Vizsla Puppy Growth Chart: Know Your Vizsla’s Growth

Vizsla Puppy Growth Chart

Vizsla is a medium-sized dog that originated in Hungary, where people bred them to hunt game and retrieve waterfowl for hunters. Since then, people are using these dogs as military and police dogs and search and rescue dogs. Usually, Vizsla puppy has a speedy growth rate. Do you have a growth chart of Vizsla puppies? If not, then it is a vital thing to have when you decide to own them.

Like most dog breeds, the Vizsla puppy grows really fast. So, they will attain their full height and weight as earlier as one year old. However, there is little difference between the growth chart of male and female Vizsla puppies. But still, their growing pattern remains the same.

If you’re considering adopting one of these adorable puppies, this blog post will help you decide if your family’s lifestyle is compatible with the Vizsla breed.  And tell you all about Vizsla Puppy Growth Chart.

Vizsla Puppy Growth Chart

Vizslas generally grow very quickly, but a few factors can determine how fast they will grow. Vizslas are still puppies for about two years; during this time period, they’ll usually be in their “fast” growth phase. Vizslas can grow anywhere from 16 inches to 24 inches and weigh between 40 pounds to 80 pounds.

If you are wondering whether Vizsla is growing properly or not, then the growth chart of male and female Vizsla is as follows:

Age Of Vizsla (Male) Weight in pounds Height in inches
3 months 18-25 6-8
4 months 23-32 8-10
5 months 27-39 10
6 months 32-45 10-12
7 months 36-50 10-12
8 months 38-54 12-14
9 months 40-57 14-18
10 months 41-59 16-20
11 months 42-61 20-22
12 months 43-62 22-24

Usually, females are a little smaller than males. So, the growth chart of female Vizsla is: 

Age Of Vizsla (Female) Weight in pounds Height in inches
3 months 16-20 6-8
4 months 20-28 7-10
5 months 27-35 8-10
6 months 30-36 10-12
7 months 34-38 11-13
8 months 40-47 12-14
9 months 36-50 15-17
10 months 38-54 18-20
11 months 39-52 20-21
12 months 40-55 21-23

Does your Vizsla fit in this chart? If not, then it is time to seek help from the Vet for assistance.

How Fast Do Vizsla Puppies Grow?

I think the above Vizsla’s puppy growth chart provided an outline of how quickly Vizslas grow. Vizslas are medium-sized dogs with a lifespan similar to that of the average human so that they will grow in size over time – about three months from birth until adulthood! The Vizsla puppy’s weight at birth is usually between four and five pounds, but Vizslas can grow up to 20 inches in height and 50 pounds in weight.

How Big Is A Vizsla Puppy?

Vizslas are don’t fall in the category of large dog breed, neither are they small. Moreover, certain factors determine the size of the Vizsla. But to know your Vizsla’s healthy height and weight, you should look at the parents of the Vizsla.

The genes will answer how big a Vizsla puppy is or how big your puppy can be. Normally, Vizslas will be about 27-28 inches in height and weigh between 40 to 50 pounds. The adult female will be about 25 – 26 inches tall and weigh between 35 to 40 pounds. And the male Vizsla will be about 23-24 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds.

Despite its small size, Vizsla can grow into a medium-sized dog, but the average Vizsla is smaller than that of other breeds like Mastiffs or Great Danes.

Growth Of Vizsla From Birth To 2 Weeks

Vizslas usually weigh between three and four pounds at birth. During birth, Vizsla puppies aren’t open, but they have already developed some of the skills that Vizslas will need to grow healthy, like hunting small animals or climbing trees quickly.

At two weeks old, Vizslas can weigh around five pounds. Vizsla puppies are very active and start to explore the world around them more at this age, but they take their time in exploring new places that may be dangerous, like swimming or climbing high trees.

From 3 To 5 Weeks

At three weeks old, Vizslas can weigh between ten and twelve pounds and should have opened their eyes by now. Instead, Vizsla Puppies will start to explore more of their territory and learn what is dangerous for them.

At four weeks old, Vizslas can weigh thirteen pounds or even two pounds heavier than this if the puppy has an active lifestyle. Vizsla puppies are starting to grow teeth at this age, which means they are developing better hunting skills. Vizslas will start to explore more dangerous areas, like water.

At five weeks old, Vizsla Puppies might weigh between twenty and thirty pounds, the average weight for an adult Vizsla size. Vizsla puppies at this age should have all their teeth in place by now.

From 6 To 12 Weeks

Vizsla’s growth from six to twelve weeks is really quite remarkable. Vizsla is still puppies until eighteen months, so there is plenty of time for Vizsla to grow even more.

The puppy will be about six inches tall and should weigh around 16 pounds. Vizslas have a great deal of energy, intelligence, loyalty, in addition to making excellent companions. By this point, your Vizsla puppy will have had all her shots and been on a deworming schedule. Vizslas typically open their eyes for the first time, around two hours per day at this stage, which is an improvement from newborns.

From 3 -9 Months

Vizsla puppies will have grown from a little over one foot tall to nearly two feet in height at three months old. During this time, Vizslas will have grown to be about two feet tall from the shoulders down, and females can weigh up to 25 pounds or 11.34 kilograms in size when fully matured.

