Vizsla Puppy Care Guide: Grooming, Training, Diet, And Many More!

Vizsla Puppy Care

A Vizsla is a dog breed that is famous for its intelligence, agility, and stamina. They are also very friendly and have a lot of love to give. However, as they grow into adulthood, there will be some behaviors that you need to watch out for to care for the Vizsla puppy properly.

To care for your new Vizsla puppy:  It’s important not to feed the pup human food because it can cause digestive problems. You should always train your pup with treats to know what you want from them when giving commands. Vizslas enjoy playing outside but don’t forget their fur coat can get dirty quickly, so make sure they come back inside periodically, or else you might end up with an unhappy pooch.

There’s a lot to consider when caring for your Vizsla puppy, from how often you should feed them and what type of food they need. But don’t worry! We’ll go over the basics and some more in-depth topics like grooming and training your pup. 

How To Care For Vizsla Puppy?

Like babies, puppies are susceptible and vulnerable. So, you can mold them according to your want, if. But, if you want a happier, healthier, and active so that they live longer. You should start caring, grooming, and training early age.

Moreover, some tips for caring for Vizsla puppy are:

Emphasize On Healthy Diet For Vizsla Puppy Care

Vizsla’s diet is an important factor in their overall health. Vizslas are typically moderate eaters, but they need high-quality food to keep them healthy and happy. It would help feed your Vizsla puppy at least three times per day, starting from about four months of age, with one meal being the largest. Vizslas should be fed high-quality dry dog food with animal protein and byproducts as the first two ingredients, along with corn or rice cereal to add some bulk to their diet. You may also supplement your Vizsla’s meal with treats such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables but limit these items, so he stays healthy You should feed a Vizsla puppy a diet rich in calcium, as they are prone to developing bone and joint disorders. The Vizsla breed usually grows very quickly, which also causes them to have high energy levels; this would require you to give your Vizsla more than the average dog needs in food.

Constant Supervision For Vizsla Puppy

Always make sure not to allow Vizsla to jump on people. They can be very enthusiastic and will take the opportunity to get close if you fail to train them properly. It would help if you supervised Vizsla when you play. They are playing with children. Vizslas nip at other dogs, which could result in an injury for both parties involved. In addition, Vizsla puppy needs constant supervision because Vizslas tend to escape, chew, bite, and dig. Vizslas are also prone to obesity as they eat a lot of food when given the opportunity, so you need to ensure that your Vizsla is not overeating.

Proper Grooming For Vizsla Puppy Care

It would help if you groomed Vizsla regularly. Vizslas have a double coat which requires you to brush them every day with a stiff-bristled brush or comb. Brush the Vizsla’s teeth at least two-three times per week and clean their ears with cotton balls as often as needed; Vizslas are prone to ear infections, so you must take care of them to ensure this doesn’t happen. In addition, you should deworm puppies every two months to prevent any intestinal disorders. They also need a monthly nail trimming with a pair of dog clippers or scissors; the Vizsla’s nails tend to grow quickly, which can cause pain if left unattended.

Adequate Exercise For Vizsla Puppy Care 

Vizslas are highly energetic and require a lot of exercises to stay healthy. For example, Vizsla puppies need around three miles of walking per day. You can achieve this by taking them on long walks at least two times per day. The Vizsla will be able to live with less than this amount, but it’ll put stress on his joints, and he’ll be more likely to develop health problems. Vizslas are very energetic dogs that need many exercises to maintain their good health and live a long life.

Some of the exercises for Vizsla are chasing balls, playing fetch, and tug-of-war. Vizslas are wonderful pets for people who have the time to give them the exercise they need.

Proper Training For Vizsla Puppy Care

As Vizslas are a hunting breed and natural hunter, puppies need training from an early age. Vizsla puppy training requires patience and consistency on your behalf. One of the most important aspects is teaching them not to chase their own tailor. They will grow up thinking it’s perfectly normal and acceptable behavior. In addition, you. You must teach them not to jump up and go for your hands or feet, as they will grow into much bigger Vizslas that are more difficult.  It would help if you also taught them not to bark too much, and Vizslas needs to learn that they are pets from day one.

