Vizsla Territorial Markings| How To Stop It??

Vizsla Territorial Markings

Vizsla is an exceptionally loyal, obedient, and intelligent dog that can make a wonderful family pet. One of Vizsla’s most endearing traits is their barking. People often use them as watchdogs because they have such a loud bark. However, there are times when Vizslas will use their large voice for other reasons: to stake out territory or protect people they love. What does this mean? It means it’s time to train your Vizsla how to stop territorial markings.

Coming from the origin of hunting dogs, Vizslas sometimes feels territorial. And territorial marking is an instinctive behavior in which Vizsla will stake its claim in its area or surrounding by peeing around it. Although, it is quite uncommon in this breed. But still, it is prevalent in dogs with behavioral problems.

I know it sounds a little unbelievable to you, but it is true. Moreover, this post will give you a clear picture of territorial marking, how Vizsla marks the territory, and what you can do to control it. Hopefully, you enjoy reading it.

Are Vizsla Territorial?

Vizslas are territorial animals with a strong sense of territory. Vizsla Territorial Markings can be anything from marking their owner’s body by licking it to urinating on objects in the house, but there are no limitations. There may also be digging and barking at other Vizslas or people that enter into its territory. Vizsla Territorial Markings may respond to other dogs in the household, but it can also happen when there are no other Vizslas around.

What Do Vizslas Mark Their Territory?

Vizslas are famous for marking their territory. Vizslas will not only urinate on the spot, but they could also be very vocal about it and sniff around to mark as well. Vizsla markings are territorial in nature, so Vizslas use these methods to claim a spot or an object as theirs.

Moreover, some of the reasons why Vizslas mark their territory are:

  • Vizslas are marking their territory to protect it
  • The dog is marking its territory as a warning sign.
  • Vizsla wants to warn other animals and creatures that they have claimed this spot or object.
  • They will mark their territory when there has been another animal or creature that violated Vizslas territory.
  • Vizsla marks their territory to eliminate other animals or creatures from taking over the area Vizsla marked as theirs.
  • Vizslas want to warn people that they have claimed this spot and object, and if you touch it, Vizsla might growl at you.

How Does Vizsla Mark Their Territory?

The Vizsla is an intelligent hunting dog with a lot of energy. They are very observant, and they love to explore new landscapes. That’s why Vizslas often mark their territory to keep other animals away from it. As a result, Vizslas have territorial markings all over the house: on furniture, bedding, or even through defecation.

Vizslas mark their territory with their urine. They mark a large area to show other Vizslas that this is theirs. It also helps them find their way back if they wander off too far from the home base. They often mark their territory by urinating on vertical surfaces like trees and fences. Vizsla territorial markings are a sign of aggression to other dogs in the area, so it is important to train Vizslas not to leave these marks behind.

What Can I Do So That My Vizsla Dog Less Territorial?

A Vizsla territorial marking is the scent that a Vizsla dog leaves in its territory. Vizslas are usually less territorial than other breeds, but they do establish their own boundaries and can use this as an aggressive form of communication if it feels threatened.

Since territorial marking involves urine, it issue can be a problem. Thus, it would help if you stopped your Vizsla from marking by making him less territorial.

So, the ways to make your Vizsla dog less territorial are:

Spay Or Neuter Your Vizsla To Make It Less Territorial

A Vizsla that is territorial will not be a good choice for families with kids or other pets. Vizslas are very protective, and if they feel threatened in any way, they may become aggressive towards the intruder. Spaying or neutering your Vizsla often calms them down because it stops their hormone-related aggression. As a result, you Vizsla will be more focused on your Vizslas needs and not as worried about territorial threats. However, Vizslas are territorial by nature, so spaying or neutering your Vizsla will not completely cure their aggression.

Exercise With Vizsla To Make It Less Territorial

Territorial dogs will usually mark areas in their territory with urine. Vizslas can be territorial, but Vizsla Territorial Markings is not as common because Vizslas don’t tend to interact much with other dogs. One of the best ways for a Vizsla dog to stop being territorial is by getting it more exercise. Exhausted Vizslas don’t have plenty of energy and don’t feel the need to guard their territory.

Exercise can be a great way for Vizsla Territorial Markings to give them more confidence in themselves. However, Vizslas also tend to get territorial when they’re afraid or insecure, so you should try doing things such as socialization, going to Vizsla training classes, and getting them more Vizslas friends.