At nine months, Vizsla puppies will have grown another inch or so taller, and females are typically fully mature at this age – if not a little older than that due to longer life expectancy from their larger size. Vizsla males should weigh around 40 pounds at this point. 

From 12 – 18 Months

Vizslas will still be growing in height up to a year and a half old or more. Male Vizslas can weigh about 55 pounds or 23.15 kilograms when fully mature. Vizslas can grow up to three feet in height from the shoulders down, and females typically weigh around 40 pounds or 18.14 kilograms in size at this point – if not a little older due to longer life expectancy from their larger size.

Female Vizslas are fully mature at this age – if not a little older than that due to longer life expectancy from their larger size. Vizsla males should weigh around 40 pounds at this point.

Growth Of Adult Vizsla

Vizslas grow very quickly in their first 12 months but then slow down during the last couple of years before adulthood. They usually grow to about 55 pounds as adults. In their first year, Vizslas typically gain between three and four pounds a month for the entire 12 months. Vizslas can be quite large when they reach adulthood, but that does not mean puppies are small dogs in comparison.

These dogs have long legs that make them taller, and puppies can grow up to a height of 22 inches more quickly if you start to exercise them before six months of age. And they usually live for around 12 years in total.

Vizslas born on the smaller side may live up to 15 years, while Vizslas who are larger may live 13. Vizsla puppies will reach puberty around six months of age, and their growth spurt begins at about three or four months after that.

What Are The Factors That Determine The Growth Rate Of Vizsla?

Vizslas are one of the healthy breeds who don’t have major health problems, but other factors contribute to their growth rates, such as:


Genetics determines the size of a puppy, how fast they grow, and their final weight. The genes you have inherited from your parents as well as those passed down generationally determine this factor.

Some breeds can take up to twice or three times longer than others due to genetics. Vizslas have a medium-length growth period, taking about 12 months to reach their final size.

Vizsla’s genetic make-up and hereditary traits come from what you inherit from your parents or grandparents. Factors such as weight, the height of the dog, and coat color also determine the traits inherited through genetics.

Nutrition Affects The Growth Of Vizsla Puppy

Nutrition also affects the growth rate of Vizsla puppies. Factors such as how much food you give them and what type it is can affect how quickly a puppy grows. This happens because some foods are higher in protein while others have more carbs or fat content. It also affects the puppy’s size. Therefore, the quality of food you are feeding your pet is just as important as how much they eat daily.

An example of this would be if two puppies were eating different foods and one was larger than the other, despite being fed twice their daily allowance. This could mean that while you give both Vizslas amount of food, the one getting more protein was larger.

A puppy fed a proper diet will generally grow at a faster rate than one on an improper diet.

Environment Affects The Growth Of Vizsla

When we talk about the environment, it can be referring to the climate or temperature of where the puppy lives. For example, factors like high altitude and cold weather tend to slow down growth rates in puppies, while humid climates with higher temperatures cause quicker growth because dogs have more energy at these conditions.

For a dog’s body functions to work properly, they need to maintain a certain body temperature. When the environment is too hot for them, their metabolism slows down, which can slow down growth rates.

Exercise Affects The Growth Of Vizsla Puppy

Exercise is a crucial part of the growth and development of your Vizsla puppy. The right amount, type, and duration can positively impact their developmental milestones as well as their overall health. However, too much exercise or exertion just before sleep can lead to an increased heart rate that causes rapid breathing in newborn puppies, interrupting sleep and decreasing the amount of REM sleep.

So how much exercise is right? In general, this can vary depending on the breed and size of your Vizsla puppy; however, as an average guideline, 60-90 minutes per day would be appropriate for most puppies weighing about 20 pounds or less. Your dog will tell you when they have had enough by becoming exhausted or bored.

Affect Of Grooming In Growth Of Vizsla Puppy

Grooming plays a vital role in the growth of the Vizsla puppies. It is because you need to groom them at least twice every week so that their fur will not become matted and course. However, if you do not brush your dog’s hair, it can also affect how fast they grow. In fact, if you do not brush your dog’s hair, they grow so fast that their skin cannot keep up with the rate of growth. The result is a lot of friction and pain in the back, leading to severe injuries in some cases.

Besides this, grooming also involves clipping the nails, trimming the toes, and cleaning their ears. Maintaining your Vizsla hygienically is not only a sign of love, but it helps them stay healthy as well. And undoubtedly, a healthy Vizsla puppy will grow much faster than an unhealthy one.

Affect Of Health Status In Growth Of Vizsla 

Health status is one of the key factors that determine growth rate. Factors like how old a puppy is, what their parents were fed, and whether they get enough exercise can impact health status. For example, puppies with compromised immune systems may not develop as fast because it takes more energy to fight off infections and viruses.

Usually, Vizslas that are healthy and have higher immunity have a higher growth rate than puppies who are sick or weak.


Summing up, Vizsla puppies are one of those breeds that always have a lot going on. These dogs come in all shapes and sizes, making them variously suitable for different purposes. They might be big enough to take down small prey or act as guard animals, but they may also lean towards being the family pet. Vizsla puppies are no exception to this, and they can be a lot of work.

How fast your dog grows can depend on several factors, including genetics, nutrition, exercise, health status, and environment. However, one thing is for sure – you will have a wonderful companion in the years ahead! If you need help with any of these areas or want more information about how to make your puppy’s growth chart as successful as possible, please contact us today.


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