Another important aspect of Vizsla puppy training is teaching them where the boundaries are in your home, so Vizslas don’t grow up thinking they can do whatever they want – like running away, chewing furniture, or jumping up on visitors. Vizsla puppies should also learn to walk nicely on a leash, and you should not teach them to pull the lead at all. This makes your journey with your dog enjoyable.

Health Checkups For Vizsla Puppy Care 

Vizsla puppies generally have a good immune system and are not prone to catching diseases. It would help if you vaccinated them according to age, but they come with natural immunities to protect them from common illnesses like the Parvovirus or Rabies.  Vizslas are a “healthy” breed. Vizsla puppies generally have good health, but like any pup, they may have some common problems that need monitoring and diagnosis early on in their lives:

  • Worms – Vizslas can get worms from either ingesting them or getting bit by an infected bug. Signs of worms in Vizslas are diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, or decreased appetite.
  • Parvo Virus – Vizsla puppies are not immune to the Parvovirus but have a natural immunity to protect them from it under most circumstances. If you and your Vizsla puppy come into contact with an infected dog, then there is a chance Vizsla pup will contract Parvo.  To be on the safe side, you must vaccinate Vizsla at least twice for this virus.
  • Rabies – Vizslas are often not immune to rabies, but thankfully, they’re usually too big and agile to catch it from other animals. If you or your Vizsla pup come into contact with a wild animal, then there is the chance Vizsla will contract Rabies. It would help if you vaccinated Vizsla at least twice for this virus as well.

Common Health Problems In Vizslas Puppies

As Vizsla puppies are still in the growing phase, they aren’t as strong as adults. Besides this, their immune system is still developing, and they’re more susceptible to health problems. As a result, Vizsla puppies can suffer from a variety of medical conditions, such as:

Rabies, Heartworms, And Parvo

These three are the most common health problems in Vizslas. Vizslas can get rabies, so the best way to prevent it is vaccination. In addition, tIn addition, these dogs have a high heartworm infection due to their long fur that accumulate-round. Puppy vaccinations start at around 12 weeks old and last for a year.

Vizsla puppies are also at high risk of parvovirus, which can be deadly without proper treatment. It would help if you vaccinated the puppies with their first shot around the time they turn two months old.

Kennel Cough (Bordetella)

Vizslas are at a higher risk for contracting kennel cough due to their long, droopy ears. Vaccination with this shot is essential for puppies when they turn four months old and again in six months.


Vizslas can contract parainfluenza as well, which is also common among Vizsla puppies. Vizslas should get one vaccination for this when they are four months old and another six months later.


Vizslas can also contract coccidiosis, which is a type of intestinal infection due to the parasite coccidia. Therefore, it would be best to vaccinate the puppy with an initial dose around the time they turn four months old and a second six months later.


Vizslas can also get worms due to their long fur when Their skin coat comes into contact with soil or other things contaminated with stool. Thus, deworming medication is a must for puppies at least once after two weeks of age.


Vizsla puppies are also at a higher risk, but Vizsla adults have a meager chance of contracting leptospirosis. However, you must vaccinate Vizsla with this shot when they turn four months old and again six months later.


Hepatitis is a virus that attacks the liver. It can occur in Vizsla Puppies after they start eating solid food or as adults due to comprised immune system, and they are prone to this condition.

Symptoms of hepatitis include a yellow tinge on your Vizsla’s gums and whites of its eyes; dark urine with an ammonia smell; and yellowing of the Vizsla’s skin.

Other Diseases

Vizsla does suffer from some other diseases, like canine hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella luxation – patellar dislocation, congenital heart disease (CHD), and patent ductus arteriosVizslaslas are prone to these conditions because Vizsla Puppies have a shorter muzzle length than most breeds that lead to breathing difficulties when Vizsla Puppies become Vizsla Adults.

