Vizsla Weight: Easy Tips To Manage Their Weight

Vizsla Weight

Vizsla is a dog breed that originated in Hungary as a versatile hunting dog. The Vizsla’s coat can come in various colors, but rust, brown or black are most common. Vizslas are famous for their gentle disposition and loyalty to their human companions. Breeders originally bred them as gun dogs, so you should not leave them outside unattended for an extended period of time. They might become skittish or nervous around other dogs or people passing by on the street. However, with proper care and maintenance, Vizsla makes great pets who will have just the right weight to live happily.

Vizslas typically weigh between 45 and 70 pounds at maturity, with most dogs in the 50 to 60-pound range. This weight can vary depending on your Vizsla’s diet and level of activity – as well as their bone structure.

Vizsla weight has been a topic of debate among owners for decades now because it seems like one Vizsla will always weigh more than the next Vizsla, but there is a specific weight range that Vizslas should weigh. And this post is all about the weight of Vizsla, how to manage it, and factors that can influence it.  

Vizsla Weight Chart 

This Vizsla Weight Chart is based on the average weight of a Vizsla in various countries. You should measure your Vizsla as they grow and age from when they’re still puppies to adults. It is because this will be a little idea about their health. 

Vizsla weight chart provides an ideal example of what we might expect Vizslas to weigh at different ages and stages of their, Of course, lives. Vizslas grow and age continuously, but the Vizsla weight chart provides a rough estimate for what we might expect Vizslas to weigh at any given stage in life.

So, the weight chart for Vizsla is as follows:

Age Of Vizsla Weight Of Male Puppy (in pounds) Weight Of Female Puppy (in pounds)
3 months 18-25 17-24
4 months 23-33 23-32
5 months 29-40 28-38
6 months 32-45 32-45
7 months 36-50 35-49
8 months 38-54 37-50
9 months 40-57 39-50
10 months 41-59 40-50
11 months 42-60 40-50
12 months 43-62 40-55

Moreover, Vizsla gains its full weight after it is a year older. So, if you manage to give your dog a quality life, its weight won’t fluctuate much from what they were weighing in 12 months. 

At What Age Will A Vizsla Grow Fully?

A Vizsla achieves its full growth once it reaches the age of two years old. Vizslas are a medium-sized breed, and on average, they weigh around 45 to 60 pounds as adults, with males typically weighing more than females.

How Much Do Female Vizslas Weigh?

Vizslas are a medium-sized dog breed that ranges from 19 to 24 inches in height and weighs between 36 to 54 pounds. They have an average weight of 40 to 45 pounds, with females weighing approximately 35% less than males because they possess less muscle mass on average. 

Vizslas also have a low body fat percentage inherited from their hunting ancestors, making them prone to weight gain. The females are generally around 25 pounds, and males are usually between 35-40 pounds on average.

How Much Should A 1-Year-Old Vizsla Weight?

A Vizsla puppy should weigh no more than 18 pounds at the age of one year old but will continue to grow until they reach their full size. If a Vizsla is overweight or underweight, it can be due to an illness like Cushing’s disease or a Vizsla having a speedy metabolism. Vizslas are typically a healthy breed and will not usually be overweight unless there is an underlying condition.

Factors That Influence The Weight Of Vizsla

People usually consider Vizsla to be a medium-sized dog with a lean and muscular body type. However, Vizslas are famous for hunting skills requiring more energy than the average house dog does. And this means they will have higher metabolism rates. So, they need more food.

Vizslas also have a double coat to keep them warm and are high-energy dogs. So, this means their burned calories exceed what the average dog would burn for them not to gain weight. Hence, many factors influence the weight of Vizsla.

And the factors include:

Genetics Influence The Weight Of Vizsla

Vizslas generally have a lean body. Yet, they tend to put on weight quickly with exercise and proper food. In addition, Vizsla’s genetics also influence Vizsla’s propensity for obesity. For example, Vizslas with a high percentage of German Shorthaired Pointers in their bloodline predispose them to put on weight more quickly than Vizslas with a higher percentage of Vizsla in their bloodline.

Exercise Influence The Weight Of Vizsla

Vizsla needs to exercise as they are working dogs. Vizslas need at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. Vizslas do not have high energy levels, so they can’t go on long walks or runs. Instead, Vizsla owners should take them for brisk walks, and a game in the yard will work too. It would be best if you stimulated Vizsla mentally and physically for them to maintain a healthy weight. Vizsla owners should be careful not to over-exercise Vizslas as this will lead to obesity in Vizslas.