Training Vizsla To Make It Less Territorial

Training is the best way to make Vizsla less territorial. You should never train your dog with anger or punishment as this will not teach them anything, but rather create a dog that is aggressive and fearful at the same time. Vizslas will only learn if they can associate a certain action with the consequence. For example, you can teach Vizslas to give paw, sit, stand, and follow by enticing them with healthy rewards. For Vizsla, territorial markings let them know that this is unacceptable and reward them instead of punishing them every time they do something wrong to make Vizsla less territorial.

The best way to train Vizslas is by rewarding them for the right behaviors and punishing Vizsla’s territorial markings with anger or punishment, which will only make Vizsla behave aggressively, fearful, or both.

Proper Diet Of Vizsla To Make It Less Territorial

Vizslas love to eat, so it is important to give them the right kind of food. Vizslas are not picky eaters, but some dogs may have a preference for certain foods, so make sure you know what your Vizsla likes or dislikes before feeding him anything new.

The Vizsla needs about three cups (450 grams) of high-quality dry food every day. In addition, Vizslas need to eat about one cup (150 grams) of canned or raw food approximately twice a week, in addition to the high-quality dry diet, for optimum health and weight control.

Feeding Vizsla less than three cups of high-quality dry dog food per day will make Vizslas less territorial. Vizslas should be fed indoors and not given free rein outside of the house to prevent them from marking their territory by tearing up plants or grass nearby with urine or feces.

Give Time And Affection To Vizsla To Make It Less Territorial

Give your Vizsla some time and affection, especially when you come home from work or errands. If you leave Vizsla alone for long periods of time, it will feel as if somebody will invade its territory.

A Vizsla will feel much more comfortable if you are present and not invading its territory, so try to make it a habit of coming home from work or errands at the same time each day. The Vizsla will also be less territorial if you give your Vizsla plenty of time for exercise, playtime with people and other Vizslas, as well as training sessions that teach the Vizsla how to behave.

It is important to give your Vizsla a lot of attention and affection, making it less territorial. In addition, it would be best to show the Vizsla that you are in control by teaching them how to behave with other dogs or people instead of letting them dictate what happens.

Comfort Your Vizsla To Make Them Less Territorial

Vizslas also need their own space away from other dogs to feel comfortable. So allow the Vizsla to do its business in a designated area of your house or yard. And teach it not to allow other dogs into this space. A Vizsla will be less territorial if it has plenty of room to roam. Or when it can choose when it wants company.

Besides this, a comfortable crate with clean and soft blankets, puzzles, toys, and treats that Vizslas like will also make them less territorial. Finally, regular walks with your Vizsla are a great way to socialize with other Vizslas and people.

A Vizsla that is alert, feels safe in its territory, and has plenty of attention will not be territorial or aggressive to other Vizslas or dogs.

Take Your Vizsla For Regular Health Checkups To Make Them Less Territorial

One way to help keep your Vizsla from being territorial is by taking them in for regular health checkups. Diseases and illnesses can make your dog vulnerable and fearful. Further, with a healthy immune system, Vizsla will have much better odds of fighting off other dogs and the viruses they carry, which may cause Vizslas to act territorial.

So, Vizsla owners should take their Vizslas in for yearly checkups to diagnose the disease early and treat it more effectively. A healthy dog will be happier, cheerful, and less likely to mark its territory.

What Are The Problems With Vizsla’s Territorial Marking?

The Vizsla is a loyal dog breed that has no problems with strangers. However, Vizslas become very protective when it comes to their owners. Vizsla’s do not enjoy being in unfamiliar territory, and the Vizsla will make this known by marking it with urine or scent glands on trees, bushes, poles, or any other object that is tall enough to reach.

Moreover, the marking behavior of Vizslas can be problematic sometimes. So, the problems with territorial marking are:

  • The smell of urine lingers in the house due to the Vizsla marking. In addition, the smell of Vizsla marking is strong, which could offend neighbors or cause other problems on your property.
  • Territorial dogs threaten other dogs by marking their territory, resulting in fights between Vizslas and non-Vizslas over the same space.
  • The Vizsla is not as aggressive towards other people but will bark endlessly to warn them of their property. They will growl and show teeth.
  • Vizslas typically do not chase other animals or people but may run towards them to keep them away from their territory.
  • Vizslas are territorial bark in the middle of the night because it is more difficult for dogs to mark objects at night. Vizsla’s territorial behavior can lead to Vizsla anxiety.

How Vizslas Communicate with Territorial Markings?

