Vizsla Winter Care | Keeping Vizsla Warm In Winter

Vizsla Winter Care

Winter is here, and Vizsla owners are preparing for the cold weather. Vizslas have a double coat, but they still need extra attention this time of year to stay healthy and happy. As the hair is comparatively shorter than most other breeds, they cannot protect Vizslas from winter. Besides this, these dogs enjoy living in the temperate climate and have a little less tolerance for extreme cold during winter. So, winter care is a sensitive topic for dogs like Vizsla.

Vizsla winter care might include keeping them indoors more often where it is warmer, brushing their fur regularly to avoid matting, providing plenty of water both inside and outside (though not in freezing temperatures), avoiding icy surfaces where possible, making sure there’s a dry place for them to rest or sleep when they come inside from playing outside in the snow, and much more.

Moreover, this article is all about Vizsla and is an ultimate guide to caring for them in winter. I tried to include all the possible issues related to this topic. Hopefully, you will find it informative and worth giving your time.

Does Your Vizsla Need Winter Care?

A Vizsla needs winter care if it has a short, double-coated coat. The Vizsla requires more attention in the cold months than other dog breeds because of this. If your Vizsla is still young and growing, they need constant monitoring for signs of hypothermia or frostbite. Check their paws, ears, and tail for any signs of discoloration.

Further, if Vizslas have thin hair, it is much harder for them to maintain homeostasis in colder climates. Besides this, people use various chemicals to melt the snow in the winter. So, Vizslas with a long-haired coat can also require winter care to deal with such toxins present in the ground.

How To Take Care Of Vizsla In Winter?

Although your Vizslas hair fall might decrease in winter, still, your dog will be very vulnerable in this season. Mainly, they are more difficult to protect if you have a mix bred Vizsla with a shorter and thinner skin coat.

However, here is how you can take care of your Vizsla in the winter months:

  • First, provide Vizsla with a warm, dry bed near the furnace, fireplace, or heat register.
  • Keep your Vizsla’s ears clean by regularly checking for signs of wax buildup and debris from their coat.
  • Dress Vizsla in a coat, sweater, and booties.
  • Keep Vizslas on the move during winter by providing them with “toys” to keep their minds occupied.
  • Provide your Vizsla with heated indoor water baths if they cannot go outside for bathroom breaks often enough or at all.
  • Keep your Vizsla fed with nutritious food, high-quality protein, and give them Vitamin C supplements if they are not getting enough from food sources.
  • Vizslas need their daily walks in the winter to keep them healthy and happy. So, you must provide your Vizsla with a path or treadmill. Then, they can use all these things inside during inclement weather.
  • Vizsla dogs should be on high protein diets if they must stay home for long periods of time.

Vizslas can get the winter blues just like humans. So, you should monitor them for signs of depression or anxiety that are more common during this season. And the symptoms include things like excessive drinking or urination, increased barking, and chewing on objects around the house.

What Can I Do To Keep My Vizsla Warm In Winter?

The optimal temperature where Vizslas can survive is between 50°F and 70°F. Thus, Vizslas are very susceptible to the cold. And it is crucial to keep your dog warm. So, the simple tips you can follow for this are:

Dry Your Vizsla’s Skin Coat To Keep It Warm

It is important to keep Vizsla Dogs dry in the winter. Vizslas have a double coat which means they need more attention than other dogs when it starts getting cold outside. Wet skin will make Vizslas very uncomfortable, so make sure you dry them every time after being out in the snow or rain for a long time. Vizslas do not like the cold, so keeping them warm and dry in winter is important.

Leaving your Vizsla’s hair damp in winter or when it is cold outside will put them at risk for a host of fungal and bacterial infections. Vizsla’s have two coats, an outer coat and the inner layer that helps protect their skin against some harsh climates like snowstorms, so keep your Vizsla dry to stay healthy.

