Vizsla Runny Nose | Why Does My Vizsla Have Runny Nose?

Vizsla Runny Nose

Vizslas are a beautiful dog breed that comes in many different colors and coats. They have a long history of being hunting dogs, as well as companionship. One thing you may notice about your Vizsla is an occasional runny nose or watery eyes. And many Vizsla owners have been asking themselves the same question. “Is it normal for my Vizsla to get a runny nose?” or “Why does my Vizsla have a runny nose?”.

Vizslas might have a runny nose due to various things such as allergies, viruses, etc., but it’s always worth discussing with the vet to make sure he doesn’t need any special medication or other treatment. Some common symptoms include sneezing, coughing, and wheezing due to inflammation of the airways, which can cause mucus (runny nose) production.

However, it would help if you remembered that all Vizslas are prone to nasal discharge. But Vizslas with allergies and other respiratory problems will often suffer from a chronic problem. So, in this blog post, we will discuss what you can do to help your Vizsla feel better.

Is It Normal For Vizsla To Get Runny Nose?

It is normal for Vizslas to have a runny nose, as they are susceptible to temperature changes. However, Vizslas can also get the flu or other respiratory diseases which will cause them to sneeze and have a runny nose.

Vizslas can have a runny nose due to being in humid environments for too long, allergies, or because they are sick. In addition, Vizsla is prone to getting cold easily, and if you fail to take care quickly, the virus will worsen with time.  These dogs can have a runny nose due to being in humid environments for too long, allergies, or because they are sick.  Also, they tend to submerge their noses in the water while drinking, which can cause them to get runny noses.

Why Does My Vizsla Have Runny Nose?

Vizslas can have many reasons for their noses running. However, here are some common reasons why Vizslas have runny noses:

Runny Nose in Vizsla Due To Lack Of Exercise

If Vizslas do not spend enough time exercising, they will be more stressed out because Vizslas need to stretch their legs and mentally stimulate themselves. Vizslas also have a short hair coat, so when Vizsla spends too much time inside, Vizsla might start developing this issue with their nose because Vizslas need to be outside all the time.

Dirt In The Nose Of Makes It Runny

If a Vizsla spends too much time sniffing around in the dirt, then there will be more of a chance that the dirt stuck up in their nose, which can cause them to get a runny nose. Vizslas are very outdoorsy dogs and enjoy spending time in the dirt, so if you have one of these Vizslas, then make sure that they do not spend too much time sniffing around because it can cause them to develop this issue with their nose.

Exposure To Weather

Another reason Vizslas might get a runny nose when exposed to the weather. Vizsla dogs have short hair and live in hot climates, so when they spend too much time outside all day long, their body will start reacting negatively because it needs more protection from the sun. So the Vizsla’s nose will start to run as an attempt by the Vizsla’s body to cool itself down.

Vegetables In The Nose

Another reason Vizslas might get a runny nose is that they do not like veggies. Vizsla dogs are very picky eaters, and if you feed them too many vegetables, then Vizsla might start to develop a runny nose because Vizslas do not like the taste of veggies. The Vizsla’s body does not know what is wrong with them, so they react with a runny nose.

Mouth Breathing Causes Runny Nose In Vizsla

Vizslas are mouth breathers. Vizsla dogs do not have a strong enough sense of smell to breathe through their nose, so they will take just breath through their mouth, which can cause them to develop a runny nose because Vizslas need all the air that they can get in and out of their noses if they want it to work properly with fewer problems.

Autoimmune Disease Leads To Runny Nose IN Vizsla

If Vizslas have an autoimmune disease, then they will start to develop a runny nose. Vizsla dogs can have many allergies, and if their immune system does not work properly because of the autoimmune disease, Vizslas might develop runny noses. Vizslas usually do not get auto-immune diseases until they are in their twenties. Still, Vizslas that live with other Vizslas will start to develop it sooner because they usually get sick due to being around the Vizsla.

