Why Do Most Vizslas Die Soon?

Why Do Most Vizslas Die Soon

Vizsla is a breed of dog famous for its good looks, pleasant temperament, and intelligence. However, this breed also has an average lifespan of 12 years, and some die as soon as they are 6 months old. Why? Why do most vizslas die soon? What factors influence the lifespan of vizsla? If you want to enjoy your dog’s company and form a lifelong bond with it, these are important questions to answer.

So, why do you think dogs die too early? Most Vizslas might die soon due to unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet, lack of exercise, car, genetics, affection, and mental stimulation.

In this article, we will list all 11 reasons why most vizslas die soon.

Do Vizslas Die Soon?

An average lifespan of a healthy Vizsla is 12 to 15 years. However, a recent study stated that the lifespan of Vizslas was shorter than other breeds and their average age at death is six or seven years old.

Like most medium-sized breeds, Vizslas lives a shorter life than small dog breeds. But their lifespan is a little longer than large dog breeds. So, if you compare its lifespan with other dog breeds, yes, it is true that Vizslas may die soon.

Why Do Vizslas Die Soon? Factors That Will Influence The Lifespan Of Vizslas

Generally, the lifespan of your Vizsla is dependent on its health and wellbeing. The main factors that will influence the lifespan of your Vizsla are:

Vizslas Die Soon Due To Improper Diet

The diet for Vizsla should be a good balance between dry and wet food with occasional snacks. However, it is important to avoid feeding your dog too much high-protein food because it could cause serious health problems. Thus, this is one of the major factors that will influence the lifespan of your Vizsla.

Exercises Influence When Vizsla Die

Vizslas are very energetic dogs. So, exercises are also another factor that will influence the longevity of your Vizsla’s life. Dogs with regular opportunities for physical activity and mental stimulation live longer than those whose owners do not consistently provide these necessary stimuli. Therefore, you should always make sure that you’re allowing your dog to do these things daily.

The best way is to play with them every day in the morning or evening as they have more energy during these hours, take them on long walks at least twice a week, give them toys that your dog can chew and chase.


Dogs need a lot of love, attention, and care to be healthy. Vizslas are very social animals to enjoy the company of other people or pets in their family. However, dogs with low levels of affection can develop behavioural problems such as aggression, anxiety, and loneliness, leading to premature death.

Further, when people neglect, abuse, or fail to give proper attention to their pets, their pets usually live shorter lives than those who receive love.

So, affection is also an important factor influencing how long your Vizsla’s lifespan ends up being. Therefore, you should always ensure that it receives enough of this from you or other human family members.

Care Level Affects When Vizslas Die

You should ensure your Vizsla is getting enough care to keep them happy and healthy. If you cannot provide the required level of attention, it would be best to find someone else who can do this for you before they experience any serious health problems or even die prematurely.


It is undeniable that the toys of Vizslas will affect their lifespan. Toys can make a huge difference in how long your dog lives. So it’s worth spending time researching what would be best for them. Interactive toys are great as they give your dog a chance to use their burning energy.

Along with this, giving your Vizsla toys will make him happier that will also prolong their life.

Outings Can Influence When Vizslas Die

An outing can be as simple as taking your dog out for a walk. However, the outing must be at least once every day so your Vizsla can get outside and explore the environment, socialize with other dogs or people. In addition, it will strengthen the bond between your Vizsla and you.

Outings are important for mental health, as well as physical exercise. They can also help maintain a healthy weight by providing some much-needed resistance during walks (and most of all – they’re just plain fun).

Presence Of Friends

Dogs are pack animals, and they need to have friends of their own species that will stay loyal. Therefore, Vizslas need to interact with other Vizslas of the same age and size as them.

The lack of friends will contribute to the early death as Vizslas are sociable animals that need company. Therefore, they need to spend time with other members of their species and receive affection from these dogs to not feel lonely or abandoned.

Genetics Affect When Vizslas Die

The genetic makeup of your Vizsla is also another factor that will influence its lifespan. Some dogs, like Vizslas, have shorter lifespans than others because they’re more likely to pass on certain genes such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, and epilepsy.

Moreover, due to the newer trend of cross-breeder Vizslas to get better varieties, the genetic makeup of Vizslas has changed, and it’s not at a desirable level. Instead of promoting lifespan, breeding Vizsla with another dog breed increased genetic problems and illnesses in offspring.


A Vizsla’s size can also play a role in its lifespan. Larger dogs are more prone to health problems, and their lifespans will be shorter as a result. And this might be because of their increased risk of developing joint and bone problems.

Besides this, the organs of larger Vizsla have less time to develop before the wear-and-tear over the years.