Use Heated Bed To Keep Your Vizsla Warm In Winter

A heated bed is one of the best Vizsla winter care tips if you want to make sure your Vizsla stays warm during winter. These beds are perfect for Vizslas as they have a lower surface area and will stay warmer longer while also being more comfortable. In addition, Vizsla dogs can be prone to hip problems, so these are also a great Vizsla winter care tip.

Winter Boots For Your Vizsla

If Vizsla is outside most of the time, it will be a good idea to invest in some boots. These boots help prevent wet paws in Vizslas and protect them from ice and snow that can cause injury or pain. In addition, Vizslas are unfamiliar with the icy surface, so wearing shoes may make it easier to walk on the ice. Vizsla boots can come in different styles–they are available for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, you can find boots with a back or front closure.

Use Sweaters Or Jackets To Keep Your Vizsla Warm In Winter

With Vizslas being a short-haired breed, it is always important to find ways to keep them warm in winter. Vizsla coats cannot protect against the cold weather, so you need to look for other options such as sweaters or jackets made with wool. These garments provide warmth and protection from both windburn and frostbite. Vizslas cannot feel the cold inside their home, so make sure your Vizsla dog has sweaters or jackets on before going outside in winter.

Keep Your Vizsla Active In Winter

Most owners assume that they should confine their Vizslas inside the house to protect them in winter. But Vizslas are very active dogs that need their long walks every day. Usually, Hungarian people breed these dogs to hunt birds in the snow and cold, so they can handle winter weather much better than some other breeds of dogs.

If you involve your Vizsla in exercises, it will be helpful to maintain the body temperature. It is because physical activity helps to generate heat. Vizsla’s are not big fans of winter, but they can handle the cold if they get enough exercise.

Besides this, keeping your Vizsla active during winter helps to maintain their muscle tone, keep their weight under control and maintain a healthy metabolism. Vizslas that are too inactive during the winter will have trouble with depression due to a lack of enough exercise or interaction.

Give More Fluids In The Winter

Including more warm fluid in the winter will help your Vizsla maintain a healthy balance of body fluids. Add more water to the food, and offer warm soups or broth throughout the day for hydration when it’s too cold outside for walking.

You also must provide adequate fresh drinking water in winter since Vizslas will drink less to avoid ingesting cold water. Further, warm fluids help to warm Vizslas from the inside out, which will help maintain a healthy body temperature.

How Cold Can A Vizsla Handle?

Believe it or not, Vizslas are tough little dogs and actually have a pretty high tolerance for cold weather. Vizsla originated in Hungary, where people bred them to hunt waterfowl on the frigid lakes of Europe. As a result, it is not uncommon for Vizslas in this region to range freely outside when temperatures dip below -30 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, cold climates don’t affect Vizzlas as much as some other dog breeds because they have a thick coat that protects them from harsh weather conditions.

So if your Vizsla is going outside for walks or playtime during the winter season, there is no need to worry about their fur freezing. Vizslas can withstand extreme temperatures up to a certain limit.

Dog breeds that typically have a lower tolerance for cold weather have shorter hair, more delicate skin, and heavier body types. For example, Poodles, Siberian Huskies, or German Shepherds tend to be sensitive when it comes to colder climates due to their thinner fur coats.

How Do You Exercise A Vizsla In The Winter?

Vizslas are extreme athletes and love to be outdoors. So if they can’t go outside, you’ll want to provide them with a treadmill or other exercise equipment that will allow them plenty of physical activity indoors. Vizslas also need mental stimulation, so make sure your dog is getting plenty of interaction with you and other people. Vizslas need to walk at least once a day. But it’s best to take them out more often if they are not getting enough time outside to play or exercise independently.

What Exercises Can My Vizsla Dog Do In The Winter Season?

In the winter, Vizslas have a lot less available to them when it comes to exercise. Vizsla owners should be aware of this. Thus, they take precautions by providing Vizslas with mental stimulation and outdoor playtime in addition to physical activity. Vizsla owners can provide mental stimulation for their dogs through puzzles, games, and interactive toys. Vizslas are intelligent and smart dogs who love to play games with their owners. So, these types of activities will keep Vizsla’s minds engaged in winter and provide them with the physical activity they need.