Bacterial Infection

If Vizsla dogs have a bacterial infection, then they might also get a runny nose as well. It is the worst type of infection Vizslas can get. However, Vizsla dogs are susceptible, so they will start to develop a runny nose as an attempt by their body to fight the bacterial infection because Vizslas need all the help they can get in fighting off these types of infections.

Common Cold And Runny Nose In Vizsla

If Vizslas have a common cold, then they will also develop runny noses. Vizsla dogs are susceptible to these types of illnesses, and Vizslas need all the help that they can get in fighting off viruses, so their bodies might start developing this issue with their nose as an attempt at getting rid of what is causing them to be sick.

What Are The Symptoms Of Runny Nose In Vizsla?

A Vizsla has a runny nose when they are out in the cold. Vizslas will also have liquid running from their noses if they’ve been panting or drooling with their mouth open for long periods of time, and even if you happen to be blowing in their face as well.

So, if you suspect your dog has a runny nose, look for the symptoms like:

  • Sneezing
  • Discharge from the nose or eyes, and/or a watery discharge from their mouth (usually after they’ve been panting)
  • Redness in the nostrils
  • A Vizsla’s nose is usually dry, but when it becomes wet from the discharge, then you know they have a runny nose.
  • They may be breathing through their mouths instead of noses.
  • Your Vizsla will show Irritation and aggression

What Causes Runny Nose In Vizsla?

Vizsla dogs are notorious for having many allergies, which usually manifest in the form of their nose running all day long. In addition, the Vizsla’s short snout and the wide mouth make it hard to breathe when they get congested because those things make it hard for the Vizsla to pull air into their nose and get rid of all that built-up mucus. So, this dog tends to get its nose runny. 

Moreover, the most common causes of runny nose in Vizsla are:

  • Allergies
  • Hay Fever
  • Viral Infection
  • Upper respiratory infection (URI)
  • Bacterial infection (such as pneumonia)

Nevertheless, Vizsla runny nose can also be due to:

  • Nasal ulcers or polyps block the nasal passages.
  • Parasites in the Vizslas’s nose which cause the Vizslas to sneeze and shake their head.
  • Nose mites
  • Dry, dusty air and stuffy conditions in Vizsla’s nose
  • High fever. In this case, Vizsla’s nose becomes dry due to Vizsla breathing less, and Vizslas often sneeze.
  • Nosebleed

In these cases, consult your Vet immediately for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

How Can You Prevent Runny Nose In Vizsla?

A runny nose is a serious problem in Vizsla dogs. And this not only affects the health of your dog but also changes its behavior and makes it more aggressive. So, it is crucial to prevent a runny nose in Vizsla.

However, the best way to prevent runny nose in Vizsla are: 

Feed Good Quality Food

One of the best ways to avoid Vizsla’s runny nose is by feeding good quality food. It would help if you fed your dog high-quality protein, such as fresh ground beef or chicken mixed with veggies and rice.

You should avoid foods like garlic, onions, or other vegetables that contain sulfuric compounds, which may irritate their sensitive noses. The better the ingredients in their diet, the less likely they will get sick because they are less likely to have a weakened immune system.

Also, try to keep your Vizsla hydrated by giving him a fresh bowl of water every day and make sure he is drinking enough liquids. If not, have some canned pumpkin ready for when it’s time to take care of his runny nose.

Give Adequate Exercise

One of the most important things you can do to help your Vizsla with their runny nose gives them enough exercise. Well, that depends on how active they are day-to-day. If you have a dog who has always been very energetic and loves running around outside, giving them 30-60 minutes of exercise a day should work well. If your Vizsla is more laid back and doesn’t go for long walks, then 15-30 minutes of exercise per day should be enough to help clear up their runny nose.

Generally, it’s best not to give your pup too much exercise in one sitting, as this can actually make their nose run even more. Instead, give Vizslas some time to recuperate before going at it again, and you should find that the length of your walks will gradually get longer over time, which is a good thing for everyone.

Maintain Your Vizsla’s Hygiene

Keeping your Vizslas’ nose clean is not easy, but you should always try to do it. One way of doing so is by periodically wiping the inside and outside of its nostrils with a damp cloth or cotton ball. You can also squeeze some saline solution in its nose to help loosen up mucous.