Diet Can Influence The Weight Of Vizsla

Vizslas require a premium dog food diet with plenty of meat protein mixed with vegetables and occasional treats. Vizsla owners should not give them human food because Vizslas need a special protein diet that is only present in premium dog food. A high-quality diet with just enough calories to support Vizsla’s energy needs is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

If your Vizsla has lost weight or looks underweight, you may need to consider adding more calories into their diet in the form of extra snacks (such as raw meat) and/or hot meals with increased fat content. Conversely, if you feel that your Vizsla is overweight, you may need to reduce Vizsla’s calorie intake by cutting back on snacks and hot meals with increased fat content.

You can also measure your Vizsla’s weight periodically and watch for any significant changes if they occur.

Environmental Conditions Influence The Weight Of Vizsla

The environment in which Vizslas live also affects the Vizsla’ss weight. Vizslas living in a colder environment may be more shaggy and have thicker hair to stay warm. Vizslas also tend to eat less food when they live in cold environments because of the smaller number of prey items available, making them leaner yet stronger hunters. Vizsla’s weight can also change depending on Vizsla’s age.

Vizslas that live on farms will have more food available, but Vizslas will often spend a lot of time running around in the fields. As a result, Vizsla living on farms may be overweight or underweight depending on how much exercise they get and what type of environment they live in.

Birth Control

Vizslas with birth control(neutering or spaying) surgery will probably weigh more. This is because Vizslas are very active dogs, and their metabolism requires food to sustain this activity level. Spaying and neutering can also lead to weight gain in Vizslas, as they no longer have to worry about mating and to reproduce. Vizslas may also gain weight if they are not getting enough exercise. Or if their owners are spoiling them with negative reinforcement, which can lead Vizsla’s health to suffer long-term due to obesity.

Diseases Can Influence Weight Of Vizsla

Diseases like diabetes or kidney disease may cause Vizslas to stop eating, drink more fluids than normal and urinate excessively as the body tries to rid itself of excess sugar or fluid. Vizslas with these diseases will usually lose appetite, so you must give them a delicious treat to eat every day. In addition, the Vet prescribes the medications that help them retain fluids and limit thirst for Vizslas with kidney disease. 

Overweight Vizslas may also have contracting diseases, such as heart problems or Cushing’s syndrome (a hormonal disorder), which can cause weight gain in the form of fat. Vizsla Weight

In these cases, it is important to treat Vizslas with medication and a change in diet and exercise routine so they can lose weight at the right pace without risking their life.

Is Your Vizsla Overweight Or Underweight?

When Vizslas are overweight, they have a lot of excess fat under the skin. This makes their stomachs look huge and swollen even when there is no food in their system. Vizsla’s who are overweight will also develop fatty tumors on the underside of their tail and around the heart area or other organs if left unchecked. Vizsla’s who are severely overweight will develop diabetes, liver disease, and other serious medical problems.

Vizslas can also be underweight if they don’t get enough food or exercise, which is hard to tell because Vizslas always seem hungry for more! When Vizslas goes on these diets of not eating all the time, their muscles can weaken, and bones can become more brittle. Vizslas who are underweight could also develop HOD or Hypomyelination Osteodystrophy, a disease that affects the Vizsla’s immune system and even causes seizures.

How To Know If Your Vizsla Is Overweight Or Underweight?

Since weight plays a vital part in the qualitative life of Vizsla, you should regularly check your dog’s weight to know whether it is obese or not. First, however, you can check your Vizsla weight in the following ways :

Measure The Weight

Does your Vizsla’s weight obeys the weight chart or not? If your dog’s weight falls above and below the weight chart, you can consult your vet for a diet and exercise plan. However, the Vizsla is not a slim dog, so it’s necessary to know the weight range of Vizslas to maintain their health condition.

The Vizsla has an average height of about 22-24 inches (56 – 61 cm) and weighs between 65 lb (29.91 kg) and 75 lb (34 kg). Vizsla puppy weight is between 12-14 lbs at around the age of six months old. Adult Vizslas weigh 65 to 82 pounds, with males weighing more than females on average.

See Your Vizsla’s Ribs To Know Weight It Is Fat Or Thin

Vizslas have a signature bone structure that differs from other breeds. Vizslas may appear thin at times, but they are not as slender and always have visible ribs. Vizsla bones feel hard when you pet them because of the lack of fat on their body; this is what makes Vizslas an incredibly athletic dog with a lot of stamina. Vizslas are usually slim and lean dogs with visible ribs because they always work their muscles without having too much fat on them.

