Are Vizsla Picky Eaters? Find Right Food For Vizsla!!!

Vizsla Picky Eaters

Vizsla is one of the most popular dogs in the world now. There are basically many reasons for the increasing popularity of this breed. And of them, their beautiful skin coat, temperament, intelligence, and smelling ability can’t go unnoticed. But with these all appealing attributes, they do have some drawbacks. One of the common problems that owners have is picky eaters Vizsla.

There is nothing more frustrating than a Vizsla Picky Eater. Vizslas are famous for their picky eating habits, and Vizsla owners know that they will need to put in some extra time and effort to make sure their Vizsla eats well.

In this post, we’ll go over what you can do if your Vizsla has become picky eaters.

Are Vizsla Picky Eaters?

Vizslas are typically very active dogs and will eat anything as long as they know it is food. Vizsla owners should be aware of the specific needs of their breed when feeding them because they have unique dietary requirements that differ from other breeds. Vizslas have a high protein requirement and should be fed raw meat as the primary ingredient. Vizsla owners should avoid food with cereal, grains, or potatoes because Vizslas cannot digest these products.

Vizslas that do not get enough protein will show signs of illness like weight loss, lethargy, excessive shedding, or hair loss. However, Vizsla can also be picky eaters, and it is important for Vizsla owners to closely monitor their Vizsla’s eating habits to spot health problems early on.

The most common reason Vizslas becomes a picky eater is because of spoiled food or bad-tasting food, so Vizsla owners should always keep Vizsla food fresh and use various tastes.

Is It Normal If Your Vizsla Is Peaky Eaters?

Vizslas love eating and can eat any and everything. But sometimes, your Vizsla might be full due to random eating habits or stomach issues. Thus, they refuse to eat.

Besides this, Vizslas also have their own food preferences and might refuse to eat certain foods. In addition, like all dogs, Vizslas don’t enjoy eating the same thing day after day. So, try to change your Vizsla diet frequently.

However, the picky eating of your Vizsla might be an indication of severe health hazards. Therefore, it is best to consult and seek help from the Vet when you find your dog resenting its meal.

Is It Serious If Your Vizsla Is Peaky Eaters?

Just like humans, Vizslas also has its unique preferences. So, it is not unusual if your Vizslas feels bored with its food sometimes. But the situation might be serious if your dog shows the following signs:

  • It vomits or has diarrhea, and you think it may be due to a Vizsla’s diet change.
  • You can see that your Vizsla is not eating but acting normal otherwise (e.g., playing, wagging its tail).
  • Your Vizslas suddenly stops drinking water for more than 12 hours or refuses to eat.
  • Your Vizsla has not eaten for more than 48 hours, and it is always hungry, even with a full stomach.
  • If your Vizsla shows any of the signs mentioned above, take them to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

What Affects The Appetite Of Vizsla?

Vizslas have a higher metabolism and higher urge to eat food. However, having said that, some things can affect the appetite of Vizsla. Such as:

Effect Of Healthy Diet On Appetite Of Vizsla

Diet is another important factor that affects Vizsla’s appetite. Properly feeding your Vizsla can lead to a more satisfied dog, which might, in turn, lead to a Vizsla with more of an appetite. Giving your Vizsla the right food ensure that Vizsla gets all of the nutrients for its health apart from kibble.

Vizsla is a hunting dog, has a strong urge for meat. And they are a great source of protein. But too much of it can lead to different digestive issues. Thus, a healthy and balanced diet with protein and vitamins, minerals, fibers, and fats is great for your dog.

Besides this, a healthy diet will help in digestion and improve the digestive system of your Vizsla. In addition, for your dog’s proper development and good health, you can also ask for some food supplements from the Vet that will improve its appetite.

Effect Of Environment On Appetite Of Vizsla

The environment in which Vizsla lives has a huge impact on its appetite. For example, Vizsla living in a temperate climate with less extreme temperatures will need more food than Vizsla’s living in very warm or cold climates.

They living in a temperate climate can be fed twice or thrice per day, but Vizsla’s living in hot climates will need to eat four times a day. Vizslas that live near the water might also need more food because of their heavy workload. Finally, Vizsla’s living in frigid climates need to eat up to six times a day.

Besides this, dogs from the environment where they need to do more intensive physical works need to eat more than Vizslas in an environment where they do not need to work hard. Prey drive also greatly affects Vizsla’s appetite as Vizslas are usually ravenous after a hunt and will be less interested in food during the day.

