boredom. So, Vizslas are not good dogs for people who work full-time. They are high in energy level and need to utilize it daily through physical activity.

So, if you leave them alone and fail to schedule their daily activities, they will have to find something else to do. And that includes chewing on your furniture, shoes, and anything else in their sight range.

Further, boredom can also make your dog go wild. If you’re not careful, your Vizsla will take off on its own to explore the neighborhood and come back covered in mud or worse. This is a great way to pick up fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites that can harm both them and their family members.

Vizsla Needs Vigorous Daily Exercise 

These dogs require vigorous exercise every day or risk developing serious problems such as obesity and joint issues. So if your daily routine does not include a lot of physical activity, then the Vizsla is probably not the dog for you. However, they need lots of energy spent with them each day because otherwise, they might end up destroying your house out of boredom.

So, if you want a dog that is happy to be by your side all day, this may not be the breed for you. Vizslas need to utilize their energy out daily, or they will become destructive and hyperactive. If you can provide them with the chance to run around in a safe yard or field for at least an hour every day and get plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, vizslas will be much happier.

What Is So Good About Vizslas As Dogs?

Vizsla is a Hungarian breed of gun dog that is a brilliant hunter and sometimes a family pet. There are many reasons why people love having a Vizsla in their family, but one that stands out is how even-tempered they can be. Besides this, some other attributes that make Vizsla so good are:

  • Vizslas also have an agreeable personality that makes them excellent pets both in the country or city.
  • Vizslas have an excellent smelling ability, and you can use them in social service to sniff out drugs, explosives, or missing people.
  • They are a brilliant breed that is easy to train for novice owners.
  • Their coat comes in three colors: fawn, black-and-tan, and red (born mostly black with a few white hairs on the head).
  • A Vizsla’s coat comes in three colors: fawn, black-and-tan, and red. So, people can get a variety of Vizslas and choose what they want.
  • They make excellent watchdogs that can sense trouble and sound the alarm for other members of their family.
  • Vizslas love and adore their owners and follow every order that you give to them.
  • A Vizsla will live 12-14 years on average, and their life expectancy is one of the longest among dog breeds.
  • They are a loyal breed that can’t bear the idea of being alone without an owner they love so much, sticking around with them. So, they can be great companions for kids and elders.

Why Should Not You Own A Vizsla?

Although, Vizslas are popular ad one of the best companion for a family. But still, they have some habits that are undesirable to many people. So, it makes you question whether you should or shouldn’t buy a Vizsla.

Moreover, some reasons why Vizslas aren’t good for you are:

  • Vizslas are territorial.
  • They require a lot of grooming and bathing.
  • They are expensive.
  • Vizslas will not be able to get along with cats and other types of dogs.
  • Vizslas are prone to separation anxiety.
  • They cannot live in a smaller apartment where they can’t get space to run and jump.
  • They can be aggressive sometimes due to their hunting instinct.
  • Vizslas are prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and other mental disorders.
  • It is not safe to leave your kids with Vizsla without supervision. Thus, they need continuous supervision.
  • Vizslas prefer staying inside the house. So, they are more likely to get obese and ill.

Will Vizslas Make A Good Apartment Dogs?

Vizslas make good apartment dogs if you live in a house where you can walk them outside regularly. It is essential because they need vigorous, daily exercise or become hyperactive and destructive.

The high maintenance of this dog is what makes it bad for apartment life because there needs to be space outside where the dog could run around without bothering anybody else. In contrast, inside and enough room for things like beds and toys, so make sure before considering purchasing one that you have everything necessary in place.

Are Vizslas Good Family Dogs? 

The answer depends greatly on what kind of lifestyle each member of your family has. Is everyone home all day long with time for vigorous exercise? Do they want an energetic dog who needs lots of attention from its owners and asks for most of it at once (a lot)? Does someone work full-time outside the house? Will there be someone around during the day or night to walk him when he needs it?

Vizslas are good dogs for families with a lot of time to invest in training them and plenty of active people at home. However, they are not suitable for families who work full-time outside the house or have children too young to be responsible pet owners.