The Vizsla is an active breed, so it’s unnecessary to monitor the weight every day as long you can see its rib cage and feel for its ribs. Vizslas are not excessively heavy and should be lean with just a bit of fat on their stomachs.

Check Your Vizsla From Top To Know Whether It Is Fat Or Not 

A Vizsla is a slender dog that you can easily perceive when looking at Vizslas from top to bottom. A Vizsla should have an hourglass-shaped body that has no fat on any part of its tail, ribs, or belly. The Vizsla’s neck should also not protrude too much with some skin folds.

Investigate The Belly To Know Whether Vizsla Is Fat Or Not.

Vizsla has a long, lean body, and some people may think that Vizslas are skinny dogs because they look so thin from behind or the side. But Vizslas carry their weight in front of them – right over the belly. So if you’re looking for Vizsla fat, you should look at Vizsla’s belly.

Moreover, if you notice protruded stomach, Vizsla is overweight. Similarly, a skinny Vizsla will have a flat belly. But when Vizsla is at a proper weight, Vizslas will have less stomach fat.

How To Maintain Proper Weight Of Vizsla?

Both obese and skinny Vizslas aren’t healthy to live a longer, happier, active, and qualitative life. Therefore, it is important to maintain Vizslas’ weight in a proper range. Thus, some ways to maintain the weight of your dog are:

Give A Balanced Diet To Maintain Proper Weight Of Vizsla

People often refer to Vizslas as gentle giants, and Vizsla Weight is also something you should give extra attention to. Vizslas have a high metabolism rate which means they need more food than other dog breeds to maintain their weight.

Many Vizsla owners like to feed them with table scraps or leftovers, but Vizsla Weight can become a problem if you fail to give them proper dog food. Vizslas need to eat three times per day, and their diet should contain high-quality protein, fruits, veggies, dairy products, and healthy oils like fish oil or flaxseed oil.

Adequate Exercise To Maintain Proper Weight Of Vizsla

Vizslas need plenty of exercises to maintain a healthy weight. Vizslas that live in apartments or smaller homes with minimal outdoor space may require more intense indoor workouts, such as running on the treadmill for 20 minutes daily. You can also do this by taking Vizsla to the dog park and playing fetches indoors if there is enough room.

Vizsla living in the house with larger yards or no yard should get the opportunity to run for at least an hour each day, which will help burn off excess calories and maintain Vizslas healthy weight.

Don’t Give Unhealthy Treats To Maintain Proper Weight Of Vizsla.

Most owners often neglect the food they choose to feed Vizslas and instead give Vizsla unhealthy treats. If you are looking to maintain the weight of your Vizsla, then don’t give it any food that is not for him.

All these unhealthy treats disturb the  Vizsla digestive process, and Vizslas end up eating more than they should. However, a Vizsla is happy with its regular dog food diet, so keep giving it that regularly to maintain your Vizsla’s weight.

However, to reinforce your dog during training, you can use natural snacks such as carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and banana. Vizslas are also receptive to low-calorie treats such as ice cubes or a petite boiled egg.

Proper Training To Maintain Proper Weight Of Vizsla

Through proper training, you can discipline your Vizsla. And thus, your dog will start to follow your commands and also learn how to behave. In this way, you can stop your Vizsla whenever he picks up any bad food for them.

Besides them, training your dog and scheduling their activities to go hand in hand. So, with enough training and maintaining a proper routine for your Vizslas activity, it will be less like to urge more to eat. As a result, it will help  Vizsla to maintain a healthy weight.

Regular Health Checkups To Maintain Proper Weight Of Vizsla

Vizsla dogs are generally healthy, but Vizslas can be prone to obesity. Vizslas thrive on a diet that is high in food variety and low in fat. So owners need to provide their Vizslas with the right balance of nutrients and maintain proper weight through regular health checkups.

Besides this, frequent health checkup helps to detect the health issues as early as possible. And this will help in better and effective treatment. Thus, all this will contribute to maintain a qualitative life of Vizsla and manage its weight.


In conclusion, when it comes to weight, Vizslas are a breed that is on the larger side of the spectrum. They can weigh anywhere from 35-70 pounds when fully grown, and females usually only grow up to about 50 lb while males will get as big as 70 lbs (and sometimes even bigger). Owners need to keep in mind that their dog may be overweight or underweight depending on factors like age, activity level, diet quality, etc. So it’s always best to consult with your vet before deciding if they need more food or less. If you’re curious how much your pup weighs at any given time frame, there’s an easy way – all you have to do is plug them into this handy vizsla weight chart.

I hope this post was helpful and that Vizslas are more understandable for you now. For more information on Vizslas, be sure to follow our blog.

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