Living Environment Can Also Influence When Vizslas Die

One of the factors that will influence lifespan is the living environment. For example, if a Vizsla goes to an apartment, he may not get enough exercise and attention due to the limited outdoor areas to explore or socialize with other dogs.

On the contrary, if it stays in a house where the owner can provide plenty of space outdoors, this dog might live a longer life. And a study has also stated that dogs of rural households live longer than those of urban households. But, again, this is because rural dogs are more likely to have a backyard to play and get exercise.

Living Status Influence The Lifespan Of Vizsla

Not only will the environment impact a Vizsla’s lifespan, but so too does living status. For example, dogs who live in homes with two or more people are less likely to suffer from certain health problems because there is usually someone at home taking care of them when their owner can’t be there.

Besides this, Vizslas who live alone, while they may not be as active and don’t need to worry about interactions with other animals or children, are also more likely to suffer from the loneliness linked to certain health issues.

How To Make Vizslas Live Longer?

Like all the owners, you want to spend more time with your Vizsla and make more memories. Don’t you?

Moreover, if you research properly, you will notice that some dogs of the same breed live longer than others. Do you know why?

Don’t worry! Here are few tips for you to make your Vizsla live longer. Such as:

Include All The Essential Nutrition In Diet

Basically, there is nothing a qualitative and balanced diet can’t do. From enlightening the mood of your Vizsla to giving him a longer, healthier, and happier life, it does it all. You need to feed your dog the right type of food, at the right amount and in the right portion.

If you are new to parenting, you can even consult with the Vet to understand what type of nutrients your Vizsla needs in different life stages.

Exercise, Excercise, And Exercise

If there’s one thing that can burn all those extra pounds and calories that your Vizsla engulfs from treats and snacks is exercise. So take your Vizsla for walks or engage in exercises with them to help build muscle, bone strength, and cardiovascular health.

Further, exercises will also stimulate their mind so that your Vizsla will be brilliant and active. In addition, exercise keeps your dog in shape and increase its enthusiasm. However, the most effective exercise you can try in your Vizsla is swimming. It will help your Vizsla to relax its muscles.

Love And Give Attention

The dogs coming from a loving and caring family are most likely to behave well and be obedient. Since they get proper attention from their owners, they are confident enough to communicate in groups. And also enjoys being around people. So, they are more friendly and happy.

Besides this, providing lots of love, attention, and emotional support will make them feel less alone. As a result, they are both mentally and physically stronger and healthier.

Give Toys And Treats

Owners often feel giving toys and treat a way of spoiling their breeds. But it isn’t completely true. Suppose you give the right kind of interactive toys that helps to booth its mental health. It is the best thing for your pet to do whenever they are alone. Similarly, the treats can be the perfect way to reinforce your Vizsla with training positively, grooming, brushing, and bathing.

Thus, buying a Vizsla the right toys and providing them with an enriching environment to allow for mental stimulation, which will help ward off boredom or depression that might adversely affect health.

Give Space To Play

Although Vizsla more often enjoys being inside. But this doesn’t mean that you have to keep them in confined areas. Like any other breed, these dogs need a proper physical activity session daily for the development of bones. So, it would be best to allow your Vizslas to live in an apartment where they can get plenty of exercises because they have more opportunities to run and play with other animals.

Get A Vizsla From A Reputable Breeder

A reputable breeder has a lot more experience and practices inbreeding. Thus, they would know what’s best. If you buy a puppy from these breeders, they will give us clear information about feeding, exercising, training, fascinating, and nurturing the puppy to the possible hazards.

Moreover, reputable breeders always breed dogs to get the best offspring with perfect body structure and temperament by pure breeding them. In this way, you can ensure that the dog will not suffer from genetic issues and won’t have any diseases or anomalies in its life.

Focus On Grooming And Health Checkup

Initially, you might find it difficult in grooming your Vizsla properly. So, it is best to get all the ideas from professional groomers. Also, don’t forget to buy the grooming kits essential for grooming. Finally, start slowly and try to learn more each day.

However, it is best to take your Vizsla for professional grooming until you are perfect every two months. Besides this, health checkups, vaccination, and birth control are equally important for the longevity of your Vizsla.

So, make sure you visit the Vet twice a year and immediately notice your dog’s unusual behaviour.


Summing up, I can’t guarantee you that all these tips will work for your Vizsla and increase its average lifespan. However, I can assure you that it will give your pal a qualitative, happier, healthy life.

Even if you try your best, you cannot be with your Vizsla forever. However, it is a sad truth. But let’s face it, your dog will leave you one day.

So, spend as much time as you can with your Vizsla. Also, don’t forget to capture the precious moment with your dog.

I hope this post gave you all the information you were looking for on this topic. If you want to learn more, go to our page. Or you can also leave your suggestions in the comments.

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