Besides this, if you live in a house with a big garden, this could be perfect as they love being outdoors and like spending time inside around family members. But make sure there’s plenty of room to spread out. Finally, if you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t need much attention, maybe look into another breed.

Are Vizslas Good With Other Dogs?

Usually, these breeds aren’t aggressive towards other breeds in the same household. But they may chase smaller, less energetic dogs.

Many people think Vizsla’s make wonderful companions because they get along well with other pets like cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc. Unfortunately, this is not always true. If your new kitten will scratch up your furniture or chew on things, she shouldn’t, then one day she’ll go after the Vizsla, and he’s not going to be too happy about it. Vizslas do well with other dogs if you introduce them to humans and animals at an early age. But this can still lead to rivalry or fighting among the two pets as they grow older.

Vizsla’s are wonderful companions for people who already have plenty of animals at home, however! They will enjoy the company of your cat, birds, etc., just like any dog would love having another pet in its life.

Some Tips For A Healthier Life Of Vizslas

After you own a dog, you want to give the best of everything so that they can have a qualitative and comfortable life. Thus, some grooming tips help to make your Vizsla healthy, happy, and active. And they are:

Focus On Quality Of Food

Give your Vizsla a good diet, which includes fresh water and some snacks now and then. If they are not familiar with eating dry food, you can mix it with wet but make sure that the ratio is 50:50. So, as not to stress their digestive system. Make sure also to read labels on pet food that you buy for them and avoid buying food with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives.

Keep Vizsla Active

Provide your Vizsla some exercise to make sure they stay active. You can do this by playing games in the house or going outside on a jog when it is nice out. After a while, they will get familiar with their new routine, and they will be excited to keep up with their exercise.

Take a walk with your Vizsla at least two to three times in the day. This will help them get some physical exercise, and it is also good for their mental health. You can start by taking small steps first, then gradually make it longer so that they will be familiar with running all over the place when you go on long walks.

Training To Manage Your Vizsla’s Behavior

Train your Vizsla when you can so that it listens and obeys your commands. It is also important for safety purposes, which could help in emergencies or when doing tasks around the house. Practice training sessions at least two times a day or whenever you can.

Give Your Vizsla Balanced Diet

Dont feed your Vizsla too much food at once so that it won’t overeat and get sick or constipated. Instead, try to divide the meal into two portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; this could also help with their weight if they are overweight. If you have any concerns about how much your dog should eat, you can ask your veterinarian for advice.

Chew Toys To Make Vizsla Busy

Give them something to chew on so that they won’t feel bored and become destructive. Rawhides are a good option but make sure not to give it too small of pieces, or else they could choke on it. Dont also forget about toys and tug-of-war games to keep them entertained.

Emphasize On Socialization

Introduce your Vizsla to other dogs and people so that they dont feel bored with their social life. You can do this through dog parks or taking walks in the neighborhood when you are not too busy working. They will also learn how to play well with others which is important for safety reasons as well.

Visit The Vet

Take your Vizsla to the veterinarian now and then for wellness checkups so that it stays healthy. Make sure to research what diseases they are at risk of getting, which you can find in a book or on the Internet if you search well enough. If they have any symptoms that seem unusual, dont hesitate to consult with the vet right away.

Take Care Of Yourself

Along with taking care of their needs, it is also important for you to take good care of yourself as a human owner. It means that you should eat well and get exercise so that you can be in a better condition than when your dog was just born.

You will feel better and be in a better mood, which will make it more enjoyable for you to take care of your Vizsla. And this also encourages you to spend more time with your Vizsla to play, cuddle, and love.

Your Vizsla will enjoy when you care for or give attention and becomes happier and healthier.


I don’t think Vizslas are bad dogs. It is just that Vizslas are not for everyone. They have some quirks that you need to adjust. Such as they are high maintenance and need a lot of exercises to manage the higher energy level.

However, some people may be looking to get more space in their lives or have less time available. And it means that the responsibility required by owning one of these dogs is just too much for them. So, we want you to know this before making such an important decision.

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