The most common illness in Vizsla puppy is diarrhea, but it’s usually just an irritation in the stomach after your Vizsla eats unhealthy food and drink. Vizsla puppies can also have a condition called hypoglycemia which is low blood sugar in dogs.

How To Check If Your Vizsla Puppy Is Overweight?

If your Vizsla puppy is overweight, it will show in the areas of its body without hair. Vizslas have little or no fat under their skin, so they are straightforward to identify when they are overweight.

To check if your Vizsla Puppy is overweight, you should look for a “potbelly” or an “abdominal tuck.” Vizsla puppies have a tucked-in stomach when they are underweight, and this will appear as an extended abdomen if the Vizsla is overweight. Vizslas should not be fat but rather muscular with a good weight to bone ratio.

How To Groom Your Vizsla Puppy?

You need to groom Vizsla puppies regularly, especially if they are going into show competition. Vizslas have a very thick coat which helps them withstand cold weather and damp environments. To keep your Vizsla looking sharp and ready for the show ring, you should start grooming them by:

  • Brushing them twice a week
  • Trimming their nails every two weeks
  • Bathing them as needed to keep the coat free of mats and tangles. However, it would be best if you never bathed Vizsla More than once per month. Otherwise, they will dry out too much and lose all of their natural oils, which help keep your Vizsla warm.
  • Removing dirt from the Vizsla’s fur with a damp cloth or wet wipe
  • Brushing their teeth no less than twice per week to maintain oral health and fresh breath.

Things You Will Need For Vizsla Puppy Care

As parenting a Vizsla isn’t, you need to buy things to make it a little convenient. So here is a list of items that you will need to care for your Vizsla Puppy properly:

  • A soft brush for brushing their coat and combing the tangled fur apart 
  • A cozy place to sleep where they can cuddle up in warm bedding.
  • Bowl for food and one for water to match size constraints (not too big)
  • Toys to keep vizsla puppies from boredom.
  • Good food that is appropriate for vizsla puppies – usually this includes the well-known brand of dog foods
  • Dog treats to encourage positive behaviors.
  • Beds or blankets to keep vizsla puppies warm and cozy
  • Good quality dog shampoo to keep vizsla puppies looking and feeling their best.
  • Crate for vizslas when they need time away from the family.
  • Few Vizslas items like costumes, collars, and bandanas to make them feel loved.

Grooming Tools For Vizsla Puppy Care

Grooming a puppy can be hectic and time-consuming if you don’t have the proper tools with you. Besides this, the right tools can also promote effective and proper grooming like the professionals. So, the tools you need for grooming are:

  • Grooming scissors for trimming the fur around eyes, ears, and feet
  • Nail clippers for Vizsla puppies to trim their nails
  • Brushes of different shapes and sizes
  • A slicker brush to remove dead hairs and reduce shedding
  • A metal comb for the Vizsla’s longer fur on its back, sides, and head.

How Long Should I Walk My Vizsla Puppy?

A Vizsla needs a moderate amount of exercise each day. They are not overactive dogs, and they will require less than an hour per day, but it is important to be sure that the Vizsla has had some outdoor time each day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes or so. Vizslas do need more physical activity than usual, but they do not n excess exercise.

So, you can walk your Vizsla puppy for about 15 minutes each day.


In conclusion,  Vizsla puppy care is something that Vizslas owners take very seriously. Of course, Vizsla puppies require lots of love and attention for the first and as many forms of exercise to prevent obesity or other health problem; however, good Vizsla care will result in a happy puppy who can enjoy life with their family.

After reading our blog post, you should know how to care for your Vizsla puppy. We hope that we have answered all of your questions, and now it is easier to understand the needs of a Vizsla pup. If there are any other things you would like us to cover in this article, please let us know.

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