When Does Vizsla Get Long Hair?

When Does Vizsla Get Long Hair?

There is no doubt that the beautiful body structure and hair coat allures most owners towards Vizsla. However, although most Vizlas are fluffy, this doesn’t mean that these dogs are born with long hair. Further, to add up to this with the mix-breeding and cross-breeding experimenting going on to find the perfect Vizsla. Therefore, it is even more difficult to know whether Vizsla has long hair or not.

So, when does Vizsla get long hair? Surely, the hair growth of Vizsla isn’t an overnight development after birth. Usually, these dogs take about two years to gain their full-length hair. But the factors like grooming, environmental condition, health status, diet, and exercise fo play a significant role in the hair growth journey of Vizsla puppies.

 The long, fluffy coat is the trademark of this breed. But what about when they have short hair and are still shedding? How to help Vizsla grow longer hair? Are haircuts good for Vizsla? All these questions possibly encircle the mind of Vizsla owners every time they look at their dog’s hair. So, this post is here to talk about them in detail.

Do Vizslas Have Long Hair?

Usually, this is a question that many people have asked. However, the answer to this question is not simple because Vizslas, first of all, do not always have long hair. When they are puppies, their fur will be short and dense. However, when the dog grows into maturity, its coat gets thicker and longer.

In some cases, the animal may have a few strands of extra-long or silky hairs that grow from his coat. They are tassels. When around two years old, your dog will develop these locks, but they can appear at any age. If you find that your Vizsla’s hair is getting longer, you need to take him in for a grooming session.

Is It Normal For Vizsla To Have Long Hair?

Normally, it is not normal for a vizsla to have long hair. But some hybrid Vizsla might grow long hair due to genetics. You should never cut their coat when this is the case because it will only make them shaggy and uncomfortable for summer. When a vizsla does have long hair like that, they usually require more grooming than other breeds of dogs with shorter coats.

However, sometimes your Vizsla’s hair might be shorter due to a possible shedding problem. When this is the case, you should consider a professional groomer to make sure that your Vizsla has as much hair left on them as they can when it comes time for their next haircut.

When Does Vizsla Get Long Hair?

Vizslas are a type of hunting dog bred for centuries, and it’s no wonder why their coats range in color from red to black. When talking about Vizsla hair growth, the most common question is: When does Vizsla get long hair? The answer depends on how you define “long,” as the hair of a Vizsla does not grow longer than the length of its body.

Generally, the stages of hair growth in Vizsla are:

  • Week-long hair: When Vizslas are puppies, they have short coats that only last for a single week. This type of coat is typically brown and curly in appearance.
  • Short fur: After the initial stage, this type of coat lasts about six months or so before it starts to grow back into its long-form. These coats are also curly and red in color.
  • Long fur: When Vizslas approach adulthood, they often have longer coats ranging from any shade of brown to black.

It is important to note that if you would like your Vizsla’s coat to grow long, it needs at least two years before the process completes itself. If you cut the hair of your Vizsla before two years have passed, then it will not grow back.

What Makes Vizsla Get Long Hair?

Although Vizsla typically has shorter hair than most other dogs. But, owners still want a longer hair coat for their Vizslas. So, the tips that you can use to make Vizsla a little longer are:

  • Brush your dog’s hair daily. This will remove any loose hairs and reduce matting. Also, brushing can stimulate the production of oil in the skin to help keep their coat healthy.
  • Emphasize more on omega-rich foods. Omega-rich ingredients are good for skin and coat health, which may make Vizslas hair grow longer.
  • Consider using a natural supplement such as Byotrol to help increase the length of their coats while also keeping them healthy.
  • Please give them a haircut every six to eight weeks. When you do, make sure that it is a nice and even cut, which will ensure the coat has an easy time growing back.
  • Use a canine conditioner for Vizslas on your dog’s hair. Like with humans, this type of conditioner will help keep the hair looking and feeling nice. When you use this, it is best to apply the conditioner to your dog’s wet hair.
  • Get regular ear checks for Vizslas too. When people pet dogs or scratch behind the ears, any matted hairs that are
  • When you bathe your Vizsla, use a shampoo made for long-haired dogs too.

In addition, if the dog’s coat seems unusually dry or looks like it could develop trouble spots in the future, then add on an extra conditioning treatment. When you do, make sure that it is a nice and even cut, which will ensure the coat has an easy time growing back out even when you groom them again at their next scheduled appointment.

Should You Cut The Long Hair Of Vizsla?

Vizslas are very active and energetic, so it is important to take care of their hair. When they have long hair that tangles easily, they will need more maintenance on the owner’s part. You should brush your Vizsla’s fur daily for tangles or matting not to occur, as this can cause painful skin irritations.

When your dog’s hair is too long and disturbs their natural body temperature, it is time to give them a haircut. Further, sometimes the hair grows longer in certain areas like the tail, back, or armpits and can be uncomfortable for the Vizsla. When a dog’s hair is long in these areas, you should cut it with scissors to avoid skin infections.

But, when their hair is short, you should never cut or shave it because the skin coat of your dog is crucial to maintain the body temperature and for its well-being.

Does Vizsla Hair Grow Back?

The long hair of Vizsla will grow back. When you cut the fur, it is normal for a dog to have short hair because this is how they are. When your Vizsla needs grooming, the groomer may recommend getting their haircut more often than if you left them in their natural state. If you leave longer lengths of fur, the hair will eventually grow back. When the Vizsla’s fur is long enough for you to comb and brush, it may need a haircut because it helps maintain its coat and lessen shedding.

Normally, after shaving off its hair, your Vizsla’s hair will grow back in about  30 days.

Do Vizslas Need Haircuts?

Since Vizsal’s hair are not too long, they do not need haircuts. But, when Vizsla’s hair starts to get longer, then it is time for a haircut.

However, some cases when your Vizsla need haircuts are:

  • If they are constantly shedding their hair
  • When they are ingesting items caught in their hair
  • If the Vizsla has hair, that mats a lot.
  • When the coat is not as shiny and healthy-looking anymore
  • The hairs have become matted or tangled. When you notice this, it’s time to bring them in for a cut.
  • If your Vizsla has long hair and can’t see its eyes through it, then cut it.

Further, sometimes the Vet suggests cutting the hair due to health reasons. Such as if the Vizsla has flea infestation or ticks.


In conclusion,  it is important to realize that Vizslas are not as cleanly cut dogs for their long hair. When you take your Vizsla for a walk, they might cover everything with dirt and debris from the ground or even pull up grass if there’s any on the pavement. However, you can avoid this by using an undercoat rake and comb to keep their coat under control.

Further, despite being easy-going and less-shedding, these dog breeds need care and grooming for healthy hair and skin. So, do consider these things if you have a Vizsla. I hope this post gave you some insight into Vizsla’s hair. For more questions and suggestions, please leave a comment, or you can contact us directly through e-mail.

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