Some other exercises that your Vizsla can do in the winter season are:

Tug of War

This is a great game to play with your Vizsla in the winter because it’s not only fun. But you can also work on their grip and teach them how to handle an object properly. Finally, work up some energy by playing Tug of War for 15-30 minutes.

Rope Pulling

Vizslas love games that involve food, and this tug of war is perfect for Vizslas. This will work your Vizsla’s muscles a lot while also teaching them to use their brain. Work up some energy by playing rope pulling for 15-30 minutes.

Hide and Seek

Find Vizsla a nice quiet spot where they can be alone. Like in the closet or under their favorite blanket on your bed, then hide somewhere else in the house. This game is perfect for playing with Vizslas because it’s fun, and they love to be right in the middle of the action.

If you have kids, they’ll love playing hide-and-seek with your Vizsla during the winter season because it can help keep both children and Vizslas entertained for hours.

Playing With Toys

Vizslas love playing with toys, and so will your Vizsla during the winter season because it can help keep them occupied while keeping their minds sharp. Vizsla loves toys because they’re interactive, and Vizslas will work hard to get the toy. As a result, Vizslas can be busy for hours playing with their favorite toy during winter.

Playing With Other Dogs

If you have a Vizsla that doesn’t get enough socialization during the winter season, this is an excellent way for your dog to get the socialization they need. Vizslas love playing with other dogs, and this can help increase their activity level. Along with this, it will also give them some time away from you, which Vizslas enjoy sometimes doing too!

Playing In Snow Or Ice

Vizsla’s love the cold, and playing with their owners in winter is a great way to bond. And these types of activities also provide Vizsla with some much-needed exercise. Cold weather can also make Vizslas happy because it means they finally have reason to wear their coats again. But be careful not to let your dog play in the snow for long because Vizsla’s can’t regulate their body heat as humans do. So, Vizslas will get cold much faster than you.

Fetch Games Inside

Vizslas are big fans of fetch games, and winter is no different. Playing a game where Vizslas bring an object back from wherever they’ve been won’t only keep them warm. But, this also provides them with sufficient exercise. It’ll also make Vizsla owners happy. 

Vizslas always look for challenges. So, fetching and retrieving can be a great game at home.

Taking Vizsla For Walks In Winter

Vizsla’s are famous for being excellent walkers. And even when it is icy outside, Vizslas will still enjoy themselves on a nice winter walk with their owner. Vizslas will love walking in the cold because they have a thick coat of fur.

Besides this, walking helps Vizsla to explore the surrounding environment, and Vizslas loves to explore. It also helps to provide mental stimulation, and Vizslas loves to stay mentally active.

Can My Vizsla Dog Feel Cold Inside The House?

Many Vizslas are comfortable living outdoors, even in the coldest climates. They have fur coats that keep them warm. And they also like being outside, exploring for prey regularly. But when Vizsla owners bring their Vizslas into the house during the winter months, there can be challenges with keeping them happy and healthy. Vizslas are very active dogs, and they like to explore outside. When Vizsla owners introduce Vizslas into the house, there is a potential for destructive behavior and separation anxiety. And this will be when Vizsla’s cannot get out of the chills of cold weather on their own or with the company.


As the winter season approaches, now is a great time to think about your Vizsla. And what they will need during these cold months. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that they have plenty of blankets for warmth in their crate at night. If any drafts are coming from under doors or windows, use weather stripping around them to keep cool air. You can also consider buying some heating pad if you live somewhere colder where it gets below freezing outside often.

Keep in mind that some dogs might be able to handle being outdoors in the snow more than others. It doesn’t mean that everyone should let their dog roam free on days when it’s freezing out. While we’re on the topic of exercise, Vizslas can handle cold weather just fine in most cases. Be sure to take your Vizsla out for a walk or some other kind of activity every day so that they don’t feel bored and depressed.

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