Effect Of Exercise On Appetite Of Vizsla

Vizslas are famous for being very active dogs, but it all depends on your Vizsla’s energy levels and how much time they’ve spent running around that day. Generally speaking, exercises can make a Vizsla more hungry after an intense experience or less hungry after a more moderate one. In addition, Vizslas, like many other breeds of dogs, can be sensitive to heat and need plenty of water during exercise sessions in warmer months or when temperatures are high – you must keep your Vizsla hydrated while they’re exerting themselves on long walks or runs!

So, exercise is important for your dog’s health and affects appetite. Some Vizslas might not want to eat right after a workout, but their hunger will come back soon enough as they start digesting the food more efficiently. Other Vizslas may be starving because of all the energy expended during a workout.

Effect Of Genetics On Appetite Of Vizsla

Some Vizslas have a very high drive to eat, and others are more selective. If you’re dealing with the latter, some things can help nudge them in the right direction regarding feeding time.

Oftentimes their genes influence Vizsla’s appetite, which may be why they don’t all have the same desire to eat. However, Vizslas have a high drive for food, and they don’t ‘turn off their hunger when full, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on the Vizsla during feeding time in order not to let them overfeed.

If your Vizsla isn’t eating enough or has been picky about its food, it may be time to experiment with new foods. Vizslas are very diverse, and that means there’s a wide variety of Vizsla-friendly dog food out there for you to try. Also, it could be worth mixing up the routine to get your Vizsla eating better again.

Health Condition Affects Appetite Of Vizsla

Vizslas are prone to hip dysplasia, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, and cancer. Usually, dogs suffering from diabetes or obesity tend to eat more because although they are constantly eating their body fails to produce enough energy for daily activities.

But Vizslas struggling with dysplasia, thyroid disorders, cataracts, or cancer might have less urge to eat. It is because of the pain that comes with the disease. Thus, Vizsla owners should monitor the Vizslas health condition and watch out for any changes.

How Many Times A Day Should You Feed A Vizsla?

Vizslas are very happy to eat, but they do need a lot of food. Vizsla owners often wonder how many times per day Vizslas should be fed. Vizslas typically enjoy two good meals each day, which is about what most other breeds require as well. But environmental conditions and physical activities have a great influence on Vizsla’s food requirements. Vizslas that have lots of exercises and live in a warmer environment might need to eat more often than Vizslas who are less active or living in colder climates.

How To Feed Picky Eaters Vizsla?

Vizslas have higher caloric requirements than many other breeds, which makes sense when Vizslas typically weigh between 60-70 pounds.

Here are some tips for feeding Vizslas:

  • Always make sure Vizsla bowls have fresh water and clean food so Vizslas can eat whenever they feel hungry or thirsty.
  • Feed Vizslas two good meals each day and offer Vizslas healthy snacks throughout the day.
  • Feed Vizsla food that contains a lot of protein, good sources of carbohydrates (such as potatoes), or fats so Vizslas can maintain their energy levels.
  • Watch Vizslas’ weight closely to make sure they are not overweight. Vizslas should have a rectangular, muscular and sleek appearance. Vizslas who are overweight will be more prone to injuries which can also lead to serious complications for Vizslas like arthritis or heat stroke.
  • Make sure Vizsla food is healthy. For example, Vizslas should not eat anything with a lot of sugar or salt.

How To Make Vizsla Food?

Although commercial foods are appealing, the food prepared is the best and healthy ones. Vizslas need fresh food, and the best way is to prepare Vizsla’s dish every day.

So, the best way to make Vizla eat is to prepare their food at home. For this, you can follow these ideas:

  • If Vizslas are picky about the taste of their food, try mixing new foods into old ones or adding spices like garlic to make it more appealing.
  • Add Vizsla food to Vizslas’ daily diet by mixing it in with other foods Vizslas already enjoy.
  • Each week, add a new type of Vizsla food, so Vizslas can get familiar with different tastes and textures (but don’t introduce more than one new type per day).
  • Try hiding the Vizsla food inside other Vizsla’s favorite foods.
  • Offer Vizslas different Vizsla treats to try between meals, and when Vizslas finish their main meal, make sure the snacks are healthy (such as carrots).
  • Give Vizslas various textures in their Vizsla food, so they do not just eat soft Vizsla food.
  • Consider cooking Vizslas’ Vizsla food differently to keep it interesting (mixing mashed potatoes into the ground beef with onion, then baking).