Therefore, it is best to brush your Vizsla’s teeth daily. Also, be sure to keep the dog’s mouth free from tartar. You should also regularly wash its paws, hair, and other body parts that get dirty with soap or an antibacterial solution. It is also important to bathe your Vizsla every month using shampoo made for dogs.

All this will help keep the dog’s nose clean and manage any potential infections that result due to dirt or bacteria. In addition, you should also regularly check your Vizsla for signs of infection like discharge from its nostrils or coughing.

Use Sunscreen And Moisturizer To Cope With Weather Change

It’s no secret that weather change can cause a runny nose in Vizslas. Besides this, your dog is more likely to have a dry nose in a humid environment.  Thus, to prevent a runny nose in Vizslas, you can use sunscreen and moisturizer.

This is a sensitive topic, do not forget to consult with your veterinarian before using any treatments mentioned.

Regular Health Checkups

To prevent a runny nose in Vizsla, you should ensure that your dog gets a regular health checkup. How often this depends on the age and breed of the animal, but for most dogs, it would be at least once every six months or yearly. And this will help identify any underlying conditions such as allergies or sinus infections and help keep your dog healthy.

The Vet prevents some illnesses by providing vaccinations after diagnosis. Regularly visit your veterinarian for an examination, fecal test (to rule out parasites), heartworm prevention, shots, and tests if necessary. You can also discuss diet and exercise with the Vet so that your Vizsla can stay fit and healthy.

Do Vizslas Get Cold Easy?

Vizslas are hearty dogs and can be hardy against most of what they encounter. However, Vizsla gets sick more easily than other breeds because of the thinner skin layer to protect them from weather or disease-germs. Vizslas also don’t produce as many antibodies in their system. And they will fight off illness quicker, so this is why Vizsla’s have runny noses often.

However, Vizslas don’t get cold easily because they originated in Hungary that was always cold, even in the summer. So Vizsla gets sick more often and is healthy that they have natural immunity against most things. Still, if Vizslas does catch some bug, it is usually nasty, long-lasting, or very contagious like the Parvovirus.

How Do You Treat A Vizsla Puppy With A Cold?

Vizslas are prone to getting the common cold. In addition, Vizsla puppies can have runny noses, a symptom of a virus or infection in their body. When they have this condition, the best thing you can do for a Vizsla puppy is seeing the Vet. You should see a Vet as soon as possible after noticing symptoms (typically fever followed by loose stools and then nasal congestion).

Besides this, some other treatments for cold in Vizsla puppy are:

  • Saline nasal spray
  • Rest (use heated blankets and soft cushions so that they can rest comfortably.)
  • Fluid therapy
  • Antibiotics if fever persists for more than a day or two.
  • Nasal decongestant tablets
  • Oral antibiotics in some cases (if the Vizsla puppy has an infection)
  • Hydration for fever and to prevent dehydration from a virus or bacterial infection.

Does Vizsla Puppy With Runny Nose Go Away On Its Own?

No, not always because sometimes Vizslas don’t deal with viruses well. Their runny nose may last longer than usual for other breeds. To be safe, contact your vet as soon as you see any signs of illness or a runny nose.

Vizsla puppies can also get ear and respiratory infections if you fail to treat the runny nose.  Vizslas also get eye infections more often than other breeds. With a runny nose as they may be dealing with something else like a respiratory infection or allergies.

So, it is always best to see your vet and ask for their opinion on Vizsla’s health rather than guessing at home. It is because they will know what is most likely wrong, if anything.


In conclusion,  there are many different causes of this problem that can be difficult to diagnose without veterinary assistance because there may not even be any symptoms in some cases. Knowing what you are looking for is important if your dog has an unusual discharge coming from the eyes and running down the muzzle.  It could indicate something more serious like the canine influenza virus, herpes virus, or chlamydophila felis (cat scratch fever).

In this blog post, we discussed some of the most common causes and treatments for it. However, if you’re still unsure what’s causing your dog’s nasal discharge or if there is anything else that could be going on with them, please consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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