Vizslas Docked Tails: Why and How?

Vizslas Docked Tails: Why and How?

Vizslas are beautiful dogs with luxurious, long tails that brush against the ground. The loyalty, beautiful body structure, and intelligence of these dogs lured the attention of many owners nowadays. So, people are keen to know more about them. Undoubtedly, vizslas have many interesting facts to learn about, but docked tails are one of those that can’t go unnoticed. 

So, do owners prefer Vizslas docked tails? Some people feel inclined to dock their vizsla’s tail and cut it off entirely. This is a common practice and referred to as docking the tail in English-speaking countries. People are practicing this for hundreds of years.

This article will talk about why people do this, whether they are dog breeders or just pet owners. What types of breeds must have docked tails? How you should go about doing it properly if you’re going to do it at all, and even more facts related to vizsla docked tails.

What Is Tail Docking In Vizsla?

Tail docking in vizsla is the practice of cutting off a dog’s tail, usually done with scissors or clippers. You can perform this procedure on any breed as long as they have hair and not fur. But traditionally, people practiced this more often in certain breeds such as vizslas due to their long tails that brush against dirt, grass, and the ground.

Are Vizslas Tails Docked? Why Do People Dock Vizsla Tails?

Yes, owners usually dock Vizslas tails. Some people dock a vizslas’ tail because they feel it is necessary. For example, a dog must show champion or as an essential step to ensure their puppy will be safe from getting in any accidents. Still, there are many other reasons, such as:

  • Preventing the possibility of the tail caught on something and accidentally breaking it.
  • Some people feel it is necessary to become a dog show champion or essential to ensure their puppy will be safe from getting in any accidents.
  • Others dock the tail because they believe that long, trailing tails are dirty and can cause the dog to get sick.
  • It is important to make sure your pup’s tail can’t catch something and even break if you leave it long.
  • There are also other reasons, such as docking the tail for aesthetic reasons like breeders sell many of the puppies with docked tails.

What Types Of Breeds Tails Are Docked?

Owners dock the tails of many breeds of dogs. But this practice is most prevalent in Vizslas due to their long tails that brush against dirt, grass, or other surfaces like a doormat. In fact, if you were looking for a Vizsla puppy, a breeder would likely have their tail already docked.

How Do You Dock A Tail?

Tail docking in vizslas is usually a process where the Vet uses scissors or clippers. Besides this, someone who has experience doing this procedure is best for this job. It is important to make sure you know what the proper length is for the tail after docking, and you should do you should also do it in a sterile environment.

Where Does The Tail Docking Procedure Happen?

This procedure typically occurs at home or another location with access to medical equipment like scissors or clippers. It’s important to note that: Every breed of dog cannot have its tails docked.

What Happens When Vizslas Tails Are Docked?

Some people might feel that the dog is not as attractive with a docked tail. But you should do this procedure for their safety. It’s important to know the proper length of the tail when you dock it so there are no complications during activities they may need to do.

Should You Dock A Vizsla Tail?

Yes, if you are a breeder, you should have your vizsla puppies’ tails docked. In addition to being safer for the dog and their owners, tail docking also makes it easier to clean up after them because there’s less of an area that can get dirty or scratched.

Many people feel there is no reason to dock a vizsla tail. It is because their Vizslas are not as active, and the tail doesn’t touch the ground. While some owners might decide against docking, it’s important to know what length of the tail must be there after the procedure. So, you can avoid the You can avoid problems like infections or discomfort in future activities.

Is It Painful To Dock The Tail Of The Vizsla?

A properly done tail docking procedure can be painless for the dog. The best way to avoid any discomfort is by making sure your Vizsla is in a sterile environment and with someone who has experience in performing this kind of surgery.

Is It Necessary To Carry Out This Practice On Vizslas? 

Yes, it’s necessary to dock the tails of vizslas because they are prone to injury when their tail accidentally brushes up against objects and surfaces like doormats. In addition, many breeds have a longer length of tail than other dogs, which makes injuries more likely and infections if there is any contact with filth or bacteria.

Interesting Facts About Vizslas Docked Tails

The tail docking procedure for vizslas originated in eastern Europe.  In the 1930s, American dog owners widely used this process.

Charles Alfred Parsons, an Englishman, was the first person who docked the tails of Vizsla.

Tail docking in vizsla was first done to reduce the risk of injury. But when he docked it, he believed that they were healthier and better looking.

In 1949, a study conducted in England discussed whether or not tail docking was necessary for the breed, and it concluded that there is no evidence to support this idea.

Tail-docked vizslas are more likely to develop a disease “wry tail.” This makes their tails twist. But oddly, when they have long tails, they can be prone to injuries like frequently stepped on or tangling.


In conclusion, owners docked Vizsla’s tails to reduce injuries. But there are also some aesthetic reasons behind it. You must know what length on a vizsla tail after docking so there are not any problems in future activities they might do.

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