Vizslas are very vocal when marking territory and will communicate with other dogs by either barking or growling. They release a strong scent from their anal glands that is detectable within 20 meters of the Vizsla. Vizslas will also use urine to mark territory, which lingers for a long time and creates an icky smell if not cleaned up quickly.

These dogs usually mark territory during the breeding season but may react to different stimuli, such as people passing by or other dogs. Therefore, you can prevent Vizsla territorial markings behavior. For this, your dog needs lots of exercises and a healthy diet so that it will have more energy for running around rather than being anxious.

How Can One Know If Vizsla Is Territorial Or Not?

The Vizsla has a long history as an intelligent hunter for game birds, vermin, and deer. Hungarian aristocracy bred them over centuries to involve them in various tasks, from hunting to guarding. So, they are territorial and aggressive to other dogs.

However, if you aren’t certain that your Vizsla is certain, look at some signs. The signs that indicate your Vizsla is territorial are:

  • The Vizsla dog will bark, growl or snap at other dogs.
  • They also might not want you to get close to your Vizslas property – the house and yard in which they are on guard duty.
  • If they are guarding something that is not theirs, like a bone someplace where there is food.
  • The Vizslas will not want anyone to take their food or chew toys away from them on guard duty.
  • If the Vizsla starts growling at you and somebody else who has been in your house before without any bad results, it might be because Vizsla is territorial.
  • The Vizsla will not want you to pet somebody in their house that they don’t know. However, they are protective of the owner, so if a stranger tries to climb onto your bed or other furniture, Vizsla might snap at them.
  • If Vizsla doesn’t let anyone but their family touch his food bowl or toys, Vizsla is territorial.

If Vizsla starts to bark at somebody that they saw before, Vizslas are territorial.

Can I Cure Territorial Aggression In Vizsla?

Territorial aggression in Vizslas is a common problem that many Vizsla owners will encounter. But, unfortunately, there are times when Vizslas can be very territorial and aggressive to other dogs. And it is not just on their territory but also with people they don’t know well enough or who invade their “personal space.” So, it is crucial to cure your Vizsla’s territorial aggression.

Some ways to cure territorial aggression of your Vizsla are:

  • First, remove Vizsla from the territory that is causing his territorial aggression.
  • Play with Vizslas in a different environment where he will feel less threatened and not have to protect anything, staying away from the area for a while.
  • Place Vizsla’s bed or food bowl at least 100 feet away from his old territory.
  • Change Vizsla’s routine, such as feeding Vizsla at different times or places in the house and walking Vizslas on a new route to get exercise.
  • Provide Vizslas with attention from an individual that they are not territorial about for 15 minutes each day.
  • Place Vizsla in a comfortable crate.
  • Provide Vizsla with toys to help Vizsla get her mind off the territorial issue.
  • Encourage Vizslas to play or eat in a different location unrelated to their territory than before. And Gradually move them closer as time goes on. Finally, Vizsla is no longer aggressive at that distance.
  • Keep Vizsla on a leash. It will control your dog’s activity.
  • Try to figure out what triggered Vizslas territorial and remove it from their territory or make it less threatening.

Are Vizslas Protective Of Their Owners?

Vizsla is a dog that can be very protective of its owners and their property. Vizslas have an innate desire to protect what they think belongs to them ever since birth. In addition, they also have strong hunting instincts that belong to their history. That is why Vizslas are generally territorial and aggressive to other dogs or people who get too close. Still, Vizslas bred to work with humans will not act aggressively towards other dogs or people. Vizsla’s are territorial and like their space, but they can share it without any problems.

One way for Vizsla owners to curb these instincts of aggression in Vizsla is through extensive socialization. Socializing Vizslas with many different animals and humans will help make Vizslas more comfortable around other Vizsla’s, dogs, and humans.

Another thing Vizsla owners can do to curb territorial aggression is through training Vizslas with obedience commands such as “leave it” or “come.” These will help Vizslas understand that they need to be obedient even when other people are on their territory. And also help to learn to be more tolerant around other Vizslas.


In conclusion, Vizslas are territorial dogs, and it can be difficult to break their marking habits. However, Vizsla can learn that there is no need to mark if they have a stimulating environment with plenty of attention and contact with other Vizslas.

Territorial animals like the vizsla will mark their territories on fences, trees, cars – anything that’s close to what he considers his property. As an owner, the best thing you can do is to provide your Vizsla dog with the proper amount and type of stimuli. So they don’t feel the need to defend their territory from outside threats. If you want more information about how we can help cure this type of issue for your vizsla, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or leave a comment.

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