What Is The Best Vizsla Food For Picky Eaters?

A Vizsla is a dog that often requires high-quality food to maintain its excellent health. Vizslas are one of the most intelligent breeds and very active, making them less tolerant of low-grade foods or anything with fillers.

They do tend to be picky eaters, but dogs of any breed can be picky eaters. Vizslas are also prone to overeating, so the last thing you want is them eating low-quality food that could lead to weight gain and other health issues.

However, the food that is good and can entice peaky eaters like Vizsla are:

  • Rawhide and pressed rawhide chews
  • kibble that includes high-quality protein and low filler content
  • a grain-free diet with extra healthy proteins added in for the Vizsla’s needs.
  • Hard-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs
  • Stew with meat and veggies
  • Some vegetables like broccoli, peas, or carrots
  • Frozen raw chicken wings
  • Some fruits like apples, berries, or bananas
  • Steak, bacon, or ham
  • Chicken and rice dishes

What To Do If Your Vizsla Is Picky Eaters?

Although Vizslas aren’t many picky eaters, sometimes they do prefer eating some food more. Vizslas that have a preference for food are oftentimes more eager to eat. Vizslas might also be picky about people if they do not trust them and will only let you feed them their favorite type of treat or meal.

However, there are few tips for you if your Vizsla is a picky eater. Such as:

  • If Vizslas are picky about food, try feeding them a different type of food. However, Vizsla might not be familiar with the taste and smell of new foods, so Vizsla’s stomach is accustomed to something new. They will need time and patience.
  • There could be an underlying medical problem affecting your Vizslas appetite. Vizsla stomach problems can lead to making Vizslas picky
  • Vizslas might be refusing food because they feel bored of the same old food every day, so try switching up the type of dog treats you’re giving them or mixing it with different varieties in their diets, such as dry food wet food, and treats.
  • Talk to Vizsla vets to see if they can give you a diagnosis of what is wrong. For example, Vizslas might not be eating because they have an underlying condition or illness that needs treatment.
  • If Vizslas are picky about people, try making it more fun when feeding them by playing games with them. For example, Vizslas might act like they don’t want to eat because they dislike the person feeding them and refuse food in a passive-aggressive way.
  • Sometimes Vizsla’s will refuse to drink water if they have an unbalanced diet, so try adding more wet food or dog treats into your Vizslas diet.

Why Is My Vizsla Not Eating But Acting Normal?

A Vizslas appetite is a major concern for many Vizsla owners. It can be frustrating to have your Vizsla turn their nose up at what looks like high-quality dog food that other dogs would eat. Vizslas are not usually picky eaters, but they can be.

If your Vizsla is acting normal but refusing to eat, then it might be due to:

  • Your Vizsla is sick.
  • It might be having bad breath.
  • Dental problems like tooth decay, swollen gums, or toothlessness.
  • The bowl of water next to
  • Your puppy might be teething.
  • Gastrointestinal problems like bloating, diarrhea, stomach ache, etc.
  • Food doesn’t look fresh.
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Bored from a regular meal

What Does A Vizsla Eat?

Vizslas aren’t much picky about the food they eat, so that they will eat anything. But the things that these dogs enjoy eating a lot are:

The food that Vizsla eat are:

  • vegetables: carrots, broccoli, cucumber, pumpkin, sweet potato
  • fruits: apples, oranges, watermelon
  • whole grain: brown rice, oats
  • meat protein: beef, chicken, turkey
  • dairy products: yogurt (plain), cheese
  • grains: oats and rice.
  • Table food (adult Vizsla) like steak or pasta.
  • Other things Vizslas eat are eggs and fish. The most common is beef which Vizsla typically eats with rice or pasta mixed in it. Vizslas also enjoy scrambled eggs.


However, if your Vizsla is a picky eater, there are many ways to help them out. You can try feeding them different types of foods or changing how you feed them to see if that helps. Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for every dog, and it may take some time before you find what works best with your pup but don’t give up. With a little patience and love, most dogs will eventually eat enough to keep themselves healthy so remember not to feel too frustrated when they refuse their food.

We hope this post helped you know how often you should feed a Vizsla and what food would be best for extremely picky eaters Vizsla.

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